Pitra Dosh Remedies

As we prepare the departure of Vighnaharta Shree Ganesh -we should ponder upon why we do this?
Shree Ganesh represents Ketu in Hindu astrology which is a form of obstacles and when Shree Ganesh with the help of his weight takes away any trouble related to the Ketu in our chart -The way Shree Ganesh remove obstacles is with the help of influence- if you look at him- He is very heavy in body and represents elephant -Usually when any influential person ask for something no one denies request as he is Son of Lord Shiva and as like father he believes in giving out things easily and removing obstacles with the small request as anyone in this world becomes big only when he listens to request of everyone.

He has big ears which represent that even the smallest of requests is heard by him and as you can\’t keep such an influential person at home all around the year -He comes for a few days- gets your problems solved -As 12th house in Jyotish belongs to Ketu -This is where Ketu is most comfortable- Which is a watery sign -we thank him for solving our problems and then leave him in water where he is most comfortable.

Ketu is most comfortable in the 12th house and such an influential person can\’t be kept at home for all time- He only arrives to solve the unsolvable issues.

But What about if someone has a debilitated Mercury or 12th house Mercury which is a debilitated place for Mercury as Mercury in the house of Ketu does not perform well and gives issues related to speech, vocabulary, Memory issues, titles, names, What to do in that case?

If someone has In the case where anyone has 12th house Mercury should use significations of Mercury to be offered to Lord Ganesh while doing visarjan- Dancing and singing arti during the travel- Offering any kind of help during the visarjan takes away the negative significations of Mercury.

If someone has 12th house Saturn and getting breaks in profession regularly due to bad effect of Ketu then offering petrol for vehicle- distributing chocolates helps in breaking the effect of 12th Saturn.

This is one of such brilliant remedies for 12th house planets as when we pacify Ketu -next day Ancestors who also comes from 12th house comes when the pitra paksha gets started and as 12th house can be good or bad depending on the placement of the 12th lord – we can do specific remedies to sort out 12th house issues.

12th lord gives the result of the house where it is situated and planets it gets conjucted with- and this clearly shows the conditions of our Pitra.

When people get Mercury in this house this clearly shows -that pitra are directly related to you
as Mercury is a business transaction and when some transaction is still left between you and your pitars -people are born with 12th house Mercury.

While Venus shows some karmic relation with the partners as you will now get a lot of partners in this life who will decide the course of your life either to make is better or worse depending on the condition of Venus.

When Mars is in the 12th house – You have some issues related to the land which was not sorted with ancestors and in this life, you have to struggle for land and there will be court cases and fights related to property, health, and blood.

When Sun is in 12th house- The relation related to fame, chair, and your kids have still left with ancestors and this life these issues will be a matter of concern for you as Sun needs to clear balance of the 12th and strong karma related to government is there, the person should never abuse power in this life otherwise lot of other problems will come in natives life due to which he has to be ashamed in front of everyone.

When Jupiter is in 12th house- This shows giving nature and karma related to father, guru and trust issues on all of them- native is scared to get into any kind of cult or ashram as in past life due to giving nature of the native someone has taken undue advantage of the native let us suppose Jupiter in Taurus sign so native is always worried whenever he goes to any guru or astrologer that person will ask him about money or will take his money.

The purpose of life is to reach Vaikuntha by clearing our debts -On this auspicious day of Ananth Chaturdashi- I pray for all the ancestors to guide me for the path of Vaikunth. We cannot stay happy either on earth or sky when our ancestors have not completed their journey.

When Rahu is in 12th house- This shows someone has gone from family and is not very happy there is karma still left- you were so desperate for some things in a past life that in this life you got 12th house Rahu – such as someone got Libra Rahu in 12th so native didn\’t get enough of the marital bliss in a past life and in this life also native will experience problems in married life.

When Saturn is in the 12th house- Native will experience issues related to Job in this life and unclarity in the native is doing as when native is not finished giving abuses to other people or not able to bear the pressure of that house native gets Saturn in 12th house as Saturn in 12th house make sure native only donates or gives to other people what is not useful for anyone \”Too little too late\” kind of story- Such as Saturn in Cancer- native will always be the one who will create problems for others all the time in the society and will experience great troubles with vehicles and RWA of society.

So this means as a symbolic expression during the donations of shraddha we should definitely consider a donation of the 12th house items or Pisces sign as well- if you have the 12th house empty then consider where the 12th lord is sitting as this will solve out so many issues in your life which seems insolvable till now -you will get a ray of light on how to solve these issues.

