Mahashivratri 2022 – A Night of Creation

As Mahashivratri is arriving on 1st March 2022 we should gear up to do rituals to feel the energy of the universe as this is the time period when Shiv and Shakti met for the creation of the Universe, when all the energies in-universe came to stand still to see a devotee & yogi getting one.

Although it happened several thousand years ago, what is so special about this day is that King Surya is positioned in Aquarius which is 7th from the natural house of Sun and Shiv goes to Parvati to complete her desire of getting married. This is the position of Sun where King is granting wishes to everyone.

Sun is termed as Shiva in the various classical texts as he is the Mahadev due to whom the whole universe works, every single thing in this world only works due to Shiv and Shakti, No one is above Shiv and below Shakti and this is what the symbol of Shiv and Shakti represents in Lingam.

By praying to shiv lingam we try to replicate the creation of the universe and depending on how specific you can get with Yantra, Mantra, and Sadhna and more of your manifestations and desires come true.

You can start this remedy from Sunday 30th January or Start from Mahashivratri as it is up to you and continue till the night of Holi as this is the time period when the magnetic belt of the earth is charged up, the cosmos is opening, and a lot of ganas of shiv will come down on earth as the universe the celebrating Mahashivratri that is the oneness of Shiva and Maa Parvati and no one will be able to handle the energy created in the upper part of the sky, As it is also said that to give time to newly married couple all ganas decided to leave the Kailash but I believe it is moreover the process of knowing someone from the heart as when you are in process of getting to know someone, you need isolation, space and no one else should listen to the conversation.

Lingam is like a receiver for energy and all the time energies which are not visible to us keep getting stored in lingam as ling is like the upper triangle while the bottom part is the one that keeps on distributing the energy to the ground.

shiva linga - blogs and articles
Shiv Ling ( Mahashivratri 2022 )

One reason why Shiv temples were made in absolute Jungles in the past era was due to energy balance as you cannot have shivling in middle of the city as the main source for the energy of Shivling is non-visible demi gods and ganas which gave power to shivling, that is why in old times Shiv temples were not in the middle of the city, A very famous temple in Ghaziabad- Dudheswarnath is now in the middle of the city but there was a time when even in the day no one will visit this place as only aghoris will be here and it is true for every temple.

All these energies which are not able to find their way up in the sky get stored in shivling and when you do any of the rituals on these shivlings, very quickly it gives results as the energy gets some relief from your offering and starts working for your intentions.

There is a story in Shiv Mahapuran of a hunter who in search of prey, climbs the bel patra tree and who night he was awake for some animal to come and in the process, some water and bel patra fall on shiv lingam and he got darshan of Bhagwan Shiv and we listen to stories with faith but the issue is we need to find the background of it and it comes when you are in truth with the love of deity, You will get to see the background of each and every story.

Nandi images
Shiv and Nandi

So first of all- you will realize the more isolated the Shivling is -powerful it became as more energy keep getting stored to it and secondly praying in night when it’s the time of total silence in the sky, then only you are able to hear and feel the energies who are truly around you. Isolation is a must requirement for Shivlingam as if you see Bhagwan Shiv he is not the dev who is ready to mingle around as he is happy in his own world and even devtas were afraid to disturb him in samadhi, There are instances in Adhyatam ramayan where people who were praying to Vishnu not to visit the Shiv temple as Bhagwan Vishnu is about living in the family, taking care of everyone and during this process as well try to isolate yourself from thoughts of outer world and devote as much time for reading literature of Shiv.

One thing you will feel while doing this is that place between your chest -you will feel that part is radiating energy, like there is a opening over there due to love towards the universe, You will feel difficult to abuse people or hate someone as there energy of Shiv does not let you get in to smaller goals as when you have to climb Kailash you have to leave lot of baggage in this life, Only essentials things are to be taken not your hate or grudge towards anyone.

If you want to see which energies are living around you, Please start by looking at Drekkana chart for your surroundings or Drekkana of  different planets in your chart such as at the time of writing a article when I checked , I found there is an effect of Sun and Jupiter aspecting lagna in Gemini Drekkana of Durvasa (Shiv) which confirms the inspiration for writing this article and I will explain this in detail with example as the focus in this article is to get you started with this remedy so you understand the process of energy and how to handle it.

So how we start with this remedy of MAHASHIVRATRI  is to draw a Star with the help of the upper triangle and lower triangle with the help of three materials- Turmeric, Red Chandan, or Red color used in pooja which is made of sindoor and lead mixed and rice powder or wheat flour. This Remedy is to be done at night once there is enough silence in the atmosphere you are living in.

