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Remedies of DNA

We all get developed as per our DNA structure, but based on our food habits, our DNA gets energised.

Such as eating spices- Places where most spicy chillies come are usually hot places, and even in states like Rajasthan and Andhra Pradesh, local cuisine will incorporate a lot of chillies.

Eating spicy food will not affect the DNA, but it will undoubtedly affect the possibilities encoded in DNA, as Sun represents Nucleus in our DNA structure.

That is why you see the proud communities of Rajasthan/Andhra, and many other such places not able to compromise ever in the principles as constantly eating Spicy food has made them expressive towards their Ego.

The moment you turn towards Gujrat, where the flavour is sweet and a lot of milk products -represent another part of your DNA – which is Sugar and the community thrives largely to travel across the globe and do trade as the Moon is the significator of travel, comforts, happiness as use of low GI food in regular basis representing Guanine in DNA structure, The community which focuses on expansion of business and whole agenda revolves around the happiness of life and living standards of native as the food continuously expressing through the DNA that emotional and financial well being is important. Jupiter being the significator of banking and finance, is ruled by this state as the expression of DNA is clearly visible.

The Same expression in Rajasthan was visible in being proud of their cultural heritage rather than focusing on business.

It’s ok to be born with certain planets, but your food habits affect your DNA to turn off On specific Genetic markers, which play a significant role in Life and Death and how your life will turn out, Food will have a significant impact on your thinking abilities over some time as the food will enable parts of DNA, which will eventually govern your thoughts and at that point of time, if you think by performing specific remedies, you will be able to negate of the thought process and your decision-making capability that is not going to happen.

Most people look for quick fixes in astrology without paying proper attention to their lifestyle, which is why in Lal kitab – There are so many remedies related to food, especially when it comes to Moon or Saturn. Such as, drinking alcohol when Saturn is in the 7th house will have harmful effects on business and married life.

As Saturn represents the Adenine bond of DNA structure – Adenine has the function of increasing the life of Red blood cells, so basically, when the life of Red blood cells grows, It will help you live a longer, healthy and pain-free life; while consuming alcohol will degrade the pool of Adenine, resulting in loss of immunity, it brings out negative fears stored in DNA as now RBC’s will start depleting making native to accept situations rather than challenging them.

Let us go to the more practical portion of food and dieases; the picture given below is for Rajasthan from the Indian Council of Medical Research from 1990-2016. The number one dieases in this state is a Lower respiratory infection, and moreover, Rajasthan has trouble with infectious dieases and the easiest way to cure any kind of microbial infection in the body is by generating heat due to Chilli

On the opposite hand, the number of problems or dieases in Gujarat is neurological disorders up to the age of 14 and later on, the problem goes with heart dieases- As spices help to open arteries in the body, which is missing from the food leading to heart-related troubles but the presence of low GI food increased Guanine serving all the other purposes.

You become what you eat, but also how you actually consume your food; the best of the food can be available to us, but if we are not ready to consume food, The same food will react differently with us; every one of us focuses on what we are going to eat but now on how we are going to consume food in our life.

In the lecture of the Moon during Predictive astrology, I specifically mentioned -you can have aloo paratha without a problem; the problem is when you consume food with the emotion of being conscious of fat, it will definitely create problems for you.

A scientist passed a water bottle to all his students and asked them to say all their negative feelings to the water; later on, he took that water and froze it; the crystals formed in this particular water were like spikes and unorganised while when the same experiment was conducted by saying all the happy things to water by the same set of students, It resulted in a uniform snowflake structure, now imagine eating food from a hand of the person who is already in stress or while eating you are watching a criminal series, The amount of chemical released by your brain to compensate for the stress is going to make sure the food you are consuming will create spikes in you rather than happiness.

There is enough evidence that food changes the DNA; your DNA is a cosmic storehouse of your Karmas, and you activate your DNA primarily through food; secondly, by the way, we breathe and Nakshatra being the Vayu tatwa is controlled by the food in the first place, By performing Prayanam you are trying to go into a state to activate the DNA portion which is not being utilised as 98% of our is never being used, and this is the same potential of any human which goes waste, called as Junk DNA.

My sincere suggestion to all students of Jyotish is to understand that Grahas are the possibilities in your chart; it is encoded in your DNA; when you chant a particular mantra Phosphate molecule in your DNA gets activated, which in turn helps the nucleus (The power centre) to help you raise your capabilities beyond a certain level.

I will try to write more on this topic as we continue further.

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  1. A lot of people from Kerala move abroad to the US and Canada. Which placement and food habits will you look for this?

