Shivling – The Power Cosmos

Ever wondered why every scripture mentions that by even the smallest of effort Lord Shiva can be pleased and even Lord Shiv says to Maa Parvati that anyone in Pradosh Kaal if anyone offers me bel Patra -I grant everything he needs and forgive all his sins.

So Even Lord Shiv himself is telling you that even by a very small offering -I can be pleased but like all of us know that Lord Shiv has to be praised in form of Shivling and what is so special in shivling that it is bound to give you energy so quickly and easily.


Let us look at who lord Shiv is true- Have you ever wondered why lord Shiv is Shiv – what makes him Viswanath – He lives in a completely isolated place and has all the ghosts, snakes, as his followers -who do not belong to civilized society but anyone who is not accepted in society when accepted by lord shiv gets a respectable place-for example Lord Shiv is the only god in which the whole family is worshiped and the ganas are also worshiped even the things we offer to lord Shiv cannot be offered to any other god- Everything is accepted as that is the power to lord shiv that even if he resides in the graveyard, applies ashes to the body but his inner positivity is so great by meditation that anyone coming in contact with him gets praised- river Ganga on head and Moon placed called as Chandrashekhar – that even Moon is known for roaming around but with lord Shiv – constantly placed and becomes calm- that is also the effect of offering water and milk to Shivling that it gives constant wealth,

Now, what is special in Shivling is that it is like a receiver due to its shape – It is like an upward facing triangle- Please read the article on Sarasvati yantra- Sarswati Yantra- Autism & Vaak Siddhi – Lunar-Astro, All the forces which we cannot see in the universe gets attracted towards the Shivling and it becomes the power cosmos- A receiver of energies – as when placed in the temple -due to constant prayers and chants – a lot of positive energy is accumulated in Shivling which comes from the universe and when we offer something in this power cosmos such as water, milk, honey- we get results very quickly.

Do not Keep Shivling at home -The reason is at your house there is now a power receiver and at the house, you will not be able to control which type of energies you will attract, and in earlier days the temple of Lord Shiva will not be merged with any other god but nowadays you will see all Vaishnav and Shaiv at the same place as the base energy of both Lord Vishnu and Mahakaal are entirely different and that is why keeping Shivling at home is not permitted- It is the same thing when you draw a triangle on phone wallpaper or making a triangle shape outside a house – soon you will start attracting energies which you will not be able to control -There is a reason why it is not advised to live in a house with 3 doors aligned as now according to Vastu what you have done is – you have made a pattern to attract energies in the house. even keeping Idols of 3 equal Ganesh is not permitted until and unless you want to get connected to the outer world.

Now when we have understood the energy of Shivling – you must realize that when you visit any ancient Shiv temple specially Jyotirlinga -there is a huge amount of energy in it and this can change your fate- For example, Kashi Vishwanath- Anyone experiencing problems in childbirth should visit Kashi Vishwanath with faith and offer any small weapon like a knife- why weapon? – This is because the majority of the people who experience childbirth issues are due to a lot of violence of either words or weapons in a past life – So offering a weapon to Vishwanath is asking for forgiveness for the sins of past life and granting them happiness from kids. The one thing which should happen after a visit is that natives should get hurt physically or mentally by someone\’s words to make sure the visit was successful.

How do we check that this remedy has worked? In 10-15 days from the return from the temple -wherever Jupiter is in the chart will create a bad result – Please read- Remedy Worked!!! How to Check? – Lal-Kitab

I will write another article on each Jyotirlinga and how it affects.

You want to see what the universe has to offer you make yoni mudra while meditation and you will realize slowly thought process is changing and you are attracting a lot of positive and negative things in life as it depends on what kind of energy you are carrying or while making an important decision if you need a signal from the universe -sit down in this mudra and think for 5 mins while controlling your breathing. This is one of the miracles of this mudra that very soon you will get a signal – a nimit that weather or not you should go ahead or negate a plan.

Yoni Mudra

These are different everyday items you can offer to Lord Shiv in the temple for various issues you face.

1) Problems in Job /Depression- Offer Black til and milk.
2) Married life – Offering Janeu (Cotton thread) and Beetel Leaves.
3) Health- Honey.
4) Kids- Milk and Desi ghee
5) Rahu/Ketu- Bhang/ dhatura/ flowers of these plants.
6) Removing obstacles- Bel Patra.
7) Flowers for intelligence.
8) Offering of roots of certain plants gives immense wealth in various forms.

33 thoughts on “Shivling – The Power Cosmos”

    1. I believe that whether small or big , if sir says that it should not be there
      Then e must not have it
      Bhagwan shookshma avtaar mein bhi utne hi powerful hote hein
      Size does not matter

  1. Ramanee Sharma

    In 2018-19, I was struggling with Job problem and even after putting lots of efforts, I was not getting job and then someone suggested me to get PARAD shivling, within one month I got job
    I am not convinced that Shivling brings negativity to the house

    1. Supriya Pandya

      Parad Shivling is not bad keeping in the house. That’s what NJ Shivom. (Astrologer ) told me.
      Also saw a video of Kapil KRS channel . He said not to keep a Shivling in the house .
      But not sure . I have a Shivling in my house and in fact a very big one because my mom inlaw chooses to keep it . The above article does make sense . But sometimes cases like mine where we live in a joint family there is no choice.
      One welcomes a conflict and tensions in the house.
      But when People like Dipanshuji literally writes an article and also gives reasons why! It convinces me . I love reasons !!

