Planets visiting you

Do Planets Visit us?

Yes, they certainly do, and you can check this quickly in your chart even if you have very basic astrology- All you need to do is pay attention, but the more important question is why any planet will visit you?

Every single planet sitting in your chart is there because that planet has a responsibility to deliver specific results -good and bad but before even a planet will deliver the result of good or bad -It will give you a chance to improve and pay the debt you owe- It\’s like when someone owes us the money before going into the legal matter we try to resolve the issue by gently reminding the person that you need to pay.

In the case of planets, it is a bit different as planets will deliver results through common people as a medium which represents them, such as in the dasa of the Sun – Even before the dasa starts- either a government employee or fatherly figure will ask for something -In different signs, it will behave differently such as Sun in Gemini in 5th house- father might ask for some old photograph or Rahu in 9th aspected by Mars- boss might have a weird demand -you can check nowadays for Virgo ascendant Rahu is in transit from 9th house and Mars will join- the native will have problems related to boss and father.

Like, Here is another example-

Planets do visit you just before the start of dasha to make sure you can do a natural remedy; if you can do the remedy at that point of time- A lot of evil is warded off as the planet himself has come and offered you a chance to correct a mistake- when #Saturn is in Pisces native must have taken someone\’s a sleeping area or destroyed a house of an old person where someone can rest- This can also be demolishing of a house of the people who are at the lower section of the society also old people in their house will have bed broken, and that is why their career will start to suffer,

Saturn in Pisces will ensure your expenses are not done correctly, and you try to save money in ridiculous ways and spend money where it is not even required.

Below I have taken comments from youtube from one of the viewers whose mother is about to start his Saturn Dasha placed in Pisces and see how Saturn came to ask for remedy but unfortunately native denied.

\”Pari J • 1 day ago

15 June 1967 – 17:35, anchored, raj Currently in Jup/Rahu dasha Saturn in Pisces 5th house.. our house helper asked for bed.. but we denied it.. we were ready to give other many things… She didn\’t takes any of those.. Next, mahadasha is of Saturn. Is there any remedy for this?\”

This is one of the classic examples of Planets visiting you- Please pay close attention to these people as planets visit just before the Dasha. This is the natural way of doing remedies and warding off evil. 100\’s of viewers shared their experiences online for this, which was more amazing than I thought.

It is not only the planets visiting you- Sometimes you also have to visit the planet but which planet- The planet which is sitting in earth tries as over some time – there is a pattern which you will notice with every planet -that how they tend to visit you- planets sitting in Taurus sign -you have to visit them for your purpose or good to get better environment such as,

Planets sitting in Earth tries- Taurus/ Virgo/Capricorn – are the planets where you will visit them and give what they require, such as an example.

Moon in Taurus- the person has to change his cook/or eating preferences and live in a better house/ location -he will spend money and get cheated. The reason is – he will hire a contractor/ property dealer only because he had past life debt with them, and it is not these people visiting him, but he will visit these people.

Similarly, Planets in Virgo- You will visit lawyers/doctors/enemies./medical insurance because there is a debt of past life against these people. That is why before the dasa of planet sitting in Virgo starts- It is better to get the life insurance or medical checkups done by this. What you have done is -you paid things upfront so that you don\’t have to go through any significant problems in dasa- that is why taking money out from your regular earnings for donation is necessary.

Planets in Capricorn- You have to serve them -It\’s a sign and symbol of servitude in your chart, and any planet sitting in this sign – you serve them with a lot of hard work and feel cheated. That is why Pisces ascendant they work on very low salaries for the employer’s reason being there are paying the past life debt to the employer as Capricorn lies in the 11th house of natal chart which is regular income, These people will work very hard to earn money. Still, once this debt is over, only a regular income source comes to them.

Any planet sitting in the sign of Capricorn – you are bound by this planet to serve it, such as Mercury in Capricorn –the person serves the literature/kids/music without thinking about profit or loss and more honest he becomes in serving the Mercurian traits – better his career gets.

As this is the house of Karma, not a profession – Profession is just a tiny part of your karma- so any planet when sits in this house you not only work in that field – you work for that field- Like let us look at an example.

In Chart of Mahatama Gandhi- Look at the Capricorn sign- a Mukti karaka Ketu is sitting there- Apply this another principle- Wherever Ketu Sits- It tries to give you freedom from that house and gets you liberated at least in terms of that house matters.

4th house is motherland -Sign of Capricorn- So he worked for the liberation of the motherland, Similarly with someone Venus in Capricorn- you know whom the native has to serve.




63 thoughts on “Planets visiting you”

  1. If someone has five planets in Capricorn in fifth house, Virgo ascendant. Eg- mercury, sun, Rahu and Saturn . What will the native do?? What purpose eventually he has to serve..

    1. I have 4 planets in my 5th house of Virgo, they are sun, mars, venus and ketu. What do I need to do?

  2. Excellent Sir, what correction is suggested for pending karma if sun, saturn, venus, mercury together in 8th house with 4 sign, Jupiter and moon in 6th house.

