Why you want to Learn Jyotish ?

For any action there has to be a motive behind it – It can be small- big, personal but there has to be motive as although Vasudev says in Geeta of nishkam Karam– To not desire of fruits of your actions and I agree there are few things in life which are beyond profit and loss and you do it for the bigger goals.

Any type of action will have one of four motives and Jyotish is the Same, this is from one of the articles of Shri K.N Rao – interpreted in different words.

1) Seeking Relief- This is the lowest category as when we get in trouble -we go to an astrologer and seek for any kind of remedy so the problem can go away- This is the lowest category as like an animal knows where to go at the time of crisis – That is how humans behave in time of crisis and slowly they know enough astrology to solve most of the problems as they have visited n number of astrologers.

2) Making money- This is 2nd category when people like to make money and that is why they want to learn this science, they know their tools, whether it be transit or marriage date or Job date- They do a fairly good job- You will find good, bad, ugly all of them in this section as some of them really want to make money by fooling clients.

3) Learning Astrology- To discover something new as a curiosity of Mrighshira to enter a new domain and slowly they start to enjoy the new knowledge and they are hungry for it and will learn it seriously without thinking of profit and loss, just for the love of Jyotish.

4) To find themselves and give something in the field of the astrology-They work day and night like a mad person -cry, laugh and go through emotional turmoil to solve the puzzle and make everyday every minute of life count for them life is small as they know what they are up against can\’t be crossed until and unless Maa Saraswati really bless them.

I have seen people going from Level-1 to 4 and vice versa.

My request to you all is when you feel like doing anything like a leg-pulling in the field of astrology as I see it as a trend to join Fb/Whatsapp astrology groups bashing each other – Sit down alone and think why you left everything and choose Jyotish, What was the reason you gave up everything for Jyotish.

Make your goal higher to give something new to the world of Jyotish– as if you will not then nature will choose someone else as a medium to get it done- Rather than reading negative toxic comments – Concentrate on how you can do better and learn something new, As everyone has a work assigned by nature – Do not let nature assign you to work of making others feel small.

So be clear in the goal of learning Jyotish- it\’s not for friends, family or yourself- It for something far bigger – As if you are doing Gayatri Jaap -you would have understood by now- The power of Gayatri. You would have got those flashes of insights to give you goosebumps.

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26 thoughts on “Why you want to Learn Jyotish ?”

  1. Neeru Singh

    I was thinking this for so many days and you posted it today .I got my answer .I am grateful.Thank you so much sir.

  2. E S Jagadeeshwar

    Wonderful suggestion Deepanshu ji. If the learners thinks it as nishkama karma, definitely they will come under 4th level. Learning will become as a passion and will become as a life long, continuous learning.
    If the learner wants to go into the depths sky is the limit. They are only 12 rasis, 9 planets, 27 stars to analyze these million births also may not be sufficient. Plenty of ancient books on Astrology are available at http://www.archive.org. How many are using them?
    If the time is calculated in the context of Brahma, a day for him, we can understand the value of time. In some books, some of our ancient experts calculated the time as per Manvantara and Yugas. The difference of time will confuse in deciding the ayanamsa.
    If there are differences they will affect prana dasa. Prediction, timing of event may go wrong. So perfect clarity about time is essential.
    Learner has to think about level 4 and has to study astrology. Remaining 3 levels will not be significant. Learning of astrology is like standing in front of an ocean. Choice is in the hands of learner. Make learning of astrology as passion rather than to make it as a tool to earn money.
    Wish God bless us all.

  3. Rahul Saxena

    Thank you sir…your post is really motivating one and yes the power of Gayatri mantra is unimaginable and I can feel that in your YouTube videos …

  4. Rightly said Sir!! An incident comes to mind, a little off track though. Somebody invited a few people to their home for dinner. The host let the people inside the house, told them to eat dinner themselves as he had to go out. The guests were baffled.
    They were left there without an explanation in somebody else’s house to eat dinner on their own. They could have eaten food outside in the restaurant or at their house.
    They did not come to the house to eat food only, maybe just talk too. Their intention was pure, but they deserved some respect and some communication. They were made to feel “small”.If the host knew that the guests would be painful to handle, they should have told them and they would have never come.
    Some experiences break people from inside that they go in a hole and nobody knows their actual pain. What seems okay to some people maybe is devastating to others emotionally. Sometimes, just clearing things up is the best way forward.
    Congratulations on your book. Wish you all the success!! Like that pic on the book but Just saying – you look great in specs!!

