Solar and Lunar Eclipse-Troubled times

I will write carefully but try to read between these lines in the article, there is a lot of advice for every one of you and a brilliant technique of predicting future outcomes as well.

There are few principles of the eclipse and some of them have repetitive patterns -such as 2 eclipses in 14 days will result in war and in 1999 during the time of Kargil we have already seen that happening,

In the year when Mercury is varshesh -Army is going to suffer badly and moreover, it will start on two ends- The first eclipse which is a lunar eclipse happening on 5th June 2020 will happen in Jyestha Nakshatra -which signifies king and government and affliction to this nakshatra shows the troubled time for the government as a result of any lunar eclipse we should see in next 15 days -So the trigger warning we all will get in even before the solar eclipse.

The Solar eclipse is in Mercurian Sign in the nakshatra of Mars– it is clearly the Mars and Mercury combo in both eclipses and will going to start troubles in border areas of the country and moreover in the Indian ocean with trigger points at Andhra Pradesh.

Then comes the Solar eclipse of 21st June happening in Sign of Gemini and nakshatra of Mars and Dasha sequence which is running is clearly indicating regarding government troubled time with finances will occur and it is a very likely possibility for the government to abolish some financial acts as well. The effect of the solar eclipse will be seen in the month of July but the trigger for this will start in June itself, If to be specific moreover around 26-30th July we will see this happening.



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  1. Things are bad at LAC already….sad that the worse is yet to come! So as mentioned, in personal charts, it holds true for people with key points in Jyeshtha and Mrigasira and/or going through Nodal dashas(super Karmic stuff).
    Praying to the source energy and wishing more power to us lesser mortals….!

  2. I humbly state that I cannot read between the lines. However even reading the lines as they are written is pretty scary , as things are going to get worse during and after the eclipse

  3. I love your poem, it put a massive smile on my face …. am going through some real bad times. But this poem brightened my day. ?.
    Thank you,

    Keep doing the good you do. For so many of us who are going through tough times, you’re our LIFELINE.

  4. A lady came to me a few months back saying her in laws have treated her very badly and from her conversation I could gather all her life energy was going in taking revenge from them.

    Saw her chart. She had a few key planets in “Amrita” amsa in D60 so I said you should spit the “Poison” out first if you want the “Amrita”. That planet will give you Amrita in this lifetime, if you are ready to receive it.
    Forgive all your enemies. Forgiveness is very important no matter how bad someone did to you. The poison in you will not let the “Amrit” in(just like a bottle filled with wine needs to be emptied before rasa can be filled in that)
    It was bad karma for your enemy to treat you badly, but in that course you cannot destroy your own good karma. The feeling of revenge destroys our “Atma” and “Mann”and hence our Sun and Moon.
    The cosmic waters or Amrita will fall upon us only when forgiveness begins because key role in Kundalini Shakti rising begins with ‘Forgiveness”. Its the first step.

    As what has happened is – you gave power to your “opponent” to rule your mind and Atma. Its after all a mind game. He has control over you now.
    Forgive yourself, the world and everyone.The blockage is relieved and the Kundalini continues its invigoration throughout the body. Without a pure internal vibration, external vibration of “greatness” may be hard to come.
    Its the greatest shakti a “Maha-Atma” has. The power in not just making friends but making your enemies bow down to you.

    Be the Amrit that no amount of poison “outside” can corrupt the “inside”.
    When that happens, you start to conquer the world.

    May the eclipse bring that transformation in us!

    PS:I may be wrong in my interpretation of D60 but it has helped me towards my quest for happiness. So just wanted to share if it can help even one person.

  5. Sir our prediction is based on mercury being varshesh.
    I have a query.why did we have mercury as varshesh for India as for this year 2020 year lord (varshesh) for India is moon.
    Sorry but i didnt understand the concept

  6. In 19 years back, yes we fought kargi..But we own it. Expecting same this time too with china. Its moreover good time to India. Next 6 Months will be better comparing with last 6 months. May be that is read between lines.

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