Moon – Guard Your Happiness

Today, when we celebrate the birth of Shree Krishna, Let us look into how Moon can help us be more happy and content in life and experience the divine bliss of the universe to experience the Maharaas.

We go through several emotions throughout the day based on the inputs we are getting from the outer world and our chart, and our reaction is moreover based on what kind of filter we are using that day; what is the conditioning of our brain? And how we process any information coming to us, Planets sitting with Moon and in the domain where Moon is placed in the birth chart will decide how any person will react to certain information in life.

The reason all classics of astrology have given so much importance to the Moon is based on how you react to a specific pattern of information in life that will decide your future. The energy you radiate will decide your future and all of the raj yogas. Moon is an absorber, and it accepts energy very quickly and intermingles with any energy.

People who have giant planets with Moon, such as Jupiter and Saturn- take time to understand and process the information and, based on their intuition and experiences, will come back with a reply – A Jupiter person will come back with a reply which other person feels that the answer is in their favour while in reality every time Jupiter Moon is going to reply the benefit of any action in the long term will come to Jupiter Moon only as they say things in a way that other person feels the situation in their favour.

Saturn Moon-based person will try to avoid the answer at first and then delay and finally come with minimal words answer demotivating your plan by finding our ten flaws in it and giving out history lessons and failures of your plan and what can go wrong in the long term.

People who have a Moon with responsive planets who have a quick turnaround time, such as Mars, Mercury, and Venus these people reply quickly and regret later on until and unless they are getting energy from any Outer planet or placed in their houses, These people fail to judge the true intention of people such as Mars Moon will reply in a hurry. There will be a touch of ego in reply as Mars cannot handle the emotions easily. Similarly, when we have Mercury with Moon, there is always some joke, laughter and demands, complaints like a kid will reply that last time you have not done this, and instead of talking on a point, they will go circles explaining their terms. It becomes very irritating to talk to Moon and Mercury.

Moon and Venus will always reply after judging its value system and forget some of its most crucial points; the crucial point is that output is classy and makes them look good while forgetting the amount of effort which will go into achieving particular tasks.

Why we are talking about response time and how Moon responds is as most people in this world live in a responsive state of their life; they are always ready to react rather than to act first and then notice other people; we live in reactive mode as other people influence us, we watch other people and give a space of our emotional body to these people, and these people live in our body and mind rent-free controlling us.

The Moment you decide to live in an active mode in life, you need to let all these people go from your life. Imagine you want to experience the Maharaas – The ultimate bliss of the universe, but how can you experience something that divine when you are too engaged in absorbing energies which are of no use? That is why we need to decide which particular information I am getting is helpful for me or not; such as another day in my Facebook feed, there was a piece of news – that a particular actress said a certain thing- I realised that this is the piece of information which is useless for me that is why we need to limit the information we are gathering from various sources in life.

As when you have space for nectar, then only it will be stored in your body; this is when we dance, sing or pray in devotion worry-free. We had a feeling of contentment and thinking about the progress of the soul rather than about anything else as now we are in active mode, and when we make decisions in active mode with a vision in our life, wonder happens.

As a person who is worry-free and stress-free, think about his well-being. Once you achieve happiness, then you can make others happy; you can distribute it to other people as when you know what you can achieve by meditation and limiting your reaction time, no one can steal your happiness; you need to protect it, guard it against energies which are continuously draining you making you feel miserable about yourself at this point ask a question to yourself that what is that one reason that you are not in a mood of absolute bliss even when you have such a beautiful life to live, Only your mind is captured by less valuable things.

This is why we needed to clear the clutter, such as when was the last time you sat down and had breakfast together without any devices when was the last time you sat on the window listening to Mukesh and giving a blessing to the world, that what a wonderful world that is as the nowadays only thing we see in tv is strained relations, an alcoholic mentally unstable hero and a disloyal wife, and everything looks fantastic, this might be the life of people who are making those movies. Still, we are far better and more compassionate in real life than in movies.

You need to control information and access to people until and unless you work for your happiness; no one else will; everyone wants your timeshare and healing from you. Have you imagined why people come to us? There is a reason why people call you or want your time as you radiate energy to solve problems, and all this is good to be helpful to others but not at the cost of sacrificing your happiness and mental peace.