    1. Eating lot of pickle, alcohol and non veg makes Rahu active. So those place people aren’t happy with their motherland. They will try to move away to far places.
      If the community focuses on fresh food like chutney these people are happy in their homeland.

      1. shubhneet kaur

        Very true।
        Rahu always remains in greed nd send the person to places from where he can earn more ।

    2. Gopalkrishna Rao

      May be coconut oil. Oil is saturn which indicates west direction. So move west countries.

          1. Pranaam Sir🙏🏻 I am a Taurus asc with rahu , mars venus sun in 7th , moon in 2nd, jup mercury in 6th and sat in 10th. I have this inner urge very strong to change my lifestyle. I request you to help us all by providing a few generic but essential changes in our diet and lifestyle for a calmer mind and better relationships! 🙏🏻 Please forgive me if asked anything extra or wrong🙏🏻🙏🏻

          2. Even I’m trying to settle in US but tried for visa rejection 4 times just got rejected for Canada visa my husband has it it’s only me because of whom we r not able to move plz shed some light My daughter is 4 years old we r not planning another child because of this No regular income in India plz help DOB 28/04/1990 time 1:38 P.M. Place Surat Gujarat It will be of great help in this situation

    3. The people of kerela have more of Rice related products. Moon being the significator of rice we can consider moon here for travelling abroad.

    4. Vinay Raghavan

      Talking about the state Kerela is South direction which represents the Capricorn sign . As mentioned in one of the articles of Dipanshu Sir US is represented by Capricorn and Canada is represented by Aquarius sign . Both ruled by Saturn . This is the connection I can think of from my understanding of Saturn . Hope this helps .

    1. Start respecting women, when this will improve sun will also improve, as your focus towards constant women is impacting the other possibilities, once that is done in heart and mind than go for offering sun water at one fixed time before 7 am. Hope helps

    2. Kiran srivastava

      Aditya hridaya stotra in morning before 7 am
      At the same time offer water to sun with copper vas

    3. Simi Rasheed

      Chant Gayatri mantra,offer water to sun every morning,I heard all these from deepanshu sir’s video

  2. Wow !! How DNA is related to planets..this is next level of Astrology..May Mahakaal bless you Sir and you keep showering your wisdom to all students 🙏🏼

  3. Vinay Raghavan

    अज्ञान तिमिरान्धस्य ज्ञानाञ्जन शलाकया ।
    चक्षुरुन्मीलितं येन तस्मै श्री गुरवे नमः ॥
    Gratitude to Sir Deepanshu Giri sharing such divine knowledge through your blog !!!

  4. Very informative. I always waiting for your video and blogs. Keep writing and give very studious knowledge to us

  5. No words .. !! I bow down to you sir. You are incredible. No one can relate the astrology to bio like you. It’s Pisces mercury I guess. After school teachers you are the one.. I want to learn from you. 🙏

  6. Dimpal P Thakkar

    As yoga teacher I must say.. DG sir has given this information with really commendable. I am frm Gujarat , and yes sir.. people have less ego.. they trust PPL easily and trust is most imp to expand business. Thank you sir.. How food vibaration and emotional ups and downs.are throuly connected. Eat Sweet be sweet, add little spice.

  7. Sir I truly resonate with this article. U r a very learned man and a concious human being. Thanx for sharing ur valuable thoughts

  8. Namaskar sir, आपका आर्टिकल पढ़ कर बहुत अच्छा लगा। हमारे गुजरात में हम भगवान को भोग लगा कर ही खाना ग्रहण करते है,जो की प्रसाद बन जाता है।Dna को इस से बहुत लाभ होगा। ऐसा मेरा मानना है।जय श्री राम।

    1. There is very beautiful post by Sant Premanand ji on this as how ishwar loves us back when we gives him bhog, just like when the smallest kid in the family comes and sit in your lap and gives a tired father/mother his share of food, they with full energy gives him back with immense love, now think when ishwar loves you back then what will 9 planets do, whole shristi blesses you, but the condition is niswarth and just bhakti, than its is Prasad… Ram Ram

  9. Wow ..love the amazing article .today food is all about calcium, protein and all but I have never heard this from my nani or dadi side ..it was served with love .food means love of dadi & Nani .

  10. Jyoti Sharma

    Tea is a symbol of Saturn.. so may be the more you drink tea more you have to work physically hard or vise versa

  11. sarita agrawal

    Thanks for teaching us like this about very complex things make it interesting and so easy way 🙏🏻 of explaining 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻it’s only you sir

  12. Viraaj Rajpurohit

    Oh God ! What an amazing Research is this ! Thank you so much Shri Deepanshu Giri ji 🙏 Please Keep it up I’m looking forward to get more knowledge like this 🙏 Jai Shri Ram

  13. How much should we thank you to write such excellent topics which expands our thinking n opens deeper perspective in astrology n life ..

