Rambo and Dhanur Lagna

My earliest memories of Stallone are the wall posters of First Blood Part 2 on the streets of Hyderabad during my early teens. Wow! what a hulk with a bow wrapped around him and a machine gun in his hands. Yesterday I watched his latest movie Rambo: Last Blood and wondered if somehow Dhanu rashi would be prominent in his chart. And lo! and behold, when i plugged in his date and time of birth (Astrodata Bank) into JHora, his lagna indeed was Dhanu!

I immediately started checking his filmography and wanted to see how his dashas correlated to his films. His first commercial breakthrough came with Rocky released on December 3rd, 1976. I adjusted his time of from birth from 19:20 to 19:09:05. This would place his Kala Chakra Dasha as Sag-Sag-Gem between November 16 to December 18 of 1976. The Sookshma Antardasha is again of Sagittarius on Dec 3rd the release date. I use SM Singh option on KCD in JHora. The Dhanu-Mithun axis playing out is very clear. Lagna always shows some new beginnings. Mithun is the natural 3rd house showing boxing and sports. Mithun also has Arudha Lagna with the natural karaka for fame Surya the 9th lord of Bhagya. Surya is the dispositor of Mangal who is aspecting the 3rd house of fights/hands/boxing.

Budh shows the circumastances during childhood, it being in the 8th house with Shani and in Kark rashi shows his difficult and emotionally traumatic period. If you take his lagna cusp degree in Mesh rashi it is in the 2nd pada of Bharani. Many of his commercial successes came by him being creative and writing his own character. 5th house of creativity and Bharani showing life and death situations. Mesh rashi has the Arudha Padas of the 11th and 9th. Its an Agni tatwa rashi again showing creativity. All his commercial hits have been made as sequels again showing the dual rashi nature of Mithun with the Arudha Lagna and Surya. This duality also shows up in his personal life with multiple wives and divorces.

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