Holi Remedy & Past life

The night of Holi is brings something special every time- As the energy in the atmosphere is really charged up as Sun is getting charged up to go into the powerful and exalted sign of Aries but also this is the time when Sun is in isolation in the house of Pisces -watery sign to get in terms with all the past experiences.

Sign of Pisces is the sign where people get good or bad experiences depending on planets but the aim is very clear to get closure- 12th house is the most mysterious sign and as built in the DNA of humans as we are afraid of dark, loneliness and isolation because our soul journey knows that darkness/isolation has bitter experiences but imagine in the sheer house of isolation King of planets Sun is in transit and what happens when king leaves his palace and go in Jungle -The only time king goes in the jungle is when people complain that there are robbers/dacoits/violet animal is troubling them on a route which is on isolation.

So King along with some of his trusted men go in the jungle to hunt all these evils down- This is exactly what is the symbolism to burn the Holi- that we burn the evil which is hidden inside us -The unresolved patterns of past life which are creating an obstruction for us to grow and start our new journey in Aries and that is why 12th house is called as house of travel but it is not the house of foreign travel but the house which is of the higher journey and all these obstacles are in our way to loot us from various significations – That is why 12th house is called for donations.

One thing is very sure whichever planet is placed in the sign of Pisces -these signs will create obstructions in your journey to Aries- and until and unless you get incomplete terms with these planets -you will not be able to progress in life.

Let me give you an example of exalted Venus- now until and unless native will have a breakup in love life -native will not be able to enjoy the significations of the planets which are posted in the sign of Aries- It is the loss of love which has to happen as that is why this is a sign of giving and let it go, As benefic Venus is and in habit of giving out love to everyone – It is easier for Venus to let it go significations of these houses, forgive and move on- but to get closure of love life will be very important as the one-day relationship will be over without reason and native will not be able to move on until and unless he/she get closure about it and come to peace.

Venus in Pisces also represents someone whom you deserted in a past life will walk in your life- Will teach you how to love and then move on and this will make you crazy as now you need closure that why it happened.

Malefic planets in the sign of Pisces is a real trouble maker as to when you have a planet like Rahu or Saturn in this house first thing is native is not able to let it go and move on to get into a new world and secondly closure is something which will come very late or native is not even looking for closures and going round in circles doing same mistakes again that is why the sign of Pisces when placed in 7th house with malefic planets- native is not able to let go of the old relationship and move on.

When Sun in Pisces is in transit looking for closures and making sure all the evils in us get rectified so the King makes sure anyone who is creating trouble for us should be taken care of -this is the best time to do remedies for our progress, that is the reason jungle of all the obstacles which is inside us and creating a hindrance in our progress should be burned.

The specific Remedy during this time period is – to do a ritual on the night of holi yourself and see how it helps you to get closures of your life- As when we get closures in life we get complete- that is why in North India – It is said – (Poore ho gaye) means person got completed when anyone died. These closures are important to make sure we get rid of that past life unclosed matters and move on.

Try this in your predictions- Mars in Pisces – there is a big unresolved problem in native\’s life related to land and brother add the significations of the house in this prediction such as Mars in Pisces in 9th house- Native will have problem-related to siblings married life or will get into problem after sibling get married and this is the very karmic connection of many past births which will show up in this life.

The Ritual I will post about it in detail for every planet in Video format as it will be easy for me to explain how to do this ritual on the night of Holi, Till then read all the other articles on this blog- Every article is written to make sure you improve in your life.


Holi Remedy- Past life closures – YouTube

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50 thoughts on “Holi Remedy & Past life”

    1. Deepanshu Sir,
      How many times I thank you, i dont know. What I know is that will not be enough. Everytime you post something, you teach me a great lesson. I have Mars and Venus in 10th house in pisces.
      Just few days back I was crying that I never got answers from my loved ones who left me and I do not know how to move on. I am stuck.
      Thank you so much???
      Koti koti pranam!
      May god bless you with each and everything.

  1. Monisha Upadhyay

    Thank you sir.. my mars and Jupiter both in Revati in 12th house.. despite overcoming Jupiter Mahadasha .. still not finding closure.Waiting for the remedy.???

  2. Smitha Valsaraj

    My husband has Sun,Saturn, Rahu,Venus, Mercury in Pisces.He is Pisces Ascendant.I can understand it.His Venus is in Leo Navansh along with some other planets,I forgot.
    But he understands what’s is love ..more over I am so grateful to God for him.
    So much of dissatisfaction he had.
    Got married when he was 33, then I was 21.
    But the relationship is beyond the definition of normal mrd life.Both of us had troubles.

    Life is beautiful when we have greater definition of love beyond infatuation and lust.

    Great post.Nicely written sir.
    May eeshwar bless you and family

  3. E S Jagadeeshwar

    Very nice article Deepanshu ji. Due to various reasons divorces are increasing, singles and single parents as well.

    Those who are taking divorces have think about the impact of separation, trauma, loss of love and have to know how God will teach in next birth.

    Those who are separated and had taken divorce have to do the remedial measures in this birth itself.

    Hint is 12th house is related to donations. Deepanshu ji, already suggested previously donate in temples etc. during Purnima, amavasya, Ravi sankramana days.

    My nephew died on 9-3-2021 around 6-45am in ICU during sleep. I performed his funeral rites. He was a bachelor. His parents were died few years back. Since his birth he was not bedridden. But before his death for 8 days he was bedridden. I donated new clothes at cremation ground to Kaati Kaapari ( who is looking after burning of dead bodies) on 10-3-2021 and also donated some amount on Maha Sivaratri day in his name during the construction of Adi Shankaracharya Bhavan in the premises of a temple, this building will be used for rest place of Kanchi Kama Kori Peetadhipatis during their visit to my native place.

