Art of Forgiveness- Nachiketa Dhyan

Forgiveness….the most difficult task for a human being.

We do a lot of remedies, rituals and other different things to improve ourselves & our lifestyle but sometimes what we don\’t want to do is the simplest remedy which is the most required and creating blockages into our soul\’s progression is – forgiveness.

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(Forgiveness is the power of the powerless. Forgiveness adorns the powerful. Forgiveness has controlled this entire world. What cannot be achieved by forgiveness)

So let us start with this cycle- We expect people to behave in a certain manner as we have preconceived some actions and reactions of humans in our brain and when we don\’t find the response of people according to our convenience we felt disappointed and in case of near and dear one\’s we complain and get angry on them. 

We get angry at people when we expect something better for them – Imagine you are driving on road and another car driver cut through the lane and as a reaction you will either abuse or honk at the car, this is an indication that you expected him to drive properly for his safety and safety of another people on road but the way your brain reacts to get the message quickly is by using strong language as your brain has prefixed notion that using strong language and gestures gets a more quick reaction but what brain has not understood is that outcome is never positive in this manner.

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The more we love people, the more are the expectations like you expect more from your spouse rather as compared to any other person as the bondage is more- As Chanakya says \”Keep love in relationships, not boundations \” as when boundations takes over it becomes a burden for everyone.

The heart is the one place where there is very little room – where love and anger can\’t stay together, where lust and love will not be able to manage at once and it is easily filled with complaints, grudges, and anger towards other people like there are people whenever they will talk about anyone from Actor to Astrologer nothing good comes out of their mouth and only able to see bad in everyone, What they are showing is their own incompetency, insecurity and compensating for their own failures, Look closely at these people that why they are criticizing anyone -you will find they are a failure in their personal life, hold grudges for very close relations and that frustration is coming out like this on other people to whom they don\’t know properly.


They are deeply intimated by the success of other people and either start to copy them and criticize them or even start abusing to get attention and in this process, your own heart and vision is corrupted as now you don\’t even know why you are born?

We all carry some weight of grudges against some other people because we wanted them to be the best, we wanted them to be like they were in our expectations but when that doesn\’t happen we get angry at them and this grudge is like a constipated stomach carrying nothing more than shit for other people thinking it can harm anyone else but in truth, you are the only one carrying the pressure without reason.

It is difficult to forgive people who have done badly for you, It is difficult to forgive people who have created troubles for you, laughed at your failures but imagine if all these people were not there, how could you improve in life, they were, in fact, your true friends who helped you move up in life, You should thank these people from the heart and let go any grudge so you can carry on your journey in life.

We always conclude that if we forgive a person it means we are favoring them, no it\’s not! we are not favoring them for their deeds we are making our self free from the baggage of grudge.

This is the remedy of Forgiveness you should follow- hold a fruit, money or water or anything which can take that energy from your body, sit in a silent zone, take at least 6 deep breaths so you can go to your inner core where you have stored all this pain and disappointment for other people.

Now start by forgiving each person who has given you pain in life – all these were your past life relations who came to get trouble you in some way or the other whether it was your boss, spouse, or friends. You pray for their well-being so they can carry their journey in life and you can do yours.

Give this fruit to any animal, water to plant, and money to temple or sweeper depending on Rashi in 6th house, One thing I have noticed is whatever fruit you hold depending on your energy the fruit turns black within 1-2 hours only, the plant dries up as your negative energy is going out, even to consume this money you need Punya.


This is one of the first remedies you should perform before anything else in life to progress in life- Do it regularly if you want to move up in life.

There is an inspiring tale inside the Kath Upanishad- A brahmin boy named Nachiketa. He was the son of Udalak rishi. Once Udalak prepared a \’Yagna\’ to please the deities. A sacred ritual where all the material possessions, everything has to give away as a \’Daan\’.

Udalak changed into a miser and he donated sick and susceptible cows to the Brahmins. None of the cows was healthy & yielded any milk. This disturbed Nachiketa. He requested his father about it, \”Father, to whom could you give me in charity?\” This made his father very angry, however, he determined now no longer to mention whatever. When Nachiketa repeated the question, Udalak lost his cool and said, \”I\’m going to give you to Yama.\” Yama is the king of Yamapuri-Hell. Hearing this Nachiketa went to Yama\’s state. He followed his father\’s command.

