astrology bog on guru the magical element

Guru- The Magic Element

I am thankful to all of you who have wished me, Guru Poornima. Still, I remained silent as I didn’t know how to react in this situation as I am not on a stage or path to become a Guru but rather someone on a journey of its own, but I have been through phases of good, bad & ugly. Due to experiences, I can only show you the path so we all can move forward, and if we fail, then it will be all of us together.

I am giving thoughts to your soul, so you ask deeper and meaningful questions to yourself about your life, as asking the right questions will take you to the right path. That is why in every post and blog, I intend that you think rather than follow me; you make your path in life.

A guru is someone you have to trust blindly, as a guru can access the 4th layer of the body, which deals with your belief system. This is an extremely sensitive layer as once it gets destroyed, you will have no other place in the world to get peace as your mother had access to this core when you were a child but being an adult, be very careful who can access the core of your body. When you love someone deeply, you give access to this core, which is why breakups change people.

astrology bog on guru the magical element


Guru- The magic element of the universe as what a guru does in your life is not less than a miracle; it rules the 4th layer of your body, and very few people can have access to this portion of your soul as even your parents or spouse even cannot access such core part of your body. It is one of the most sensitive areas, so you are subconsciously careful about who can access the guru tatwa in you.

As to reach the 4th layer, Everyone has to satisfy several gatekeepers that person is trustworthy to be given access to the core area where our belief system lies as any damage in this area will change the complete configuration of life. This is why shastra gives so much importance to the guru, as he holds the key to accessing your body’s core, which can change you entirely. Still, the guru’s work is not as easy as accessing the 4th layer; Guru has to cross several obstructions you have created so no one can access the areas where you are highly vulnerable.

So you must test the guru several times before you give him access to your 4th layer as once you are attached to the guru, then don’t back out once he starts forcing you to rise in life, A guru repeats his dictums several times, and sometimes you might feel, Why he is repeating one line, again and again, the reason is Guru wants your 4th layer to listen rather than your brain understanding it.


Your brain always understands every good and bad thing, such as – You all know that anger is wrong. However, we still get angry as anger is not the function of the brain but more core parts of the body; your guru is telling you one line on a loop, so your brain stops listening, and the deeper core starts believing in it.

Guru cleanses you from inside as his work to bring out memories and experiences of several lives, mistakes of several lifetimes to be sorted which you have stored deeply in your core memory, as you have to live in the world, but guru ensures that world should not live inside you.

A person visited a gate of the guru and knocked on the door; the old guru asked, “Who is it?”  The person remained silent for some time and answered, “I don’t know who I am? This is why I am here. Can you please tell me -Who I am?”

Guru replied- “You have come to the right door; come inside. The gates of the world can be closed for you, but when you try to search yourself, the gates of Guru are always open.”

When that person returned home and explained what he had achieved, after listening to this, another young man also visited the same guru, but he was there for a miracle. After 7-10 days, he returned to the village saying, That guru is like an average person; I saw nothing extraordinary in him.

People want to access the guru in physical form but what they don’t understand is guru never speaks in physical form; sometimes, what Ishwar delivers via guru is beyond the understanding of humans. That is why faith becomes the significator of the Guru; physical instructions are given to physical bodies, but the guru engages you in so many rituals over time that slowly, your inner core starts to communicate with the guru without even saying a word.

People who talk in infrasonics are either in love or sincerely hate each other. Still, in the case of the Guru, it’s a continuous voice that guides you on various rituals. These rituals help you understand that to communicate, you don’t need a phone, It has happened several times when I have thought about a particular student, and the same student has posted that I have seen you in dreams.

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There will be times when you want to speak to a guru, and all this will happen via different mediums rather than physical you will have a question in mind, and without even asking that question will be answered in your following lecture or dream or by some other means but this is how guru talks sitting inside you.

Guru & Air both go to head – An old saying “???? ?? ??? ??? ????? ???” – As both of them have one work to change your thoughts and thinking pattern. All the knowledge is in the book but what a mentor, teacher or Guru does is a change of thoughts, and the same is the case with when you smell good or bad- that is why controlling the breath is an essential exercise for everyone as it changes thoughts.

Your inner empires build an Outer castle as your outside world is only a reflection of what you are from inside.

On Guru Poornima, Sometimes there are things, Which I can write more comfortably rather than teaching you about life; this book I have written with various rituals of life so you can connect to your inner core and experience the bliss of the universe in a manner that every day you wake up with a smile and sleep like a child who has no worries on earth, Who has enough of power to stand and fight for truth and compassion for every single animal on earth. The same principles have changed the life of many people; It’s time for you now to experience the magic.

