Good and Bad Years of Life – Destiny and Fate

We all go through Good and Bad years of life- Yesterday someone was asking what to do in bad years- I replied then you prepare from now by becoming a Sadhak of Shiv.

Prajapati Daksh goes by following the rule book written by Brahma and wants everyone to follow it but who can bind Shiva by rules? Shiva is beyond the rules and that\’s how he was defying the rules for anyone who prayed to him. Now Daksh made a rule that whoever will pray to Shiv will have no place in the world managed by him and especially for those sculptors who make shivlings but as you all know there are always \’nalayak\’ students in the class who always want to leave that particular class which is full of rules.

So Shiv accepted every one of those who were not welcomed in the world of Daksh. So by praying to shivling and doing sadhana person will be included in a circle or \’jammat\’ of shiva. Their life defies the rule- In the process of understanding Shiva, you become part of Shiva. That is why your own identity and chart do not matter after that, In the process to find Shiv you become one with him knowingly or unknowingly. You stop worrying about time as \’Kaal\’ is surrendered in front of Mahakaal.

So don\’t worry if you see a bad year of life coming- Rules don\’t work for sadhaks of Shiv.

So one of the best systems in Jyotish is to find out in one snapshot good and bad years of life.
As I always say everything in our life is hidden in plain sight- All the secrets of nature in front of us but we ignore the signs given to us.

The degree of the planet is a very critical point. The degree occupied by the planet is very significant as it has a reason for which you get any planet at that particular degree. That degree decides in which year that planet will give a good or bad result.

There are several stages to learn this system but to ease everyone in we will start with the very simple and basic method so everyone will get hang of it on how to use a system.

Rules to use this system.

1 degree= 1 year

We will use the natural significations for the starting such as Sun for Power- Saturn for diseases, sorrow,
profession, Venus for married life, Mercury for learning, kids.

To find out the good and Bad years of life let us use some examples.

In the Lunar Astro FB forum – A student posted a chart, to ask for help for Breast cancer – Now for cancer, we know the responsible planet is Rahu.

In her chart Rahu is placed in the cancer sign in the 3rd house- The cancer sign represents the chest and Rahu creating a blockage of negative energy- Rahu keeps on accumulating all the negative energy and finally, it turns into cancer- So it means wherever Rahu is placed in a chart -native should not keep grudges, complaints and negative things of other people.


She is running 49th year of her life.
In her chart Rahu is placed on 6 degrees 57\’ so let us take it as – 7 years

Now there are two variables which we have to add to 7- The First variable is 30 years- The second Variable is 12 years- 30 came from -30 degrees in each house and 12 came from 1 year in each house.

So the first result of Rahu will be at the age of 7 then at the age of 12+7= 19 then at the age of 19+30= 49 years.

So as a student of astrology we should think is -does Rahu will give results only thrice in life – then the answer is NO. Rahu will give its results several times in life but for the time being, let us focus on the first step to learning such a wonderful system.

Let us look at a few more charts.

Below is the chart of the native who drowned in Sea at the age of 27.


In his chart two planets are in the 8th house Sun and Mercury- Sun is sitting in 7th navansh and Mercury is sitting in moksh navansh so Mercury will be more death inflecting when activated.

Mercury is 26 degrees- 54\’ – so 27 years- He died in 27th year as drowned in the open sea.


38 thoughts on “Good and Bad Years of Life – Destiny and Fate”

  1. It’s new way to looks things in different manner. I am beginner in Astrology( Just for keep control to our mind which is always looking something hidden secrets). I appreciate your knowledge and research on this hidden treasure.

