Jupiter – Your Sweet 16

Pay by Happiness- Every planet has its commodity, and this commodity is allocated based on the quality of the planet.

Such as Moon is emotion, Saturn is Salt, Jupiter is happiness, Mars is energy, Mercury is Speech and humor, Venus is happiness in relationships.

The portfolio of Jupiter is happiness, and this is not a temporary happiness which you get in dasa of Rahu as during the Dasa of Rahu, Happiness and Sadness comes suddenly but during the dasa of Jupiter happiness creeps in slowly like first ray of Sunlight removing all the darkness around you, This is happiness of contentment, This is the dasa when you realize that you don’t need anything else in life, Dasa of Guru means your natal Moon has progressed over to nakshatra of Jupiter and now for next 16 years your thoughts and life will be governed by Jupiter, The realm of Jupiter will now have control over your thoughts and whole life will now shape up based on how Jupiter is placed in the chart.

Every one of us live in a different world even when we all are on same plane but all of us have different world, If you don’t trust me look around you and think about different family members, your cousins and you will find that you are only syncing with people who are running almost similar dasa as yours, and the moment you meet someone in opposite dasa, without any reason you hate that person as this is not the enmity inside you but enmity of a Graha.

Jupiter is valuable and most important in life as what is valuable for you is not worth anything for Jupiter, A guru is valuable because he don’t require anything from you and speaks truth to you, How can you make a person happy whose only work is to lift you up in life and make sure you reaches the stage of liberation. Jupiter in any sign has only objective and that is by using the wisdom and broad mindset, using great thinking abilities to resolve the issues of the house and sign Jupiter is placed, Some of the houses are where Jupiter can freely exercise the freewill and impart wisdom by emotions, while in some houses it becomes difficult for Jupiter to work as Jupiter can provide guidelines, hints and opportunities in its dasa to native to change their habits and rise up in life to achieve the liberation and work for soul development.

Jupiter Dasa- Pay by Happiness, It is Jupiter which gives you happiness in your body, a feeling of contentment, The power of smell and a feeling of that divine inside you due to which you trust anyone, Why Sikhs are so fearless warriors as there is a trust of Guru embedded in them from young age, When you pray the faith inside you gets stronger and there is a lot of determination in your voice and actions to not bow down to anything which is against your principles.

It is dasa of Jupiter when afflicted, you pay by happiness, make critical decisions related to principles in life and for this you need to have trust inside you that what you are doing is absolutely right, It is dasa of Jupiter when mentors come or leave from life and stress becomes part of life.

Jupiter when placed in Saturn sign, is a good time for profession but bad for overall happiness as this time period will be like, you are progressing but physical hardships increases. As now Jupiter will make sure you learn lot of things but from people who are not clean but hardworking and you will be the odd one out in your workplace related to your religion and other spiritual practice, In Dasa of Jupiter in Saturnine signs native travels or shift close to hometown but due to work.

Eating bland food which has a lot of potassium is a good remedy for Jupiter under the influence of Saturn, One of the other remedies is reciting Gajendra Moksha and consuming swarn Bhasam.

Jupiter in Gemini native decides to learn something new and go on for self soul searching and come in contact with people who will become his disciple and form groups and community for learning, This dasa is special for siblings and contacts as due to these people you will get lot of new thoughts and learning, When Jupiter is in Virgo, now work of Jupiter is to teach you how to do argument with a smile and never to lose patience, try out new methods to eliminiate enemy and you will learn that its a marathon not a spirit, I have Seen People with Jupiter in Virgo they do not wage a war until and unless they build a proper fort and then create social environment for the enemy that finally the enemy get socially boycotted and in this dasa if this is afflicted due to punishment native travels to different place, The world of native changes and comes in contact with people who will teach him value of every small action.

When placed in Aries/Scorpio Jupiter starts working on self development and how i can get better, Everyday native try to learn something but due to ego satisfaction and showing who is the boss and this goes out of hand, As Jupiter in Kendra hardly listens to anyone else and this is the time period when Ego needs to be in control, While Jupiter in Scorpio is a dasa of self discovery and this is the dasa when native changes his house, profession and things goverend by Jupiter in individual chart as they have over lived their time and its time to move to new place for closing down various other chapters of life.

Jupiter of Royal signs like cancer and Leo goes on special assignment and changes are due to social upliftment and celebrations, Jupiter in Cancer is the expansion of the horizon for the masses as now you have to travel to different places and land to fullfill the karma of Jupiter and this is the dasa when native changes place for the peace and security to get comforts in life, while in Leo Jup dasa native has to oversee project and be the advisor, this is the dasa when significant events related to kids and position of native happens in life.