If someone is born with a combination of Moon -Mercury or Moon in 3rd or Gemini, then how to get in active mode when you have a specific combination? If I could give one piece of advice to anyone for most of the problems, that would be food; so let us look into the science of Food here- Moon and Mercury will have eating habits like kids; imagine a grown-up kid with a lot of money going to a candy shop- without even thinking the person will buy all sort of sugary stuff as these people although grow old, but in reality, their food habits are like a kid with money – give me ten coke. They know that coke will harm, but how can you make a kid understand living inside you?

So the opposite of Mercury is Saturn- So you ask this person to eat like an old person or always eat with someone elder in age to him as that will be eating porridge, khichdi, light food and this will control the emotional body as well.

I have not written about Rahu and Ketu with Moon as if you go to Lunar Astro Youtube this video will clear your doubts.
(178) Moon Astrology- Your Karma of Moon – YouTube

Shree Krishna says in Gita, ” The one who eats food without offering me is a thief and eats only sin” So every meal you eat should be offered to Krishna as he is the divine bliss who will ensure food gives satisfaction, contentment and happiness in life.

If someone has Moon -Venus combination, Moon 7th or Moon Libra- gets a partner who loves cooking and making some of the complex dishes and should always carry food with him cooked by his wife as that will increase his happiness. One of the remedies is offering white rasgulla to his wife, as Even Lord Jagganath offered white rasgulla to Maa Laxmi when she was not happy with Prabhu.

People who have afflicted Moon should offer 56 bhog- Offering 56 bhog is another brilliant remedy for saying thankyou to Krishna as seven days x 8 portions- 56 – 56 kinds of dishes to be served to Krishna in gratitude for providing us so much to eat on earth, for protecting us and giving us knowledge of food, Without the blessing of Moon there will be no food on earth.

The Remedy of Ras is in this blog-

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Also, today is the day we are launching our wellness centre as an initiative to help people live a better life and what can be better than the birth of the Moon?

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  1. HAPPY JANMASTAMI TO EVERYONE READING . As always beautifully pened. Best wishes and blessings for the wonderful initiative 🙏 ⭐️🌈


    1. Start Listening to gajendra moksha everyday with utmost devotion and faith. May god bless you 🙌

    1. Happy Janmashtami Sir May Lord Krishna bless you with healthy,happy and long life .
      Thank you very much for sharing the divine knowledge for the benefit of society.
      I have also mailed you the feedback on “Rituals of Happy Soul”.This book is a true bliss
      I am Grateful to you

  3. This was so beautiful to read, Jai Shri Krishna. Just reading it brought so much peace, I just wanted to keep rereading <3 Lots of gratitude and love to Deepanshu sir. Thank you so much for this sir.

  4. Babita Tehlan

    Beautiful article Sir…you have a way with your words, right into people’s hearts and minds…I become a better version of myself with every such post that I read here….Happy Janamashtmi🙏🏼

  5. Purnima Patel

    Wishing you and your team for the unselfish
    Humanitarian work you have started to perform for the less fortunate souls
    May the almighty gives you strength and courage to carry out the Devine task
    And shower his blessings on you

  6. Sir, i have watched your moon video and thank you for the knowledge. Sir may i know in cases like mars and saturn in capricorn which one will be dominant because 1 is exalted and the other is in its own sign? Regards.

  7. Each word of my sentence is not enough to thank you as you are supprting my thought process like magic. Happy Janmashtamai to you and your entire family🙏

    My best wishes for Wellness Centre.

  8. Congratulations!!!
    As I read this article, it’s clear that mind holds the key and prayers to divine Krishna will bless us with desired Ras.
    Hare Krishna Hare Krishna
    Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
    Hare Rama Hare Rama
    Rama Rama Hare Hare

  9. Great Boss👀,
    My moon is of Sagittarius in the third house, the depositor is in the tenth house, there is no aspect of any planet, Kemdrum also, there is no friend, As far as it seems there is no enemy😂, I am completely alone in spite of family. Likes to be alone. Mercury Moon conjunction in Navamsa.😂
    Want to learn more from you.
    Happy janmashtami to you and all
    Thank you very much.🙏


    Deepanshu Ji , your achievements and work towards enlightening people to overcome problems in life is very appreciable. And happy to know you have started ‘A Wellness Center ‘ in the auspicious occasion . Wishing to your every success and achievements in your life.
    Jay Sri Krishna.