It could now no longer be right for him to disobey his father. However, his father found out his mistake and attempted to prevent him however Nachiketa did now no longer stopped. He reached Yama\’s state but Yama was not there. Yama\’s guards stopped him so he waited at Yama’s doorstep.

Nachiketa was determined to meet Yama until he came back. He waited for 3 days. No meals, no water. Three fasts! Yama came back on the fourth day and noticed little Nachiketa at his doorstep. Yama was very much moved by this boy’s determination, waiting for three days without anything, without food and water. He and his wife Yami Both rushed across the residence to serve Nachiketa. One went to fetch water.

Yama felt absolutely glad to serve him. He offered an apology and requested Nachiketa, \” Dear child, to wash my sin, I’ll grant you three boons. What do you want?” Nachiketa said, \”My first wish is- after I go back father should not be angry with me, which was immediately granted. the second wish- provide me the expertise with the aid, of using which I may be worth of residing inside the heavens.

My 3rd and closing wish are to provide me Atmagyanam -expertise of the Atma. \” Yama granted the primary boons straight away and attempted to persuade Nachiketa to surrender his 3rd wish.

He offered him gold, pearls, coins, horses elephants, or even the happiness of Swarglok -heaven instead. \”No, I no longer want anything else\” spoke back Nachiketa firmly. Finally, Yama granted him all the 3rd boons, and Nachiketa changed into enlightened with the expertise of the Atma. Nachiketa conjures all of us, to admire one\’s parents, to be robust-willed to do something one has determined, even with the problems and limitations, to search for everlasting happiness.

Wisdom of the story:-
1. The Soul is immortal. It is not born, nor does it die. Even if this body is destroyed, the soul never gets destroyed. Big or small, the soul is abiding in all bodies. Without studying the Shashtras or scriptures, one cannot realize the soul’s importance. Native need to distinguish the soul from the structure, that is the seed of desire. The universe reveals the secrets to seekers only beyond bodily experiences. The consent of the theory is to understand this soul only.

2. Greater than the soul of the person is the higher knowledge, the seed of this is inside the secrets of the universe. Once That (Supreme Self) is planted out one will turn into an immortal being. The course to recognition is complicated and delicate. Incapability to realize the universe\’s consequences by native is being netted with the loop of rebirth. Understanding the soul ends up in moksha.

3. Forgiveness is the only key to uplift our consciousness towards the light of almighty to nullify our bodily & karmic relationships.

So, let’s begin with acceptance & surrender and experience the true magic of upliftment.


12 thoughts on “Art of Forgiveness- Nachiketa Dhyan”

  1. Life changing and life charging article…whenever we read or watch lunar astro videos..we feel energies and motivate towards real spirituality….

    1. But sometimes we know everything that forgiving is really nice but u just cannot forget that you were always innocent nd quite still other person exploited you… loads of Gratitude to Sir who is regularly giving knowledge to us, spreading light into our souls and mkg us bttr human beings ??

  2. Always thankful to you, and always after reading or watching your videos, in replying section for a minute or so, I think, what to write that can express what actually I want to present, but after thinking a long statement I just sum it to THANKYOU.. Being a writer, to you, my dictionary of words seems insufficient. THANKYOU

  3. As always expected,,, very nice and meaningful, feel like spiritual lesson, you are more than spiritual guru. Very calm… thank you very much..

  4. I am worried if my plant will get burnt due to my negativity I will pass in through water. How to use money in remedy?

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  6. “I forgive you all so I can be at peace” — such an elegant and eloquent way of permanently letting go of the bad things we have suffered. There are actually days when I fall down on my knees and cry tears of gratitude to Shani Dev, Rahu Dev, Ketu Dev etc..(I will sound crazy by this). Because if they didn’t care enough to block, or barricade or send terrible people in my way, perhaps I would have never bent, or crawled on all fours trying to be a better person or looked for the highest goal in life.
    My dad narrated this story of Rishi Uddalaka and Rishi Nachiketa sometime back. Truly, if isn’t for hardships, we will never know our own capacity and originality. Thought provoking article and expressed in heart felt way.

  7. ? ??????? ?? for forgiveness ,?? ???? ??? ?? ???? ???????? ?? ???????? ?? ?? ???? ?? ????????? ???? ?? ?? ?????????? ?? ?? ?? ????? ?? ???? ??? ??????? ?? ? ???? ????????

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