Decoding Space Time of Astrology- Part-2 Sun Mahadasa

This is part of the article if you haven’t read Part-1 Please click on the link –Decoding Space Time of Vimshottari Dasa – Welcome To Lunar Astro to read about Jupiter Mahadasa and its rules.

The purpose of these articles is to show the depth of Hindu Astrology and sages who worked hard and due to their vision today we have a subject which is used to look into the future, I never believe that Science can ever be able to understand the depth of Jyotish as there is a pre-biased approach and tunnel effect of the knowledge to never look beyond certain rules.

It’s like explaining to the village of blind people that eyes exist in this world, the world is not what we can see but more about what exists in this world is beyond even your imagination, As the world of invisible people is more interesting and fun, It’s funny you are able to read this on a device and people never question how this information is being downloaded but when I will explain the same thing in terms of downloading information from space, the phobia of Hinduism comes out of the bag. Every day when I walk in this jungle- I try to ask questions about life.

Let’s forget about ignorant people and take a quick tour of Surya lok which is part of bhuvar lok means it belongs to Earth only -Earth, Moon and Sun are three different divisions of the same lok but one is consist of Fire another is of water and the one which connects the two is the Moon.

Sun is a place where there is extreme heat, discipline to perform tasks and continuously you have to burn so other people can get light, you have to be impartial and behave like a true king that even the last person in any realm should be able to get benefit from you. See the distance between the houses of  Sun to Saturn is 6 houses- 6 years Dasa of Sun but you know this is not what is interesting and I will come to the scientific point of view as well in the blog.

The interesting part is that 6th from any planet or house plays the role of enemy and that is why at any point of time a planet goes in 6 from Sun-Retrogression of planet starts, this is not an ordinary process which has happened here as 6th from Sun is the planet or house which is not properly visible to Sun and this is why King demands to take control and order the planet to come back in the range of King.

A classical dictum- I am sure you all have read Sun rules Ayana- 6 months- There is a deeper meaning in this understand why Sun rules Ayana only, why not 1 house or complete chart – This is because this is the range of Sun and this is what Sun can control easily, that is why when any planet crosses this range, Sun orders that planet should immediately come back. You can also see practically at any point in time Sun can power only half of the world and the rest half had to remain in dark.

I am continuously writing about techniques of retrogression on Twitter and will explain this as well but let us focus on the topic of people who are born in Sun Mahadasa or what anyone should expect in this Mahadasa?

So if you are born with Moon in Sun Star, you will take around 6 years to get adjusted to the earth’s atmosphere but your nature and temperament and vision will be troubled and the reason is when you are in the realm of Sun, you can see the whole world and now your vision is to be adjusted to narrow of few meters, this is why people born in Sun dasa their thinking ability is somewhat different than others as they are coming from King’s court, They had access to unlimited power and they know anything can be changed in this world on the other hand when they meet people born in other nakshatras, especially of Venus where vision is limited to self only they feel extremely disappointed with their thinking.

Dasa of the Sun is when Moon starts delivering the message from the king and this is the dasa where people change their vision about life and especially about the house which Sun is ruling in the chart. A whole new world of opportunity opens up for these people as they get extremely disciplined in this dasa.

Still why 6 years only or why one ayan only is given to Sun- There is something called magnetic pole switching – every 11 years Sun changes its magnetic poles and this does not happen in a day as every day there is a gradual shift in the magnetic pole of Sun. The dasa of 6 years is allotted that in this lifetime the kingdom of Sun is for 6 houses which will be covered in dasa of 5.5 years when magnetic poles or say energy points will be exactly in 6th house from Sun.

This also means to see the result of the Sun in your chart in dasa of Sun -move Sun 1 house each year and this is the rhythm of the Sun in the chart which I have mentioned in Foundations of Astrology course and to be taught soon to everyone – the Rhythm and cycle of each planet, It must be completely 6 years why 5.5 – This is 5.5 years according to Sun and month of Sun ranges from 26 days- 37 days and when you take out average according to earth this will be complete 6 years of Dasa.

Another question which students should ask is why not use mean density here – We used Mean density in terms of Jupiter but why not here- Have you ever asked a question that there are 5 elements in the body then why are only 4 shown in the chart, Where is the 5th element? The 5th element is Ether which is made from Air and water and this is why I used mean density in terms of Jupiter but when it comes to Sun, I don’t require to use mean density as the element which I am taking here is Fire, which is in form of energy.

I hope I have enlightened you more about the dasa concept- You can give feedback in the comments.

27 thoughts on “Decoding Space Time of Astrology- Part-2 Sun Mahadasa”

  1. Jagriti Tiwari

    Born in Sun Mahadasha, I can connect somewhere. Thanku sir for great knowledge. ?

  2. Namaste Sir,

    Thank you for sharing such insights and giving us food for thought. Your knowledge on Jyotish is commendable.

    I had few questions and I will feel lucky if you answer them.

    1. If magnetic poles of sun takes 11 years to switch. Why isn’t the Sun dasha of 11 years then? Why are we taking half of 11 years?

    2. In continuation of question above, we could have also considered 2 switches of sun’s magnetic field. Which can take Sun’s dasha to 22 years.

