King Maker -Nakshatra of Retrograde Planets

This is post number two on how retrograde planets can change the fate of natives When they are hell-bent on doing things which no one can imagine, In this particular article we will look for Osho Rajneesh’s chart, To read the previous article, click here.

Consider planets as energy withdrawers from the sky and when a planet is retrograde it sucks the energy at a tremendous form from any nakshatra and if that nakshatra has an intense energy then life creates a dramatic sequence. The chart below belongs to Osho Rajneesh and how retrograde planets in his chart shape the journey of his life.

                                                                                                    OSHO RAJNEESH

He has Jupiter exalted and retrograde in the chart and moreover, Jupiter is a dispositor of five planets in Sagittarius and Rahu in Pisces — This means Jupiter holds the key in this chart and is the most important planet and luckily the most important planet in this chart is exalted and retrograde.

Every person who belongs top 1% of the category has one thing in common in the chart their chart has one key planet and that too is in good shape, These are charts of Mad men who have changed the world, as it will not matter which dasa is going to Run, everything is controlled by Jupiter in the chart and even to be more precise Jupiter is placed in the Arudha Lagna and Atmakaraka as well.

I have written in detail how Mercury as gnatikaraka in his chart created troubles for him in my book of Atmakarka, but here I will focus only on Retrograde planets.

It all started in dasa of Mars placed in Mool nakshatra by a revolt and speaking against the dogmatic belief of religion and focusing on the primary instinct of any native as Mool is the base desire and this was the time period when delivered his famous lecture — Sex to consciousness then came the Dasa of Rahu in Uttrabhadra where he travelled extensively and taught meditation and by the start of Jupiter dasa he started to expand and reach the height of wisdom, but the same expansion created problems in the Mercury antardasa as Jupiter being placed in Mercury nakshatra of Ashlesha (Poison).

Ashlesha represents poison, backstabbing, mind games and helps you reach the state of extreme consciousness where you can reach the core of your emotional body for this, it is important that you get detached from the mortal world and this is possible with the help of drugs, This was the time period when ashram came under investigation for the use of drugs, poisoning and Osho’s room was bugged by CIA and his physician was drugged — A pure Ashlesha energy was being experienced and nectar of Jupiter was not able to handle it, It was the time period when Osho ask authorities to investigate his own disciples.

To go into more detail- please refer to the book of Retrograde Planets and Nakshatra Padas.- Buy All Books by Deepanshu Giri [Paperback] — 𝐋𝐮𝐧𝐚𝐫-𝐀𝐬𝐭𝐫𝐨 (

18 thoughts on “King Maker -Nakshatra of Retrograde Planets”

    1. S k bhukhri syeda jabeen

      Its should b online in pakistan lahore not available ir store mentioned li ked i wll download. To save in

  1. सर…
    मेरा तो अश्लेषा में बुध और गुरु है 10 भाव में कर्क राशि में, और शनी 4 भाव में मकर में है शनि की 7 दृष्टि गुरु और बुध पे और गुरु और बुध की 7 दृष्टि शनि पे, वैसे शनि भी श्रवण में है।
    यह तो ?

  2. Every thought or work shows …how much hard work you have done . There is always churning in the mind about the thoughts ,kundalis ,people ,their behaviour and much more …. definitely I wonder …how you balance the life personally and professionally .

  3. Sagar Dattatraya Rodi

    Sagar dattatraya Rodi
    Retrograde Jupiter in Tula lagna and retrograde saturn in 11th house with rahu
    Mercury dasha antardasha rahu

    1. Bharti Wanchoo

      8th house has most of the significance planet on the aixis and Guru Maharaj is in 3 house kark rashi in Gemini.

  4. I have a similar chart, extremely strong retro exalted jupiter with rahu and controlling whole chart.
    I know who I am. People will remember me when my time will come. I know very well my chart is not a normal one as it is rare and super strong.

  5. Namaste Sir,
    The serpent pic is arresting. Makes me wonder how snakes, scorpions hold venom without harming themself. If humans hold even a little bit of hate, anger it eventually turns into a poison that own health cant tolerate. That’s why we have so many festivals and rituals for inner cleansing i think.
    In this chart, I see now why Jupiter is spectacular – (Atmakaraka, Jupiter is lord of 2 deadly houses 8th & 11th, dispositing 5 planets, 8th lord gone 8th, exalt, retro, in Maran Karan sthan, in AL, in serpentine nakshatra, ardh kaal sarp yog with only Jupiter outside, parivartan of 3rd and 8th lords). Gosh I feel for him, the ‘Jeev’ must have been overloaded at some point.
    Osho’s talks surely have a pain-killer effect, he utters dialogs which soothe any emotional trauma, they cling to the brain, and one keeps going back for more of it. Thank you.

  6. Great analysis! And also Jupiter, Rahu and Sun in trine. According to Nandi Nadi Jupiter and Rahu also in trine are working as a conjunction. So on top of everything he made it to the top in his profession. What this combination suggests and it’s one of the best in Nandi Nadi.

  7. Sir, I’m very much intrigued and fascinated by your wisdom and knowledge. I’m going through a difficult phase even though I have been told by other astrologers this is a good time period for me, results don’t show up. I would appreciate it if you could check my chart. I have both exalted and retrograde Jupiter in my birth chart and I’m running Jupiter Mahadasha. Thank you

  8. Meenal Moudgil

    Namaskar Sir! Thanks for sharing the analysis about one of my favourite ones. I see that Jupiter being prominent and in good state has definitely been one of the key planets in esteemed Osho Ji’s chart. I’m little confused though. I had my chart reading done at Lunar Astro and was told that my Jupiter is very good but my struggles would be over once Jupiter Dasha is over. If possible, could you please explain for my understanding about this contradiction? I’m cancer ascendant with pushya nakshatra, Saturn retrograde in kritika in the 11th house and moon in the 10th house in Kritika nakshatra as well. Jupiter and mercury are conjunct in the fifth house. Can’t understand why so much struggle in the Dasha of the planet which is strong in the chart.

  9. Thanks, for another excellent article, if this applies aptly, I have a Retro Me controlling ie dispositing 3 main planets, Ju, Ve, Sa(which rule, 3,12, 5,10 and 1,2 houses), other than that Me nakshatras have Ma- the atmakarak and Ra too is Me nakshatra as in above chart. Maybe I should always think before I speak

  10. Nayana Raj Trivedi

    Sir sun,moon,mars in purvbhadrpad, jupiter retrograte in virgo,10th bhav.Asendant Is dhanu. Saturn is also retro with jupiter. Guide Sir.She is top in her very hard.She has power to empower women.

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