Ekadasi – The healing Tithi

Today on the 22nd August, when we are fasting for Aja Ekadasi, let us deep dive into the significance of Ekadasi and its effects.

Ekadasi is the 11th day of our lunar cycle. While describing the effects of this tithi while teaching panchang, I concluded that this is the tithi when the brain is not in a very active state, and that is why I called it a tithi for being absent mind. Still, why the energy of a particular tithi will be such that the brain will be absent-minded as every tithi there are specific tasks which are to be performed by humans to be in sync with the universe, but why the energy of a particular tithi will go absent and especially after dashmi tithi when all the energy from the universe is getting down poured a day before.


There are several reasons why Ekadasi is a tithi of absent-mindedness and not of high mental or physical activity. As if you read the rules of Ekadasi fasting, any kind of physical or mental excursion is prohibited, as what happens on dashmi is that when the energy downpours from Sky, this is the purest form of nectar which comes in the form of ether, and our body absorbs it but this being the element of sky body requires time to absorb this energy. Imagine travelling to mountains, and suddenly you will feel your head is getting heavy; the reason is the human body does not easily absorb the high energy of mountains and makes you dizzy.

Similarly, the energy of ether of dasami is not easily absorbed by the body, and the brain goes into the absent mode where even if you are working. However, your thought process is still elsewhere; you feel lost and wander around in your own world.

What happens astronomically is that Sun and Moon are 120 degrees apart, and this is the period when tithi starts and goes up to 132 degrees. This is an angle of harmony and support and shows that two lumanaries of this universe are in sync to help the universe; this is the period when Soul and Mind are supporting each other to overcome any problems or disputes which have happened over a while, As most of the time we are going through a tug fight between the Soul and Mind, but it is only the tithi of Ekadasi when these two come together to support each other so unresolved issues which are deeply embedded inside us starts getting resolved. This is also a tithi for resolution when two people come to a common agreement; I have seen many times when you are not getting a way out, try it on Ekadasi tithi; things will move in an extremely smooth manner in all cases of mediation.

          Krishna deliberately skipped Ekadasi when visiting Hastinapur for mediation.

If you are looking to mediate for your court case, marriage, or business deals and want a way out of it, Please start a conversation on Ekadasi; you will definitely find a way out of this.

Ekadasi is the tithi to resolve internal conflicts and get healed, but why fast on this day, and how does it help us grow in life? You must have read many Ekadasi stories where a saint tells another person to fast on Ekadasi. You will get free from a certain problem – every story’s meanings are much deeper than what we read. Even before we read any story, we should have the context of why Ekadasi vrat is mentioned to a particular person in a particular condition and why Ekadasi of the particular month only is mentioned.

Since we know, this is the tithi of being absent-minded but what is meant by absent-minded is that we are so engrossed in one topic or person or place that we do not want to think about anything else in life. Due to this, we are in a state we ignore a lot of rules and bypass all the regulations as well, due to which we commit some kind of Sin which we do not perform intentionally. Still, by mistakes only, there are so many mistakes we commit in life which are done unintentionally when we are focusing on completing one task, we ignore some other rules; these sins are wiped off when we fast on Ekadasi tithi.

When soul and mind reach a mutual agreement and find a path which is compromising for both and getting the best of both worlds, healing is done, and a person finds a way out of the problem.

Shree Krishna clearing confusion of Arjun in battlefield as there should be no conflict of Mind and Soul while performing tasks.

Like in Aja Ekadasi is happening when Sun is in Leo- So story and sins are of King and mistakes you might have committed when you had power as you were focusing only one part of the life as the significator of mind Moon will be in Gemini showing that while being in power when you use give promises due to ego without thinking of consequences you suffer in this life without partner and power. 
If you see stories related to this, Ekadasi is similar- the story is of King Harishchandra who was known for speaking only truth, but he made a mistake that when a person said that in my dream you promised me – King Harishchandra agreed to it and said that even if in your dream, I have promised I will complete it, this was nothing but the ego of King at that moment which made him commit this mistake. When Rishi Gautam suggested that King Harishchandra should fast on Aja Ekadasi to get free from this sin, only then could he only get his kingdom back.

King Harishchandra in his court

The other stories of King Aja on whose name this Ekadasi has been named have similar stories, but the moral remains the same when you are in power, do not make promises only to satisfy the ego; otherwise, you need to go through misery. When we fast on this day, we get self-realisation of so many things which we were ignored due to our ego.


