Daivik Curses and Nakshatras

Purvashada Nakshatra &  spiritual disease, there are various reasons people fall ill. Still, I have noticed with Purvashada that these people fall ill due to spiritual issues.

Purvashada is the flow of energy which only these natives experience, you tell these people to stop certain spiritual activities or rituals, and you will see their world falling apart- Any planet in Purvashada nakshatra and these natives will do all the things related to it as a religious ritual.

All over the internet P.Shada is mentioned as thighs, but what has not been explained is that all those emotional pains and happiness are stored in the thigh region of the legs; when you go through insecurity and emotional pain, the first thing that will happen is pain will start from legs when it is happening due to some emotional attachment, the neural network runs from thigh to heart.

Thighs are the emotional storage of the heart; this is the body part when you perform any ritual, or you are in trans of the rhythm of religion; this body part develops, and the moment any portion of your belief system shatters, you will see your thighs will start decreasing, Whenever you are not loved, respected or feel broken in terms of your belief your thighs will pain most.

A para from the Washington Post on research on thighs:

“WASHINGTON (Reuters) – People who have agonized over their fat thighs might be able to relax a bit — Danish doctors said on Thursday they found patients with the thinnest thighs died sooner than the more endowed.

A term hitting below the belt came from getting too personal and unfair with natives, Purvashada nakshatra; when occupied with any planet, the signification of that planet became too personal for natives such as Venus in P.Shada native will consider as below the belt. Still, it is gurus like OSHO who shatters everything you defend in the name of religion as waste and show you the true worth of religion. The person who shows the mirror to people is hated most in this world, Any planet in Purvashada nakshatra and you will be hated to bust the myth related to the signification of that planet.

Such as Mars in P.shada, a person will enter your house and say, this is not good land, vastu dosh, overpriced. You will feel like hitting that person badly as he has broken your myth related to the emotion you have with the land or will say things related to your siblings and courage that you will not like this person at all; these are people why body-shaming is not allowed any more as Mars is the significator of body, P.shada natives will not shy away saying fat person as elephant not healthy.

There is more of a spiritual part of this nakshatra as planets in this nakshatra are the carrier of gods who bless you and seize you during their dasa, Like I met a person who does Kali Devi path and often Devi seizes his body during the path has Mercury Rahu in P.Shada nakshatra, This person family once stopped him to be part of a ritual. He suffered a partial attack the same month, which he considers as the anger Devi on him, As he saw Devi in a dream later on and told her to do this for three more years.

When god has to punish you, it will happen in two ways either you will be unable to walk at all as there will be no strength in your thighs, or the pain will travel to your heart, Shri KN Rao has Saturn in P.Shada nakshatra and got bedridden due to high diabetic, and he also says that it was VishnuShastranaam which cured him but why Vishnu shastranaam worked in his case – Saturn is a significator of legs,  placed in 3rd house of names- He was connected to supreme in pain (Saturn) when his movement (3rd house) was restricted by a planet like Saturn – Only Garud of Bhagwan Vishnu was give you movement by taking his name.

This is how a planet in Purvashada brings the dark curses and boons and can be cured only by devtas; in every house and combination, the remedy will be different such as in the case of Sadhak, Devi told him to offer water to honey bees and pray under that tree, It was stung of bees occasionally (Mercury Rahu in 8th) that he eventually recover completely.

If you ever meet people who go through the same process, look for planets in P.shada nakshatra as in your chart you can see if this nakshatra falls in your 4th house – then your mother will be the one doing one kind of ritual, which is extremely specific for a lifetime as the powerful or special position of the planet will be there, that specific and challenging will be ritual, such as P.shada lord Venus is exalted and in 12the house and many other special conditions in a chart- native’s Grandmother did Sunderkaand every day she was alive but at the same time native had many rituals post marriage before consummate at least till four months post marriage.

This is one of those special nakshatras where you can see the connection with God, how and when it will happen; sometimes the supreme deity is next to us, but we are unable to identify them in various forms; when looking chart of Saints, you will see this nakshatra has a highly critical role to play as deities speak through them.

Look at the chart of Shri KN Rao.

