Shunya -Shree Ganesh


A Glimpse of Shunya- Ganesh Chathurthi

As we all prepare to celebrate the birth of Shree Ganesh and welcome Riddhi and Siddhi into our life, We should also look at this festival from a Jyothish point of view that why are we celebrating this? What happens in the sky during this period?
As Chaturthi is one of the \’rikta\’ tithis in which no good work should be started but we welcome Shree Ganesh who is always the first devta, we invite when we are about to embark on a new endeavor. Whether it is a pooja or any other religious ceremony, he is the one who can remove any kind of obstacles.

\’Rikta\’ means empty- Shunya -Zero. This zero is such a powerful term of the universe that when everything is absent still zero remains and will be there forever. As we all know the state of empty mind only leads to moksha or liberation. Moksha is the freedom from the bondage of desires. The key of moksha resides in between the ongoing thoughts. There is a pause in between our thoughts similarly, there is a pause in between our breath too. That pause is the smallest shunya, the empty space which one finds during meditation.

Not only during meditation we can get into this state while doing anything. sometimes we are so indulged in some activity that we don’t even know what we were thinking of. like while gardening, watering the plants enjoying nature, and thinking absolutely nothing. This calms down the brain. Usually, it is our silence that wants to talk to us. Imagine the universe wants to talk to you through your inner core but you are so busy in the outside world that the inner core does not get time to even communicate with you.

When we start thinking about patterns of the universe the imagination of life and death and why are being born -these questions will arise in mind and when we have questions- Universe has answers.

Zero is also Ketu or the south node of the Moon as Ketu is represented by Shree Ganesh only. Wherever in the chart, Ketu sits creates a disturbance. but have we ever wondered why?
Why does a planet want to create a disturbance? Because this is the area where Your inner soul wants to talk to you- You need to give time to listen to the inner voice- such as have you ever seen an old television set wherein the absence of signal the noise used to come in form of black and white dots. Those random dot pixel patterns of the static display are also within us, but we can see them only after we get disconnected from the outer world. Ketu is the same -It stays silently inside you all the time but only when you are alone then the inner world starts talking to you and it will guide your soul in the right direction. but the problem starts when we neglect our inner desire to a point that it keeps on building up.

After that Ketu starts coiling up by creating the disconnection between you and your soul. Then at one point in time, you don\’t even know what you actually want in life as you are so disconnected from your soul desires.

Now do this as an experiment- Ask people or yourself -Which desire you want to fulfill? Most of them will not be able to answer this simple question. Chances are high that they will come up with desires which are not their own. Those will be the desires given by society to them such as getting an iPhone or Getting married because this is what they have told from the very beginning that if you follow this path you might be happy but the truth is that these all are materialistic things. Truth is -the disconnection to the inner self has made most human being sad and miserable and that comes out as frustration, anger, and disappointment on other people.

When we mark the birth of Shree Ganesh and welcome \’Shunya\’ in our life that very moment is the reminder to ourselves. He has come to remind us that we need to listen to our internal core. Look at Shree Ganesha and observe, he has big ears as he listens to every single person who is talking below the audible range and his head is of Elephant. The elephant is an animal that is a symbol of power but still, he never harms anyone and walks with a rolling gait. He stays happy in his own world although he can take control of the jungle he never exercises his power. Ganesha always sits on a rat -As rats symbolize problems. Also in Jaimini sutram Five Rats and Cats are for Aries sign- which symbolizes Problems -Shree Ganesh keeps all the problems under control with the help of his wisdom and creates a mental boundary for enemies.

He is the one who keeps problems under control and walks carefree without any boundaries in Jungle.

As Ketu never stays at one place and we can\’t stay in isolation forever we need to do visarjan. but before visarjan during this pooja we get connected to our inner core and listen to all the desires of our soul. Ketu represents the extreme upper end and moves all of us above the normal level of consciousness. We also need to observe the discipline of food as this is the period when the cosmos opens up and suddenly there is the news of Black holes as the sky gets clear after the rain. This is the perfect time for planting most of the fruit\’s seeds and even for conception as well as when the kid will be born after 9 months Sun will be in Aries.

So whatever we will start during this period we will be able to sow the seed of that karma easily as the universe is ready for conception. Ketu is the planet that creates the blockage and the reason for blockage is the negligence of the inner soul- When we neglect someone in a past life -that part becomes occupied by Ketu such as – Libra Ketu- native ignored relationships and business and this is what becomes the challenge in this life as well- Leo Ketu- Native would have ignored kids and this life native face problems related to kids and stability in life.

Now time for the ritual which anyone can do irrespective of chart placement. In whichever sign your Ketu is placed in, using that color draw a triangle and write down the beej mantra of Ketu \’Sreem\’ in Sanskrit. Doint it in a triange color in which your Ketu is placed will give you results, but do not make wallpaper of phone or laptop as many people reported this as their phone stopped working.