    I donated on my name as well as my ancestors on the same day. Since March, 2011 to March, 2021 five of my family members left this earth lived at our home. I performed their funeral rites.

    So, crux is 12th house, past life relations, donations and how to satisfy our pitru devatas and how to get rid of our past life bad karmas.

    We have to wait to know more.

    Warm Holi wishes to all of you. Wish God bless you all.

  4. bhaveshjnaik

    I see a Saint In NAMO As i See All Other Politicians ,After Watching Most Of Your Youtube Videos ,I See A Saint In You Among All Other Astrologers ,in The Same Manner !! Stay Blessed

  5. Dhanyawad bahut chota shabd hai , jo bhi aapke followers hain woh lucky hain ki yeh anmol batein sunte hain , bhagwan aapko khush rakhein hamesha

  6. I get scared after reading your article, feel like taking a new birth again, as with my half-baked knowledge whenever I apply it in my chart I have the feeling that there’s too much of pending karma burden in life.

  7. Vivek Sharma

    Hi Sir….Great article as usual..thanks.I’ve got Moon in pisces in 2nd house and my lagna is kumbh..Moon mahadasha going and Venus is in pisces in navamsa..what is the connection as in relation to karmic baggage ? Pls reply..

  8. Hi dipanshu ji I have tarus ascendent mars, sun and mercury in pisces in 11house.these days I m thinking about my property right, I want my own home because my married life is not o. K. So I want my share for my parental property just for my own security. But I’m confused if I will demand or even request I will loose my relationship with my bhai. What should I do. Please suggest

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    ???? ??????

  10. Namaskar sir,
    No planets in Pisces and venus in 12th house in D1 chart leo ascendant.
    Venus in 6th house in pisces D9 Chart libra ascendant. Please sir guide me…for proper direction..

  11. Namaskar sir,
    No planets in Pisces and venus in 12th house in D1 chart leo ascendant.
    Venus in 6th house in pisces D9 Chart libra ascendant. Please sir guide me…for proper direction..

  12. Thank you Deepanshu Ji for sharing your knowledge with us as usual. I always listen and read you. Keep it up. Love you.

  13. ravindra singh goyal

    Sir very nice article on 12 house Pisces. But what if there are no planets in 12 house of Pisces?

  14. I am a Libra ascendant with Saturn, Rahu and Mars in 6th house in Pisces. I love your videos. You have Maa Saraswathi’s blessing Dipanshuji? I am not an astrologer nor have I studied astrology but I am very much attracted to astrology, look up my own chart and experiences to learn. Your videos on Lal Kitab fascinate me and I feel tempted to buy one, I believe if it has to come to me there will be a sequence of indications and I am watching and observing the patterns.
    I look forward to your video about Holi and a remedy for my 6th house Pisces – Saturn, Rahu and Mars.
    Thank you so much Dipanshuji for sharing your knowledge. Please accept my humble gratitude?
    – Padmaja

  15. BUENOS AIRES -ARGENTINA Please enable SUBTITLES in the video edition to be able to activate AUTOMATIC TRANSLATION and translate to other languages ??for example, Spanish, thank you

  16. Me Aquarius acendant, Mars in 2nd house in meen . I have two brothers always in problem unmarried. I am always worried about them.

  17. Waiting for the remedy
    Mars and moon in Rasi chart in Pisces (12th house), Aries ascendant……struggling in career & personal life, I wish for some relief now

  18. Would Rahu in 12th house in Libra, then, cause not to be able to let go of old relationships, would 12th
    House act as Pieces ? And scared of loneliness, so it is a jungle of relating to people..

  19. I have my moon in Pisces sign, I have three planets i.e jupiter, Venus and mars in 12th house Scorpio sign , I’m always in isolation , I enjoy being alone with my thoughts, I’m close to my mother , but at times I get very negative thoughts more than positive. For now my professional life has remained unstable I don’t know when things will start working right for me. Hoping for the best.

  20. Really the insight you are developing within us through your immense knowledge, means a lot?????

  21. Bhavya Sharma

    Great! It’s raining wisdom.
    You just penned down what’s exactly happening in my life, (venus in pieces).

  22. Dasneet Deol

    I know someone with Mars retrograde in Pisces in 11th house. He keeps getting same discord with his elder unmarried siblings who are too stubborn to even listen and always blame him or others for everything that is wrong in their lives and he always says – “maybe its my karma. I love them and I know my siblings love me too. They are also paying their karma by being the obstacles in mine and their own prosperity.”
    His elder siblings are devotional and mean well but instead of coming from a place of love, they approach life and prayers from a place of doubt and insecurity.

  23. Rochan Toshniwal

    Very easy to understand life and pending karmas through such examples. Simply outstanding. ??

  24. Megh Sthanakiya

    I have been following Deepanshuji since 20th of jan 2021 and today it’s been almost 10 weeks and I was having plenty of problems related to personal and professional life but his you tube video popped like a miracle from no where and today I have overcome plenty obstacles with his remedies but more than remedy he is like GOD’s messenger to me.
    Thank you very much sir God bless you

  25. D Sai prabhakar Rao

    Sir can we do havan of all the planets for 108 times each so that we can permanently get rid of the 12th house issues

  26. Bhawna Jaitli

    Thanku soo much Sir for guiding and enlightening our lives with your wisdom and knowledge. As guided by you I performed the navgraha havan today. Thanks once again.

  27. The Reverent

    What if Venus is exalted in seventh house with aspect of Mars which is sitting with ketu in fourth house? And moon as atmakarka in 12th house.

  28. Thank you so much sir? sir if someone has Jupiter in Pisces in 9th house and Ketu in aries then does it mean his guru will walk away from his life after enlightening his life

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