He has Saturn in P.Shada Nakshatra, and you can see Saturn being the 4th lord, and his mother became the first inspiration for him to teach him Jyotish, Spirituality and many other basics of life, Placed in 3

While Moon in P.shada will free you from all the emotional bondage by damaging your emotional body but at the same time, when any malefic occupies this nakshatra, these natives are prone – This is like a spiritual dieases; notice what happens when you break the ritual of these natives.

Remedies of Purvashada nakshatra are done by looking into specific charts and case studies, but one of the best remedies applicable for all for any kind of affliction in Purvashada nakshatra is to recite Devi Suktam every morning for 13 days while fasting and strict fasting during the Navami tithi.

12 thoughts on “Daivik Curses and Nakshatras”

  1. Mayuri hatwar

    Mindblowing. 😍😍. I can’t thank you enough. This was the answer i was searching for past 10 years. Thank you. 😭😭.

    At the age of 12, i suddenly lost my hearing. In my chart, 12th is house of Sagittarius and this where purva ashadha Nakshatra lies.

    According to your house code, 12th year means 12th house activated. Venus is in 6th house in punarvasu in gemini along with mars mercury sun.

    It perfectly fits the pieces. I will try your remedy of going to devi temple related to gemini and devi suktam one. Thanks again. I know its never going to be enough. 🤗

  2. Namaste Sir. If I thought ‘Mercury and Demi-Gods’ was all-stars quality, this is next level and I have run out of superlatives. Honestly, had to take breaks during the video just to be able to process and breathe. I think I will need some time to recover from this pure Jupiterian bliss overload.
    Many thanks for sharing and I hope you receive knowledge from the higher dimensions manifold.

  3. Ma Kali looks beautiful….Does anybody know how to contact Rao ji? Where is he these days…Someone was asking me a few days back…

  4. If p. Shada nakshtra and Venus both are bandh nakshatra and bandh planet as per birth chart .what it means as still we have know idea about kuldevi too whom pray? chamunda devi,Durga Devi , harsiddhi devi.also grand parent ne khodiyaar ma ka temple banvaya tha in village. Very confusing though prayer for all devi not possible.praing maa durga.please guide.

  5. Namaste Sir, thanks a lot for all the research information that you have been sharing with everyone!
    Yes, Purva Ashada Nakshatra has the potential to connect the person to a devi aka devi speaks through them. Its more likely to happen if even the Nakshatra Lord Venus sits in Bharani. I have done little research on the topic – curses and its manifestations and surprisingly, yes, many astrologers undermine the P.A and Bharani energies and treat it as a curse.

    For example, the great Indian mathematician had Rahu in P.A and Moon or Venus in Bharani in navamsa. And he used to worship his kula devi and had told many times that his kuladevi works through him and helps him in solving mathematical equations.
    Another person – a spiritual leader- SJV – too has moon in PA and Ketu/Jupiter (in D9) in Bharani and he is a devotee of Devi Bhairavi. He treats every women with utmost respect and dignity and calls them as Maa.
    Thank you! Keep up the good work sir.

    1. I have mercury as ascendant lord in poorvashadha in fourth house and venus in bharni. I feel the same connection. Thanks.

  6. I was doing kali mantra since years but suddenly I planned to stop doing kali japa for a week during Raja Matangi Navaratri. And just before a day of Navaratri gets over I got fever 🤒 of 103 degree , my work place has started showing distress obstacles unimaginably. I was in bed rest for whole one week . I was never down in fever 🤒 like this in 11 years , So I agree . Stopping any religious ritual even it’s done on transit based point of you it’s really hard for me.

  7. Thank You Sir. What is the remedy for someone who has Sun in Purva Ashadha Nakshatra in 4th house? My niece has Sun Moon in Sagittarius 4th house. Sun is in Purva Ashadha Nakshatra and her Moon is in Moola. Thank you. She has diabetes issues.

  8. Bharti Wanchoo

    Thank you so much for your research and after taking your divine knowledge through consultation, I am feeling better , can say loving myself. Still a long way to go. Not very good in writing but I hope you have understood what I wanted to convey. God bless you Deepanshu ji 🙏🙏

    1. sudhir yadav

      Thankyou guruji,bless me My emotional body is already damaged ,my fifth lord moon in purvashada pada4 place in tenth house.mars mercury in cancer. What should it indicated.I need your holy blessings you are sun

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