Use the Color combinations to draw triangles – I have drawn some which are readily downloadable but draw according to your chart combination.

What you can expect from the remedy-
Sometimes we suppress our soul desires so much that we are not clear what we have to do in life and we keep on chasing wrong goals and what can be worse than reaching a destination realizing that we were on wrong track -this remedy will help you give signals, nimits and help you guide through the internal maze of your subconscious brain to reach the core and discover your hidden skills what you were carrying from the past life.
You will also see a lot of people will start approaching you who will serve as key people to complete your task in life- Use the coming days very wisely as this can change your life – A Zero can change the entire value of a person depending on where it is placed.

104 thoughts on “Shunya -Shree Ganesh”

  1. Sir I don’t know what is the color when sun is with ketu in the 12th house pls guide us to follow this remedy.
    Thank you sir

  2. Sir if ketu is Atmakaraka or Atmakaraka with keku then it’s indicated good spiritual growth or so close to GOD ??

  3. Siir we are indebted to you… The divine knowledge you are sharing with us is not less than a yoga vashishta that Maharshi vashishta has shared to lord Rama and Maharshi vishwamitra has shared Gayatri to the world…. This is what we can do. ???

  4. sir plz also kindly mention the colours of the zodiac signs…everyone will be benefitted… different websites are showing different colours… for eg. my ketu is in Taurus ..some websites showing Taurus colour is pink some are showing Taurus colour as pure white… plz help… thankyou

    1. kirandeep kaur matharu

      you have to look for the color of lord of that sign
      for instance, for aries, mars is lord – then look for color of mars
      similarly , venus is the lord of taurus, color of venus is grey. so for taurus, you use grey color

  5. Thank you so much for the remedy sir… I feel so lost since past a month and wanted a way out of my head and here you posted this. God bless you ?

    Also, you mentioned stick it to the opposite where you work … means if I sit in east, I should stick it on west wall ???

    Please kindly solve my query.

      1. Thank you so much you are helping us

        Astrosage ap says my ketu is in Gi sign.. That seems like gemini .. So mine will be mercury? Also is drawing by self impact ful or the printout will do too.. Have to do this on ganesh chaturthi or till then contious.. Thank you

  6. Thank you soo much sir!! Gratitude! I am facing issues finding a right partner for marriage since a very long time I would like to perform this remedy.
    Could you please tell me the color if my Ketu is in leo sign for scorpio ascendant.
    Thank you again!

    1. Omprakash Sharma

      after doing the remedy, in the evening I left the home for railway station to drop my sisters and on the way I saw a man getting burnt due to railway overhead line, the body was continously bombarding. I’m extremely afraid of what I saw.

  7. Thanks so much!
    Had a dream with a mouse in it. The most amazing thing was it was speaking in a human language using its squeaky voice and I could understand it perfectly and communicate with it. It was moving around playfully and then finally disappeared in a hole.

  8. Thankyou for your guidance bhaiyyaji. Can’t express my gratitude enough? may the universe bless you generously for your service? hari om

  9. Thank you so much deepanshu ji .

    Can someone guide me

    Astrosage app says my ketu is in Gi sign.. That seems like gemini .. So mine will be mercury? Also is drawing by self impact ful or the printout will do too.. Have to do this on ganesh chaturthi or till then contious.. Thank you

  10. Thank U so much sharing this one. I am going thru Ke. Aq.3 AD, my mind is full of cloudyness and I am feeling lost. Keeping my hopes high that this will help. GRATITUDE ??

  11. Sanghamitra Das Gupta

    Ketu venus in Aquarius for Pisces ascendant. Which color should I use? Please help ??
    Thank you ?

  12. ??????? ??? ?? ???? ?? ????? ?? ????? ???? ???? ?? ????? ???? ?? ????? ?? ????? ?? ?? ??? ????? ?? ??? ????????? ?????? ??? ???? ????????

  13. Very nice article ??
    Sir with due respect, I want to tell that mine is leo ketu – ven . Ido faced problem with the kids.
    Please tell me the remedy also I am a Geminian, what colour Pic should I use. Thanks ?

  14. sir is this beej symbol right ther is another symbol as well sreem like triangle alphhabet in sansrit, can you please chk with sir if this right

  15. Sir i found out my ketu to be in the 2nd house which seems to be through an app which follows Lagna system not Laal kitaab .
    So what color do you recommend .

  16. Dhananjay Rajpurohit

    Sir you gave example here Ketu in libra in D1 Or D9? We should do this remedy with D1 chart or D9? Because in D1 ketu is in 8th house with Mars in 3rd sign gemini and in D9 ketu is in 3rd house in Libra? Which placement of ketu i should choose?

  17. Thanku so much for another amazing article .
    Shld we not start anything new today….I mean opening another company n putting all papers ahead for it,thinking today being an auspicious day…till when shld I hold it??
    Kindly anyone or deepanshu ji kn answer my query 🙏

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