How Parivartan Yog works – A Tale of Jupiter’s marriage

A troubled mother asked what she should do as her son is going through tough time- here is the post she wrote.

This post is about my 4 year old son who is very unfortunate to have hypothyroidism at the age of 3. And list is not stopped. He started having Chronic Asthma now. Given Oral steroids every month. Cough cold wheezing. Not able to sleep at all. Not able to eat anything due to coughing. The list is still not over, he is suffering from tummy pain since last year and on the verge of getting endoscopy and colonoscopy done. Why at this age my child is suffering like anything. Where the suffering will take my child ?? He is just 4 yrs old and having lots of problems. As a mother where should I take my child. Which god to pray so that my son gets some relief. Who to consult I don’t know

He has mars and Jupiter in 7th house in Libra and he has kaal sarp dosh very prominent in 4-10 Rahu ketu respectively.
Other than this I do not know any astrology. Somebody plz tell when my child’s health will be better. We are physically emotionally financially exhausted on all levels.
** Birth details are removed due to privacy issues
To throw light on some past events :
I Married against my parent’s wish to a low caste boy, ( I had my own reasons which are valid according to me) but as per god I think that is the cause of all my child’s suffering which is not coming to an end

Deepanshu Giri sir please give me some answers”

Let us see this chart and you will notice nothing unusual in sight but even when she is explaining problems such as cough, Cold- we know the planet responsible for this is Jupiter and Jupiter is in the 7th house with ascendant lord Mars – Kid is born with Moon in Leo and Mahadasa lord is Sun – sitting in the sign of Saggitarius.

Note down following points-
Jupiter in 1/7 axis with Mars- This means the kid has been transcending from Devlok to Prithvi  as a punishment for choosing violence against people and taking land of other people even if it was to build the temple- (See the Parivartan between Jupiter and Venus.)

Why does exchange happen in a chart as planets tend to use each other energy when required for a special purpose – Students very casually use the term Parivartan but what happens- Why two cosmic entities will exchange houses and make a combination for this person to be born- You are born with combination in which you are perfectly aligned to complete the karma.

So Venus requires the energy of Saggitarius in the 9th house when Venus has to learn a new Vidhya from Jupiter. Jupiter requires the energy of Venus when it needs partners to fulfil the task as there are so many sadhanas which cannot be completed without a partner. That is why Jupiter, the son of Rishi Angiras was reluctant to marry anyone in the universe. Still, he got stuck at a point where Aradhna of Ardhnarishwar was to be done by the couple.

Brihaspati was doing penance for so long and until one day Moon came to visit Brihaspati as a messenger from Lord Shiv- This is why when we draw Moon yantra the number of Jupiter-3 is written in SW corner as Moon was there to communicate with Jupiter about the importance of the life partner and this is when we try to siddh a yantra it can be done in various forms Like if you start this yantra in the sequence of 3 6 9 first which is the middle line, it attracts partners towards you.

Chandra counselled Jupiter to get into a relationship to fulfil the sadhna. Still, the great Jupiter had problems in approaching women as Jupiter is made of pure fire. He is a preserver and guardian of dharma and for him to drop down this responsibility and act like a Chandra or Shukra was no easy task as he doesn’t have a sense of humour like Mercury; he is not witty like Moon or fashionable like Venus as he carries so much of wisdom with him that only old people like Saturn can understand him.
That is why people with Jupiter on the 1/7 axis get along with old people. Even to talk to Jupiter for more than a minute, your level of understanding of life and knowledge should be there as you cannot do light talks with Jupiter and get away.

To learn this art, Venus invited him to his house to observe the energy of beauty, and Jupiter became extremely troubled here as this realm of Venus was suffocating for Jupiter as this is not what Jupiter as Jupiter wanted to make a relationship with several women, but his values were holding him and whoever was coming in contact with Jupiter was not ready for such ties with too many values and soon when Jupiter start getting comfortable, and the fire element of Jupiter start coming on then came the beautiful Tara, Moon and Venus became the wingmen for the Great Jupiter so he can complete his Sadhna and as a result, the trio gets exalted in each other’s house. (Moon exalted in Venus house- Venus exalted in Jupiter house and Jupiter exalted in Moon house.) This is to the friends who helped him get married, then also there is a story of how Jupiter asks for Money from Kuber as in the realm of Venus money is required to get anything that is why I told people to either Visit the Kuber temple in Almora or Balaji temple as both have similar stories.

I don’t recall at present, but in one of the lectures of the nakshatra course, most likely Pushya – I have explained the story of how Indra managed the crisis of Jupiter and in return, Jupiter crowned him to be the greatest one – Jyestha.

When I first told the Jupiter 7th has a curse of Kuber- some astrologers were laughing as when someone is not able to comprehend the knowledge they try to ridicule it as honestly there are few astrologers who don’t have anything to offer of their own rather survive on copying from us or trying to ridicule us.

When People are born with Strong Jupiter in the 7th house they feel suffocated in the initial years of life as they are trying to get used to the realm of earth.