The book is to make sure that you should rise in life; why a human has to suffer for small things just because of blockages, The principle of universal energy was never taught to us when we were growing up; I want every human to understand the principle of energy in life.

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Astrology book - rituals of happy soul


  1. 3H Rahu Ardra

    So I have visited pashupatinath before.
    I was painting before (I didnt know the FB group was painting too). I knew what the triangle does before reading the book. Meditation on amethyst I have done before.

    Everything you say I have done before. And all it does is make me incredibly angry because you didn’t inform
    us before what the triangle remedy will do.

    I am able to handle this level of work energy. But all I feel is anger because I don’t know what I am signing up for or where it will lead.

    I came to this earth with a very specific agenda. And it seems like it’s being put to the side.

    1. 3H Rahu Ardra

      Please delete my comment.

      I don’t want to be angry. Nor do I identify with it. My frustration / distrust is the fact that I don’t understand what will be the end result.

  2. Arjun

    Already ordered the book sir. I am so excited to read it! Also, I thank you in advance for writing this book for the greater good? if there were more such books by you, I would buy them all in a heartbeat.

  3. Shishir Srivastava

    Deepanshu ji.
    I am in search of a Guru who can enlighten me with the actual meaning of life and show the path to walk ahead in service of the nature and mankind.

    Right now the life phases I am going through is not encouraging still I keep up myself and try to devote as much as time in Dhyana and puja.

    Please show me the path ahead ?

  4. Jignasha Brahmhabhatt.

    Namaskar Deepanshuji. You listened me.. i don’t need words to talk to my Guru, I know.. so glad you replied though, only to make sure and to ensure your every shishyas like me, who are always childlike in front of their Guru and sometimes greedy to get love and pamper. You know it and gave it to us. Not able to express more as usual.. Guru Charan me shat shat naman ???????.

  5. Namrata

    Sir, aap Delhi aate hai kya? Kabhi toh aapse milna mumkin ho paye. You changed us alot, I feel so many changes in myself. Loads of Arjit punya karma are paying that I found you through you tube Sir??As usual wonderful ARTICLE ? hw can I as student praise my Guru.?

  6. Swarn

    Dear Sir, I am short of words about the way you have impacted my life….. Kash main apka ashirward le pati…. sir yeh blog aap pls pls Vlog karo …. this is so so essential for us to know…. Guru shishya parampara ka gyan bahut zaaori hai. Eternally greatful to you

  7. Wency Rodrigues

    I missed a chance to buy and read your book on nakshatras.i dont want to miss the chance to read this one. You are like a virtual guru giving me insight and triggering my hidden astrological nerves. Every word you speak and write sends ripples in my DNA. Best of luck for your book and hope and pray you get Both opportunity and long life good health and Strong memory to write many more. Good luck.

  8. Ajay Yadav

    Gratitude to Deepanshu sir ji and the team,,

    i ordered this book on 24th of July and today(9th of August ) i cancelled the order and ordered again as it was getting reschedule again and again don’t know why and then i came to know that i given the wrong pincode for my address .so i correct the pincode in Amazon and ordered again. I already order for kindle copy of this book on 25th July and completed the study already.

    After i ordered online or kindle edition of this book , lot of changes happening in my life and i am not able to tell everything as the miracle is happening everyday .Even my wife told that i am feeling very light these days.

    Some of the changes are as follows :
    1. Me and my wife both got fever and loose motion and cold could and all that.
    2. For last 2 years , we were trying to sell our extra bed which we purchased from someone but we were not able to sell but it happens that when we got 3 or 4 purchaser for the same and that too in half an hour that night only ,it got sell.We dont believe this as already we tried but could not find the buyer.

    So thanks for this deepanshu sir ji and the team ,gratitude to you and the team.

  9. gralion torile

    Thanx for the effort, keep up the good work Great work, I am going to start a small Blog Engine course work using your site I hope you enjoy blogging with the popular you express are really awesome. Hope you will right some more posts.

  10. Smita

    Namaste Sir. Sometime can you please explain Guru Pushya Yog?
    It’s coming up tomorrow 25May23. I’d like to know the Panchang speciality of this yog. How to appease these two Manyavars (Ju, Sa) on this day? And any other Lunar Astro special secrets of this Yog. Thank you.

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