    So much gratitude to u for being my guru..

  14. Wonderful I love this kind of astrology it would be very helpful if u make videos on planets and food to be eaten to have more happiness and ease in life. Thank u so much sir. I have so many questions about my life (so many problems I’m tired of my life) hope I can get consultation from u someday

  15. Deepanshu Sirs blogs have immense positively and knowledge..God bless you Sir for the noble deed to humanity.

  16. Saket Sharmaa

    What about Punjabi and people from Kerala. Will you say surround by river and ponds hence moon implicit this behaviour and chances.

  17. Abhaya Malshe

    Excellently explained the concept
    Due to piles problem have to stop chili afterwards I had heat problem. My surgeon told me to eat chili as it is good for heart. But I can’t eat it now


    Wonderful insights…You are simply blessed by Sage Parashar and Hierarchy…. Hence,your DNA undergone mutation and brought out Your natural Gift to pen down more secrets of astrology in a every simple and differently way.
    Hope to meet very soon and will be very happy to learn astro from you from a God-gifted person.Also,look fwd for ur guidance..My prayer and good wishes for you and ur family’s wellbeing.

  19. Abhishek soni

    How can we see the food pattern in adivasi culture, coz states like chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Orissa and north eastern states have a very unique and different types of food culture or cuisines. Most of their cuisines are made up of rice. So what can we say about their DNA.

  20. Thank you for your wisdom sir. What about chilli which is being used in assam or colder region ? Just strike this in mind! True about how we eat our food. Same thing is explained by Deepak chopra also where he shared the research conducted on lab mouses that if one mouse is given bad cholesterol food with love, emotions of care then DNA of mouse will transform that bad food into good. This thing was in my head past 2 month. You gave me clarity n confirmation now😇😇

  21. As a biology student I can understand and I’m rajasthani..without red chilli powder they can’t eat food..it’s par excellence to think like this and connect it with DNA.phosphate is present in ATP also whenever u need energy phosphate breakdown and convert ATP in to ADP.rajasthani people open their shop in morning 7 am.but if you go in gujrat or other states they don’t open shop so early..and despite sugar gujrati dishes made by besan so jupiter effect them more..RESPECTED DEEPANSHU JI YOU ARE GEM.

  22. Esha Bandyipadhyay

    Amazing! Very timely. Would it be possible to make an article on pure vegetarian diet with pointers towards acidity/ alkalinity and how it impacts the state of mind

  23. Akhilesh Mishra

    Thank you Deepashu Ji for beautifully this great research work which resonates Jaisa Ann, Waisa Manah.
    The DNS which is the basic lays the basic foundation of a human life and composition and structure and then relationship with each planets so beautifully.
    And then Food being the triggerring impacting the DNA in turn all of us. Excellent excellent work.
    Thank you 🙏

  24. Kishore Suryawanshi

    Learnt this long ago through you Master. Master to the right, master to left whoever comes in golden touch of the master his life gets corrected to the depth. 😂

  25. I agree to some whie having my doubts on some theories you suggested.
    It would be nice to have peer reviewed references listed to this article ( or any article that has scientific facts combined with astrology). Just helps in further readings and credibility of the article.

    1. Subhramaniyam

      Being a neurobio student, Its a brilliant article and considering from astrology point of view again a masterpiece, No one at least on internet will have the capability to link all this and give peer review and you who are doubting, I really wonder about your qualification.

      1. Much judging 😂
        Bacche, I am a Scientist who plays with DNA everyday and an astrologer.
        What the world has come to when a genuine discussion is taken as critism! No wonder astrology has stopped growing.
        I know I am wasting my time here replying, so, this will be my last comment.
        All I wish is may this divine nurturing science grow.

  26. For someone like me, for whome life ka most one of most important part is good food and I relish eating food as an activity also, ny happy time, this article is lovely 😍

  27. Gulshan kanodia

    Every word is gold and extremely TRUE… some times an overanthusiastic mother can create obese issues in her child.. because she knows only one way to show her love towards her child that is through serving food.. thanx sir so TRUE we should treat food as prayer it should be clean , simple and short

  28. Vijay Neelgar

    Wonderful article Sir
    You have got ocean of knowledge! You are sharing such sacred knowledge to all mankind; thank you so much for transforming lives.
    Thank you

  29. 11 years ago one of my friend became sensitive to spicy food suddenly (mouth burning syndrome) and he left chilly and other spices in food. Soon after he suffered with head/brain related issue in which he started to feel that he is not able to balance his body while walking or standing, lost his confidence and became fearful and coward. Also difficulty in doing heavy mental work. In last 11 years he met many doctors and took treatment but proper diagnose still couldn’t be done. He is still suffering with problem and his life became hell now. Can we relate this blog to this person’s situation ? Can we suggest him to consume more chilly to overcome this disease ? Any other suggestion pls.

