Zodiac Signs

Basics of Astrology – Chapter 1:

What are Zodiac Signs?

The zodiac is the most basic part of astrology. The zodiac is divided into twelve signs, each of which is associated with a particular set of traits and qualities. The twelve signs of the zodiac are Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces.

Each zodiac sign is associated with different qualities, such as intelligence, creativity, ambition, and more & by studying the positions of the planets in relation to the zodiac signs, astrologers can gain insight into a person’s personality, trouble areas of life and future events.

1. Aries

aries zodiac sign

It shows a new beginning like a new life, a new project, an initiative, etc. The energy of this rasis is based entirely on survival and there are no options available as there are no options during survival. For the same reason, this rasi gives neither wealth nor luxury. This rasi has the greatest energy of all other rasi’s and this energy helps create something new. It has the elements of survival energy and fire. However, since the energy is not constant, fluctuations occur after initiation, resulting in incomplete work. So it’s like the native comes first at the start of the race but due to inconsistency is not able to complete it due to lack of environment and resources on the table.

2. Taurus

taurus astrology sing

After surviving, resources are gathered and eventually communities called families are formed. Therefore, Taurus sign can only come after Aries. The Taurus sign shows the earning capacity, as finances are a resource in today’s world. However, Taurus represents all kinds of resources collected by the natives, such as food, clothing, money, and gold. The bull symbol which is represented for the sign of Taurus indicates what the native values ​​​​are in life. This rashi also shows the quality of speech so when someone speaks, the family background of the particular native is also shown, as it is the ancestors who speak through them.

3. Gimini

gimini astrology sign

After collecting resources, a new initiative takes place. The life of Geminis marks new beginnings when you become interested in learning new things in this Life. This rashi depicts the native subconscious brain & new thoughts are constantly being generated in the brain, and some kind of change and movement is always taking place both internally and externally. The rasi of Gemini shows native interests and hobbies because natives eventually come to think subconsciously and think most of their own interests

4. Cancer

cancer sign

After new beginnings and associations, one will seek solace and peace at home and as mothers take care of their children from birth and provide much peace of mind during difficult times. This particular rasi shows native emotions along with emotional instability as natives change things in this house to their liking.

5. Leo

leo sign

After establishing peace and harmony, getting through secondary education, one must get up and work hard towards education and status. Because it is what we need to grow up and ultimately be responsible to our families as fathers. It is an indigenous past life act or purva punya.One’s thinking capability and intelligence is also shown by this rasi.

6. Virgo

virgo sign

After going through a learning process & reaching a particular position, you have to go through a lot of effort and competition to maintain that position. Thus, the Virgo rasi shows the service, hard work, and competition that a native must go through in life, along with sickness, enemies, and strife. Essentially, these are all obstacles that the natives must overcome in order to be cleansed internally and the tolerance level increases therefore.

This rasi also needs clear instructions (SOP’s) on how to do things as it has no intuition and thus a lot of focus on the little details is present.

7. Libra

libra sign

Then comes the sign of Libra will find a partner to settle into their life through marriage, and many decisions will be made to make or worsen their native lives. Libra is the rasi of choice, offering opportunity to natives. We all have to make decisions in life, and the quality of those decisions depends on this factor. This rasi is also a form of interaction with others, such as marriage and spouse, social media, social gatherings, parties and events.

8. Scorpio

scorpio sign

After settling in life – comes the time when someone is satisfied and finally leaves the body, or dissatisfied and wants to know more, or wants to change their life in bigger way. It shows the transformation you must go through in order to become It shows both sudden changes and small changes that ultimately lead to BIGGER CHANGE or commonly TRANSFORMATION

9. Sagittarius

sagitarius astrology sign

After undergoing the transformation in the sign of Scorpio, one seeks the truth and finds the Guru which is represented by the sign of Sagittarius in Astrology. This is the rasi which shows Higher Education, Father, Guru. As you slowly learn the truth, seek long-term goals and enlist the help of your guru to advance your learning. This seems to indicate a principle to follow & anything to do with Sagittarius is always built on trust.

10. Capricorn

capricorn astrology sign

After going through the process of finding a true guide in Sagittarius, you start with a specific set of karmas with which you take birth on Earth. This is the rasi of hard work: you have to keep working for someone, for something, without expecting anything in return. Wherever the Capricorn sign is there, natives serve with great diligence. This is also a rasi where change doesn’t come easily because the native doesn’t like to try new things like Aries and follows tradition.

11. Aquarius

aquaries astrology sign

Finally, after we do a lot of hard work, desire fulfillment and many obsessions happen in this material world as this is the rasi for wish fulfillment. No matter where the Aquarius sign is, natives are so attached to these meanings that they will try to achieve it by any means necessary. Shortcuts and manipulation is commonly seen through this rasi as this has a major amount of subtle energy associated with Rahu.

12. Pisces

pisces sign

After his desires are fulfilled in Aquarius, his body grows old and frail, and the time has come for Lord Yama’s arrival, so the natives must leave their bodies. When we leave the body, one must have faith and trust in God. This sign is very emotional and represents loss, giving, isolation and meditation. Pisces also paints life in the bedroom, sleep patterns, and the roof of the house.

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