Jupiter- Your Astral Connection

There are layers of the human body and different planets help us stay alive, The Work of Jupiter is to keep your astral body alive, to make connection between you and space energy which generates faith, The quality of your Jupiter makes you calm, compose and lucky as well but when this connection breaks, bad luck strikes for many native as work of Jupiter is not visible, it is not about providing money or family but to give you something invaluable, which will help you cross mountains as the energy of Jupiter is about lifting you from the chakra of life and death.

Here is a case study of an afflicted Jupiter in the chart.

As I go through daily emails, I usually focus on health issues first – Here is a chart of a young woman who has been bedridden for the last three years, and this is the chart we will discuss in this blog post.

whenever you hear the word bedridden this means there is a very powerful planet in twelve house who is forcing you to rest as usually the dasa of twelve house signifies retirement, isolation and making you uncomfortable and this dasa is not an ordinary dasa, In this dasa you have to pay for whatever good and bad in you past life you have accumulated, It is time to pay the bill, Same as you do while shopping that is why this house is also called as house of expenses but when you do shopping sometimes you spend money which is worth and sometimes you waste money or someone overcharges you, It depends on strength of twelfth’s house and lord, twelfth house lord when extremely powerful, it is difficult for native to spend money even on himself while a planet like Shukra gracefully accepts the bills,  Sometimes you are really happy paying the bill and sometimes powerful planets punish you by being bed ridden.

This native started her Jupiter Mahadasa in 2020 and it was in the dasa of Jupiter -Jupiter only when she got bedridden due to problem of nerves and brain, She is running dasa of chiddra graha -eight lord placed in twelfth house and this Jupiter is in close conjunction with Mandi, A very powerful malefic. Another interesting thing happened with this Jupiter is exchange with twelfth lord (Dainya Parivartana Yoga) , showing an uncurable long term health problem can happen.

Jupiter is about morality, faith and placed in Kritika nakshatra where the deity is Agni- In human body this nakshatra governs our mental capabilities, sharpness, the link between body and mind and if this goes in affliction you will see nerves related problems but moreover this Jupiter is although being the eight lord is one affliction, another affliction is kick of another planet Surya, there is a Latta (Kick) of Surya on this planet making things worse for native.

Jupiter is placed in ashtam navansh aspecting the navansh lagna creating problems for the native in this dasa.
In such cases native should recite the Brihaspati krit Shiv stuti or take name of Guru to get rid of malefic influence of dasa. Kritika is about connecting two worlds that is why it is also called starting nakshatra and gain independence but when there is malefic influence on this nakshatra, there is a break of connection between mind and body for this connection to restore daily Gayatri havan will be immensely helpful.

Jupiter is what keeps your astral body alive, Its a connecting between Space and Us and more this connection is strong more magic you can experience in life, as this is a planet of Luck, When you astral connection to universe breaks due to immorality in life, this is when we start declining, that is why it is extremely important to keep your faith protected and alive, This is the reason it is suggested never to discuss your faith and kind of spiritual practices you are doing to never ever tell to anyone as no one can understand the astral connection between you and universe, It is personal and should remain that way, you cannot tell the magic to anyone, never explain what sadhna you are doing, this is why i always suggest that you need to feel the magic yourself, It doesn’t matter how much I tell you that there is magic out there, until and unless you feel it, nothing will make sense.

Every morning and night make a astral connection to strengthen your Jupiter, Look at Sky and stars or simply sit down in gazing in space, tell your problems so you can reflect in alone, It is necessary to be alone so you can listen to universe, Speak less and try not to respond until and unless it is required and you will find slowly inside you a world of pandora is opening, there are many things inside you, which you don’t even know, all solutions will come from inside all you have to do is sit in silence and make your faith stronger in universe.

Physical body is nothing without the connection to the space, It is only a tiny bit of energy of space inside us which keeps us alive, as this energy keeps diminishing the connection between soul and body weakens, sometimes we are on space side so much that physical body suffers and vice versa, Every morning make rituals to go to temple, offer water to shivlingam, and carry one fruit in hand, all these acts will force you to go inside slowly and discover you.

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19 thoughts on “Jupiter- Your Astral Connection”

  1. Jupiter is my atmakaraka. And I was born on Thursday. Even though I worship all the gods and have faith in all but I have a biased inclination towards Lord Vishnu. My mother was a Vishnu bhakt even though my father’s side is entirely Shiva bhakta. I had very deep fascination with lord Ganesh as young child and later found out that he is also Krishnansh. Funnily enough, since my Jupiter is sitting with Ketu in 5 house in Aquarius sign so I’ve been told I wouldn’t have children easily and my education is also stuck. I think it was also DevDosh.

    It’s interesting that the planet and it’s significances that have always inspired me are also causing me such troubles.

  2. amruta kumbhalkar

    Thank you so much for sharing this article. I have heard of the importance of bowing down to the sky. But I was not aware of the connection between Jupiter and the space element. Totally makes sense.

  3. Absolutely mind blowing! There is so much to know and realise that in this birth, I am left clueless…. Life has gone in vain…. However, thank you very much for all that you are doing to uplift society. Such wonderful souls are rarely born. May you always be blessed.