In the middle of this, we keep our Shivling facing South and this time we will only offer bhasam ahuti for 9 planets such and process to make bhasam is very simple by taking grains or wood of 9 planets and then using that bhasam for next few days, You can get more specific by using the bhasam of planets placed in your 10th house once you are done with 108 ahuti and every ahuti has one mantra “Om Namah Shivay”  then, in the end, read Shiv Lingashtkam and do continuous dripping of mustard oil on Shivling while chanting it.


Why Bhasam as bhasam will not only keep you protected from anything negative happening around you but also acts an insulation in your journey to top to not feel cold and dryness of atmosphere, parasites won’t affect you anymore and this is what the true nature of Shiv is to remain in state of bliss even in most difficult of times.

Light a Diya in front of shivling in mustard oil which can burn throughout night and keep a Diya in front gate or balcony, During this process keep the window or gate open of the room where this ritual is done.

As again I am very clear with the fact that your life is going to get changed and the change is a messy process as negative energy and people will start to leave you so you can move up in life, A lot of electronic equipment is going to broke and this is the only way to judge the remedy is working, More focused you are on remedy you will see the magic happening as the best part of believing in miracle is that it always happens.

Only one request- On Mahashivratri, Please do not ask for any wish while doing this remedy, Just keep paying gratitude for everything in life as when you ask wishes from Shivlingam, It is going to get complete but how it will get manifested you will never know so better not to ask anything while doing pooja.

So Start Doing the remedy on Mahashivratri with faith and love towards Shiv and you will be mesmerized by the bliss of Shivlingam.

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52 thoughts on “Mahashivratri 2022 – A Night of Creation”

  1. Sumegha Godara

    Sir, thank you very much for the remedy. One question- how to make bhasm from grains? Burn them and use that? Please guide. Thank you again!

    1. Sir I know you mentioned at night we can perform this remedi at night but is it possible we can perform this remedi between 3 to 5 morning. Please guide me th
      Thank you ???

    2. Rounak Choudhary

      For making bhasm you can easily get navgrah samidha (9 planets wood) on any good shop which keep all pooja related items. At least four packets of navgrah samidha is required to run it for a few days. You can burn these woods at home with the help of camphor (Kapur) and cow ghee. After burning woods, with the help of strainer (chhanni) filter the bhasam from large wood particles. Now your bhasam is ready for use.

  2. Gsv Reddy Reddy

    Thank you sir for Maha Shivaratri remedy I have one doubt sir regarding timing of doing Pooja in night instead can we do it in very early morning between 3 to 4 am . Please clarify sir thank you sir

  3. Namaskar sir,
    Kindly Answer pls?
    *How to make bhasam ?
    *What if we don’t have shivling at home?
    *3 diyas we supposed to lit us entire night that is one in the middle of the star, second in chokhat of the room where we are performing Pooja & 3 rd at the main entrance door?
    *We start this pooja on 29th of Jan or 30th Jan midnight?
    *Timings of Pooja is between 12 am to 1:30 am?

    1. Rounak Choudhary

      For making bhasm you can easily get navgrah samidha (9 planets wood) on any good shop which keep all pooja related items. At least four packets of navgrah samidha is required to run it for a few days. You can burn these woods at home with the help of camphor (Kapur) and cow ghee. After burning woods, with the help of strainer (chhanni) filter the bhasam from large wood particles. Now your bhasam is ready for use.

  4. Gratitude Sir for such a detailed logic for the process suggested. Sir can we use the bhasm made from cow dung, peepal, palsh n ber wood suggested few months back by You for pure bliss

    1. Namaskar Sir,
      Thank you for the remedy and the vidhi to do it. I had a few doubts regarding the pooja and will be grateful if you can shed some light on it.

      1. Is a shivling must for the pooja? If yes, how big should it be (you have mentioned in some video it should be thumb size big)? If it is not required then what should be the procedure and after the pooja is done then, what should we do with the shivling as it is not supposed to be kept in home?

      2. Should we make the bhasm by burning the grains and then making a powder of it? Do we need to use all the 9 grains or can we use only of planets whose energy we want to increase? Can this bhasm be mixed with bhasma we get after burning dhoop?

      3. In which direction do be need to keep the shivling? The shivling should face south direction, but should it also be kept in the south direction as well, if I am using a chowki, should I keep in the south direction as well?