Notice a few points in the chart- Sun dasa is running and also Moon in Leo – Sun is placed in Mrityubhag in the chart, and in nadi navansh you can see native had troubled Sun If a mother can do the Mantra of Gayatri every day using 24 manak mala and offer 4 banana daily to someone (Temple, Priest) to eat after Jaap. You can keep this mala in hand throughout the day and keep doing jaap as much as you can.

Make a Diya from Besan and every morning at 6 am light this Diya facing East with desi ghee and recite Purush Suktam- There are 16 verses in purush suktam and after every verse Draw yantra of Jupiter by mixing kesar and haldi with help of yellow flower on a white paper- Continue this for 54 days and either daily or in the end- Do Jal pravah of all these yantras.

The sequence of writing numbers is to be started from 9 and then moved anticlockwise so the sequence will be 9,12,5,10,11,6,13,8,7.

23 thoughts on “How Parivartan Yog works – A Tale of Jupiter’s marriage”

  1. Mudit Sharma

    You mentioned in the article if you start drawing moon yantra from sequence of 3, 6 , 9 it attracts partner towards you, but it appears diagonal on yantra so how to start drawing yantra diagonally?
    Could please elaborate on full sequence if one has draw like you mentioned in this article
    Thank you

  2. It’s all went above my head. I am not good with astrology.. but amazed with your knowledge .. how you are communicating the rishis knowledge to our generation with solid points. I am not good with English also ? forgive me. Sir ?

  3. Sampada Kailash Khatti

    Wow Sir visited kuber ,Balaji and laxmi temple.. My screen got cracked after coming out of the temple.i hv rahu n Venus in Gemini 6th house nd Mercury retro n combust in Taurus in 5th house . Jupiter retrograde in 11th house Scorpio.

  4. hello sir, why yanta is drawn different way . how does drawing same yantra differently makes difference

  5. Interesting article, wonder what Jupiter Saturn parivartan yog does

    Jupiter in Capricorn, Saturn in Pisces

    Me and everyone born in 1997 has this. Teachers in school used to comment our batch is more special than the one before and after us

    Would love it if you did a video/article on this

  6. Mesmerizing as always. sir, please also cover Jupiter Mercury parivartana in some lecture or blog as they also share a special connection as per mythology

  7. Pratyush Taing

    Sir, in my opinion the native has problem in stomach related to micro-organisms or perhaps bacteria in the gut for a long time now, since in D9, Ketu is in asc and moon goes in 6th. I. D-1 Ketu aspects 6th house and Vimsottari Dasha shows heavy expenditure on hospitals due to 12th n 6th lord being connected with 2nd lord and 7th lord which has Jupiter and Mars, also since Jupiter represents Jeev and is connected to the 6th house it has to bacteria in the gut or in blood (due to Mars). Kindly guide me on these predictions.

  8. Sunaina Bisht

    I pray for this child n mother. ? Hope she n he get strength to fight this karma. Om namah shiva !

  9. Interesting story of the trio. So Moon first got Jupiter married, and later eloped with his wife! Now I understand why Jupiter is exalted in house of moon, but moon does not do well in houses of Jupiter. Or why Gaj Kesari yog for that matter only gives problems after a while.
    With all due respect, I feel your nay-sayers are yet to find the magic. A teacher who can tell how to change house cusp effects in 1 line – without vidhi, or exorbitant prices, wont come within easy grasp of everyone. But those of us who have our ears to the ground have seen your techniques working and know the value of every line you’ve uttered. Jai Jupiter.
    Reg yantras, after making moon and saturn yantras, flurry of animal rescue situations came up for me (baby cobra, dog trapped in a locked building, large gastropods and what not). Also sighting different birds (white cattle egrets, large bats). Waiting for when the video of “Animals in Jyotish” part 2 will drop. Pranam.

  10. Shiv Kumar Sewak

    I have retro Jupiter in 7 th house saggitarus ( kark lagna), absolutely true as I took loan for my marrriage, but suddenly again I am suffering from financial crisis for last few years, again is it due to Jupiter or saturn ketu in 12 th house pls throw some light on this
    Dob 08-08-1973
    Time 04:27:33 am
    Place Kolkata

  11. Rohit Khetarpal

    Sir your knowledge is awesome. No one can match it. You are a blessing from God for people.

  12. Sir, you’re a boon for people in need.
    I have Jupiter Venus exchange in 10-12th house (Capricorn lagna).
    I always wanted to perform a remedy for Jupiter in Libra. Thanks to you i finally have the backstory of it now.

    There is a Balaji Temple in Delhi, I will atleast try to visit that temple asap as currently i won’t be able to visit the Balaji temple in AP.

  13. Sir you made reference to husband and wife relationship
    But what about son and mother relationship or mother in law and daughter-in-law relationship and what can one do so that a good soul enters your family .
    My son has chosen someone whom I feel is not good for my family and I m helpless
    My son is cancer ascendant

  14. Thank you for sharing the applied magic that is astrology. It is fascinating to read examples like this one even though I don’t understand all the reasoning, for now it is enough to know there is logic behind the method.

  15. Wonderful sir, it’s for the first time I felt that u never hide knowledge and give it out for study to all.

  16. Sir – Namashkar

    Though I am not good in astrology but even than I found the blog interested.

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