Temples & Purification of Soul- Kashi Vishwanath- Part-1

There are certain temples when we visit them -certain incidents starts happening with us and these are not normal and are very karmic in nature -Let me take an example of Kashi Vishwanath- This is temple which marks the beginning of human civilization and is represented by sign of Sagittarius- Jeev -So at any point of time you have problems to your origin, kids, health and for higher knowledge native should visit the Kashi Vishwanath temple but let us suppose some has afflicted sign of Sagittarius with Mars and Rahu in it -As Sagittarius is also a sign of war where you have to fight for principles and defend the religion by sacrificing yourself as look at the people who are represented by Sagittarius- Guru and father and both of them sacrifice lot of things for their coming generation. Affliction to this sign with malefic like Mars and Rahu shows native has died defending something in past life and had physical injuries and that in why in this life as well you will see the physical damage will also com

Karma & 7th house

A classical remedy is to offer sword in temple for Rahu in 7th – understand the meaning behind it rather than giving out a sword – A sword is given in temple to take blessing before going on War but in today\’s world and this native with Rahu in 7th has to fought war for these people to get rid of the debt