      4. If we keep it in a plate, should we use a brass plate or any other metal plate, as by pouring mustard oil, there will be oil everywhere?

      5. Do we need to clean it everyday, or at the end of the pooja only? What should be done with the colleted mustard oil and bhasm? Should we do visarjan in river or something else needs to be done?

      6. What should be the procedure of cleaning the shivling?

      7. If I am living in an apartment, do I need to keep the other diya in front of the door through which I enter my apartment or the door of the complex or can I keep it in front of the window of the room in which I am doing the Pooja?

      8. After the pooja is sampann, what should be procedure of removal of the shivling from that space?

      I understand that you have said that remedies should be based on faith, and you prefer not to answer a lot of questions, but I would be highly obliged and thankful of you if you answer these, as it would not only help me, but also others who do the remedy and ensure that the remedy doesn’t backfire.

      Thank You

  5. sandhya srivastava

    Thank you sir, eagerly waiting for this. Plz clear some doubt-
    * timing its midnight of 29th or 30th midnight between 12 am to 1:30am
    * Bhsam and oil we have poured on shivling has to be cleaned everyday, next day again new star to be made. *shivling to be faced SOUTH direction.

  6. E S Jagadeeshwar

    Wonderful article and remedy, Sir.

    Wish Lord Siva and Ma Parvati bless us all and remove all hurdles in our lives to have very, very, happy, prosperous, peaceful, long, healthy lives and wish our hidden desires will be fulfilled.

    For stotras you may visit

  7. Ashima Dhingra

    Sir, Thank you very much for the remedy.
    I am glad to receive my copy the magazine yesterday.
    3 questions sir: my father used silver shivling with oval shaped black stone for prayer. I don’t know what stone it is as I lost him at a young age.
    Can I use that shivling for remedy.?
    2. Do we have to keep shivling in middle of upper triangle and lower triangle as we kept maa shakti in Shakti remedy in kartik?
    3. Which bhasam to use for ketu?
    Thank you again for pure knowledge ?

  8. Rajshree Kaul

    Namaskar Deepanshu ji.
    1…..Can I make shivlingam also daily with mixed grain flour daily as I have no shiv lingam at home and do not wish to keep one as it will not be taken care of when I am out for months.
    If yes , In the morning can this be fed to birds ,animals in my backyard ?
    As u mentioned that mustard oil is to be poured in the end , we need a shivlingam. If I need to buy …Kindly guide if a sphatik one can be used?
    2…..It’s windy and snowing here in Toronto , so how to keep diya outside.?
    Can we light one diya just at the door of pooja room ?
    3….I can keep window of pooja room slightly open ..Will that work?


  9. Ashima Dhingra

    Thank you very much sir?
    I am glad to have received my magazine yesterday.
    3 questions, sir: should we keep shivling in middle of upper and lower triangle as we kept maa shakti in Shakti remedy in kartik?
    2. my father used silver shivling (small) for prayer with oval shaped black stone in it. I don’t know which stone it is as I lost him at an early age. Can I use that shivling for remedy?
    3. Which bhasam to use for ketu?

  10. Hello Sir,
    Thank You for sharing the remedy and the vidhi to do it. I would be highly obliged and grateful if you can share your guidance regarding the following questions that came to me after reading the blog which are as follows –
    1. Do we need a Shivling for doing the remedy? If yes what kind of Shivling do we require (you have mentioned that Shivling should be thumb size)? Does it have to be of parad or can it be of stone as well?
    2. For making the bhasm, do we require the grains of all the 9 grahas or can we choose the grahas we want (you had said to use more quantity of benefic planets like Jupiter, Venus, etc. and that the quantity of Wheat should be more than that of Black Til)? The bhasm has to be made by burning the grains and then making a powder of it? Can we mix the bhasm with the bhasm that we get after burning the dhoop?
    3. The Shivling needs to face should, does it need to be kept in south direction as well? Like if a keep the Shivling on a chowki, do I need to keep the chowki in south direction as well?
    4. While pouring the mustard oil and reciting the Lingashtakam, the star that we have created will get blurred/removed due to the oil. What should be done in this case and is it fine?
    5. The shivling needs to face south direction, that means our face should be in the north direction?
    6. If a person is living in apartments, the diya after the pooja has to be lit in front of the door of the flat or in the front of the door of the building?
    7. Do we need to clean the Shivling daily and make the rangoli daily as well because the rangoli will get washed away due to mustard oil?
    8. After the pooja is sampann, what needs to be done with the mustard oil, rangoli, and the bhasm that is collected?
    9. At the end of the 48 days, what should be the procedure to end the pooja and how should be clear the space? What should we do with the Shivling at the end of pooja as we are not supposed to keep the Shivling in our house?

