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When rishis were writing the guidelines for the astrologers to interpret a chart, Yogas became a critical section in the books over a while, even an ordinary person asked, “When is my RajYog starting?” and a lot of astrologers, even without going into complexities of yogas have promised to every client about their bright future.

The reason why our ancient sages are talking in one line is due to the fact that they are assuming about the intelligence of an astrologer. At the same time, a lot of people get yogas only it gets manifested in the life of very few people, and today we will look into what makes yoga extraordinary.

In the magazine, when I wrote about Pitrikaraka and how actually pitirkarakas gets manifested in the life and why it is the biggest blessing or curse in anyone’s life – A senior astrologer from south India who is a Jaimini scholar and authority in the Jaimini coming from a family of Jaimini Parampara wrote this as a feedback.

” Dear Deepanshu,
   I have gone through some of the articles online, especially on the subject of Jaimini- Your article on Pitrikarka is not only informative but also thought-provoking.”

I received similar messages from other senior astrologers, and the best part was some of them acknowledged that these char karakas need to be more described as till now no book ever has clearly explained the use of char karakas on how to use it in practical terms.

In Jaimini as well, there are Raj yogas, and books are filled with them without understanding how the manifestation of any Raj yoga occurs; in today’s article, I will start with a very one basic rule to analyze whether a Yog is worth considering or not and then in continuation of Series we will see detail result of each yogas in the chart.

So an essential condition each book states for panch-Mahapurush raj yogas or yogakarka yogas is that planet situation should be in Kendra or trine houses such as a combination of 9th and 10th lord – The first parameter is a placement where these yogas are taking place as more than sign house matters as sign comes later on and if a combination of 9th and 10th lord is happening in 6th house the effect of these yogas are not prominent. However, I have seen this combination in 6th makes native a doctor or physio, but married life remains in trouble.

Raj means kingdom which can only be given by the Sun in the first place and mark these two houses in your chart 1st house and 5th house as 1st house is the seat of Sun where Sun is exalted and 5th house being the own house of Sun – Any yog which is taking place in the environment of Sun or aspected by Sun or making a connection by Sun is the grade 1 raj yog – You will find this in every chart – Pick up any chart of a famous person- you will find a particular combination in both D-1 and D-9.

What is this combination? So let us say a person has become famous in his profession or by his actions which is Saturn – you will find in the chart there will be a link between Saturn and Sun in the chart in both D-1 and D-9, such as Saturn in the 5th house of D-1/D-9 or Saturn Sun combination as for Saturn to get the fame it is only due to Sun it is possible or in some cases, you will find Sun in Saturn navansh making it more powerful.

Now there arises the question and this is from a lot of students on Facebook about what if the combination is happening in navansh- D-9 or dasahansh -D-10, and as I don’t have a habit of giving answers in one line- I always choose a blog to answer the questions in detail.

So let me clear this confusion as well- Consider the rasi chart as the country which has 12 highways and each highway there are 9 narrow exits and each exit will make you land in a different city so in total you have 108 smaller exist for smaller towns. These 108 are called the Navansh.

If you start writing multiples of 3 and multiples of 9 at some point in time, these two frequencies collide, and this is what conjunction in the navansh chart is that outer frequencies are colliding to give you results. Yes, even if the conjunction is happening in any of the divisional charts, the effects will still be there like in the case of Roger Federer, there is no direct connection between Sun and Satun. Still, in divisions of D-9 and D-10, there is a strong connection between Sun placed in Saturn houses or rasi, making the chart extraordinary.

So any yog which is happening in the houses of Sun or with the help of Sun makes a person extraordinary and is a true Raj Yog. Still, what is the out of yog happening in Sun- As we all know, Sun governs a kingdom, lays down rules for other people, and creates an environment for other people to operate. In return, we pay regular gifts to Sun such as on 15th May there is Poornima and we need to donate for Sakranti as well on 16th May.

When a Raj yog happens in Sun houses, the person has a vision for the subject he is working on and becomes head of the institution to provide guidelines to other people. The first thing I have noticed which happens when you work with someone who has powerful Sun is that eyes start getting afflicted and you will hear a lot of news related to the birth of kids.

This is also when you start doing fast of Surya, the first result you should look for is that you start receiving a lot of gifts from other people as well as news of a newborn. Only you know the effect of Surya is working and this is true also when you wear a manik or do Gayatri or drink gulaab ark in water as every remedy you will do in this life, the universe will respond similarly when a  raj yog start getting phalit there is a pattern which will happen.

Let us look at some charts of famous people.

Einesitein Chart Reading

Albert- Einstein has Sun -Saturn placed in the 10th house of the Rasi chart as well as Saturn placed in the 5th house of D-10, Also Pitrikaraka Mercury placed in the 10th house debilitated fulfilling the condition of curses as his one kid died and another one became schizonpehnric as the curse of Pitris while the combination of Sun Saturn relation kept him in limelight providing a path for other people.

Chart of Great Palmist Cheiro the connection of Sun Saturn in the chart is visible but moreover, look for the great combination happening in 1st house in the vicinity of Sun.

Chart of Great Palmist Cheiro
The moon is pitrikarka in the chart. Although Moon does not look in a special position, look closely – A debilitated planet is sitting in the house of Moon and the house lord of Moon is also debilitated, giving him such intuitive power to predict.


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  1. Swati Nigam

    Sir ,just wanted to give you feedback.
    I have started giving water to sun from today with red sindoor in it.
    I have sun sat combination in 4th house in saggitarius.
    I had fight today with mother that’s because of kids,she don’t like kids coming to our house and I always call them to my house.
    Also one of the kids gave me information of one’s kids birth today.

  2. Susheel Singh Rana

    In my chart, Sun saturn and mercury conjuct within one degree in D1, D9 and D10. In D1 all are in 5th house libra sign, In D9 all are in aquarius in 2nd house and in D10 all are in aquarius in 5th house. Due to this, at the age of 17, there was a surgery of spinal cord due to scoliosis. At age of 33, I have done my PhD in microbiology, but afterthat there was downfall from position.

  3. Susheel Singh Rana

    In my chart, Sun saturn and mercury conjunction within one degree in 5th house in libra and in D9 it is in aquarius in 2nd house, in d10 it is in 5th house in aquarius. Due to this there was s surgery of spinal cord at the age of 17, and received Ph.d in microbiology at the age of 33 but afterthat sudden downfall from position

  4. Shelly

    Great explanation… I had sun Saturn Jupiter in Lagan chart 11 house in Virgo . In bhav chalit it’s move to Leo sigh .. D9 my sun in Aries second house and Saturn Venus in Lagan Pisces sign .

  5. Susheel Singh Rana

    In my chart, Sun saturn mercury conjunction in 5th house libra, same in d9 in aquarius in 2nd house, same in d10 in aquarius in 5th house, mercury is my pitrikarak. Due to this at the age of 17, there was a surgery of my spinal cord. At age of 33, I received Ph.D degree in microbiology, but afterthat there was downfall in my career

  6. Vaidya

    Made 108 chandra yantras. Todayhad a positive news related to my dad. Today is tehrvi for one of my relations so had to get ready fully even though I am not in the same city. Not sure how its all related. Last week My wife had to get our wedding ring cut and altered in our 30 yrs of marriage. Suddenly very old childhood friends group of 150 came up. In an office event too something happened and I lost some money. Did some houses get activated. Too many things are happening.

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