I will continue to write on each of Ekadasi and its significance and more about how to make the best of this day as a reader of Lunar astro; I would request you to spread the importance of Ekadasi and to heal your near and dear ones as the kind of peace and healing, I have seen in my life there is no other more fantastic remedy I can suggest you heal your soul and mind. I feel blessed that today I can share some portion of my views, and even if few of you can follow it, I would feel that work assigned by lord Vishnu to me is done as spreading the name of Lord Vishnu and giving peace to damaged souls and mind is the biggest Punya on this earth.

The picture below is of Narad Muni, who has access to lord Vishnu 24/7 and is free from every sin due to spreading the name of Lord Vishnu in three worlds.


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79 thoughts on “Ekadasi – The healing Tithi”

    1. Thank you Sir..
      I read out this blog to my daughter as few minutes earlier I was discussing about d reason why we do few things on perticular days and few not… This write up helped me to explain her all .. Again thank you sir…

      1. Thank you so much sir. It is an wonderful article. Really lord vishnu will be pleased to see dedicated service to human kind.

      2. Thankyou for above info.
        My humble request to you sir plz share information before 24 hrs of any tithi. As when we read information of EKADASHI tithi on DWADASHI it is not much of use. If you share same content of EKADASHI on DASHMI, all ur reader had got information on correct time.

    1. So so true Sir. Now I realise the reason for the inability to multitask on ekadashi. I have been fasting ekadashi for the past 2 years. I feel much peaceful inside me than before. It is true that unresolved internal conflicts get resolved due to ekadashi fasting. There is more clarity & focus in my thoughts,speech & action. I feel calm & peaceful during and after the ekadashi fast.I feel more in sync with the Universe.Thank you so much Sir for bringing clarity in life & guiding us on the righteous path. Evergrateful to you Sir🙏🙏🙏

  1. Wow ur great sir, how easily each and every concept related to god and astrology is explained in easy manner to us. Thank u sir for every thing u do for u.
    Foundation course recorded lectures i have enrolled can’t express my feeling how happy i m. All lectures r beautifully explained. Gratitude sir.

  2. Thank you so much sir for sharing this knowledge with us 😊🙏 This is going to be helpful throughout life.

  3. Tks for such noble thinking sir but I tried hard to tell my family members but they don’t believe in such things. A lot of blessings to you , your family and team members. Hare Karishna

  4. Thankyou so much Deepanshu Sir🙏🙏 I want to express my Gratitude to you for suggesting Ekadashi fast. I started fasting on Ekadashi 7-8 months back, because you suggested in your videos and post to do so…

    I had some statistics in my blood test crossing more than borderline, To my surprise, without any changes in my diet, they all have been normalised just with Ekadashi Fasting 🙏🙏🙏 Now, I tell everyone please start doing Ekadashi Fasting 😊🙏

  5. Namaste sir,
    Every time you share the nacter there is feeling from within- you are God’s angle on earth who has just been there to spread the divine message of almighty

  6. Thank you so much for spreading ekadashi nowdays anyone hardly knows and in my family I only fast on this day and as my mother since childhood always used to not eat rice today as I loved eating rice that’s how I believe. It’s been years now butlast year my faith was shaking as I stated skipping this day. Gratitude for bringing the peace and faith again,after reading this article am so happy and I can feel my mood lifting. Something was bothering me but not anymore thank you

  7. E S Jagadeeshwar

    Deepanshu ji, I had moon in Gemini along with Guru in 8th house. Your observation is right. I am a bachelor.

  8. Sir,i happily do the remedies which says it can be done by all n must say the results are v v intresting also looking forward for any remedy on ganesh chaturthi

  9. Thank you very much for explaining in layman’s language the you tube videos are we see do not give us the deeper meanings which we humans are trying to evolve into 🙏 looking forward to all your post 🙏 You are blessed and have art in weaving astrology with stories 🙏 Jai Shri Krishna 🙏🙏🙏

  10. It’s very useful for people if they see EKADASHI articles 4-5 days before sir.so they can prepare themselves for this sir 🙏 thank u sir 🙏🙏 for this article….

  11. May lord Vishnu blessed all of us.many many thanks for your golden words Hare Krishna 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  12. Thankyou Deepanshuji fot this wonderful article. Can you please also suggest the best way to fast. I mean whether on water only or fruits should do. I do fast with tea and some fruits.

  13. Thank you so much Sir for the great knowledge. Sir you mean that if one is so absent minded on Ekadashi that no important decision should be taken? Please clarify. 🙏.

  14. Started Ekadashi fasting after a break of many years because of you… Thank you Sir for always inspiring us to be better.