    I would be highly thankful if you can answer the questions in the comment or via a video. I understand that these are a lot of questions, but they would not only help me but also others who would read the blog later. Thank You.

  11. Thank you for sharing this knowledge. I always used to wonder why shiv temples are situated far away, difficult to travel in old days. Secondly, don’t ask anything, just pray,you never know how will it be manifested. So true!
    After reading this article many questions are answered.

  12. Hi Sir,

    Hope you are doing well !

    You didn’t mention details about how to prepare the bhasam ! Do we take 9 grains mixed , burn it and then use that ?

    Why is the ritual different this year compared to the last year ?

  13. Sir please clarify on part of Bhasma:
    We can use bhasma from JUST planet placed in 10th house instead of all 9 grahas? is that what you meant?

    Further, could you please tell which are the woods/grains associated with each planet?

  14. Dear Deepanshu Ji ,

    Thank you for posting this .

    Please clarify the following –

    1. By bhasam do u mean , we actually burn all the grains of planets or wood and use the residue ash ?

    2. Do we have to light Two diyas ? One for shivling and one for gate / window ?

    3. Can we visit kali mata temple and gurudwara everyday in the morning while continuing this remedy ?

    Please revert . Thank you . _/\_

  15. Good MOrning Sir, Thank you so this remedy .
    Sir please help to clear my doubt about how to place the shivling .
    also sir please explain how to make bhasam through all the grains related to the respected planets or we can get from amazon.

  16. Maitreyi Rtavari

    Pranam sir…. I’m not your student just a follower….as u mentioned for shivalinga…i don’t have n can’t keep one because I can’t do proper puja…so can I make any astai linga to perform this puja….n after puja I can do visharjan in water…

  17. Thank you so much. We are very lucky to have you in our lives. Couple of follow-up questions if you don’t mind. Firstly if women have their menstrual cycle should they continue or stop? Could you please provide instructions on how to make the Bahasm? Do we just burn nine different lentils and make a powder? Also,
    After the Pooja is completed How should we discard of the oil and bhasam?

  18. Sanghamitra Das Gupta

    Endless gratitude to you Sir. I live out of India and here temperature is average (-15?C to -35?C) in winter. I won’t be able to open any window and also lit up a diya outside/front door. I don’t want to miss this blessed opportunity. Sir please suggest any other option.
    Thank you

  19. Jitendra Khater

    Namaskar Deepanshu Sir and Lunar Astro Team

    Thank you for sharing this remedy.
    Need clarification on few points and request Deepanshu Sir or anyone from Lunar Astro Team to respond ASAP as we all want to start this remedy from tonight. So there’s hardly anytime left to arrange things. (Plus being Sunday, not all shops will be open).

    Q1. If there are no planet(s) in 10th house, can we use the sign and it’s lord for Bhasma? For Venus, can we use white flowers?
    Q2. I’ve a bronze Diya and is round in shape. I’ll be using this Diya instead of Shivling. In this case how do we face this Diya in South Direction? Or do we need to face south? As South facing shivling is worshipped only by the ones who do not have Grahasth Jeevan. Please clarify this ad most of the audience have asked this question as well on YouTube also.
    Q3. If Diya is used instead of Shivling, then we need to keep two Diyas in total, right? One in the centre of the rangoli that will act as shivling and burn entire night and the other one outside gate or window? Correct?
    Q4. While chanting Shiv Lingashtakam, those who are using Diya instead of Shivling, they need to pour Mustard Oil in this Diya only, right?
    Q5. One question out of curiosity. Sir said in one of the videos that those who have Grahasth Jeevan they should never worship South Facing Shivling. Any specific reason to do south facing Shiv ling puja this time? Is it because this year’s lord is Mars and he rules the south direction.

    Request Sir or Lunar Astro Team to respond so that we can arrange all required items.

    Thank you for helping us within wonderfull lessons and remedies.


  20. Sir, this post speaks volumes to me, specially the part where you described Shiva temples in the forest. I get this dream sometimes that I’m in the middle of a deep forest, where there is a secluded Shivalingam temple and in the the dream, all day I just do abhishekam, chanting and some kind of sadhana in total isolation there. I am in state where there are no wishes or wants in life, just a silent trance and higher energy. But when I wake up, I cannot remember what I was chanting and I get really annoyed with myself that I lost that moment. I hope that BhavaniShankar lend me a helping hand this Shivratri to reach that state once again. Thank you for your illumination.

