Prashara vs Bhrigu – Space vs Time

Have you ever wondered why there are no divisional charts mentioned in Bhrigu Sutram? Why only the Rasi chart is given in a picture like below and complete life with death, marriage, and kids are predicted based only on the rasi chart; on the other hand, the traditional parashari system has many parameters and rules to predict a single event.

Many people think Bhrighu sutram is a quick way to learn things as everything is based on a rasi chart only without understanding the system’s complexities. Even Shri K.N Rao wrote in one of the books that astrologers should not fall into the trap of quick methods of bhrigu sutram for prediction as it can often get wrong.

The truth about quick ways of prediction is actual in every system, whether it is nadi, parashari, or KP, as there are many small intricacies involved in any system, and the same is the case with Bhrigu Samhita; Bhrigu Samhita has its own divisional charts which are not like the divisions of Parashara but based on the rhythm of every chart.

In the system of the Prashara division of Space is there that you are dividing the sky firstly into 12 parts of 30 degrees each and naming them rasis and then further divide each of the 12 divisions into various divisions such as making nine parts in each rasi and calling it – D-9 – the ninth division or making ten parts and calling it the 10th Division or Dashansh and going up to D-150 which is dividing 30 degrees of the span into 150 times and every time we divide the space into the tiny part we are doing this as every human and its events will be differentiated in life but remember out of Space and Time we are only focusing on Space in this method as we do not touch time at any point of time.

Maharishi Bhrighu who is also known as Bhargav – one of the seven sages had control over time rather than space and that is why he prefer to look into the future by considering the time in to picture but dividing time and making rhythms or say cycles to predict future for any native – Instead of dividing space now we will divide the life span of say 80 years into various breakdowns for a career we will divide the time of Saturn for marriage we will divide the time of Venus and make various divisional charts such as chart of bad years, chart of good years, yearly charts, career charts and each one of them is by dividing time rather than space so construction of chart is entirely different as compared to space.

Two Rishis and their legendary work based on Space and time to look into the future have methods which are brilliant on their own, Let me give you an example of a client to whom I predicted that he is going to lose his wife soon based on the Bhrigu method of division charts.

This is the rasi chart which you will see in Bhrigu sutram as well as in Prashara so both of them were the same till this point but when it comes to making a prediction based on this is where these people differ let me give you a glimpse in terms of Parashara.

A simple rule for divorce or separation from a spouse will be that planets in the 8th house of D-9 will become active and will run the dasa, Below is the D-9 chart of the native.

Dasa of Moon – Jupiter as the Moon is in the 8th house in the Jupiterian sign shows the event very clearly but this is not the method I used in this prediction as the prediction was made while we were having a conversation over lunch and I mentally calculated the Bhrighu chart and told him that he should be ready for some mishap in the married life.

This is much simpler in Bhrighu charts as in the long term rhythm he was running the rhythm of Venus from 2015-2030-  Venus in this chart has a rhythm of death so this is one divisional chart which gives a broad overview of the next 15 years of life and we can say that his whole life will go through a series of reset mode overall and in between he will have good and bad years.

In 2019 when he was asking this question, the yearly chart, which is now for only to see the yearly events and remedies of this particular year 7th house had effects of Mars- Rahu – Sun- Ketu while the 7th lord Mercury was in the 12th house and karaka Shukra was debilitated in 6th house showing some mishap in married life is for sure to happen.

when the 7th lord goes into the 12th house in the yearly chart of bhrighu native gets free from the responsibilities of the spouse then there is another divisional chart which is monthly and daily while I hardly practice of monthly or daily charts and see the overall picture based on the divisions of the time.

As now you might have understood the basic difference between the method used by the two sages, I will continue to start writing on my understanding of Bhrighu divisional charts and how to predict various events as over a period of time only by observation there are so many rules which I have understood are very helpful in making predictions about their longevity and cycles. This is why predicting longevity by the method of Bhrighu sutram is much easier as compared to parashara as maharishi Bhrighu is ruling over time rather than Space.

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    When u said , i havent started to give out… You were right

    Sage mode

  2. Reading this post is like coming out of a Planetorium show as a kid, wide eyed with the wonders of the mysterious universe. Truly these Divine Seers knew their game like the back of their hand. Dandavat Pranams.

  3. Last friday I recited the Shukra Mantra 108 times for the first time ever. It has the word Bhargava and I thought abt it for a while as my wife’s gotra is Bhargava. I remember you writing abt Nachiket one day and the same day, I spoke to a person in office who was newly recruited called Nachiket. Its very strange sometimes…..

  4. Manoj Sharma

    This is something just experienced first hand. Having Rahu+Sat in pisces 7tb house. And D9 Pisces falling in 8th house. Rashi chart Jup 7th lord in 12th..
    Last leg of Jup-Rahu running.
    Rahu just activates Aries.

    Took help from Lunarastro consultation team and suggested to visit Trimbakeswar for healing Pisces with some other remedies.

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