Mars-Special aspects and Remedy

Let us start with what will happen when Mars is Afflicted in Chart & Why we get afflicted Mars in the chart? As we all know Mars rules natural first and eighth houses of the Zodiac and signifies Life and Death and these both conditions are special in their own way- We get connected to people by blood as a saying goes \”Blood is thicker than water\” as we are naturally incline towards people with the same family and who belongs to the same land as us but the affliction of Mars is something very different and you will notice this as a pattern in these natives.


They will not help their own relatives, or will not do much for their motherland, their village as Mars is a planet of the selfless act and people who represent Mars selflessly works for the land and the people of the Land, Mars is the first responder in case of emergencies- Such as Police, Doctors, Ambulance, firefighters and all you can think of work under emergency services – Mars is a significator of the 3rd house – the reason being is when we are in trouble the first person we call is either our siblings or emergency services as we trust them than under any circumstances these people will save us but imagine what will happen when these people do not respond to our calls- What if your sibling does not help under emergency conditions- This is when you realize to get help in emergency conditions -you need to have good Mars in the chart.

If your Mars is in Kendrum Yog- During any Emergency forget you will be able to fetch any help – Look at the charts where people died in a road accident, Robberies, violent deaths, or without any medical help- All of them will have afflicted Mars in the chart.

Mars is a planet when afflicted in a chart shows that you have not helped and responded to a person when he required help -such as Mars Saturn combination in 11th house- You will be asked to help your elder sibling and father\’s sibling but if you start finding law or getting delayed in help deliberately then this curse increases after that you will have fall in income, there are so many combinations you can make and predict in the chart using this one gold technique which I have given out.

Special aspects of Mars is 4th and 8th only- Which is only activated only in the Sign of Gemini and Virgo or in the 3rd and 6th house and the reason being is both the houses either belongs to Rules, regulations, and standard operating procedures as when people come to you in distress in an emergency you don\’t tell them rules and regulations -you genuinely try to help them – that is why Mars doesn\’t have any religion- You want to test this technique- Try this with Gemini Asc- Mars in 4th house in Virgo -Native has not followed any rule in terms of Marriage and it will be an orthodox marriage as 4th from it is Saggi -where rules are destroyed by Mars.

To remove the ill effects of Mars -as when you get surrounded by enemies and there is no one to help you- you should read- Narsingha Strotam and you will realize suddenly there is help from a lot of your friends, Also while doing this strotra hold the peacock feather in your hand and offer to Lord Hanuman ji.


36 thoughts on “Mars-Special aspects and Remedy”

  1. Debalina Kundu

    Gem rising with mars in mula and sat in anuradha and rahu in ashwini…mars in 6th if bhava chalit is considered.Separated, younger brother does not help and is very indifferent towards all family members.

    1. Ravinder gill

      Sir mere son ka lagan leo first house me
      Mangal 8th me sani ketu 9th suraj budh sukar he
      Sir betch mech 90/. Gold medalist
      Per sir teen sal se ghar par he sir as a mother bhut worried hon please help me

      1. Name kirti 8dec 1968 3:45am rohtak hey libra asc all planet in 6 and 12 and 2and house too much burden too carry now exhausted strong mind survived marriage with Jupiter ketu mangal in12th house moon Gemini but want to get over any karma which can help

  2. Siddharth Chaturvedi

    Pranaam sir ,in my chart mars 1° is retro in 6th virgo with rahu. jupiter in 10th. May I wear moonga or gomed zi have both ratn sir. Please sir shower your blessings on me.I am suffering in my career for 3 years. please sir please

  3. E S Jagadeeshwar

    Deepanshu ji, very nice interpretation on Mars.

    Those who recite Hanuman chalisa 7times a day for 21 days from Hanuman Jayanthi can witness subtle changes in their lives as well as in the environment around them. Your confidence will be increased.

    Another remedy when you are in helpless position and unable to get help from anyone like Prahalad if you pray to Sri Nrusimha or Narsingha you will get timely help.

    There are several stotras relating to Lord Narasimha. Those who are interested may visit or you can search in Google you will get related info.

    In Andhra Pradesh Ahobhilam is popular for 9 .. nava Narasimha Kshetras. One can see wonderful temples of Lord Narasimha. Another one is Ahobila Narasimha Swamy temple at Ahobhilam. Several temples are dedicated to Lord Narasimha.

    In Telangana at Dharmapuri also well known Narasimha temple, there is a popular saying as those who visited Dharmapuri may not go to Yamaloka. In You Tube you can get relevant videos also.

    Wish Lord Narasimha or Narsingha will bless us all.

  4. Tathagat Behera

    May lord Narasimha bless you sir.its a fantastic article about mars.pranam Deepanshu sir ?

  5. Sir ap ka charges kitna he bohot problems me hun sir may ur meri family ?8/4/1997 tm12:00–12:30 K vitar ??

  6. Sonia Khanna

    Thank you very much sir. There are many stotras of Lord Narsingha (Narsimha) could you kindly suggest which stotra to read?

  7. Rajesh Paliwal

    My Mars D1 cancer sign with Rahu 9th house & D9 chart Mars with ketu in Aquarius sign lagna bhav.

  8. Do you mean sir, If Mars is not in 3rd or 6th or Gemini or Virgo sign it,s 4th and 8th aspects are nullified. Thnx.


    Your selfless acts of spreading your knowledge and the hard work behind it…. Hats off to you Sir.

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  11. Sir mine is in 6 th house with sun
    I am always ready to help even if no one asking me
    But later on I feel it helped the other person but had negative result on me

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  15. Deepanshu ji, it would be great if these wonderful articles were dated as to when then were written. Thank you so much for all the profound insights you share. Many Blessings…

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