  15. ज्योति

    Your every word like God comes and say their words about Ekadashi Maharani 🌺 (Queen of all fasting)
    Thanks Deepanshu ji 🙏🌺

  16. The painting of Raja Harischandra is beautiful, the gossamer silks, luster of jewels, expression on king’s face is breathtaking.
    Just today when I was reading the Aja Ekadashi story, I paused and thought really hard – why this particular Raja Harischandra mentioned on this day? when does a virtue (truth and honesty), become a sin? How come a principle can turn into poison? Is it too much of a good thing that taught him a bad lesson? Why did the Muni talk about this vrat and he says ‘7 days from now is Ekadashi’. So Muni must have told him on Panchami tithi to perform this. And so on, I got into a deep thinking mode.
    Of course, my brain had no answers. Within a short while I saw your post explaining everything. Incredible!!
    Thank you and will make all efforts to pass this on to near and dear ones – for healing self and others.

  17. Ganpat bankhele

    My wife started fasting on ekadasi from last year due to my healtj related problem (Cancer).I feel the Universe is helping to get heal its all becoz of u sir heartily accept my gratitude,

  18. Sir kindly explain how exactly to do fast. What to eat and not to eat, if we can drink water, and any other rules to follow. Kindly make a blog on fasting. It would really help all of us and we can start fasting in the proper way.

    1. You can drink water , if that is luke warm even good, if body permits dont consume any food items based on grains like wheat, chickpeas floor etc, if diabetic like me pl take fruits , Rice is a total No No because it grows in water and has properties of ebullience similar to ocean tides, This results in creating Kaam related issues if consumed on ekadashi hence been asked to avoid on this day, by sunset you can have some juice or light salt based cooked vegetable. These are my thoughts, if Deepanshu ji shares his routine it will be majestic..

  19. Sir,
    Thank you for this article. Could you please post articles on important days a day before so that we can begin the day with better awareness. Sometimes people are not even aware and half day passes without knowing how important this day is.

  20. Niladri Ghosh

    Hello Sir,
    Very beautiful insight. But today’s tithi was full of Anger and backbiting. Even during month of May the Ekadashis are intense as both time I got into confrontation. Ekadashi tithis are full of hard work and mental challenges. But by fasting my ability to speak decreases I generally do nirjala fast. 8th house And 2nd house gets effected.

  21. vaishali chauhan

    thanks for the valuable knowledge sir. would like to know more on the process to keep the fast?

  22. Sir I started Ekadasi vrat after reading yours beautiful book Happy Soul and hearing your you tube videos. Thanks.

  23. Deepanshu sir , your every article & blog post & video & live class is a healing Ekadashi itself .. it soothes heart & soul & clears many confusions ..
    Thanks for choosing me as your student

  24. Abhimanyu Agrawal

    प्रणाम गुरु देव
    आपकी प्रेरणा से मैंने श्रावण शुक्ल एकादशी से, एकादशी व्रत शुरू कर दिया है ।
    सादर नमन् एवं चरण स्पर्श 🙏

  25. My much much gratitude to you sir for sharing this nectarian knowledge with us. Would love to apply and hear more about Lord Vishnu and his glories!

  26. Words are not sufficient to express the gratitude and the deep respect we hold for you. Started doing Ekadashi vrat from one year now. During the vrat always desired to see Balaji. This month Vishnu blessed my family, visited Tirupati and whole heartedly prayed for all and our country.

  27. Thanks Deepanshu ji,
    Could you aldo enlighten, does fasting mean keeping away from grains and eating simple satvick food or does it also include keeping away from bad thoughts?
    Best Regards.

  28. Thank you so much sir. I started doing ekadasi fasting from last 2 months. But today as am not feeling well, skipped fasting. Feeling very guilty. But now onwards will try to follow strictly. Once again Thank you for sharing the significance of today’s Ekadasi. Will eagerly wait to know the significance of each and every Ekadasi 🙏🙏🙏

  29. That is so true for me today!! Managed to amicably resolve a critical issue that could have caused a lot of damage to us financially. Praying & keeping my faith that things will work out for the best in future also. Thank you so much Deepanshu sir….immense gratitude always 🙏

  30. It’s great but I wonder why one of my family member who does fast on each Ekadashi, Poonam, Amavasya and festivals but still has ahankar, krodh, moh & maya, worldly related expectations.

  31. Thank u for blessing us with true knowledge.from dec21 I follow ur channel. sir, ur view to see the life and life purpose is different.in ur every teaching u make us learn the purpose of life.u r the sadguru for ur followers.from my childhood I do fasting.try to follow all the popular rituals of our society.but I never did ekadashi before 2021. from feb21 I started fasting on ekadashi.and I feel true mental peace that never feel in any other fasting and puja.its a miracle for me that change my mental state.sir my moon is in kemadrum sitting in fifth house in satbhisha and twelve house shani sitting in hast nakshatra,in shani dasha running from 2005 i have lost my mental peace.after fasting ekadashi I overcome from my depression.i also suggested many to do ekadashi.🙏Sir one request can I learn astrology properly?.d.o .b.7 nov.1981,5:25 a.m.shantipur.west bengal🙏

  32. U develop deep thinking in me.Sir last 2 years was vry problematic.but due to lunar astro ship..I sail vry smoothly.its my Rahu dasha. Only good thing is lunar astro blog,face book comments, u tube videoes..these things are oxyzen in this trying time.