  11. Hello Sir and Lunar astro team Happy Janmashtmi i am an Aquarius asc with retro jupiter in asc i have moon in 3rd house in aries in bharni 3 and mars in sixth house in kark in aslesha 4 (mars moon parivartan ) there is no other planet effects on moon i have not been able to complete my studies and i had started to learn astrology and vastu but couldn’t complete that too if you can help me with any remedy i am curious to know my pending karma i am a srividya dikshit but I cannot progress spiritualy too
    Thankyou so much for all the lovely videos and knowledge you share🙏🏻

  12. Dear💕 DG ji congratulations🎉🥳👏 for wellness center. God bless you. My mother is suffering from lung cancer last two years. Her health day by day getting weak. Wellness centre pe kaise contact📞 karein. Deepak goyal contact📞 9356333853

  13. Wishing a blissful and core healing Krishnashtami to Deepanshu Sir and all at Lunar.
    Congratulations on manifesting the Wellness Centre dream!! Please share a scan code or UPI number where we can do donation, like the baby squirrels helping Lord Ram in a big mission. Please allow us to partake in helping others who are in health distress, coz without health really there is nothing else.
    What you say is true, blocking unauthorized access to emotional layer is an important part of self development. I realized that too late, when all the emotional damage was done. Still, wiser now than never.
    Purchased the foundation course after a lot of procrastination. Mainly because I’m learning a lot, putting long hours in, enjoying all that too, but unable to translate that into healing or helping anyone. It’s frustrating me. Please give your blessings that I may be able to learn well in this course, utilise this knowledge with proper application and get positive results for those that need it from me.
    As the lovable Lord Krishna said – Yat karoshi, yadashnasi, yajjuhosi dadaasi yat, Yat tapasyasi Kaunteya,tat kurushwa madarpanam. All unto Thee.

  14. Janmashtami ki hardik subhkamnaye🙏🙏jai shri krisna kanhaiya🥰🙏
    And thank you so much sir for showing us right path everytime whenever I feel I am lacking somewhere your post shows me right path….. 🥰

  15. Namaskar Sir ji.🙏🙏🙏💓🌻🌸🌷
    Nice sharing. I have moon in 3rd house, Aquarius sign, kemudroom dosha, but, 11 th jupiter’s 5th aspect on Moon, in spite of this, I eat very fast, can not control eating pattern properly, checking greed about having tasty and spicy foods, through some extent for difficult circumstances. Now, I’m 40 running. Still kid like behavior regarding food purchasing.

  16. Rohi Khetarpal

    A very happy Janmashtami to Sir and your family members and your team. A very extraordinary and knowledgeable video and Informative video Sir.

  17. Rohi Khetarpal

    A very happy Janmashtami to you Sir and family members and your team. A very extraordinary and knowledgeable and informative video Sir take care.

  18. Thanks alot sir, I guess there are only some people who understands astrology as a philosophy of life.
    Thank you for sharing.

  19. Thank you Sir for the information provided.
    Sir I do have moon venus combination in Virgo sign in 9th house and I am very fond of variety of foods. But in this article you provided remedy for male but what about females.

  20. As usual another amazing blog by you. Yet informative yet useful🙏Happy janmashtami dear Sir & loads of gratitude for this article🎉💐also All the very best for your new initiative which you r starting today!!

  21. Great initiative, thanks a million for writing so much of details on how cosmos is interacting with us every moment of our life, Happy Janmashtami, lots of love and respect

  22. Sir jai shree krishna. I’m not from astrology field but like to listen to you . I am following you from lockdown liked most of your post.Earlier you seemed to be very serious now you look very happy with geart n pretty smile.The way you tell storys is impressive.Thanks a lot great work. God bless you.

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    Jai shree krishna sir,
    Sir , i want to buy rituals of happy soul book but still Kindle version is not available
    Please help

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