    1. Amlendu Prakash sharma

      For Venus and mercury offer flowers to dead body always help in last rituals don’t talk on phone when ever you are in cremation grounds do Narayan Bali Tripindi puja in gaya ji . Donate some building materials in cremation grounds . Donate rice milk sugar on amavasya purnima and on sankranti jaggery wheat flour till ka oil in temple

    1. Singh lagan mein shani rahu yuti lagan mein upay kya kare 5th house mein mangal surya 4th chandra budh 12 guru kya kare succes nhi milti kisi kam mein depression rhta hai hamesha

      1. Amlendu Prakash

        Leo lagna Saturn and Rahu ji Eyes problem specially in old age blind yoga
        1st things to avoid black and blue colour clothing as you love to wear blue and black always
        Always keep flowers close to you and in your work place ..
        Donate or offer food to visitors to your office/ shop

  3. Subhashree tripathy

    Saturn mars in 10th house in capricorn.moon in 6th house in virgo.. please tell how to serve whom to serve

    1. Amlendu Prakash

      Serve food to poor people-low paid people out side hospital moon to 5th Saturn when you were in the womb of your mother, she was not happy due to health/ fight in the family or she was not greeting the choices food whatsoever she want to eat at that time
      In your father’s family at lest 2 marriage is not good

    1. Amlendu Prakash

      Donate water/ milk specially whenever moon transit Capricorn don’t play with emotions of anyone
      Do Bhandara or langer on amavasya
      Eat very less salt

  4. Whats in a name

    Wow…someone I know just started Venus in Virgo dasha…he had to undergo full medical checkup just before dasha started…though the reports came out all fine but what you said is so right…also his sister asked for a few gifts to be couriered to her…Venus being 11th house Lord too. On point…everything!

  5. Amazing! Thank u thank u!
    Leo lagna here, sun,Neptune,mercury, moon, Jupiter in capricorn 6th house. Saturn in pisces, venus in pisces. Namaskar.

  6. What if only mercury sits in capricon in 9th house aspected by jupitor and moon placed in 3rd house for taurus accendent and mercury dasha is running.

  7. If someone has Saturn Venus conjunction in Capricorn in 8th house, could you please tell what should someone do?

  8. Thanks for this knowledge more blessings Sir, please my mars is in Taurus and rahu in capricon, sun, venus and mecury in virgo. Please who will I visit, and who will I serve? Thanks I appreciate your answers.

  9. Khushboo Sharma

    What if there’s Moon & Rahu in Capricorn sign in 6th house.. to whom should I serve..
    Saturn in 5th house Sagittarius & Venus in 10th house Taurus…
    Plz do reply.. facing lot of struggle in the completion of my academics (final year exms) since a very long time

  10. Hello Sir… we are blessed by your videos and learn so many things from you… I struggle a lot with my mind thinking negative about any thing and fear and tensions have captured my days and night… i am virgo ascendant, rahu and moon in 5th house of capricorn and mercury in 12th house of leo.. Saturn in 4th house of sagitarius.. Venu in 10th house of gemini and mars in 8th house of aries… Jupite, sun and ketu in 11th house of cancer sign… Requesting you to shower your blessings by one simple remedy to remove fears and tensions.. p

  11. Sir I have mars,moon and ket in Capricorn in twelfth house and Saturn and Jupiter in Virgo eighth house. Infact all planets are in 6,8,11 and 12 houses. Very difficult to decide what redy and which planet should be activated for good health and money.

  12. Madhavi Dilip Sawant

    Dipanshu ?? ??????? ?????? ???? ??? ??? ????????????? ????? ?? ??? ???? ?? ?? ??? ??????? ??? ???? ???? ??? ?? ???? ???? ????? ??????? ??

  13. Hi Sir,
    What system are you using for your Dasha settings,pls?
    I have a Ketu Dasha approaching (Ketu in 6th), in 2 years, though,
    But this year I adopted a cat, never liked cats, but can’t think now, how could I not to like them.- probably Ketu visiting before the Dasha.

    1. I am Scorpio ascendant
      Jupiter saturn in krittika 7th house
      sun venus mars in ardra 8th house mercury (R) in 8th house.
      Before my Saturn Antardasa in Venus Mahadasha, A lower class lady came to my home asking for 500 Rupees for her son’s employment purpose and she said she will give it back, But she never came back.

  14. Seema adhlakha

    I know one person have Venus and mercury in Capricorn in 3rd house he lives alone and no attachment to his kids and wife from last 25 years. I am confused native should have to serve that planets or serves to that planets in Capricorn

  15. I remember, on 18th jan one sadhu specifically asked me rs600 which i cudnt give i tried to give him food, jacket as it was a cold day and he was wearing only one orange sadhu cotton cloth, walking barefoot so i offered him shoes but he didnt take that and also any money less than 600. After reading your article i keep thinking why he asked 600 rupees only from me…. Before leaving he said i will return in one month. Maybe i am overthinking but this thing has stucked in my mind because i was unable to help him.
    Anyways thank u for sharing your knowledge with us.

  16. Does this principal apply the same way in case the planet in Capricorn is retrograde? What if it is also debilitated, like in case of Jupiter in Capricorn and also retrograde? Will such combinations change the interpretation? Thanks

  17. Very true sir …Planets do visit us.. but we fail to give what they came for.. thanks for the knowledge sir ..
    I have Rahu in Capricorn..requesting you to please suggest some remedy ??

  18. I saw your YouTube video about Capricorn and found that Gajendra moksha strotram can only help… Thank you sir I am going to start reading it.. Although my father is already reading it while his daily Pooja today morning only I noticed that my father reads Gajendra moksha strotram..???? Grateful for the knowledge you provide in all your contents. I have Rahu in 4th house and currently going through Ketu mahadasha and rahu antardasha. Thank you Sir.

  19. Sir Saturn and rahu both in pieces in 11th house . Moon in Capricorn in 9th house Please suggest remedy i will be obliged. Not able to take pressure

  20. Dear Himanshu ji,
    Yesterday my Mangal antardasha (under mercury mahadasha) had begun. I had learnt from you that planets do visit us before their dasha or antar dasha is about to begin. I was eagerly waiting for Mars (my lagnesh as well) to visit me. To my amazement, a policeman stopped me for not wearing mask and asked me to pay Rs 1000 as fine. I happily gave it to him. I even thanked the policeman for imposing fine on me ! He was taken aback :))) Thank you sir for sharing this divine knowledge !

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