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Your Karmas – Why you will be remembered?

The 360 degrees of the Zodiac have many energy points based on everyone’s chart; We will discuss how we can see the time period of achievement in one’s life and the areas in which a person can excel at specific points.

One of them is Karma Nakshatra- the 10th Nakshatra from your Janam Nakshatra- Let us suppose you are born in Ashwini, so your karma Nakshatra will be Magh. The speciality of this Nakshatra is that if this Nakshatra is well placed in your chart, It gives you the promise to rise high in life; this Nakshatra shows the quality of your work, the intensity with which you will perform your deeds.

Let us look at this Nakshatra in more detail with examples so that you can understand the concept before we move into the more complex subject of Sarvatobhadra chakra, as this part of Jyotish is a must for every professional astrologer to not only read out the strength of chart but also to time essential events in the chart, These sensitive and invisible points in the birth chart are the hidden mysteries which are visible to only who keep on practising this.

As another day, I was helping one lady by email. I wrote a one-line answer and asked her to wear Red Sun Stone for her Saturn and tell me the results in 13 days with a guarantee, this was to sort out in-laws issue, and the reason for my confidence was that over a period of time is that you get confident of results and mind you this was part of free consultation,  she came back with her arguments on why she has to wear stone of Sun and how Sun is 8th lord and many others, The problem with half knowledge is sometimes you don’t even know what you don’t know.

To specify that stone, there is a complete science of chemicals behind it, and if anyone wishes to read it, please refer to Rasayan shastra. Anyhow, let us get back to the topic of Karma Nakshatra.

Have a look at Jhonny Depp’s chart- He was born in Purvashada Nakshatra, which is a Nakshatra of Venus, ruled by the deity of Apa, This is one of the Nakshatras which has the tremendous possibility of growth, but they don’t go along well with father, bosses. Even married life is a questionable affair for these natives; one of the remedies these natives should perform is to visit Jambukeswarar Temple in Thiruvanaikaval as these natives have emotions on fire and go to the extent of loving someone so badly that things go worse or either become too cold that things get out of hand, Relationships and sanctity of relationships is the biggest challenge for these natives, Such as presence of planet like Rahu will not let them judge good or bad in terms of a relationship. In contrast, Mars in this Nakshatra will make them a magnet for all wrong relationships.

P.Shada is also the Nakshatra who is bound to become the emotional leader by convincing everyone for a reason; These natives can play with emotions so well that you can’t even imagine the power these natives hold by their intense looks and natural flow of speech; it is just after the Nakshatra of Mool when everything is in a mess, it is the power of P.Shada to bring everyone back to life by showing them a path, These natives are best suited to become spiritual leaders or anyone who can control public by emotions, Osho has three major planets- Venus, Moon and Mercury in P.Shada- He is one man whom I bow 100 times a day while driving a car, while shower, while even writing this article as he has given me eyes to see into this world like never before. The reason is the Som which he showers to cleanse you every minute, Which flows through the god of Purvashada – APA.

The 10th Nakshatra from Purvashada will be Ashvini becoming Karm – He has his Yogkarka Mars placed in Ashvini Nakshatra aspected by retrograde Saturn, Ashwini is a Nakshatra of healers, spiritual people, someone who is very new to this earth starting his life from fresh but this is Karma Nakshatra which means will be used to fulfil the karma of Purvashada as described P.Shada is going to control people emotionally, but Ashwini Nakshatra and planets will complete this work of P.Shada. Osho had this Nakshatra aspected by the Sun, which is the significator of the Soul, so Osho was explaining soul cycles in revolutionary concepts all the time as the result of liberation (Ashwini- Ketu)  while in the case of Jhonny Depp, this karma Nakshatra is empty and not aspected or modified by any other planet so becoming an actor- becoming someone for few hours and playing rebel roles in all movies.

Why Rebel- Ketu is a naturally retrograde planet which forces you to do things, not in the natural order- Whenever your Karma Nakshatra is occupied by a retrograde planet or is ruled by a Nakshatra whose lord is retrograde, that will show your resistance towards that area of life. As I am going to take a webinar on retrograde planets, There are many simple and subtle techniques on retrograde planets which we are going to discuss- Webinar on Retrograde Planets & Past Life – English (lunarastro.com)

Whenever you see a retrograde planet occupying karma Nakshatra, it is the kind of obsession natives carries to complete certain karma even when it results in loss; work becomes an addiction for these natives; we will discuss more in detail in the webinar, Let me focus on Karma Nakshatra.

In 2000, Johnny Depp signed for an iconic role in Pirates of the Caribbean. This was the time period when Jupiter was in transit over his Karma Nakshatra, clearly giving him blessings in the area of work by granting something which would make him iconic over a period of time; Whenever any major transit is happening over Karma Nakshatra, the native will do something iconic that he/she will be remembered for that kind of work.

Let us look at one of our PMs – the Late Shri Indira Gandhi- who is well known to be the Iron lady. Moreover, one more thing that was an Emergency imposed by her, which means this karma has to be done by her, will also be shown in transit. In one snapshot you can see in the picture below, two major planets were transiting over Karma Nakshatra- Mars and Ketu – when I was writing the detail of this software, I wanted to make SBC easy, and you can by clicking all major transits happening in the chart, If you have not updated to version 2- Please do it as this is free of cost- All the future updates will be free as well until and unless – I am sure that we have reached to competition. 

