Story of Indian Maid & Remedy to bring her back

As in every city, a household maid holds a very important and critical position as it\’s really your luck to get a maid which can fulfill your requirements and sometimes it becomes a necessity with old people to have a trustworthy maid, Similarly problem is when you get transfer in government jobs.

So this is a story of my student who got into some problem with the maid and now things were not good on the other hand her Mother was facing the problem of not getting transferred to the desired place and with the help of remedies -She eventually managed to get a new maid and transfer to mother.

Lal-Kitab is mainly seen as a remedial book to solve problems of life as Lal-kitab states in starting -This is a book to cross your ocean of the world and that is why it is also termed book of totkas but if you concentrate and try to read between lines, the meanings are much deeper but having said that, there are different issues of your life such as marriage, Job transfers which you can overcome by doing simple remedies, Most of these remedies will give result in the specific time period, but will remedy work in all cases? No

There are certain houses in which remedies will not work and will be controlled by timing, and remedies will only work when any event will have both positive and negative factors and you can always add a little more positive to get that work done easily.

So it all started with the Remedies and Activation course and after the course one of the students emailed me regarding the problem she is facing without maids and transfer of mother as both problems belonged to the same house category and the planets involved were Mars and Saturn.

She explained that how she predicted this event is about to happen with the help of Paribhraman paddati and now she has seen there are enough positives for an event to happen so going for remedial measures for the transfer of mother, Which is ok but I was interested to see if her Maid also comes back so I asked her in an email that real worth of the remedy will be if she can bring her maid back, This was as a Joke I said -As after that remedy she will have a big line of women asking for the remedy to retain maids.

I asked her one-line question-

Wed, May 27, 11:22 PM   \"\"\"\"

\”Real worth will be _ can you bring your maid back??\”

She applied the principles taught in the Remedies and Activation course and came up with a remedy that if a mother can apply mustard oil on shoulders in Tuesday on Saturn hora- Then should get the desired results as what she has done here is -She has activated Saturn which is placed in Martian sign but honestly I haven\’t seen that chart and this was her judgment – I trusted her as I explained this principle several times in course on how to choose- Date/Time/object and what to donate and what to accept and when to only activate.

6 days later -she comes up with this email.

\”Pranam sir, Applied mustard oil to mother’s arm on Tuesday in Saturn’s hora sir.  Saturday a lady had come to ask for money telling she doesn’t have anything to eat, she asked for 10rs, I gave sir. Today a new maid came and started off the work today itself sir. Yesterday mother got transfer order also.\”

Honestly, I was happier in getting the maid back than the transfer order as if the problem is in the same house both things will be corrected by the same remedy.

All she has done is carefully read the chart- Make a yearly prediction before even it happened and made a remedy for activation of certain houses depending on the chart, If you think sometimes remedy is not working then the issue is you have not applied all principles of remedies in the chart – there is a systematic sequence for any remedy to be given or prescribed a stone and remedy can be as simple as applying a mustard oil in shoulders but similarly same remedies will backfire if not done properly.

As when you are dealing with the energy of Scorpio -The effects are very powerful -and results will be seen suddenly.

There are various instances in Lal-Kitab where the remedial measures are given but at the same time in the starting itself, it has been stated that there are certain combinations when there is no remedy but you have to take help from any other planet.

These are basic

11 thoughts on “Story of Indian Maid & Remedy to bring her back”

  1. Namaste sir,I read some where that in LAL kitab Jupiter in 7th house person should not wear gold chain is it true? I hope u give rpl sir….

  2. My sat in scorpio in 6th and mars in 7th…shall this remedy backfire if I do it to avoid divorce? Please reply

    1. Why you wanna activate 6th house by this which is going to give you divorce!? Check for 3rd house planets for the remedy.

  3. Nice blog….Scorpio is indeed very powerful. So much so, that if somebody activates their Scorpio house in the chart and there is a planet there, their will be another person who is an extremely strong Scorpio (or their charts are linked tightly) and if they both have some pending karma from past lives, they will end up coming in contact in this life. I have seen this in many charts. It could be as neighbours, friends or colleagues. One person may realize this more than the other.

    So, as all blogs mention, please be careful when you start reading Lal Kitab. Someone from past life might come to fulfil their pending karma and they may not even know what that karma is.
    If pull is too strong, one won’t be able to sleep peacefully. That person might be very spiritual and logical but no matter how much Japa one does then, it will be of little help unfortunately….such is the depth of Scorpio! And maybe not all Scorpios are mad or psychic, they just need to be done with their pending karmas, give back to the world and re-unite with God.

  4. E S Jagadeeshwar

    Very nice result, Sir. Your student used ‘paribhramana paddati’. Now a days marriages are delaying. Some even after 50s remained single. It means they had a block relating to marriage. May be past life curse. To root out the said block what they have to do?

    Deepanshu ji, you are requested to enlighten all on how to select a spiritual life companion? How to root out curses or blocks? What are the remedies as per Lal-Kitab? Specifically if they had Rahu or ketu in 7th house? If Mars, Venus are with Rahu or ketu in Lagna in 1st house, aspected by Saturn? If they are in Scorpio? What are the remedies?

    Sir, you enlighten us on delayed, denied, late marriages also. If the grihasta life is disturbed, society will be degenerated. If there is no marriage vamsa and gotra also will not be developed.

    Wish God bless you, sir.

  5. Gargee Chakraborty

    Sir,maids don’t stay in my house though I pay good.plz help as i suffer much for this problem

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