Reciting Narayan Kavach and Vishnu Shashatranaam keep the evils away – By listening to someone\’s bad deed our Mercury gets spoiled -we should start doing Jaap whenever someone backbiting about the person at back- As Ninda and Chugli are considered as Ghor Paap- which destroys the family and Desires of kids as 2nd and 11th from 5th are both governed by Mercury.

Such as if you have 12th house Venus and you have problems in relationships, partnerships, and wealth-related issues then the native should consider the donation of Venus-related items to Brahmin such as clothes. You see we definitely use til for tarpan as these are representations of Ketu but if someone has 12th house Mars -donation of Soil in temple or Gur in the temple will prove immensely beneficial for him. Similarly for Saturn donation of iron in form of a gate or construction of a priest house will be highly beneficial for the native.

But before you start rushing for doing this remedy there is a very important point you should consider for the effects of these remedies as there is a very significant event which will happen once you do this remedy and some of you might be not ready for this change.

Please wait for Video this evening- I will explain other things in detail as well.

69 thoughts on “Pitra Dosh Remedies”

    1. Thnx Sir
      for example if 12 th liars is Mars and placed in piceses then
      donation Soil or Gud in Temple with rahu then donation to Baggers outside temple (Gud or sweets )
      but is there any addition if these planets are sitting in particular position
      like in 11th house or 10th house…

  1. Saurabh Vashisht

    Awesome Information Sir, I myself have experience events after doing such remedies which can change your whole view point of many years you were preserving for many years.

  2. Thank you for your post sir. Any suggestions on what to donate for 12th lord Jupiter in 6th house with Saturn and sun(Aries ascendant)

    1. Donation for disease in hospital to Labour or your servant for treatment specially for stomach related issue
      like stone .

  3. Good information sir, thank u.
    Waiting for evening video. Pl tell sir ab Gemini rahu in 12th house what is pending karma and what to donate .
    Sir D/003 flat no will suit me. Presently i m in B/404, and i m selling it because many problems in this flat.

    1. Bulls eye As always by Deepanshu Sir,
      I’ve Mercury, Ketu, Jupiter in 12.
      Always been scared of school, been with many astrologers, one was very senior and completely blind yet gave Excellent predictions.

      Since my ketu mahadasha, I am always looking for my pending karmas, although Covid has dug me deep in debt but I still want to hold on and one day solve my pending karma, earn money to Join your course.

      My parents, never did any of pitra daan to best of my knowledge.
      I am only one who even being so bad in financial shape, try to do donations for what I could afford during your taught dates, A,S,P

      In hope to see myself in your Zoom Class would be like solving this janma pending karma.


  4. Thank you, Deepanshu sir. Kindly mention if moon in 12 house and my mom curese us badly and we started neglecting her. Please give some solution for this. thank you ?

    1. Venus ketu in leo 12th house in trine with mars and debilitated Saturn
      aspects by moon n rahu
      Sun in 1st house with Mercury n Jupiter in Virgo
      Don’t know how much I hv to pay
      Bs zindagi jhand hai
      Perhaps I’m clearing all the debts in this life ??

    1. Excellent,Your all remedies are super,we have no actual time of birth,so we don’t know where are planets?So can we do all remedies? It will be beneficial or back bite(loss), Please inform.

      1. दीपांशु सर, मेरे 12th घर का स्वामी गुरू 11th घर में सूर्य बुध के साथ वारस्चिक राशि में है । लगन मकर है मेरा और राशि कुंभ। इस मामले में मेरे लिए remedy बताएं कृपया?

  5. E S Jagadeeshwar

    Thanks Deepanshu ji for the above analytical post. I had debilitated Sun and Mercury in Libra in my 12th house. Since 2002 I am performing pinda pradhan at Patalganga, Srisailam for my ancestors every year and also dharma pinda for unknown people and donating some amount for annadan in a near by mutt where Lord Siva idol was installed. Of course, I had break in 2013, 2015, 2016, in 2020 due to covid.

    You are requested to enlighten us on the importance of Pitru paksha of mahalaya paksha days and mahalaya amavasya day.

    What people have to do to please their ancestors? How to get rid of past life bad Pitru karmas? Places where they have to do pinda pradhan during mahalaya paksha days? how to please those who died due to covid and whose final rituals are not performed as per scriptures?

