Shardiya Navratre & Shakti Sadhna.

There comes a time in our lifetime when we have to face Mahishasur of our life’s but nature is again great enough to give us constant days, where we can recharge ourselves by rituals.

Humans are made up of 5 primodial elements — Agni, Prithvi, Vayu, Jal, Akash and you disbalance any one element and that will result in change from humans to animal, Even a small mismanagement in these components can create big problems such as if you try to change the element of earth and you will suffer from poverty.

This is why it is critical that we should maintain these 5 elements in 5 seasons of life, If you will notice Hinduism all of our festivals are around the beginning of these 5 seasons so we can balance our life’s, More you celebrate the beginning of Season, more prosperity and energy is going to enter your life.

In the coming few days, the sky will open up its power center to downpour wisdom on Earth, It is up to you what you wish to manifest as when energy change is happening and it only happens when Sun is at a critical junction in the sky and this time when we mark the start of the new season in Shardiya navratre, Its time to do rituals to gain energy rather than wasting them as you will automatically feel happy due to this energy charge in environment but most people with this little energy built up cannot absorb it and tend to waste it in a most useless manner.

You should understand and realize that this season is to gather energy and this will help you progress in life, These are a few rituals to be performed by everyone who needs to progress; the only reason for worry, sadness and problems in life is an energy deficit, you need to complete it, you cannot live ordinary life anymore.

Start with Yantra Drawing during the eclipse – Color 108 yantras and do the ahuti of same in agni while chanting gayatri mantra with svaha- This to be done during the Grahan or within 8 hours of Grahan.


Get Yantra Drawing Book


During Navratri this time we are going to gather energy using all the direction and offer 27 offerings daily to devi- Establish  a Devi in your temple on a clean red cloth and either take mix of non roasted, unsalted dry fruits- along with one pomegranate and apple and some red flowers.

We will start first by offering pomegranate in the feet of Devi and then with every mantra we will offer dry fruit to devi, Please do include dry apples, apricots and makhana, mishri,cashew, anjeer and with every mantra offer to devi- there are 27 ahutis to be done.

We will start with 12 adityas.

Om Suryaya Namaha
Om Mitraya Namaha,
Om Ravidevay Namaha,
Om Bhanave Namaha,
Om Khagaya Namaha,
Om Pushne Namaha,
Om Hiranyagarbhaya Namaha,
Om Marichaye Namaha,
Om Adityaya Namaha,
Om Savitre Namaha,
Om Arkaya Namaha,
Om Bhaskaraya Namaha.

Om Ajaikapat namah
Om Ahirbudhnya Namah
Om Ahirbudhnya Namah
Om Pinaki Namah
Om Aparajita Namah
Om Avaneesh namah
Om Shambhu namah
Om Bheema namah
Om Bhava namah
Om Rudra namah
Om Ugra namah

We will now give ahuti to Agni and Asht vasus- This point of time use 8 types of dry fruits or seeds dipped in ghee.

“Om Agnaye Vasubhyaya Dheemahi, Agni Tanno Anala Prachodayat. Om Vasavas namah”

We will now offer to Prajapati and Brihaspati

“Om Prajapataye Namaha,
Om Brihaspataye Namaha.”

Final offering to be given to Pitris- Om Aryamaye namah.
This is to be continued till Dusshera night; after every completion, please recite Durga Saptashati one chapter and complete the Saptashati in 10 days. May this ritual give you power from every corner of the sky.

If you have any questions related to this Sadhna – Do ask in the comments.

63 thoughts on “Shardiya Navratre & Shakti Sadhna.”

    1. Thank you so much for giving such an auspicious ritual . We are so grateful that we have you as a guide ,mentor .

      1. When you say, not to offer to prajapati and brihaspati, do you mean,- chant the mantra but no ahuti? Can you clarify this please?

          1. It is not clarified in the post that offerings are to be given in fire or at Devis feet? Please clarify these questions…you said to ask any questions in cooments

        1. amruta kumbhalkar

          I think it’s “now” as in: We will now offer to Prajapati and Brihaspati.
          This is what I understood.

      2. You have mentioned 27 ahutis , you have also mentioned not to offer to prajapati and brihaspati . So in that case Ahuti is reduced to 25 . Is my understanding correct. Please correct me.

      1. Namrata Rathod

        On website you can download yantra book download that and take a print or may be you can draw and give ahuti

    1. Plz sir it’s request to make short video in Hindi so most of people understand the procedure, plz guide us thank you

  1. Naveen mangroliya

    Thanku sir. Ritual samaj aya but. Yantra konsa. Yantra ka processes samaj nahi aya. 108 va yantra toh save rakha jata… And so on yantra se judi bate apne batai hai. But yaha kuch samaj nahi aaya plz ans.