  5. Sir! An explanation which sums up the purpose of life..in a subtle and a highly meaningful way.. leading to many other insights…Qudos to you sir! I personally thank the nature for guiding me to the Guru .. Deepanshuji …His Gita!!

  6. Sir, wonderful conceptualization of motive behind seeking wisdom, astrology..rarely anyone points it point as its something which only sincere Gurus sense, and discriminate..as they can see through…what makes people seek….reminds me of something emotionally similiar..expressed in a book called “Illusions” by Richard Bach (simple book) about guru-shishya relationship…a guru who has quit being a messiah as people just seek his solutions…quick fixes for relief only(they just want his touch to be healed- get rid of their problems)…instead of valuing the encounter with insights or what it means that hes offering..potential growth, peace.. this is something which only true seekers of wisdom connect to…or even realise..becoming an instrument of values…thank you sir for revealing from the soul…everytime…like a magician beautiful sincere points..to be noted by each seeker in our respective journeys…without valuing we dont really internalize the shiksha(being versus having)..it just remains outside something to be “had/grasped”..and as Sir has pointed out…probably this journey has stages.. so it is our choice where with what motive we learn to truly grow…such a gem of insight for us to meditate upon…

  7. Was looking for the right reason to join your course n was looking for an answer/ Nimit .. and here it is in the article .. thanks for guiding ?

  8. Thank you Deepanshu sir for my answer. I contacted lunar astro yesterday for the course, and here it is the answer from you. Students like me are so much connected to you and your knowledge. Thanks.

  9. Sirji, i am learning because I want to utilise this knowledge to make my life spiritual. I want to get rid of all karma and be sadhaka.. Because unless you r not free from karna, new dimension will not open for me Or for anyone. Knowing thyself with dhyana helps?

    1. Sir Namaskar, I had started learning Jyoutish around 2008-2009 to know about myself & family ,& one more reason was I was doing Homeoapthy treatment as my hobby as my fatther also did it & my grand father also did but he was doing aurvedic in our village & I never charge for that some time I had a problem even after giving proper & selected medicine it was not working ,so some body guided me about learning jyoutish & hence I started ,As such i am a small trader of synthetic fabric having at present office at Bhiwandi ,when I came on you tube & seen your videos then I joined your course & followed your advice regarding Jyoutish ,my aim is to learn & help my family nothing else & in my last age I want to be spiritual My 70 year is running
      your readings are so fantastic I have no words to appreciate , Lord Vishnu Bless you for the knowledge you are giving us

  10. Everything in this universe have energies which are constantly giving calls. Its the way how we listen to these calls,such energies responds.

  11. Jataka parijata has special degree ..
    Lal kitab has special sight of looking at things
    Certainly both can be used at some point contradiction so big that can not be overlooked
    Will happen

  12. Through Utube i came in tough of Astrology. and through it i came to know about Knowlege of past life karma, vikarma and its impact on present and future life and next birth.It makes me more spiritual and humble. and I Found The person who really understand Astrology are Real Spiritual People.

    As well as…. during study of Astrology ….suddenly i understood what’s the purpouse of my life.

    Deepanshu Sir….. words are limit to express, what You are doing for common sense people. Your simplicity and Deep knowledge and Being Real Spiritual Human

    it inspires me every day.

    plz accept my regards, God Bless You and Your Family. Wishes for very happy and healthy life.

  13. Thank you for everything Sir. I really hope oneday you write a book on lal -kitab decodings. That day will be the best day of our life.

  14. Respected Deepanshu sir
    I came on this platform just out of curiosity as to why I came to this world …what God wants out of me and also sudden ups and down in my life made me more curious of what future has in store for me ….trying to find out the answers through this mystical science

  15. Ashitav Chatterjee

    Does lalkitab say that particular astro combinations should not do remedy..like if Saturn is connected with the 7th house, is this interpretation correct??

  16. Dear Deepanshu Ji,

    I want to learn astrology just to understand and remediate my pending karmas. I have recently moved into Dhyan, meditation under an influence of a Guru. I am really pissed off from the life and all the materialistic things doesn’t impact or lure me anymore. I am looking for Salvation and ready to go for any extra mile to achieve it. I only need to know my pending karmas which may be hurdle to achieve Moksha and break the cycle of rebirth. Please suggest, which course shall I undergo. I have only basis knowledge of astrology or after watching your videos would say no knowledge. Need your help please.

    Gaurav Verma

  17. Thank you for anotһer informative site. The plaсe else may just I am getting that kind ߋf info writtеn in such an ideal apⲣroаch?
    I’ve a mission that I’m just now running on, and I’ve beеn ᧐n the glance out for
    such info.

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