    1. Jai Mahakaal?
      Always in Gratitude ..For Spreading knowledge to us like the Sun spreads sunlight in darkness.
      As Sun is one are also only one Great Giver to  this Universe.
      My mother is facing problems in her paperwork. She struggle all her life and now living alone. I ,my elder Sister and younger sister..We all 4 live very far from each other. We lost our father in 1991..My mother raise us All 3 daughters single handed.
      Please give remedy for her paperwork to be solve without more expenses and difficulties .And for her good atleast she can take care of herself in old age and able to live peacefully.
      Thankyou so much

    1. thanks to Deepanshu ji !!! ?I think in eg:1 mercury is problem mercury degree is 12°30′ & 58 yr is running 5th lord is also mercury sitting with Saturn ketu also cancer yog ketu complete three cycle 18*3 =54 it will give 6 th house results age of of 58 because Saturn activation 16+30+12 Jupiter 59 yr will activate I think remedy is Jupiter if they read gajendra moksha then major relief they can get Jupiter is unhappy Capricorn is very bad ex sign of Jupiter is affected If they donate flower to Kali temple health will improve but not remove

  2. Rasheeda Begum

    Hello Deepanshuji IAM your Great Fan and I adore your knowledge sir. Unbelievable talent you have sir .I learned so much from you . I am from Karnataka Bangalore
    I have lots of things to share with you sir .The myth is Astrology is Haram in Islam for a reason but all Muslim scholors knew Astrology. They even predicted the Rising if Ottoman Empire and who would conquer Constenteniple Istanbul.

  3. It is very difficult to predict that cancer at breast at 49 year .
    How we will come to know about cancer particular , Rahu can give mental problem also as sign cancer is there .

    In second chart also mercury gave result being with sun which is sitting in his own house . Even mercury was not marak , also if we see chart there is aspect of Ketu and Saturn on sun and on mercury both . How Afflicted sun not gave result and mercury ( though mercury is 27 degree ) gave result is very difficult to understand by two examples.

  4. Balasubramanya

    Sir, yesterday video you said that ex: sat 2 degrees , ages are 2 , 14 and 32 but in this article you adding 7 , 19 , 49 …why not 7+ 30 = 37 ? Why 49?… please kindly clear this

  5. Balasubramanya

    Sir, yesterday video you said that ex: sat 2 degrees , ages are 2 , 14 and 32 but in this article you adding 7 , 19 , 49 …why not 7+ 30 = 37 ? Why 49?… please kindly clear this

  6. Megh Sthanakiya

    Deepanshu Giri Sir yesterday night when I went to sleep I don’t know how and why but I felt your presence that you came me and healed me which was very much necessary but was amazed that I want to connect with you since couple of months but was surprised that you had to come to heal me and I felt emensely calmed after the process and when I woke I was like WOW
    I don’t know what does this means but as I have a blind faith in you and everything happens for a reason so thank you universe to connect me with my ideal guru?

    1. I think Sir mistyped by mistake but from the video and article, what I understood is: Moon is giving results during 58 years (Moon at 4 degree approx: 4+12+30+12 = 58 years). Moon is exalted by the house and getting the energy of Retro Mars & Rahu (exalted by the house). Mars + Rahu = Cancer. Usually people with Mars Retro gives health issues.

    1. Quite new bu simple way to understand astrplogy. Your research is marvellous. Ypu always give simple effective remedies and tips. A grat ser ice.

  7. Subroto Mandal

    Sir, How do we count after 49 years

    Example from the 1st chart

    Rahu will be at the age of 7 then at the age of 12+7= 19 then at the age of 19+30= 49 years.

    How do we calculate next ?

    Example, sun 0 ,

    0 at birth 1st event

    0 + 12 = 12 second event.

    12 + 30 = 30 Third event.

    30 + ? = Which year would happen next ?

    How do we find next ? Till 100 years ? Just a question.

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  13. Dear Sir,
    i was in merchant navy and all of sudden one day i felt like quiting my job and start something new. it took me 3 years to get an alternative job. Though those 3 years i was unemployed i didnt have any money shortage by grace of God. i also realised that deep down my heart i didnt wanted to work and wanted to do things that always made me happy. finaly now back to work with a new life and new mahadasha of Venus.
    Thank you.

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