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Lunar Astro is offering you the top 5 professional and best Astrology softwares – Parashara light 9.0 software, Bhrigu Software, Red Astro Premium 8.0, Red Astro Professional 8.0, and Astro Data Bank that is a free online astrology software. With the help of these Jyotish Software, you can make predictions, match Kundli, suggest remedies, analyse Varshaphal and many more. All of these horoscope software are incredibly accurate. Read the descriptions below for all the software to know the best suitable astrology software for yourself.

Astrology Software offered by Lunar Astro is an astrological product that can calculate and compares the position of the Graha and Nakshatras accurately to produce the birth chart (Janma Kundli) of a native. These Jyotish software not only save your time to analyse a horoscope but also help you immensely in your research with various inbuilt dasha systems and advanced calculations.

Top 5 Popular Astrology Softwares Direct Links

Astrology Software Price Level Compatibility
Free / Lifetime
Beginners & Experienced
Windows / Mobile
17,700 / Liftime
Beginners & Experienced
17/100 / Liftime
8,500 / Lifetime
25,960 / Lifetime
Beginners & Professionals
Windows / Mac

1. Lunar Astro Data Bank - Astrology Software

Lunar Astro Astro Data Bank is a free Astrology (Jyotish) Software containing more than 29000 charts. All these charts are compiled in this software of astrology in a categorized way to help the students in their research work. In astrology, the more you do your research on the software of astrology the more you learn. To solve this purpose, we have come up with our Astro Data Bank Free Software of Astrology. 

The astrology learners and researchers can search any keywords like ‘noble prize’, ‘doctor’, ‘musician’, ‘divorce’, celebrity name, public figures etc., and this free astrology software will provide you with all the suitable birth charts according to your search, from the collection of horoscopes in its database. 

If you want to research on various topics in Astrology like- Marriage in Astrology, Profession in Astrology and Medical Astrology, this free software of jyotish of Lunar Astro is the thing you need most. This Astro Data Bank software offers you thousands of charts, particularly on your research topic. In this Jyotish [Astrology] software, you are just one keyword and one click away to get all the desired birth charts to strengthen your research. 

Benefits of  this Free Astrological Software –  Lunar Astro Databank

  • 29000+ categorized charts
  • This Software shows charts with significant events and times in a native’s life
  • Use Name, profession, Marital Status, Disease as Keywords
  • Get Birth Charts with a specific date of birth in this Jyotish Software
  • Get Charts with a planet in a specific Sign and Nakshatra Pada
  • Get Thousands of Charts with AA ratings
  • This Free Software of Astrology is mobile compatible
  • Find Astrological Patterns with the help of Lunar Astro Astro Data bank

How To Access the Lunar Astro’s Astro Databank Astrological Software ?

You Can Visit Lunar Astro Astro Data Bank by clicking the website link below. Then put your keyword in the keyword box or search with the name of a famous person. All the suitable charts that match your keyword or searched term will come up there.


2. Bhrighu Software - All-in-one software of Astrology

Lunar Astro Bhrigu Software is an all-in-one software of astrology that contains essential facilities required for a professional astrologer and a student of astrology. This Astrological Software is based on the mathematical interpretation and calculations used in the Bhrigu Traditional Astrology. 

This Bhrigu Software is a very comprehensive and user-friendly astrological software where you can make natal charts for yourself and your clients in a matter of seconds. This is the best jyotish software that comes with an inbuilt database of 27000 charts. Lunar Astro Bhrigu Astrological software is developed with a mission to make astrological analysis easy for the students of astrology.

With the help of this astrological software, you can know about your Bhrigu Transits and Bhrigu Pada Dasha, Vedic Progression, Tajik Varshaphal, House and Rasi Code to understand your time period and make your remedial solutions. This astrology software will also let you know about your Ascendant, Moon Sign, Nakshatra and other planetary positions. 