    Becoz yantra work magical. As well as pooja ritual. Plz ans

  2. Namaste Sir,
    This morning I prayed to Lord Rahu (as His favorite is Devi) – to please show me the perfect Sharannavaratri sadhana for spiritual growth. And you posted this!
    I could be wrong, but connected the dots like so: During Navaratri time, Mars and Ketu will be in Libra and Lord Venus in Leo and Sun in virgo-libra. Now we have to balance this Libra energy with saturn (Dry fruits). Invoke the Ekadasha Rudra (Ra) to calm down Venus and balance Ketu, Dwadasha Aditya ahutis (Su) because eclipse season, Agni Dev + Asht vasu to pray for the health and ayu of those alive (natural 1st lord in libra), Lord Aryama to close accounts with the departed (8th natural lord in libra). (Couldnt addup the 2 non-offering ahutis of Prajapati and Brihaspati) Is this anywhere close to the remedy logic?
    Couple of questions –
    1. For Navaratri ritual – here Ahutis means like how we usually do Kumkumarchan on Devi? Offering the dry fruit mix at the feet of Devi without lighting a havan. Is this correct?
    2. What is to be done with the pomegranate, apple and dry fruits at the end of the daily ritual? Can it be consumed as prasad or to be fed to birds and plants?
    Thank you.

    1. Deepanshu ji kya aap hame sahayta karengy ki Durga sapsati kaise padi jaati hai….kis adhyay se shuru kare or kub Tak isse padhe kya hum Hindi anuvaad padh sakte hai ….
      Bahoot bahoot dhanyawad deepanshu jii

  3. Annkur aggarwal

    I hope it’s “now” instead of “not” in the prajapati and brahaspati offerings. It’s a typo there.

  4. Thanks a ton for the guidance Deepanshuji – every day with your guidance and almighty we are dwelling our lives into meaningful lives in our family… much thanks and happy Navaratri to u and the entire lunar astro team in advance.
    Warm Regards- Siddhesh keni from Malad West- Mumbai.

  5. Namaskaram Sir,
    1. Can you please specific the timing of when to start sadhana?
    2. If we dont have devi murti can we offer it to diya light in the name of devi?
    3. Sir, when u said we need to give offerings to agni did u mean the havan agni or diya agni which would be lit in the start of pooja?

    Thank you Sir!

  6. Jyoti Aniket Jadon

    Thank you so much sir for this guidance, has a few questions –
    1. Which yantra should we make during grahan? Any yantra from the yantra book or some specific yantra?
    2. If making 108 yantras is not possible can we do 11 or 21? All yantras need to be given in ahuti or one yantra should be kept saved?
    3. Dry fruits ahuti will be given in feet of Devi but when you say give ahuti to Agni and vasus do you mean these ahutis needs to be given in hawan Agni or in the feet of Devi only?
    4. What to do with these dryfruits and fruits after sadhna of that day is done? Shall we keep it in the feet of Devi only or to be distributed as prasad? Or given in temple only.

    1. sarita Jain agrawal

      Sir thanks for all things pls clear yantra banate hue aahuti ki bana lene ke bad 108 aahuti deni hai . With desi ghee or as same in Navratri

  7. Thank you so much Sir for giving the Shakti Sadhana procedure and today only I was looking at your old posts to see when to start Shakti remedy as I have not done it last year. Thanks a lot Sir…

  8. Namaste sir,
    Ahutis have to be given to the sacrificial fire or to be offered at Devi’s feet?
    If one has to offer dry fruits and pomegranate at her feet, what shall we do with it after the pooja – consume it as prasad or offer it to animals?

  9. Pranaam sir,
    Tow doubts
    1) color b drw yantras ! Which yantras where to find these
    2) ahuti 27 ahutis by 27 different typ of dryfruits or it can be mixed dryfruits shuti
    3) ahuti in sgmi or mats ji Charan
    4) I m travelling in 15&16th can we start from 17

    Plz guide sir I’ll b gratefull


  10. Hello Sir, first of all accept my greetings.
    Thank you gor all the knowledge and wisdom that you are sharing to this world.

    I have two questions,
    First, we will not offer to Prajapati and Brihaspati?

    Second as you said 27 ahuti’s everyday does it means every day we have to perform an hawa? Or we can give agni ahuti in a small bowl?

    Also, yantra ahuti does it means we have to make yantra on a pc of paper and give agni ahuti while hawan on grahan day?

