Krishna-Experience the Maharaas

Krishna is someone who is as accommodating as Moon- If you see the whole life of Krishna- he remained unattached to everyone while helping them in every possible way he can. He never expected anything from Pandavas- He had options like his elder brother Balram to say \”I will not take part in war from either side\” but he was unattached and focused on Karma which has come his way. All his life he kept on smiling while solving problems and still remain unattached to everyone.

This is the common property you will see in Moon in Lagna or Cancer ascendants as well -That they are impartial, accommodating, smiling, and problem-solving as even in tough times what keeps us going is our attitude and ability to laugh in bad conditions- Krishna who is the source of life force in this universe gives us this ras inside our body to complete our karma.

Krishna is complete From war strategist to policymaker, From lover to a friend, From Brother to a great Teacher.
The one who knows all starts the universe and he initiates the end without any effort.

As there are 9 planets and Navarasa (Nine Emotions) and Saptarasa (Seven Body Fluids) in our body and depending on where our Moon is that particular type of Ras or body fluid is going to increase in our body- As Moon also represents food and type of food we are going to consume is such an important factor for us as based on food only type of ras is going to generate and then the transfer of ras will go to emotional level or state of mind. So if we are consuming food which is tamasic in nature made by tamasic practices and materials ras and mood generated in the body will be the same- It is going to increase one of the ras mentioned below.

Saturn– Stale food/ Food with preservatives/ cold drink/ Any food which is kept in the deep freeze. this food can only bring negative emotions, anxiety, and a sense of working hard without any real appreciation. Saturn also represents dry fruits and seeds which can be stored for a longer period of time and give the power to bear the weight of responsibilities. This food is essential for people doing hard work either physically or mentally.

Moon- Milk/ Food cooked with love and emotions- Family lunch or dinner is done together with happiness -Staple food -the one you eat regularly such as Dal -chawal with yogurt while sitting on a floor as this food gives you a sense of security, happiness, peace – your brain craves for this food to seek security, not because of taste but this food tells you that you are in a safe environment. food which is made with lot of love and eaten with love ones helps you come out of depression. Also, intake of milk products along with habit of saying this is nectar and leaving Saturn-based foods helps cure the Depression.

Mars- Pitt-based food- which increases the emotion to do things and this has to be eaten in hurry- It has a lot of nutrition and is made from concentrated juices -such as Jaggery, Milk cake (Milk is roasted). This food is essential for people who quickly have to deliver the results and finish things quickly. This food is good for people suffering health issues and need to keep their energy and body tone in action and motivated throughout the day.

When we are with family -our brain let the guard down and starts the healing process -Kids when get safe environment develop their analytical abilities- Food is not only physical but also emotional as well.

Mercury- The Sanskrit word is Iccharas- This type of food is for increasing the vitality of body and bring antioxidants in our body -These foods are essential but never come in the category of fruit or vegetable- They can be used either way such as Murraba, Berries, Mushrooms, chestnut. These Iccharas generate new ideas initiatives and generate Iccharas open doors for new innovation in life – this is for people who are in the field of creativity and communication- Story writing as when we ask questions like a kid to our inner self we challenge our own belief system to do someone new and innovative in our life. This is only possible by the help of Richards. Kids suffering from autism should increase their food intake.

Jupiter- the wisdom generated food and it generates kaph in our body and helps us get the feeling of blissed and contentment with the help of knowledge. Banana, Desi ghee, Chana daal, Chickpea flour all of them generates Kapha and its good for people who are in mentoring field, teachers, planners, strategist, philanthropist as this ras keeps you cool in the difficult times and think calmly for the possible solutions. Autism kids should avoid this food at all costs.

Venus- Foods which generates Madh- intoxication (This is not alcohol)- As Madh means which makes your BP goes down such as Srikhand, Misthi doi, Jalebi with Rabri, Grape juice with the fermentation of 2 days as there is a difference between fermentation and distillation same is the difference between Venus and Saturn all these are a form of Venus after that your body feels sleepy. This food is good for people who work in the industry of art.

Sun- Ragi, Corn or any crop which grows locally and gives you life force is represented by Sun -Even pure water is Sun as this energy is what we need to get the life force going This Sun energy is good for admins, bosses, policymakers as this ras gives you feeling of being loved and giving out to other people selflessly. This is the feeling of what I can give to other people to make them grow. As Sun is the true king which defines boundaries and tell people how they can uplift in their life.