Jupiter in Venus signs moves due to money, partners and diseases in family, Jupiter in Venus signs have to be careful as lot of people from opposite sex approaches native in the name of position as a person with Jupiter in taurus is head in a financial institution but also had an affair with someone who was his junior which eventually impacted in his child health, Any karam done in Taurus will come to Leo, Please be careful of what you are doing in life.

Jupiter in Jupiterian signs is in contentment and focuses on internal growth and try to be isolated due to change in work, Jupiter in Saggi teaches how to rise up in life by continuously working hard with principles and honesty and this is the dasa when you will be tested, when you will get new ideas and ideology, You will find people with Jupiter Saggi dasa and how they are on the mercy of the Bhagya, this dasa they get move closed to boss’s office and act as eyes and ear for seniors, for someone who is working from home or not in profession, this is the dasa when you should expect a guru coming to your to change your belief system completely and this is the reason why most people go through divorce when a planet is in saggi as the belief changes for the native, Jupiter in Pisces is the final destination when native goes in isolation and try to change place so native can work without restrictions and this dasa is when native do not want any restrictions from anyone in life.

You pay by your happiness index in the Jupiter dasa as the whole agenda of Jupiter is to give you happiness in life and the decisions taken by you are totally based on only one outcome- “IT WILL GIVE ME HAPPINESS” -What happens when you get happy, most people belonging to Rahu domain will go on drinking alcohol as they wish to forget everything which is happening in real world and shut down their brain to reach an animal state to be happy, while the happiness of Jupiter will take you to other side of being human by raising your conscious level by making sure every action done by you, you think beyond human capability of weather its right or wrong ? you think for others and this is what is work of a Guru to raise your conscious level and make you think deeper in life.

I hope this small article has given you glimpse of Jupiter in life and raise your conscious level- To review please use this link and let me know about your Jupiter dasa- https://g.page/r/CUeqFFQpOFswEB0/review

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    1. The native with this placement has options when it comes saying the final yes in relationship. Such natives don’t say no easily to their available options.
      Also, Jupiter in Libra native becomes a generator of wealth, if you happen to be in company of a native with Jupiter in Libra, you’re likely to get more chances to earn money & wealth.

  1. Beautiful, well written. Should be saved and read many times to understand deep thoughts. Many thanks for sharing.

  2. Jupiter in Saturn sign, everything you said was spot on. I moved from abroad to india for job , and career is going good. But health issues giving trouble one after another.

  3. Awesome sir. Very good learning from this article. God bless you 🙏 foe sharing such important knowledge.

  4. Beautiful and enlightening article. Learnt the wisdom of Jupiter in various houses. Thank you very much for imparting valuable knowledge about Jupiter. Blessings 🙏

  5. Bahut achha or knowledgeable h guru ji… As usually….
    Sir ek baat m share karna chahti hun…
    Maine aapke bahut videos sune 2gb data complete video dekhe …
    Pta nahi kab m sprituallity me transfer ho gyi,… 5bje mandir dhyan… Ab aapke video ki jagah Osho ne le Li pta hi nhi chla…

  6. Can we get the same insight on saturn dasa as many folks fear that dasha and specially if their ashtakvarga score is as low as 0 in that particular sign Saturn in present in. What could we expect..
    Thank you!!

  7. Trinesh T M

    I have ju & ke in 6th H cancer both in pushya nakshatra .Running JU MD and Me AD ..thanks for the article ..

  8. आशुतोष शुक्ल

    दीपन्शु जी प्रणाम,

    पूरा तो समझ मे नही आया अपने अल्प ज्ञान की वजह से।
    परंतु आपका बहुत आभार आपने ज्ञान के मोती हमसे साझा किया।
    आपका बेगय आभार 🙏

  9. Kya sabke sath aisa hi hota h🤔🤔🤔 achha h ye dor…
    Mera moon 2nd house me h or lagnesh 8th house me h mangl 3number sign h waha dudh maharj bhi h wahi 8th house me hi…. Moon ki mahadasha chl rahi h… Or hum in dono kishtiyo me h
    Koi thoda bhi gyani please thoda sa marg darshan kar deta to achha hota🙏🙏🙏🙏

  10. Tanu Jetely

    No words to express the beauty of article as every line is golden word in itself
    Jupiter will give you as much you have not dream of until nd unless you have maintained patience in rahu dasa
    As you have given exams in rahu nd cleared in jupiter.

  11. Soumaya Duggal

    GURU can only bring such BLISS or SAT- CHIT – ANANADA.


  12. Desperately wanting some remedy from sir as it was my birthday yesterday 26th July
    Got it 👍 pearl of wisdom ✨️ 🙌
    Gratitude 🙏 🥹

  13. Shivangi Shukla

    Its magic how u write so well and soul touching articles. I have Jupiter and moon in my second house in the sign of gemini and I am currently running my jupiter Dasha so for gemini, its completely accurate.
    Thanks for such great piece

  14. Sunita vyas

    Thanks for the article, Sir,I have Jupiter in Pisces 2nd pad in8th house.I am trying to going deep in spiritualily,may God bless me.