    Warm Devi Navatri wishes to all in advance.

  6. Very informative article. Thank you so much for enlightening us with knowledge. Eagerly waiting for your video. I read and listen to all your articles and videos. I completely agree with you we have to pay back for Karma’s either with the past or present birth. Thanks again

  7. Dear sir…
    May you get all good luck.
    Your each word of wisdom give us bettet way to look at life.
    I just hope to meet you one day.. its a dream for me ??.
    Your Student

  8. Kunwar Devendra

    Very Informative. Deepanshu ji

    Please must guide a basic ritual to do pitra paksh pooja by any body as all may not understand like me where and which planet sitting.

    Appreciate your help.

  9. Sir,
    Your work is commendable and as and when I watch your videos or read your blog I feel this knowledge of yours is not something which you have earned in this lifetime only, it feels the knowledge you deliver is an amalgamation of wisdom coming from many lifetimes!
    The way you have presented it, is amazing.
    Thankyou, you have put astrology into a completely different light.

    1. Many thanks sir this valuable knowledge and kind help?
      Sir, Waiting for your video, add the missing point while discussion,
      What if there is no planet in 12th house and lord mercury goes to 8th house, in Taurus sign what should be the remedy?
      Thank you ?

  10. Much awaited blog sir crores of thanks to u..finally u lessoned to me, I have mercury, ketu, Venus & sun in my 12th house Pices sign…but our home ganesh visarjan is already done so how could I do remedies pls tell…?

    1. Do mention on Ketu too if feasible, even though remedy may or may not be necessary or you felt it out of context. A footnote is worthy to mark completeness from a reader perspective though it is a comprehensive details from a writer. As a reader I felt the need to know. Others may be of similar expression.

  11. I dont know whether the nimit is good or not, but hoping it to be good and enlightening, last night i could not sleep at all and in the morning at 7am i did some meditation & yoga, after that i slept and woke up at 12.30 noon. as soon as i woke up, my wife showed me my hand written janam patri which hv not been seen since 20-22 years. it was last seen before my marriage in 1998. when i checked the janampatri i was awestruck, birth time in it was different from my existing known birth time and it changed the whole chart. ascendant became taurus which was gemini, 9&10 lord saturn retro came to lagna, all 6th & 7th house planets moved to 7th & 8th respectively. After observing this, now i m totally in awe that now which chart shud i use. It just one day before purnima. One thing i want to share, no remedy has ever worked for me 100% till date. I hope this new lagna is bringing luck and enlightenment to my life. Shri Vighnharta Ganesh Ji ki Jai. Gurudev ko saadar pranam.

    1. bhagavatula.kamala

      ? sir, my 12th house is empty.kindly let me know what remedy should i follow these pitrupaksh. Kindly help me sir.

  12. Nandan Mukherjee

    My jupiter is in 12 house in 7 sign…will seeking advice from astro guru and spending on getting advice benefial remedy? plz advice

  13. Rohan Purushottam Chauhan

    As discussed in video, what is that remedy for venus in genral? As i have tonnes and tonnes of issues with every individual (colleague male/female, siblings, parents, relatives, neighbours)And what is the donation for Rahu in 12th house of Aquarius??
    Please advice.

  14. Jupiter in cancer 7th house…some renowned astrologer said ..not good..jupiter dasha will give bad results…plz clarity sir??

  15. Pravinkumar Nanasaheb Lawand

    Daily reciteing Vishnu sahasranamam good remedies for pitru problem

    Daily reciteing
    In morning Aditya hrudayam stotram
    In evening rudrashtakam, Vishnu sahasranamam
    Hanuman chalisa

  16. Sir, always your way of explanation is different and easy to understand, exlent, morvless,beautiful, no words,

  17. Thank you sir, but my daughter have 12 th house libra mercury, Jupiter, Venus and rahu, please tell the remedy

  18. I have 4 planets in 12H Pisces, there is enormous energy in lying… Venus+ketu in U bhadrapada close conjuction with Mercury ( revathi), sun in pu.bhadrapada with only 1.5°…
    Ur right as my wife(Venus) got govt(sun) job immediate after my marriage there is huge karma related authority is there..i am just lying on bedroom of govt quarters without much doing in life…?….like my buck stopped…again ketu snatching my livelihood also from me in his AD of every MD, right now Saturn mercury MD/AD going on, 2023 ketu ad is arriving..

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