  30. Srishty Rana

    अति सुन्दर । नमन आपको ऐसी रिसर्च को साझा करने के लिए ।

  31. The people of Hills area mostly consume rice, perhaps, that is why they are more emotional. Regards, Rajkumar

  32. What about Maharashtra, were the main dish is Puran poli and amti. Puran poli is made of sugar/ jaggery chana daal with wheat flour and amti is also made of chana daal but heavily spicy. But one common ingredient is chana daal. Where’s there is another dish commonly eaten in Maharashtra zhunka bhakri and thecha, zhunka made of again chana daal bhakri made of jowar or bajri or sometimes replaced with wheat roti, and thech is litterly crushed green chillies with garlic and and ground nuts. No wonder could be the reason Maharashtra is ahead economicly and heavily a proud cultural heritage of bravery and leaderships.
    If anyone could guide me more on this or can comment about the observation. Thanks to deepanshu sir for this wonderful information 🙏👍

  33. Yes sir I am practicing and learning Quantum science since few years and I found that this idea that food can influence our DNA is supported by the emerging field of nutrigenomics which studies how different foods may interact with specific genes to increase the risk of diseases.
    This matches with the Ayurvedic Knowledge that food is not just sustenance or means of survival but powerful medicine which is capable of bringing about physical and spiritual transformation.

    This beautiful concept of DNA as a storehouse of our karmas makes me think that our actions, thoughts,experiences are not just metaphysically recorded but are physically imprinted upon our very cells.
    This aligns with principle of “As above, so below,” which means that our physical bodies are a microcosm of the larger cosmic macrocosm.
    There is a book by the name of Gene keys , also a channel by same name by Richard Rudd .. he also talks about how can we unlock the potential encoded in our DNA 🧬 This article is very beautiful understanding oF DNA concept .. thanks 🙏🏻

  34. Namaste Sir,
    This post is so in line with the study of Epigenetics. We activate a lot of hidden encodings, infact put the whole body system under so much duress, that poor thing it is forced to bring out the artillery in order to cope. All due to own past life samskaras and current life bad habits. Like in past life if we didnt have money, then in this life we run after it so much that even when we do collect it, samskaras are telling it’s not enough, chase some more.
    Deeply thankful for your teachings – Let alone all the complex parameters, just understanding own blank chart, it’s like a guiding light. It’s been an excruciating process of un-learning and re-learning but it’s worth it because the lessons cure problems for lifetimes.
    Sir, do you believe in Lion’s Gate Portal 8/8? If yes, can you please explain this phenomenon as per Vedic? How can we best utilise this energy? thank you.

  35. Rahul Kashyap

    Deepanshuji any suggestion for ppl who are constrained to eat outside food ?? For ex I work for 14days on offshore oil rig, so there are so many constraints, can u pl suggest 2-3 things which I can implement in my daily life while away from home in offshore ??

  36. Dilip Narayana Swamy

    What an amazing discerning principle on DNA through food intake explained!!
    Now I’m able to understand through Sankhya how according to Scriptural injunction, offering bhog to Supreme Lord and than consuming as Maha Prasadam is so much beneficial, neutralising the karmic effect on DNA and bringing one to Shuddha Sattva platform !!

    Pranam Guruji 🙏🙏🙏
    Jai Shri Radhe 🪔🙏💐

  37. Hello Deepanshu Sir,

    Requesting you to please suggest me career remedies
    I want be an IAS officer, DOB 12.09.1998
    Time-1505HRS, Place -Deoband U.P

  38. This is just amazing sir.. Specially the part where one eats unhealthy food. In non guilt loving enjoying state of gratitude mode.. It. Does not harm. As much as the guilt. State..

    Of course we must aim to eat and be healthy..

    This shows how our Indian food was superior.. And we just need to get back.. Iam enjoying sattu with jaggery ever since I read ur sawan post.. Its super tasty and I feel So good. Jupiter gives peace.

    Stay blessed and Dhanya ho

  39. Thank you so much Deepanshu Sir for spreading such great knowledge. Every single blog of yours makes me understand something more about myself and working principle of universe.
    Thank you! Thank you so much!!

  40. Mamaste Deepanshu sir,

    Thank you very much for the excellent article on DNA, food, planets. Indebted forever. Please keep sharing for the larger good.

    God Bless you, your family and your team.

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