  15. Richa budhiraja

    Thanks sir…an ultimate article as always..my brother is running with the dasa of Jupiter in pieces in 2nd house…he is also going through some property issues due to the loan he had earlier taken… from last 4years whenever bank use to claim for the property he use to get so aggressive and voilant that he is the same person…but since he started with this dasa of Jupiter is has stopped resistant…he is more inclined for peace and seems to be more content…

  16. Rakesh Budhrani

    Ohh *MY JUPITER DASHA FROM 2010 TO 2026****
    I am libra ascendant
    My venus is combust in 7th
    My jupiter is in 8th house (in venus sign)

    When dasha started i felt haressed in my life
    2010 engineering last year (but got fail result with no one supported in claim)
    2011 grandmother expired
    2014 grandfather expired
    2015 MY MOTHER HAD CANCER (2015 to 2017 I had done hard work for her and though she is not happy with me)
    2018 she broke her arm and still today it is not joined
    My father is ILL MINDED PERSON so no one is giving me daughter to merry
    I am single today
    I GOT LECTURER JOB IN ENGINEERING COLLEGE But i got haressment because of castisism
    I found GOD in every religion (the only thing)

  17. No amount of thankfulness & gratitude do justice , to the knowledge you impart in such a subtle & selfless manner.
    I thank you from my mind , heart & soul.

  18. Thank you sir, I am running Jupiter mahadasha in 12th house and Virgo sign. A possible learning for me to start creating fort with wisdom and then beat enemy

  19. Dr saroj singh

    प्रणाम सर हमेशा की तरह आपका ज्ञान समंदर की तरह है जितना डूबती हूं उतने मोती मिलते जाते है आपके ज्ञानवर्धन के लिए धन्यवाद ,iso tarah आशीर्वाद बनाए रखिए

  20. My Jupiter Mahadasa is started from 19th July 2023, and a day after all things are changed, marriage proposals and little bit growth in business, even after january attractive to sprituality but after 19th daily going to temple and so many things happens..all of sudden one by one dark clouds are fading away. My Ascendant is LEO and jupiter + Sun in 6th house and in 8th Saturn + Ketu and 12 is empty and in 10th Rohini Moon with 7th Libra Navansha.

    I don’t know…what happens my Maha dasha, Pratyantar,Sookshma, prana all are under jupiter until 2025, may be Neechbhang work here…but still facing emotions flactuations and if heart says work then work if don’t don’t touch the work…

    Please create and update timeline when you are available for consultation..

  21. I have lots of confused about houses but My Jupiter is in 2nd house (rashi chart) and Jupiter is in 10th house (navamsha chart)
    Trying to watch all foundation videos but unable to access,
    Sir, please give me a permission to access the foundation course 🙏

  22. Vinay Raghavan

    Gratitude for the divine gift of knowledge you are imparting through this article 🙏🙏🙏

  23. Amazing and beautiful. Thank you sir for this lovely article. Reading it again n again as it gives a deeper picture every time. Om Guruve Namaha🙏🙏🙏

  24. Diana Priyanka Chowdhury

    Sir you won’t believe but before I started reading this article I started playing the aaj ki party meri taraf se song from the movie Bajrangi Bhaijan. For those who don’t know it is a very happy dance number. Also right now, as I’m writing g this post, it is Venus hora. So, obviously both Jupiter and Venus blessed me with their presence because of this article & I’m really grateful for that.

    I’m a Virgo with Jupiter in 8th house in the sign of Aries (3.19 degrees to be exact so it’s vargotam in navansh) Haven’t run Jupiter dasha yet but I just know it will be a beautiful dasha. I know people say that dasha’s of planets in 8th house are hard but I just have this belief that my Jupiter dasha will be great. Don’t know why I feel this way but I just do :).

  25. Chitra Garg

    Absolutely Amazing article sir, it’s really get easy now to understand the Jupiter dasha with the blend of signs 🙏

  26. Anuwesh Rai

    I am reading this article and this amazing. Thanks a lot Sir. Jupiter in scorpio vargottam.

  27. Nupur Mathur

    Incredible…every thoughtful word from the ‘Golden mind’ gives us a deep understanding. Let the light shine over the darkness in ourselves…Naman

  28. Amazing prediction….
    Thanks for beautiful article on jupiter . You are really a Gem .💎

  29. Thank you so much sir… currently running jupiter mahadasha and I could relate as lot of people were disconnected who were once very close to me

  30. Many thanks for this atomic explosion of wisdom. Appreciated, very much. Cheers to your existence.

  31. Anuradha Singh

    Thankyou sir
    Accha lga article pdh ke
    Kuch naya sekhne ko mila.
    Mujhe apna to kuch samjh hi nhi ata h mere bhitr bht sari bate chl rhi h focus krna impossible sa LG rha h
    Phir bhi I’m trying ye bolke ki sb accha hi hoga.