BHRIGU SOFTWARE 2.0 – 𝐋𝐮𝐧𝐚𝐫-𝐀𝐬𝐭𝐫𝐨 (lunarastro.com) use coupon code- G98TK7TW for discount.


36 thoughts on “Your Karmas – Why you will be remembered?”

  1. I am a struggling person in life I find hope in your videos. I want to get a consultation from you sir once I save money. Your blogs and videos are just so realistic apt and helpful. I pray to lord Shiva to always bestow good health and prosperity,you are great gurudev _/\_

  2. Greetings!

    How Ashwini is 10th from Purvasada? Bharani should be 10th from Purvasada.

    Please explain…

  3. Sagar Satyarapu

    Sir one question. 10th Nakshatra from purva ashada is Bharani. Am I correct?

    in reference to your line “The 10th nakshatra from Purvashada will be Ashvini becoming Karm”

  4. Hello sir. Isn’t bharani the 10th nakshatra from purvashada? Ashwini would become the 9th and bharani would be 10th and therefore the karma nakshatra.

  5. आर्टिकल बहोत शानदार है बहोत सीखने को मिलता है आपसे धन्यवाद आपका

  6. I was born in Purvashada Nakshatra. My moon is in this Nakshatra. I will also visit the Jambukeswarar temple :).

    Glad I read this.

  7. Sourav Halder

    Pranam Deepanshu Sir🙏🙏,
    i am having Retrograde Jupiter being my 10th lord in Revati 10th house in 10th nakshatra. My janam nakshatra is Jyestha.

    Yesterday i was reading the book of retrograde planet where i noticed in the chapter of Retrograde jupiter in pisces- that native has to complete certain task of a deity. And from then i am trying to know what is the task to complete in this life and for which deity i have to do that? Please bless me to find my task of this birth. I am also having Retrograde Mercury in Libra 5th house with venus & sun.

    Rahu is also in 10th house with retrograde jupiter but in saturn nakshatra. And saturn is in jyestha 6th house. What is that particular karma of my birth i need to complete.

    1. Krishna Malladi

      For Jyesta Nakshatra, the 10ths Nakshatra will be Uttara Bhadra as there is Abhijit Nakshatra in between.

  8. Mahesh K Daksh

    Jai Shri Krishna Deepanshu Ji,

    I am beginnner in Astrology and not sure if my undersatnding is correnct. In above example you mentioned the 10th nakshtara from Purvashada is Aswini. Shouldn’t it be Bharani, again a Venus Nakstra. Could you please explain how Ashiwini is the 10th Nakshatra and if Bharni is correct than how is will jsutify the professional achievement of Johny Depp and Osho.

  9. If purvashadha is the janma nakshatra then bharni will be the karma nakshatra and not ashwini. Pls review.

  10. Good morning sir, one doubt here, the 10th from Purvashada nakshatra is bharani right, please help me know how ashwini will become 10th nakshtram. But what u have given prediction is true. 🙏

  11. Gopalakrishna Rao

    From Purvashada nakshatra 10th nakshatra is coming to be Bharani. How come Ashwini?
    10. Bharani
    If it is wrong pls correct me.

    1. Krishna Malladi

      There’s Abhijit Nakshatra in Sarvatobhadra chakra between, UA and Shravana. So it will be Ashwini

  12. Vrinda Tiwari

    I have 3 planets in my karma nakshatra …
    I feel like that this article is for me…as i am Ashwini and my Sun, Jupiter and Venus are in Magha which is in 10thhouse…
    Pls guide 🙏🙏

  13. Thank you sir for this knowledge….I’m born in purvashada nakshtra…and my lagna lord Jupiter also is in purvashada…but I have no planet in karma nakshtra…so does it mean no karma for Jupiter as it is my lagna lord…no karma for this life…

  14. Sir
    Thank you for sharing this deep knowledge because even if it available in classics but you are bridging it by decoding it
    Osho pranam

  15. Namaste Sir, This is technique is a keeper for Karma analysis.
    Been looking at some known charts using this lens, for past 2 days. I noticed that many people I know have a relationship with a person who has same moon nakshatra as their karma nakshatra. For eg: Native’s spouse’s janma nakshatra is same as native’s karma nakshatra. Or Child’s janma nakshatra is same as native’s karma nakshatra. I also noticed that the native has done some unique and extraordinary things in/for that relationship, that makes other people wonder what why how.
    I’m thinking it’s like the Nakshatra has come in personified form and asking to justify old karmas in this life? Something like the bullish retrograde planets which hold by the collar and makes us do certain things.
    Thanks for this refreshing blog after many days.

    1. I agree with you research Smithji, I am a P.Ashadha native and my wife is Ashwini native, what ever your mentioned in your findings is bang on correct.

  16. Nupendra joshi

    Thank you sir, request if we can have one video on using SBC in 2.0 software. I sit with the software roughly daily 30 mins trying to decode..but feels like an ocean of water not quenching my thirst as don’t know how to drink
    So many dashas,Bhrigu transits

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