Eclipses and Karma

Eclipses and Karma

Whenever you see an eclipse forming in the chart or when Rahu – Ketu are closely conjunct (+- 2 to 3 degrees difference between two planets) with Saturn, Mars etc. then that too shall be somewhat equivalent to an eclipse forming in the chart of the native.

Why do you get these combinations in the chart?

Sun and Moon are the life forces as Sun represents Soul in astrology whereas Moon represents the mind as well as the intentions.

That’s why Panchang too plays an important role as it shows the tithi (or the day you were born and the condition of Moon at that time) and other parameters which are useful to see how well the yogas in the chart are going to be fruitful.

Whenever you find Solar or Lunar eclipse forming in the chart, it shows the karm done by the native has got disbalanced meaning that he has neglected a couple of things completely in past life so now in this life, he will get eclipse or eclipse based combinations in the chart.

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Native/s having the combination of eclipse should figure out as to how the disbalanced has occurred as Rahu – Ketu being the pillars as well as door-keepers of the chart create disbalance and without these – the native cannot be born.

Rahu – Ketu are naturally retrograde and other planets except the Luminaries which are Sun and Moon go retrograde from time to time.

So, whenever the retrograde planets which show the disbalance regarding the significations in the native’s life conjunct (sit with) the Luminaries (Sun & Moon) – they further amplify and highlight those representing the major karm left to be sorted out in the native’s life.

Example: Moon – Ketu opposition Sun – Rahu (meaning Sun – Rahu are conjunct and aspecting Moon which is conjunct Ketu)

Here, Moon – Ketu sits in the earthy signs (sign shows the tattva in which you have created the disbalance) and it is usually found in the charts of a Yogi.

Moon shows emotions, Ketu has hidden those emotions and they sit together in Taurus signifying that in past life – you had renounced the responsibility you had towards the family, resources, money etc.

Ketu represents the crown chakra and whenever it is connected with the Moon – the intuition will be too good.

Also, since Ketu represents the crown chakra – waking up at 4 am will sort out the problems related to Ketu like anxiety, depression, negative thoughts etc; so give time to yourself during the Brahma muhurta and 2 – 3 hours thereafter as it will sort it out completely.


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  1. Sir, I have Venus Ketu in Scorpio 2nd house. Ketu Gandanta. Rahu Moon in Taurus 8th house and I was born on Lunar Eclipse and when I came out of my mom’s womb the water was not broken and I was born in water. What would be the best remedy for this issue? Thank you. Namaste.

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