Benefits and Features of Bhrigu “Jyotish” Software

  • This Astrology Software has a Database of 27000 charts for research.
  • Use and Learn Vedic Progression and Bhrigu Progression.
  • Access Modified Dashas like- Yogini, Kaal Chakra, Bhrighu Ashottari, etc in this astrological software.
  • Use Lunar Hora Chart to see financial prospects.
  • Get House Code and Rasi Code with this astrology software. 
  • All in one astrological software at a reasonable price. 
  • Get Jaimini Sutram Calculations. 

Why Bhrigu Software is the best astrology software?

 Bhrigu Astrology Software gives you the necessary facilities to prepare and analyse a birth chart at a very low price also it saves time. Compare to other astrological software, this Bhrigu Software will provide you with everything in one place like, Lal Kitab Varshaphal, Tajika Chart, Chara Dasha, Transit chart, natal chart, Jaimini Karaka and many more. Practice and Master astrology with our best astrological software (Bhrigu Software). 

How to Get Bhrigu Astrology Software of Lunar Astro?

Click on the link below to learn more and get the license key with your user id for this astrology software. 

3. Red Astro Premium 8.0 - Astrology Software

Red Astro Premium 8.0 Astrology Software helps to make predictions with the help of various charts and tools as it helps to analyze planets in a deeper way. You can become a Pro in Lal- Kitab astrology with this popular jyotish software. 


Lal Kitab, Marriage Matching, Vedic Astrology & Baby Name Selection – this Software of Astrology has a fair number of options to assist the users.


All the charts and tools are based on Lal Kitab Lagna Kundali, Bhava Chalit (Sanshodhit Kundali) as well as Lal Kitab Chandra Kundali.



Redastro Premium - astrology software

Can this Astrology Software be used from Vedic Astrology’s point of view as well?

Yes, you can use this astrology (jyotish) software as it includes:

  • Planetary Positions & Kundali
  • Bhava Sphutas & Kundalis
  • Shodasha Varga Charts
  • Shad Bala & Bhava Bala
  • Ashtaka Varga Charts
  • Observations from Sarvashtakavarga
  • Charts related to K.P
  • Sudarshan Chakra
  • Aspect Charts (4 Types)
  • Planetary Avasthas & Tara Chakras
  • Vimshottari – MD, AD & PD
  • Planetary Positions (Gochar)
  • Shani Sadhesati (Transit Saturn)
  • General and Mental Characteristics
  • Predictions from Planetary Combinations (Yoga)
  • Prediction from Transit of Planets
  • Shani Sadhesati Prediction (All Parts)
  • Recommendation for suitable Gemstone (Ratna)
Benefits and Features of this astrological software?
  • You will get wider Work Screens in this Astrology Software.
  • Lal Kitab Lagna Kundali
  • Lal Kitab Moon Kundali
  • Lal Kitab Bhava Chalit Kundali
  • You will get daily Panchang in this Lal Kitab Jyotish Software
  • Favourable and Unfavourable planet settings
  • Free trial to understand the software

What you can expect from this Astrology Software Program?

Red Astro Premium 8.0 Astrology software offers you 

1. All the aspects related to Lal Kitab along with Varshphala charts of 120 years. It covers sections on Debts, Dasha Systems,        Different positions and results etc; 

2. Yogas in this astrology software are also given according to Lal Kitab principles. 

3. Various tools like 120 Year Varshphala chart, Unknown Chart Maker, Name Based Marriage Matching & more.

4. Red Astro Professional 8.0 - Astrology Software

Red Astro Professional 8.0 is an advanced astrology software that helps to make predictions more deeply as there are various additional tools and features which aren’t available in the premium edition of this Jyotish software. Be it analysis of sympathy and antipathy between two charts, A4/Diary/Pocket size printing with almost 500 pages of printouts along with the Astrologer Note, Birth Day Reminder & advanced information on planets.