Krishna is the one who controls the rasa in the body as these rasas control our state of mind and our universe around us is made by these rasas- If anyone is facing problems in a relationship should learn from Krishna on being diplomatic and smile during the tough times and become accommodating for everyone. If you look at lord Krishna – he never stand straight and this shows he is flexible and can go along with anyone- People who are looking for relationship issues should keep on chanting- Hare Krishna.

Krishna is the only one who can experience you Maharaas-the ras the which gives the feeling of bliss &
contentment- Imagine the feeling of happiness -Maharaas is the ultimate satisfaction a human can get in life- Let us get one more step ahead to make sure you feel the some portion of Maharaas in your body while reading the article-

Imagine a person who likes a beggar -shabby clothes, big beard, smells bad- Now when someone starts doing a makeover for that person -you start feeling good from the heart as all of us as humans enjoy removing of dirt and unorganized beard from that person\’s body- What has happened is your inner soul craves for this cleaning for you as well and that is why we can\’t sleep properly when we are dirty.

All these ras of enjoyment is inside you but all that is hidden behind the cover of jealousy, grudges, complaints and that is why we are unable to feel the Maharaas the ultimate satisfaction in our life, So pick your both hands and spread wide open at an angle of 110 to make your body as a receiver as now you are downward triangle- So now you can receive energy- If you have seen lot of painting of bhakta this is a common posture

To receive energy in the body we need to transform this into a receiver – The universe makes you experience bliss anytime anywhere -you just need to raise your hands in the Bhakti of Krishna.

once you do this, Imagine Krishna dropping nectar on the crown chakra and cleansing you from all your worries – Do this until your hand gets tired and then you will feel butterfly in stomach or happiness in Anantha chakra or like your head got wet- depending on energy you can receive from universe of Krishna.

This is tiny form of Maharaas which you just experienced -Once you do this we can practice tomorrow in live session more such exercises as this is the ultimate bliss in the world of Krishna.

Now time for Remedy of Janamashtmi- The tithi is of great importance as this show major change in the relationship and mental atitude is possible only if we think in the right manner. As birth was difficult so Krishna break the boundaries of place, Even without education he taught to love to everyone around him and moreover love to your own self, The Srinagar(Makeup) of Krishna is somewhat not made of ornaments but of Morpankh- A flute and his magical eyes you can\’t look anywhere else- You can\’t look at any picture of Krishna for a long time or stare at him as the magic is something else in his eyes and give you goosebumps.

Now, this Janamashtmi do this remedy for better relationships, Happiness, and peace in your life-This remedy gives the state of bliss- The process is take at the sapta rasas and start from Saturn-Mars-Mercury-Venus-Jupiter-Moon-Sun -Take each ras and take Krishna idol- any size- preferable if available in Silver.

Then starting from Saturn give a bath to your Krishna using 7 different rasas and finally from Sun -clear water or gangajal -change clothes- apply natural perfume, get your Krishna dressed properly and offer the food based on which ras you want to increase in your life or you feel is missing and then distribute same to everyone. this will bring the missing ras back in your life.

People who are suffering from depression- Kids suffering from autism or identify the problem based on ras- and then see the magic of Krishna -He does it so smoothly that no one else can as Krishna is bhakti marg so do not feel any kind of boundaries while doing a remedy what he understands is the language of devotion.

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      1. Shalini Chauhan

        while reading this article was totally in trans for some time
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  1. Gayatri kumari

    Felt a sense of extreme tranquility while reading this? Thank you for all these insightful articles. Also Sir, I request you to write a detailed article on downward triangle and how we can use it in hour of need if you find this valid. Thanks for everything that you do.?

  2. Respected Deepanshu sir, Those who are not eligible for that day,what they have to do ? Kindly answer

  3. Pranam Sir,
    Wonderfully luminous piece – Balance the consumption, simplify the ‘7’, dedicate it all to the Gopalak and share the peace with others. All mayhem will auto-restore to a state of bliss. Yesterday, I was thanking you in my mind before starting jap. Somehow I was totally transported for the duration of jap/meditation. The thumb holding Japmala was burnt by the time I completed . Sir, your Agni Tattva is on some other level! Be prepared to handle the heat or be ready to get burnt – that’s what the energy bubble was like. Thank you for spiritually elevating laypeople like me.

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    Thanku so much bhiya…for showering your wealth of knowledge….????Dil se shukriya…
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  5. Giving bath with sapta rasas, Sun denotes Gangajal, what about other planets which products to use to give bath that will denote each planet

  6. Absolutely true..Saturn’s 10th aspect on moon, native likes to eat or gets to eat dinner left over next day..some times even spoiled food also…

  7. Oh my God such a delight and enlightenment to read your blogs, you are making everyone closer to God and the real happiness, God bless you

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