Tragedy Queen- A Tale of Naksahtras

It is all in the stars, written on the fateful day we are born, The snapshot of the birth chart describes the potential anyone will have in life, and Dasha decides the time period on which day you are going to experience the results, There are some results which will be experienced by you as you will make conscious decisions such as marriage, Job while most of it will be delivered to you during various dashas.

We are going to look into life of great actress Meena Kumari from the lens of nakshatra dasha and see how the life gave her ups and downs of life.

Just run  a quick scan from eyes on the chart and you will have a fundamental idea about any chart as till now from surface you can say that she will have a beautiful face with a sad smile as Moon is house wise exalted and rasi wise debilitated, Her house environment not so conducive as it should be for kids due to Saturn in 4th house of the birth chart, A very prominent career is promised due to ninth lord in tenth house with eleventh lord and aspected by fourth lord Saturn making her hard working person.

Tenth lord in second debilitated shows her actions bringing money for the family and Scorpio rising in the D-9 with Sun placed in lagna and ascendant lord of navansh in a malefic conjunction showing that she will be married but to a violent person.

This seems like a normal chart till present until and unless we go in to details of the chart- Lagna has two of major malefics Gulika and Mandi placed in lagna and ascendant aspected by Saturn from the fourth house showing poverty, born is Saturn Mahadasa and her father was disappointed at her birth and even left her at hospital as he didn’t had money to pay to doctor but later changed the mind. Second house Moon is in extreme stress, shows the problem to mother and that too confirmed from Saturn fourth house.

Moon placed in Anuradha nakshatra where deity is Mitra – this is a nakshatra of devotion, coping up with the situation and standing by a decision ones took in life, weather it is right or wrong but once you have chosen the path in Vishaka nakshatra this is the naksahtra to deal with it, If you look at her life from starting onwards she displayed the peak epitome energy of Anuradha nakshatra by being devoted to family and being a bread winner from very early age, As Moon being placed in second house of birth chart but considering Moon as lagna nakshatra lord Saturn goes in third house of the birth chart and that too in own house retrograde making her deliver the expression of sadness with such elegance- Third house of expression and Saturn is a significator of sadness.

Her 7th and 12th lord from Chandra is Shukra this means that due to her image, relationships her sleep will be affected but moreover 7th lord shukra is in tenth house showing partner from the professional field only but this is an extremely afflicted shukra in the chart as placed in Magha nakshatra which is against all the energy and motive of shukra- The primary motive of shukra is to create while primary motivation of Magha is to liberate you, As her relationship went worse with her husband Kamal amrohi- Her career and health suffered badly due to insomnia which lead her to alcoholism and later on the liver cirrhosis.

The day she was born you can look at the Chandra placed in 3rd pada of Anuradha nakshatra and say she will move her eyes in love and world will go crazy for the tragedy queen as the third pada is for the relationships – The native will have unsolvable complex equations of relationships, business partners which will give them sleepless nights, the story of Anuradha nakshatra as described by Lord shiv in Karam Vipak Samhita is similar that native is not able to sleep and due to rumors native burnt the whole village from where native was earning wealth.

Ascendant belong to Chitra nakshatra which belong to Vishvakarma belongs to divine artitech of the universe when rising in lagna makes sure to give a beautiful body and aspect of Saturn is far away to affect the facial features but surely gave the deep eyes of Saturn as well as natural sadness in life.
Fourth house planet when aspects lagna shows native being controlled by the family environment and circumstances and in her case even it was against her will in the dasa of Mercury when she was nine years of age, she got her first work as an actor- It was Mercury placed in Pushya nakshatra like a child delivering the intense emotions of Pushya and making it look like a play. Pushya placed in tenth house shows native will have to become a benchmark and when its Mercury this has to be via the mode of art. She got married in 1952 that was dasa of Mercury-Jupiter-Venus but her interaction with Kamal Amrohi started in dasa of Mercury-Jupiter-Saturn after her car accident- Dasa of sixth and fourth lord brings car accident.

Venus in Magha nakshatra and she knew that her marriage will never be approved and her marriage was secret from parents, but why marriage as Jupiter never does short term contracts – Jupiter is in nakshatra of U.phalguni which is a nakshatra of Sun and this nakshatra does not have any habit to hide things even if its a bad act.

By the end of Mercury Mahadasa she was established Star but her real stardom started in Ketu Mahadasa as Ketu placed in Magha nakshatra which opened the gates of new league for her and moreover placed in a critical degree in her chart- This was the peak of her career,  but as little did she know Venus Mahadasa was waiting for her as Venus is also placed in Magha but Venus never performs well in this nakshatra was the one which made her took the decision of marriage. This was the dasa when she got separated from her husband after several violent fights and started consuming alcohol which later turned in to a heavy drinking. In her chart the second house debilitated is clearly indicating the drinking habits but it was the dasa of Venus -a heart break which triggered her health issues as Venus being the ascendant lord. Venus in Magha along with Ketu present made situation worse for her as work of Ketu is to spy and her husband continuously use to spy on her leading to various arguments and being involved with Mars Saturn in navansh shows the quality of married life and disappointments.

This was written on her tombstone on her request “She ended life with a broken fiddle, with a broken song, with a broken heart, but not a single regret” She never used glycerin to shed a tear and we all know why looking at a debilitated Moon her birth chart.

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