  4. Deepanshu ji…namaskar mai Kai salo se apky vedios dekh rahi hu or apky laikh padh Rahi hu …Mera sambandh apse tub se hai jub se aapne prediction karne shuru he kiye thay….eak man ko apne paise diye thay ki tum bahar chale jao tumhare pass paise nahi hai mai deta hu …jub honge tub vapas kar dena”” tub muze laga acha aise log bhi hote hai ..tub se mera or apka rishta jud gaya hai ..Kai baar socha ki apse kuch seekh pau …seekha bhi hai or aaj bhi koshish karti hu … bhagwan n chaha to mai jaldi apka eak course bhi lungi taaki or bhi seekh saku …deepanshu ji kya aap vivah k bare mai kuch knowledge de sakte hai ki vivah aakhir hai kya ? Vivah karna zaruri kue hai ? Kya ye wakai Kai janmo k sambandh hai? Hamara jeevansath Jo eis Janam mai hai kya vo pichle Janam mai bhi hamare sath tha…..hum kya kare ki hamara vaivahik jeevan sukhad ho ….or kya nahi karna chahiye….vivah kya sirf mang mai sindur he bhar Dena hai ya jub hum kissi ko pati ya patni k roop mai sweekar kar lete hai to hamri aatma ka usse sambandh jud jata hai …Bina kissi samajik bandhan k liye agar hum usky liye vrat rakhte hai ….Pooja karte hai to kya vah usky liye shubh hogi ya nahi ….aise kai questions hai Jo Mann mai Kai baar aate hai …..agar apko theek Lage to es par bataiye ga …. dhanyawad sir ……

  5. What a wonderful learning thank you sir you’re absolutely right that we shouldn’t tell anyone about our sadhna because it will not help anyone as it depends on everyone’s diffrent spiritual life.
    Today i saw your predicting dasa results of Sagittarius planets and you shared the blog what the universe is trying to teach i am understanding that fact

  6. Saggitarious ascendant jupiter in 8th house health issues from past 12 years but it also teach something about universe which impossible to explain in words

    1. I think you’ll gain mysterious knowledge a lot that no one can understand in one time and yeah if you talk less and advise less to your in-laws it’ll be good for you
      As I’m a student tou can say so I’m just testing please don’t take it as why I’m giving you advices i was just trying to understand that whether i am applying the logic true or not dhanywaad 🙏🏻

  7. Sir I’ve one off the topic question if you can help it’ll be great knowledge for you as well as me.
    On 2nd November a butterfly visited my home surrounding which has one wing damaged so I tried to help it and took where my plants are but after that day it disappeared.
    Probably After 2 weeks day after Diwali 14th November when i was on my grandfather’s home i got this butterfly again and it was same same wing damaged colour also same because i had taken photos when it visited last,

    So i had take back yo my house and tried to feed it by Jasmine flower i thought i could help it to survive but it was not good idea I don’t know how to feed it it was just a random idea after this try i left it to my garden area again and after some times ant starts eating its wings but it was alive again i helped it but after sometimes again ants eaten its wings and it died.
    Why it happened with me i want to know about this because when ants were eating its wings another same coloured butterfly was flying upside tree and may be yesterday i seen same coloured butterfly again on the branch of the tree.
    What knowledge i can take from this particular thing?

    I don’t know whether you’ll reply or not but my wish to ask you the thing is completed. I am pieces ascendant my moon mahadasa is running and Jupiter 12th house dasa was going when butterfly visited. From today Saturn 10th house dasa is starting.

    That’s it sorry for so much time i took 😅🙏🏻

  8. Beautiful as it s always .. it is the universe who is talking to me through you Deepanshu ji 🙏🪔🪔💝💝

  9. Dhanyawad sir,aapki vajah se Mera vishwas astrology me fir se ho paya hai, aap jaise guru mile shayad Mera Jupiter achha hai.

  10. Yes I am connected to universe I can feel the difference,plants are growing,birds n butterflies are visiting, repeated numbers, universal messages,thank you for everything sir

  11. In Geeta Sri Krishna said ” Among planets I am Jupiter”. While he was trying to tell that in every element, Highest or Best form is direct manifestation of Supreme… Parmatma.
    Thankyou so much Depanshu ji, for giving so much insight everyday. You are a true Guru to me🙏🙏

  12. It gives me immense pleasure and hope to live ..I was just talking to my mother about the difficulties I am facing in my married life.This article came to me to read.Eventhough it is saddening to hear the ill health of the native.Let vishnu dev help her cure the disease.
    One thing to note.My Jupiter in cancer with Ketu. This article came to me after Iwas talking to my mother..cancer the sign of mother and nourishment

  13. Namaste Sir, tracking issues in chart wrt to keywords (Racism last time, Bedridden this time) is a wonderful technique and I’m trying that out when I listen to people.
    Tried to decode this chart using Badhaka theory and it fits! 10th house (secondary) is the site of curse, but showing up in 12th house. Ke, Gk, retro Ju, and actual badhak Sa (10th aspect) in Aries. So there would be an issue of money or relationships (Ve in Aqua) and person has tried to damage Boss or Father in a hidden way or crossed boundaries wrt principles. Then Jupiter got angry, because of 8th-12th lord Parivartan and locked the 12th house circuit. Very scary situation. Thanks for sharing chart and remedy.
    Since you’ve spoken about Jupiter – maybe it’s just my fanciful thinking but I want to ask this question. In the Sky now, we see Jupiter inching towards Ashwini and Saturn in Shatabhisha. Both are healer nakshatras, outer planets, saturn has 3rd aspect on Aries and both Ju Sa aspecting Leo. Moreover, there’s a square-off between Ma (Scorpio) and Sa (Aqua). For the fixed lagnas, this is like the kendras getting rattled. So if I intrepret this – it’s like Guru is saying let go of all your fixed notions, take my hand and let me lift you up. And Saturn is whispering I’ll multiply this gain (108 * 3) times if you work hard. Could this be like a collective consciousness rising to a higher level, with an agenda of solving problems, healing traumas, awakening etc? If yes, what can we do on an individual level to connect into this cosmic agenda? Thank you.

  14. Physical
    Astral Jupiter
    Mental moon?
    Spiritual sun
    Nirvanic / body less body
    Sir please can you guide the planets with each body

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