Marriage and Mishaps

Marriage and Mishaps

Everyone thinks of a dream movie type marriage function, but things can go sideways very quickly in real life. Even at the last minute, things can go upside down, and we are going to look in such cases that how can we predict that marriage event will not be a smooth affair, and there will be n amount of troubles whenever this person is going to get married.

Such as, a person who was about to get married was entangled in a false sexual harassment case, and his whole career and dream of marriage were shattered as well as Just before the wedding of a girl, the father was declared wanted by police due to an old case and trouble for father started, or a close relative died a night before the marriage, All these charts have specific symptoms which have to be carefully seen in the chart to make sure remedies are done before so marriage function can be carried out smoothly.

As we look into the cases, we will use two of the most reliable dasas of all time, Kaal chakra dasa and Yogini dasa, to time events and look into the charts. There will be homework at the end of this blog to make sure the point is clear to everyone on how to judge charts.

Let us start with a simple rule of energy disbalance – For your life to go to an extreme end, you need a planet that is sitting with all the potential energy which can make sure you experience an extremely good or bad event, and for this, there are few planets and houses in astrology which are usual suspects such as Rahu/Ketu, retrograde planets and 6th and 8th house.

Let us look into our first case of a girl who was about to get married, and my prediction was that marriage had to be delayed due to her father’s health as this is not the dasa to get married, To which girl’s family agreed but later on when the boy’s family went to another astrologer and called this prediction is never going to be accurate, and they should go ahead with the marriage.

Nonetheless, a day before the marriage – The girl’s father got a heart attack and had to go through emergency surgery, and the wedding was delayed and then even called off as the girl’s mother blamed the groom’s family for this hurry which eventually led to this event.

Let us look at the basis of this prediction- I will show you both the birth chart and Prashna and how they pointed out the same thing.

Birth Chart-

1) 7th house has a malefic exalted planet -Saturn sitting in the sign of Scorpio shows marriage whenever it will happen; it will happen in pressure conditions. *(Saturn is the significator of Pressure)- Rahu aspecting from the 11th house will intensify this pressure.

2) Whenever Saturn is activated by the event of Marriage, It will also start its own houses, which are the 9th and 10th houses, Interestingly Mars is sitting in this house, and the degree of Mars and Saturn are too close; which shows the 9th house will have extreme energy while marriage event.

As Mars and Saturn, whenever they meet in any house, create physical injuries and being in the 9th house of father at such a close degree made a mishap for father. *Mars is the significator of your body.

3) Let us see dasa for this event which was the leading cause, and if the family had delayed the event, then the outcome would have been different-  Kaal Chakra dasa is of Saggitarius- Gemini.

Notice carefully the Mahadasa running is of 8th Sign Sagittarius– remember our parameters for our Usual culprits and its lord Jupiter being retrograde placed in 10th house which is natural debilitation house of Jupiter showing unbalanced energy.

The Antardasa is of Gemini whose lord Mercury is again in the 6th house of debt, diseases, fights, and it is in the same degree as the 6th lord Venus -so both mahadasa and antardasa lords have a connection to show us an extreme event of life but being in 1/7 axis these two signs so all events will be now related to partnerships and breaking of alliances.

Being on the 1/7 axis, both signs shows that native can get married – the confirmation has to be given by lords of the houses.

Make Gemini as a Lagna, and you will find the 7th house, which is a primary house for marriage, is hemmed between Saturn and Mars- at any point of time when the house is hemmed between two malefics of close degrees, that house is unable to give results and till the dasa of Gemini was running, it was not advisable for the girl to get married.

What is more interesting to see was that in Kaal chakra dasa, Jupiter was making a connection with Mercury in both D-1 and D-9, but Mercury was not at all making link to Jupiter- Also, Jupiter being retrograde shows events will uncoil suddenly and more you try to perform, reverse the result you get. All retrograde planets get chesta bal (Strength of trying -3 times) that you have to put three times effort to do a simple event.

Let us look at the same event with Yogini dasa and dasa of Bhramari- Dhanya- (Moon- Mercury)- both planets on the 1/7 axis again confirm the relationship but sitting in the 12th, and 6th house shows mishaps as well. For using Yogini dasa, please do use the drekkna chart to confirm events.

Let us look at what Prashna made at that time, which was used to confirm events.

Look at the first house of the Prashna chart- It has two significant malefics – Mandi and Gulika with no benefic planets aspecting Lagna. The subject on which I should focus is explained by Moon, which gave me the strength to make such a prediction that I should focus on the 9th house.

Another significant thing I could not ignore was both Moon and Sun are close to the edge of houses at sandhi points showing the happening of such an event is not possible as a blessing of Moon and Sun are absent, As Sun has just entered the 10th house with 0 degrees and Moon is about to change place showing the event cannot be smooth, and absence of a father is indicated.

9th lord in prashna is exalted, but in 6th house with Ketu showing fights again and no blessings from any benefic at all, not to forget when Mercury becomes Pitrakaraka placed in 9th shows curse of ancestors.

The 7th lord in the 5th house is retrograde again, showing extreme efforts to be made but see both 7th lords Saturn and Rahu are in enemy houses, and aspect of Jupiter from marankaransthan left no place for this event to survive.

Before we move to the next chart and sequence, the homework is – can you search in astrodatabank for charts where similar events have happened or any chart where you have seen such dramatic events and send them as homework to this email id-, Also can we now use dwadasmasa chart of the girl where this event will be seen as dwadasmasa chart is specifically made for parents.

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11 thoughts on “Marriage and Mishaps”

  1. Thank you Sit ?
    I also happen to have Saturn in my 7th house of Scorpio and the 11th house of Aries has Rahu sitting in it. I’m 34 and still unmarried. Hope I don’t have to get married under pressure 🙁

  2. Nitesh Ahuja

    I got Married in Sun AD and Venus PD. Nothing drastically bad but just 2 days before my marriage, my bua(Merc) came home with viral fever to attend my marriage. I got the viral fever from her and on my wedding day had a high fever of 102. Everything else was smooth but at that time it felt strange to get fever on the wedding day.

  3. Shetall Birla

    I am divorcee. And from last 18 years living with my two daughters. Thinking of getting married. But not getting proper person . I am Libra ascendant. Venus and Mars in 1st house .Moon in 2nd house . Jupiter is in 10 th house. Sun , Saturn n mercury in 11 th house , Rahu in 12 th house .

  4. Resonate with the article. Just one month before my wedding my mother in law passed away due to a car accident. The marriage was delayed for year but what’s interesting is just day before my wedding I fell sick and had develop gall stone. The wedding took place but I was severely sick, in fact during the wedding ceremony, I had such a pain that the fire rituals had to stop and doctor have to step in and gave me a painkiller injection for temporary relief so that the rituals can go on.. I was in Saturn maha dasha. Virgo accendent with Sun, Mercury,Saturn and Venus on Lagna.7th lord in 2 house. No planets in 7th house ?. And Mars in 3 house, I was grilled to the core!

  5. Hello Sir
    In my chart Saturn in 10th house in Scorpio sign.
    At the time of marriage I have completely under pressure I couldn’t enjoy my marriage..

  6. Jyotika Bajaj

    Hello my maarriage got delayed by 1 year as i didn’t want marry my husband after one year same rishta came and got married in a month time but was a forced my ascendant is Pisces and second house has saturn retro and 8 house has Jupiter and Venus

  7. Just another observation, Dhanu in Navamsh also shows conditions of/during marriage/marriage day. Here Dhanu is in the 6th in D9, with rashi drishti of Rahu, Ketu, vakri Guru and grah drishti of Mangal.

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