    3. Its been told to see the result of Sun’s dasha we should progress sun each year through the houses. But this shall cover only 6 houses. Can we try progressing sun through each house every 6 months (since sun rules time period of 1 ayana), this covers all 12 houses and completes the cycle.

    Hoping for your reply soon !

  3. Thank you for showing us the way to start approaching towards the depth of astrology. I understood the concept but to grasp the true meaning it will take me days to ponder over it, like any sentence that comes out of your mouth. It takes a second for your to deliver but It takes days for my brain to absorb it.

  4. Raj laxmi Shrivastava

    Can you please explain why we do Chhat Puja when surya is debilitated and not when it is exalted.
    Thank you in advance

  5. Sonu chaturvedi

    hello sir sonu chaturvedi here,ur subscriber, im currently going sun mahadasha , everything u have written on the blog is 100% right. Ninth lord sun is in eight house sag ascendant , have to struggle a lot and burn in order to give other people light.It is giving lot of occult content to heal masses.

  6. Vivek dubey

    Sir me apse bahut kuch sikh pa rha hu or apse nivedan hai ki ap apne vido hindi me jarur diya kre kyuki me inko hi read krk jyotish sikh rha hu kyuki mere pas paise ki samshya hai isliy , or ap jo bhi batate hai vo ek majic hai jo ki kahi bhi nhi batya jata hai isliy apse nivedan hai ki ap muj jaise logo ka vishesh dyan rakhe bhagwan apkk hamesh khush rakhr meri unse yahi dua hai apka sishya vivek dubey

  7. Namaskar Deepanshuji. You are asking about feedback or for comments, but the knowledge you are blessed with, the understanding you have is not compatible with anyone atleast this is what I feel. One can learn from you and can wonder, get mesmerized and overwhelmed. Actually what I feel is no words can justify it, only one can understand it by experiencing. Sir, if you think you have students only the ones who are enrolled in your courses then let me tell you, there are much and much more students you have, whom you don’t know. I am one of them who is blessed to have you and somewhat unlucky for not able to learn precisely. Always eager to be enlightened by you. Guru Charan me shat shat naman.

  8. Priyesh Kumar Jaiswal

    You are too good Sir Ji. Kindly continue enlightening us in the same way in future too, as it helps students like me who like astrology but fall short of resources, in learning it systematically from a teacher like you.
    May the almighty bless you.?

  9. Anand doshi


    Ive been following your posts and your videos for a while. They have been extremely informative! Thank you.

    I just have one question- I’ve noticed while discussing conjunctions on your videos or in any informative article of yours- you always focus or start with talking about the negatives. For example even in this article you talk about how being born in sun mahadasha how your nature and temperament will be troubled.

    Ive been practising advait sadhna for a few years now and I’ve learnt none of the conjunctions trouble us if we fall in sync with their energies. There is always a positive side to each of the conjunctions too. Why not focus more on them and help raise the consciousness of your esteemed viewers/readers too. I really look forward to hearing your thoughts.


    1. Anand doshi

      Hello any reason this comment is not approved?
      I was looking forward to his thoughts on this one

      1. Subhash Ektare

        Sir, I hope these articles are based on your research. Have you published any research paper? If, yes I would like to go through it, if you have no objection. Please foeward me the link.

  10. Preeti Mittal

    Really well explained as I am born in Sun Nakshatra and also my ascendant also lies in it and even my mars also in it. I can clearly confirm that though all three Nakshatras of Sun are in my chart so I understand why my vision and views regarding marriage is highly different.
    Thankyou for sharing knowledge as it gives more answers then we expect from jyotish.

  11. Thanks a lot Sir,

    I am just beginner in astrology at the age of 60 years. I started listening your vedeo just to time pass during Corona days. My interest increases day by day. Many a logics of blank chart when apply in my own or family charts found correct.
    In my chart 7 PLANETS IN 6TH HOUSE ONLY MOON IN 7TH AND RAHU IN 12TH (6.2.62 6.35 PM NANGAL DAM) I am sending my biodata not for any consultation purpose but just to mention that although 8 planets in my 6th and 12th house, I am fully contented in my life of 60 years. You can pick my chart for study if you so desire.


  12. Mahesh Jayanth

    Thank you for the article.
    I have a query – Should we move Sun through 1 house from natal position after the start of Sun dasha?
    Can this be applied to other dasha’s as well as per their period?

    1. Probably not with the other Grahas/planets because the others don’t move around the zodiac within the same time span..

  13. Wow.. I always wanted to study astrology with scientific reasoning as I believe there is nothing in astrology which is not scientific, every rules have science and logic behind it could be spiritual. Our Rishis were the real scientist which no one can match in this world. I will be the part of your upcoming course and i feel so fortunate to be part of it. Looking forward to learn many other mystries of this beautiful Vedang (eyes) Jyotish.

  14. Sir , great article i cherish every time when read to watch your video . Now am inclined to learn astrology. Thanks for sharing your wisdom.

  15. Probably not with the other Grahas/planets because the others don’t move around the zodiac within the same time span..

  16. Rohit Khetarpal

    Sir you explain things in a very special and extraordinary way. I don’t think any astrologer can even think about these things. God bless you and your family members and your team take care Sir.

  17. Sir, That’s why you said planet in makar rashi and hidden things and we can also relate that why saturn sign fall 6th to leo sign as we all know the story of saturn birth as chaya been created and the sun don’t know this.

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