  33. Just happened to see the post now. Though I haven’t fasted , however a conflict I had with a person is seeming to heading for a resolution. For the past days we had been in harmony and trying to be compassionate. I myself was thinking how an unintentional mistake snowballed in to a conflict. Incidentally my natal Jupiter is in the sign of king ie Leo and in headless ketu nakshatra of Magha in my tenth house. What a coincidence of your writing about Raja Harishchandra how his virtue of honesty/principles (Jupiter) turned to sin due to promise( Jupiter) which he undertook to fulfill to satisfy his ego ( Leo) without taking in to account the consequences it may lead to especially to his wife/without consulting her. I had been reading your book The rituals of a happy soul yesterday night exactly at 11 pm till midnight. Without any awareness it was Aja ekadashi and without any fasting. After 12 midnight I had a very sumptuous meal too

  34. The past day ie Aug 22. I think the other person also has same Jupiter but in a different nakshatra. He has also been little bit mild with me yesterday

  35. So I should never undertake to fulfill a promise I give without evaluating the consequences it might have on others. What a lesson

  36. Incidentally I have been a sort of a person who almost always fulfill a promise given and I have suffered due to that many times even with my own siblings. It could also be probably my natal Sun is in mrigashira pada 1

  37. Thankyou for above info.
    My humble request to you sir plz share information before 24 hrs of any tithi. As when we read information of EKADASHI tithi on DWADASHI it is not much of use. If you share same content of EKADASHI on DASHMI, all ur reader had got information on correct time.

  38. Jai Shri Ram Sir,
    Yes ekadashi is absent mind tithi..
    I did some absolutely absent minded thing today.
    I do ekadashi every time.
    I am absent minded person which I hate.
    Thank you sir 🙏

  39. Anuradha shubhi

    pranaam sir,
    your explanations are full of facts and logic tht we get instant motivation to follow and have firm belief.

  40. We had been in fighting a worthless civil suit for 12 years. Lot of stress , monetory loss wastage of time but result would had been zero.
    In a video Deepanshu ji was suggesting a student to resolve his issue on Ekadashi so we did.
    Magic happened. All the parties agreed and dispute resolved . Wonderful

  41. It was a great read. I started fasting on ekadashi recently. A request to write about Chaturdashi tithi too, it’ll be of great help.

  42. Hare Krishna Sir🙏 I started this very pious and vratraj fast last year. Yes spreading lord Vishnu’s name is biggest punya. Sir I’m keeping today as per iskon calendar, is it fine?

  43. Namaskar Deepanshu ji
    Gratitude for Astro scientific reason giving …for being
    Absent minded …I am born on Rama Ekadashi and since last one year keeping fast as was guided within.
    For me it’s double effect of eka…dashi …
    Eka …ekaakaar hona …dashmi tithi ..poornata ke baad ..
    So still trying to push myself with clearing of many vices within me .
    Hari Om tatsat

  44. Sir aapne bahut hi badhiya gyan diya h ekadashi k bare m
    Hm kai dino se vichar kar rahe the ekadashi ka vrat lagatar kare par ab aapka lekh dekhne k bad man m vrat karne ka utsah badh gaya jii dhanyawad koti koti pranam ji

  45. Sir, drikpanchang Delhi website shows 23 August 2022, as aja Ekadashi.
    What website can we go to see the correct dates.

  46. Thank You Deepanshu Ji🙏🏻
    Since Last two years my husband is suffering from Tinnitus, we tried everything but nothing helped.
    Recently I purchased your book “Rituals of Happy Soul” and to my surprise the first example you had given in Chapter Two was about Dr. Subhro Chakraborty and his Ménière’s disease.
    My husband doesn’t have the problem or Vomit and Vertigo but he has problem of tinnitus (continuous ringing in his ears) due to which he cannot focus anywhere.
    24 hrs there is sound, can’t sleep or focus anywhere else since last two year due to noise.
    Doctors say there is no cure for this.
    You had mentioned that you suggested Ekadashi vrat and some mantra to chant to the Dr.
    So can my husband also start doing Ekadashi vrat and from which Ekadashi he should start ?
    Please guide if possible

  47. Real fantastic info can be found on web blog. “I don’t know what will be used in the next world war, but the 4th will be fought with stones.” by Albert Einstein.

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