All the charts and tools are based on Lal Kitab Lagna Kundali, Bhava Chalit (Sanshodhit Kundali) as well as Lal Kitab Chandra Kundali.

Redastro Premium - astrology software


Additional Features of this Software of Astrology:

    • Select / Feed Charts for Marriage Matching
    • Position of Planets – Horoscope
    • Asht – Koota agreement, Gun – Milan (36 points)
    • Dwadashi – Koota agreement Gun – Milan (50 points)
    • Balancing of Malefic Influences
    • Asht – Koota Milan from all Planets
    • Manglik Blemish Cancellation
    • Checking for the presence of obstructive factors
    • Compatibility results between two charts
    • Sympathy and antipathy between two charts
    • Astrologer Note
    • Birth Day Reminder
    • Baby Name Selection
    • Astrological Profile
    • Lal Kitab-Planets Info Viewer


Benefits of this astrology software?

  • This Astrology Software helps in the prediction.
  • You will get 100% Accurate Calculations in this software.
  • Palm Designs, Predictions and Remedies.
  • This Jyotish Software comes with a simple and user-friendly interface.
  • You will get Yogas from Lal Kitab and Manglik Blemish (Lal – Kitab).
  • Numerological Report and 120 Years Varsha Kundali.


What you can expect from this software?

In this professional astrological software – apart from the features covered in the premium version, we have added additional features which will help in making further fine-tuned predictions along with the timing of events and remedial part information.

Is this software available in Hindi?

Yes, you can customise the software by selecting Hindi as well as English from the settings menu.

5. Parashara's Light Vedic Astrology Software

Parashara’s Light Vedic “Astrology” Software is one of the most popular astrology software in the world. It is regarded as the leader in Vedic ASTROLOGY SOFTWARE. Most of the professional Astrologers love to use Parashara’s Light software during their predictions as it offers an incredible range of tools and features. 

This Vedic Jyotish Software uses diverse types of mathematical calculations to help the astrologers by providing in-depth details and analysis of the native’s horoscope. Parashara Light software comes with many special tools and free technical assistance. Also, you will get a comprehensive analysis in a report format in this astrology [software]. 

Parashara Light [Astrology] software helps you in Birth Time Rectification, Marriage Match Making, Transit Analysis and generating a report. One of the most beautiful features of this software is its user-friendly interface that helps beginners to use this software easily. Also, you can categorise your saved chart in this software. Whether you are a professional astrologer or a beginner in astrology, this is the best astrological software that you can choose for yourself. 

Best Astrology software

Benefits and Features of Parashara’s Light Astrology Software

  • Parashara Light Software comes with an inbuilt free personalized tutorial to guide the users to use the software smoothly. 
  • This Astrological Software is available in various other Languages -English, Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Bengali, Kannada, Tamil & Telugu.
  • You can get Parashara Light Vedic Astrology software in three editions- Personal, Commercial & Professional.
  • This Jyotish Software has the largest astrological database with more than 5000+ calculations and tools. 
  • All the calculations of this software are certified by Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidhyapeeth and it provides almost every type of astrological calculation. 
  • This software offers various types of chart styles like- South, North and East Indian chart styles. 
  • Parasara’s Light Vedic Astrological software comes with many Vedic Astrological classical texts. 
  • This software has pre-configured printing tools and a worksheet screen where you can put a second person chart. 
  • You will get free technical support with this Jyotish Software.

Why Parashara’s Light Software is the most popular astrology software?

Parashara’s Light Vedic Astrology software comes with an extremely stylish interface and easy navigation that makes all the professionals as well as the beginners very comfortable. Also, it comes with various other regional languages that give the software a large exposure. All the mathematical calculations of this software are 100% accurate and certified. 

How to Get Parashara’s Light Astrology Software?

To get the Parashara Light Vedic Software visit the link below. There you will get all the instructions and processes to get the license key with your user id for this Vedic Astrology software. 

Additionally, we Provide a Variety of Astrology Services