Retrograde Planets- A Bullish attitude

Retrograde planets are like a bully, stubborn kid; never back down kind of attitude in the chart, but more interesting is the dasa of these planets. The exciting thing about Retro Planet is that they never back down or admit their mistakes- Their mistakes are so unique that they create an impact on many people.

What is more interesting about retrograde planets is when these people make mistakes in life, even that becomes the legendary part as they are so confident about the work they are doing that no one else can see the vision.

The chart above belongs to Hugh Hefner and has Saturn retrograde in the 3rd house of the chart and Mercury retro in the 7th house- When the ascendant lord is retrograde, and that too in the 7th house of the chart, It means the native will do something odd related to relationships and in the sign of Pisces will think about being liberated.

The another planet which is retrograde is in 3rd house of communication and that is 5th lord, and this native started communicating his weird ideas and guess the dasa — It was dasa of Saturn retrograde — Saturn is in martian sign and — Saturn Mars dasa was the start of Playboy magazine.

As Saturn finished Mercury started for him and which is again retrograde and this time he went out all open by arranging parties and celebrations and as Mercury never get approvals — He also never got approval but that was peak of his career. So you see how dasa of two retrograde planets where the whole world was against him but he stood like a bully to do something which he always wanted from several life times.

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18 thoughts on “Retrograde Planets- A Bullish attitude”

  1. Thx for this enlightening, I would like to buy ur book .Is pdf available as u m out of India. Thanks again

  2. i am aries moon n asc, ascendant lord mars retro deblitated in cancer 4th house , can anybody tell about me ?

  3. Chetana Bhardwaj

    Sir I have retro Saturn in Cancer in ascendant . I have realised that I have stopped listening to what people think about me and how do they feel. Regarding my peace of my mind I don’t compromise and If I do not like things or people around me I become rigid to follow my inner voice if anyone likes or don’t. This thing has become more prominent after Saturn MD/ Moon AD.

  4. Have the same combination..but mercury is in lagna and saturn in 8H..I am now at the end of Saturn MD and will be entering mercury MD in 6 months

  5. Roshni Trivedi

    Interesting… currently retro Jupiter dada is going on which will be followed by retro Saturn… and yes even I am in no mood to listen to anyone suggestions 😜

  6. I would like to purchase the book. In my daughter’s chart legna lord saturn retro gate in 11the house and mercury retro gate in seventh house, along with 7nth lord sun. Now she is 33 she is an Aquarius ascendant. So I am very much worried about my daughter and tried to get a consultation with Deepanshu Giri sir earlier. But couldn’t. Kindly give an opportunity or a guidance from him after reading her chart hope for the best.

  7. Wow! Amazing explanation. Makes so much sense. Specially the past life part with Saturn being there. It’s almost as if Mars’ dream was manifested by Saturn in this lifetime.

  8. Alankar Tandon

    I have two retrograde planets in my natal chart Shani & Mercury, I am Makar Rashi & Kumbha Lagna
    Shani is in 4th house and Mercury is in 10th house with Jupiter
    Exchange of Shani & Venus which are in 4th – 12th house of Kaal Purish Kumdali
    Mangal & Jupiter exchange which are in 2nd & 10 house,
    Rahu & Ketu in 12th & 6th house
    I would be interested to buy this book

  9. I have Virgo Moon. Saturn third retrograde. Mercury, Venus seventh retrograde, combust. Lost all earnings in Jupiter (5th) Mars/Rahu (8th) dasha. Just six months into Saturn MD. Am 38, still not married. People think it is really weird. I somehow don’t feel that. I still don’t know where am headed to. Career n personal life both are wrapped.

  10. Rajesh Pandey

    Yes definitely A lot of insight had been give by Mr. DEEPANSHU and retrograde planets roles and attributes plays vital role which is nit widely acknowledged bur by this book one will learn and understand lot about it
    Would like to read the book or the material

    Definitely will be useful in Astrology

  11. Namaste Sir, I have this book and it has strong retro energy, both the retro planets in my chart spin out of control when I keep it on my desk for long. There are a lot of techniques which are subtly embedded between lines as well.
    Interesting chart. A question when I see such notorious charts is how does one determine the extent to which people do these things? For example, in one of the charts, I saw a person was involved in something odd at workplace. But I didnt predict it since she is a senior official at an mnc (It was a free reading, didnt want to spoil relations). But later I got to know the heights of her lying, extracting money and benefits within the Org. So often I’m in doubt to predict strong outcomes.
    BTw, the Deepavali edition Lunar Magazine articles are great. I wait for the Editorial and Live charts section where you show the process of how to unfurl and peel the layers of a chart organically. Thank you.

  12. Cancer ascendant here, running Saturn mahadasa with sadesati second phase.. I have retro Saturn in saggi sign in 6th house.. As this house represents Rog, profession hence I have taken most weird decision (which now I feel) last yr ..
    So 6th house saggi sign gave me 8 yrs long well settled teaching profession from the starting of Saturn mahadasa ..when 1st phase of sadesati came I took weird decision of leaving my job and settled to a new city last yr just bcz rog sthana triggered me for that … Being beta thallaesemia carrier I initially decided not to get married ever if in case my child gets the same from me although I was well aware of that if spouse doesn’t have such trait nothing will matter in future … When I met my husband I informed him about it and he says he doesn’t have so he is willing to marry.. being 7th lord retro in 6th house marriage happened last yr.. my weird decision was to leave my job just bcz he accepted me after knowing I’m beta thallaesemia minor..
    Now 6th house retro Saturn somehow affect 5th house of progeny also, at our 1st marriage anniversary we blessed with a baby boy..

    Shared my observation..

  13. Prashant Dubey

    Retro Jupiter( 7°)& retro saturn(0°) both in 11 house and mars(19°) in 4th house in cancer ascendant.


    Sat, Mar, Jup, Mer all r retro above all ketu in 12th house with moon….hahahaha, no one match me right…. 🦂 ….

  15. My name is Atul Bhatara
    My birth details are
    January 17, 1980
    8:09 pm
    Manhattan New York
    Leo ascendance
    Jupiter Mars retrograde first house
    Saturn retrograde in the second house, sun moon mercury in the sixth house
    Venus katu in the seventh
    Born with cerebral palsy, born premature, please use my info to illustrate the case. Thank you.

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