    2. Vandana Prakash

      Yes, one my known Jyotish guru ji told me that sphatik and parad shivling can be kept at home but shivling made of stone specially black stone should not be kept at home and one more important part he emphasized that it should be more than size of our thumb..thank you ?

  2. Debjyoti Chakraborty

    We have three shivlings at home…made of black stone, silver and mercury. Suffering from lots of problems and difficulties for long time. What should do, please suggest

  3. Sir I have a small Shivling at my home. I everyday offer it Ganga jal. I love The Lord Shiva from core of my heart. But now I realized that one should not keep a Shivling at home. Sir Please suggest me what to do ? Should I immerse the Shivling in The Ganga (That is very nearer from my home i.e 4/5 km away) ?

    Please do suggest…..

  4. Great article sir but wanted to know if the offering enlisted here are general ones which can be offered irrespective of one’s horoscope.

    1. Tathagat Behera

      Very good article on mahadev.In my house I have a black wood shivling. What to do I don’t know,how to replace it.which jyotirlinga I should visit of mahadev please advice.I am Scorpio lagna mars in 9th and Saturn in 3rd.carrier problem, depression.May mahadev bless all of us.pranaam?

  5. Wonderful article as usual .Very informative..

    I do everyday pooja of black stone narmada hear shivling and feel emotional to let it go n immerse.what to do sir ?

  6. As always a great knowledge ,no words , waiting for your next article , a person without any knowledge of astrology can understand it easily . Thanks for sharing

    1. Thankyou Sir for sharing
      Offering of roots of certain plants give immense wealth in various forms.
      Pls tell us the technique for this..what to offer – How many days

  7. E S Jagadeeshwar

    Nice article on Siva, Deepanshu ji. Within two days the month Magha maasa will be commenced.

    So how different types people, with different karmas have to do pujas or rituals to get rid of them, to fulfill desires to Lord Siva, please enlighten us.

    I am visiting Srisailam since 1992 every year without break upto 2012, during mahalaya amavasya day and missed in 2013, 2015, 2016 and 2020. Since 2002 after Upanayana performing pinda pradhan to my ancestors and also dharma pinda for others also on this day at Palatal Ganga. Of course, I am visiting this place as per instruction of Lord Siva in my dream.

    In 1990s nearly 60 persons from the then united AP gathered but now 3 or 4 persons are visiting regularly, majority were dead. Divine energy is excellent there and meditators can experience the bliss and may have Divine experiences. Sri Adisankara also meditated there in a cave.

    Shape of Sivaling and nuclear reactor are one and the same. To increase positive energies within a place, whether people can do prathista of Sri Chakra under earth? Please enlighten us. I heard Sri Chakra was hidden in the earth of Charminar.

    I am also heard about ‘Jyothirlinga sadhana’
    the same method also followed by Prahlada revealed by Lord Narasimha.

    Lord Siva family is symbol of Vasudaika kutumbam. May be it is an inspiration to joint family system in Bharat. Unfortunately due to egos, craving for more money, in the name of privacy joint families are becoming nuclear families. Single parent families are rising.

    The depth in your articles is increasing, wish God bless you all.

  8. Year back I got completed my post graduation and after that i visited trayambakeshwar temple and brought home a Shivalinga idol from there after I didn’t get a job n still unemployed

  9. Sir, Thanks you very much for the article.

    I had a shivaling in my pooja place for many years. I faced too much problems in life during those times. Later when i came to know that shivaling should not placed at home ,i removed it . We were drawing all the negative energies of all those people who used to visit our house. But it took too many years to heal the damage it had done even after removing it.


    Can you clear what do you mean by 3 doors aligned. Do you mean 3 door in one line or 3 door in 3 direction at one place or 2 door facing each other and other adjacent to it.

    1. Thankyou so much for your wonderful article sir
      I have a small shivling at home & i offer water & milk everyday sun, mer in cancer asc, jup & venus in leo, rahu in virgo, sat & moon in scorpio & ketu in pisces & mars in gemini
      Sir how to remove these energies shall i continue abhishek or stop
      Kindly reply sir

  11. milinda Vashishth Rao

    Thanks alot sir for sharing precious knowledge so selflessly … after finding sadhguru and you, i realised how magical this body and planets actually are . i feel it everyday ..
    I also started feeling energies around me .. in ketu anterdasha attacked by negative enegy.. still entering exiting through foot.. has got control over my left body, heart, head troubling only salt water therapy helping .. 3rd house rahu-cancer, 4th moon mars, 5th sat jupiter murcury, 7th venus plz guide how to remove this energy chasing me ..

  12. This mudra is really very powerful . Tried it today and get my question answered .????

    Thank you so much !!

    Don’t know how to pay back to u for this divine knowledge ???

  13. I have a black triangle tattoo.
    I remember the year I got it, I experienced some paranormal activities around me. Saw strange dreams and shadows in home.
    I got so damn scared and started worshipping mahadev.
    Now everything is calm but the tattoo is still there.

  14. I tried the triangle wallpaper on my phone…and it is so true, unwanted sudden calls from so many number…unwanted voice messages to my what’s app from unknown people…so many calls that even disturb my sleep…I finally can’t take the distubances and removed the wallpaper…am totally convinced with triangle energy now

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