Certificate Course in Vedic Astrology

2 Year Certificate course in Vedic Astrology and Remedies

2 Year Certificate Course in Astrology is a unique opportunity for the learners who wants to master the Vedic Astrology online through a comprehensive training. This certificate course in astrology is a certificate course that is designed for those students who want to study astrology courses from a very basic to advanced level at home with online classes. The courses will be in recorded format although you will be invited for a live session to clear your doubts and ask questions based on your Certificate course in astrology . 

This 2 Year’s Certificate Course in Astrology is an ideal course for candidates who have a great passion towards astrology and want to make a career in astrology. This certificate course in astrology will help you to become a professional astrologer, and to do in-depth research in astrology. Also, this certificate course is beneficial for the students who want to learn astrology online, as it is customized for students want to study astrology via zoom.

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Certificate Course in Astrology : Table of Content

9. Certificate Course in Astrology: FAQs

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Course LevelCertificate
Full-FormCertified Course in Astrology
Duration2 Years Program
Course TypeFull Time, Part Time, Correspondence Course
Eligibility10+2 pass with 50% aggregate from a recognised board
Enrollment ProcessOnline [immidiate access]
MentorsDeepanshu Giri ji, Najoomi ji

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As astrology is very demanding stream now a days, Certificate in astrology got more attention as people are showing their passion towards learning astrology.

  • Lunar Astro 2 years Certificate Course in Astrology is a structured astrology program that will teach you everything you need to know to give stunning and accurate predictions.
  • Students who are inclined towards certificate course in astrology and very determined to become professionals must join this special astrology course taught by Deepanshu Giri to learn astrology online.
  • This online certificate course in astrology will transform a student from astrology learners to astrology predictors.
  • After completion of this certificate course, students will be awarded and certified so that they can start their careers in astrology.

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All online astrology courses are taught by Deepanshu Giri Ji

List of our Certificate in Astrology Courses you will get:

Predictive Astrology Part-1 Hindi
Predictive Astrology Part-1 English
Predictive Astrology Part-2 Hindi
Predictive Astrology Part-2 English
A Course on NavanshaHindi
JA Course on NavanshaEnglish
Badhak Planets & Remedies Level-1
Badhak Planets & Remedies Level-2
Kaal Chakra DashaHindi & English
Yogini Dasha-Timing of Job & MarriageHindi & English
Karma and RelationshipEnglish
1 Year Magazine (pdf) subscriptionHindi & English
3 Month’s webinars (Dec, Jan and March)English
1 study kit with books and notebooksHindi & English

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  • Structured Learning : Learn astrology with an structured certificate course with step by step guidance.
  • Online Learning via Zoom : Learn Astrology [Jyotish] from your own pace via live zoom and recorded classes.
  • Scope of In-depth Research : We provide you the best researched and valuable content which later helps you in becoming an expert astrologers.
  • Live Doubt Clearing Sessions with Deepanshu Giri : Get your all doubts cleared by your mentor Deepanshu Giri ji.
  • Free Course Renewal : As the validity of certificate course in astrology is 2 years, so there is no renewal fee.
  • All Courses at One Place : The biggest advantage of pursuing certificate in astrology course with Lunar Astro is you will get all the courses at one place so that you can learn astrology effectively and efficiently.
  • Certificate after Course Completion : Become a certified astrologer with Lunar Astro Certificate course in astrology.


  • 1 free consultation (chat based) 
  • 1 free magazine (pdf)
  • 3 free webinars ( Dec, Jan & March)
  • 1 free study kit includes books and notebooks for practice.
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As we are providing an online study system of learning astrology, so there is very simple process to enrol for Certificate Course in Astrology.

  • Open for all candidate, No entrance exam will be conducted in the enrolment process.
  • Candidate can enrol directly into the Certificate in Astrology Course by following the “ENROL NOW” link.
  • Candidates avail the benefit of enrolling online themselves by filling the details.
  • Candidate will get the immediate access to the Certificate Course in Astrology.
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The eligibility criteria for enrolling in Certificate Course in Astrology is as follows:

  • Candidates who have successfully completed their 10+2, from any board with any streams like arts, science etc, are eligible to enrol in the certificate course  or from any government recognised university
  • Candidates who have obtained aggregate of 40%  in their final examination.
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Here is the basic idea of Certificate Course in Astrology.

Basic Astrology

Basic Astronomy

Topic : 1 Introduction to Astrology

Topic : 1 Introduction

Topic : 2 Relevance of Astrology

Topic : 2 The Solar System

Topic : 3 Qualities of Signs

Topic : 3 The Earth

Topic : 4 Astrology & Karma Theory

Topic : 4 The Moon

Topic : 5 Astrology and Remedies

Topic : 5 Zodiac and 5 more topics


Predictive Astrology

Judgement of Bhavas

Topic : 1 Basic Components of Prediction

Topic : 1 Introduction

Topic : 2 The Rasis (Signs)

Topic : 2 Effect of Planets in Rasis

Topic : 3 The Lagna

Topic : 3 Effect of Planets in Bhavas

Topic : 4 The Bhavas (Houses)

Topic : 4 Effect of Bhava Lords in Rasis

Topic : 5 The Navagrahas (Nine Planets)

Topic : 5 Effect of Bhava Lords in Bhavas


Patterns & Configuration of Horoscope

Dasha & Basic Transit

Topic : 1 Introduction

Topic : 1 Introduction to Dashas

Topic : 2 Configuration of Horoscope

Topic : 2 The Dasha System

Topic : 3 Yogas

Topic : 3 Kaal – Chakra Dasha & Yogini Dasha

Topic : 4 Dasha System & Calculation

Topic : 4 Basic Transit

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  • Certificate course in Astrology has a notable call for in Indian markets in addition to past india as it’s far gaining momentum throughout the globe. Whether a commoner or a celebrity, every person is moving toward locating an astrological manner toward locating an answer ‘to what destiny holds’.
  • Candidates on a hit crowning glory of the path can both grow to be an astrologist, numerologist, tarot card reader and so on or absorb greater pleasant and complete time dependent guides like BA Astrology then MA Astrology.
  • There aren’t any obstacles or regulations as you can actually prefer to paintings independently or along side a guru (mentor) and study and develop into the exceptional model of themselves in phrases of astrology.


Vedic astrology (as known as “Jyotish”), literally  means “the technological know-how of light.” Vedic technological know-how comes from the Vedas, one of the oldest non-secular scriptures of India relationship lower back to about 1,500-2,000 BCE. Vedic astrologers have a tremendous recognition now no longer handiest for his or her non-secular expertise however for his or her cap potential to correctly make superb predictions.

Any candidate who have passed their 10+2 with any acknowledge board is eligible for the certificate in astrology course.

  1. After pursuing certificate in astrology course you can become an certified astrologer.
  2. You will get the quality content that will enhance your knowledge about astrology.
  3. All Courses at one place, this is the biggest advantage of pursuing diploma in astrology course with Lunar Astro that you will get all the courses at one place so that you can learn astrology effectively and efficiently.
  4. Learn astrology from home via diploma course in Jyotish.