  21. ??????? ?? ??????? ???? ????? ?????? ??? ??? ?? ????? ??? ?? ????? ???? ????? ???? ????? ?? ??? ??? ????????? ??? ?? ?? ?? ??????? ???? ??? ???? ?????? ?????? ???? ??

    1. Also what is meant by isolation. I live in a city only with my family. Is it fruitful of i do this at home?

  22. Lovely Deepanshu ji. The way magic happens is when we don’t time it. That is the essence of magic. Just how Mahadev would want it. Maybe that’s why he had cursed astrologers, because Universe works as per its own timing not when human beings want something. But they are still busy “controlling” things…timing things when in actual it should all be spontaneous….Magic is what happens when all roads look “blocked” but still something extraordinary happens. When we let go of our fears and complexes and show our real being to our close ones. Until that happens maybe we aren’t ready for the magic.

  23. Sir kindly enlighten why 10H planet bhasm has been recommended? We have been cracking our heads on this..

  24. Gratitude. I have no knowledge of Astrology. But I am following the page. First time in my life I did the Diwali Pooja. Thank you for that. Since I am a healer, I know somethings about the energies in and around. I am planning to do the Mahasivarathri Pooja. Thank you so much. God bless.

  25. Has someone experienced so much cold inside…under skin…even though skin and surroindings are warm. Reading this post about bhasma, I wonder if it has to do with inadequate final rites for a loved one in this lifetime….like not giving a proper blanket. Or a family member died unnaturally & never got any final rites from the family (body not found/mass grave as in wars). Or does it have to do with the one feeling this cold …not getting final rites –bhasma–as mentioned in article? Appreciate thoughts on this and how to find out source of cold. Thank you.

  26. Namaste Deepanshuji,
    Thank you very much for the remedy and importance of ” MahaShivratri “.we are doing the remedy as a part of the Mahashivratri Ritual. We hope that it will work best for us as well as those who are connected to us one way or another way!
    Our Experience :
    As soon as we start to light Diya, the Flame went so high, and notice the color change. The front yard light pole fell in the southern direction. although no damage, still electricity and light on. One of my Female dogs crossed the Rainbow Bridge peacefully in the North direction. an unexpected international journey of my Motherinlaw from the USA to India at Northeast Direction. the only shocking part is where we live considering deer forest. we encounter so many deers on daily basis. most likely female deers and Fawns. We have been seeing a buck, Male deer near my car every morning between 1-3 am. he just stood there and once we have eye contact he headed towards the North direction. all Deers eat the treats I put for them but he does not accept or look at the treats. He is magnificent with large Antlers and very calm. In his presence, My 2 Rottweilers are very calm also.
    In Addition, My Husband’s smartwatch broke, entire food court shelves fell out .no damage has been done got a 100% refund for the watch even though we purchased it a year ago.
    At the end,
    We have experienced so many breakages,fender benders but not even a single penny loss. either things got repaired free of charge or replace with new ones. The person or souls we lost all gone from our sight peacefully.
    Message For those who experience strange by doing this sadhana:
    Please keep continuing and have faith.
    All will work well, better or best at the end.
    Thank you

  27. Sir,
    After offering 108 Bhasm and thereafter oil on lingam.
    Can we remove Bhasm items in the morning? Where Bhasm to be kept after Holi or daily?
    I have to do Abhishek Daily.
    Pl guide me.

  28. Mukul Panchwadkar

    What to do with shivling after remedy days…? Can we keep it in home…?
    Thanks to you deepanshu giri sir for remedy.. blessed to got connected with you sir… Gratitude and pranam…

  29. Deepanshuji, I have been listening and following you since 2019. Thank you for making complex jyotish concepts so real by explaining the underlying reasons and stories behind them.

    I did this with the items of all 9 grahas and not with bhasma, as I was unable to make it successfully. I made atta Shivling everyday and offered the mix with Maha Mrityunjaya mantra. Last day I did an extra mala and also offered bhasma that I gathered by heating the items on high heat in a pan.
    While I enjoyed doing this and completed all days till March 18th. On March 14th, there were some very adverse organizational changes at work and since then work has become very stressful. I still do believe these two things are unrelated and this change has to be with some silver lining, but nothing at work has taken a positive turn yet.

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