  11. Geetika Sharma Sanjay

    Gratitude sir for this wonderful remedy🙏🏻…. Little confusion.
    Om Ahirbudhnya Namah
    Om Ahirbudhnya Namah
    It’s repeated twice. Is there something missing. Or we have to follow in same manner. These are 11 Rudras if I am not wrong. Pls guide sir.
    Thanks & Regards

  12. Deepanshu sir plz help with doubts of rituals which yantra to draw and which to use colour ?
    Also in for dry fruits is it to offer to agni or in devi feet and if to offer in dev’s feet then what about it after completion …are we going to eat as prasad or to feed to birds and animals?
    Thank you!

  13. Krishna tiwari

    Dear Deepanshuji, I always follow your YouTube on various topics. But can you simplyfy shakti remedy for people like me who does not have the capacity of doing such a high level of process, which you have suggested.
    Moreover I don’t have Guru, nor I have I know my fixed date of birth. I m always in confusion. My life has become a mystery. I do lot of hard work but in vain.
    Please help me out Deepanshuji..
    Krishnaa tiwari

  14. Jigar Trivedi

    As per sir he define Navratri remidies Pooja with pomegranate.
    Please share link YouTube vedio.

  15. Good evening sir as I cannot do havan daily in Navratri, so can I do offer all the things and recite Mantra of Surya Dev and all other rituals in a Thali ( mentioned in blog ) till Dussehra and after Dussehra put all the things in Devi temple.

  16. Namaste sir!
    Thank you for this beautiful remedy.

    I have a few questions
    At what time we have to do this remedy?
    After doing the 27 ahuti at Devis feet, what do we do with the pomegranate and the dry fruit? Take it as Prasad or give it away

    1. May be we have to take it as prasad. Because, its offered to Maa. And it will work as blessings from Maa.

  17. Hi sir,
    Please answer the following questions.
    1) Which yantra to make. Which colour to fill in? After completing, need to give ahuti of all once at a time. Or one by one?
    2) We need to offer fruit and those things to Maa Durga. Or need to give ahuti?
    Thank you

  18. Please please help….🙏🙏Sir I will be out of town after 7th day of navratri….Now please tell the way out,how can I follow it….Also tell about that how to make or colour or where to find those 108 yantras…

  19. Namaste Deepanshu ji very greatful to you for sharing a wonderful ritual…
    My questions are
    How do we give ahuti to agni i mean we have give ahuti in fire diya with kapoor or something … If in fire how we light that fire and what is to be done once ritual is complete… …
    2 Other ahuti we can give to devis idol …and what is to be done of the ahutis given to devi the fruits and makhana and dry fruits do we have to come as prasad or give out somewhere ???…

  20. Namaste, thank you for Shakti Sadhna and details. When it is said that make 108 yantras, which gayatri yantra to draw? I have the gayatri yantra coloring book. I still haven’t finished coloring the first one? Is that what is refered to yantra? Or last year sir mentioned to draw the surya yantra during Grahan time? So which one to draw and give ahuti in the havan kund? And we are to draw the 108th one big to place it in the east so then do we draw 108 small ones to do the gayatri mantra ahuti in the havan and draw 109th big one to frame for our space? Please clarify. Thank you.

  21. Sir i want to ask few questions about it
    1 offer dry fruits to agnikund Or devi feet?
    2 which time is suitable for sadhana?
    3 after it pomegranate can use as prasad.

  22. Mamta Kanika Gupta

    sir 27 prashand kon sa hoga …
    aahuti to 8 types drya fruits se dena hai ya jo 27 prashad maa durga ko arpit kar rahe hai unse
    please guide

  23. Akshat Pathak

    Sir meri mummy keh rhi hai jis saal mal-maas lage USS saal kuch bhi Naye shubh chizz ki shuruwat mt karo…maarg darshan dijiye sir. main karna chahta hu, kya kar sakta hu?

  24. Tarun Trivedi

    Sir what to do with the dry fruits that we offered, should we eat them later or should we donate it to pandit ji?

  25. Jai Shri Ram Sir
    If we missed doing Yantra Book during grahan call can we do it in navratri days as Guests are there and could not do it yesterday.

  26. Thank you Sir for such unique and useful rituals. You are messenger of Shakti and helping all of us through such great knowledge. We are blessed to connect with you…. God Bless you…

  27. Rakesh Pandey

    Ma’am/ Sir,

    How to enroll in your organization as an Astrologer? How to share CV with your team for further needful.

    Prof Rakesh Pandey
    Banaras Hindu University

  28. i missed few days of navaratri.. i just found out.. can i still do it … if some one misses what and where i can start. pls help

  29. Sujit Bharati

    I did this remedy. I faced too many issues in between. I hope these issues might take away all bad energies.

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