  32. I have jupiter in 7th house in leo sign. In one of your videos you said nothing can go wrong with the person whose jupiter is in 1,4,7,10 houses. But everything is going wrong with me. My jupiter mahadasha is also running since 2021. I am not able to find a job since 2021. I am preparing for government job but couldn’t secure due to some unfortunate events despite working hard. Married life is under a lot of stress as my wife is giving me hell everyday. It feels like i am decaying like a corpse. The glow of my face has vanished. I had a consultation with your team. She said I will get a job of repute but i couldn’t see any signs in near future. I have done remedies as well. Please get me out of this hell. You said that jupiter 7 native has to take loan for his marriage. Always have to pay to his wife and father. I took loan for my marriage although not required but somehow situation arose such. Marriage is not going great ever since. My saturn is in 12th house so everyday i feel like running away from all this and move to another country. Break all ties with india and relationships that i have developed here. Just move to some other country. And live my whole life alone in isolation without coming to india back. Why is this feeling coming to my mind? Why i am feeling so? Why jupiter is not blessing me if it is meant to bless only? Why there is doubt, curse, stress, fear, anger and disdain? Why there is suicidal thoughts all the time? I have not done wrong to anyone. I have not hurted anyone ever. I have no ills against anyone. I do not bother people. I may have done few wrong deeds but they were in teen age. I regret for them. I think i have been punished enough for my wrong deeds. Why is it so difficult for me to survive for a day? If you get to read this please reply

  33. Amazing relate it completely running with Jupiter dasa, jup rahu 3rd house in Aries thank a lot sir

  34. Sneha Pandit

    For me, Jupiter dasa is very bitter. I’m Aries ascendant. And Jupiter (Atmakaraka) is placed in lagna of kritika nakshtra. I’m Capricorn moon sign. Since, 2015 my Jupiter dasa started and I haven’t seen good days in my life. I came to zero. Job layoffs thrice, divorce, domestic violence , rare disease, huge money loss in medical. My lists are long. For me rahu dasa was better. In next 2 weeks , my ketu anterdasha will get over. I completely forgot my true self in dealing with storms in my life one after the another. I have no words..to explain how bad is this dasha proven to me till now

  35. Only AD of saturn and venue was good during Mahadasha of Jupiter. When started I got carry paper. My percentage also gone below 60. I scored very bad in my exams. Only in AD of saturn and venue in earned money and also save. Otherwise whole Jupiter MD I am unemployed.

  36. Thanks a lot Sir for the great article. Jupiter MD I started working on myself rather than running after others. Rahu MD was like a dream world but with a lot of ups and downs and Jupiter MD opened my eyes. I also found you in Jupiter MD.

  37. Dear sir,
    Does Jupiter dasha work same for every lagna?
    I mean it will give happiness even in Shukra Lagna or Kumbh lagna, where it becomes param markesh?

  38. Hello sir ,
    How would I come to know , there from where should I consider my juipter in my own chart. What is the base of consideration .
    From where should I lookupon it.
    From lagna kundali, from Navmansha , From Chandra kundali, Or should I consider gochar of juipter .
    Please reply

  39. veeren nehra

    मेरे मकर लगन की कुंडली में एकादश भाव वर्सचिक राशि में सूर्य बुध गुरू साथ बैठे है। कृपया इसका विस्तार से बताएं

  40. “A guru is valuable because he don’t require anything from you and speaks truth to you, How can you make a person happy whose only work is to lift you up in life and make sure you reaches the stage of liberation.” Very well said. For Jupiter, wrong is wrong no matter what…haina? If we dont correct our mistakes, it will do it on our behalf with minimal damage to you. It helps us so we dont create more negative Karma….related to that planet. If someone’s Rahu Sun is in 6th house Gemini, make sure no fake documents are given to the Govt. else it will only give more diseases. So maybe Jupiter will come and tell you not to do it and save you. Also, if Jupiter has seen any wrong its not justified for Jupiter to keep quiet…that is not good too…correct?…….it will be about saving one as well as not making them go the Rahu route……Rahu’s route is never good.

  41. Namaste Sir,
    Feedback reg Jupiter in trik bhav – Chart with 6th house Aries Jupiter. Ditto on all that you mentioned above.
    Lady had fatty liver problem for several years, and an insane type nitpicking boss who would humiliate her unnecessarily. Told them your remedy – give red dhotis to three brahmans. 6 months later, bad boss has vanished and liver reports are clear. All credits to you and the grace of Jyotish. Thank you.

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