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The most frequently asked astrology questions and answers

In this page you will find all the astrology questions and answers with the correct and detailed explanation by expert Astrologers. We updated this page regularly with the latest Astrology Questions asked by the common people. We gather this questions from the various platform like google, quora, Wikipedia, Facebook, Twitter etc.

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How does astrology work?

Astrology is the perception that the alignment of stars and planets influences each individual’s mood, personality, and environment, relying on while he becomes born.
 Astrologers print horoscopes in newspapers that are personalized with the aid of using start date. These horoscopes make predictions in people’s private lives, describe their personalities, and provide them advice; all in line with the placement of astronomical bodies. 

Check out our different sections to discover greater exciting stories. Stay in-the-recognize! Here I explained what is  astrology and how does astrology work But I want to clear one thing that I am not an astrologer but I am interested in Vedic astrology, I think its a A great thing to learn astrology and  you can learn astrology online also nowadays lots of astrology  software available you can learn by them if you want to learn  astrology for free then you can subscribe to this Youtube channel and learn from through their Youtube videos absolutely free, which will be more beneficial for you.

Is there a school for astrology?

There are schools/academia’s where astrology is taught such as the Indian Council of Astrological Services(ICAS). There are also teachers who teach both offline and online courses. There are also Traditions from different families which have been passed down and someone from the Family is teaching Jyotish as a profession  in order to spread this knowledge. Such as Shri Deepanshu Sir (Lunar Astro) has taught several hundred students and many of them are  professional astrologers now. Here is the link for reference: www.lunarastro.com. From here you can learn Astrology from basics to advances as there are several courses depending on the stop which you are at currently in your astrological journey, such as for Beginners , the Part 1 Predictive course is a must as it covers all the Rashis in extremely detail which further builds the proper foundation for the predictions. Such as if you see Aries in 5th house , you can easily predict that the native will have near about 100% attendance in school and his admission happened at a very young age.

What is the study of astrology called?

The study of astrology is called Jyotisha and it is a part of the six limbs of the Vedas, namely Shiksha (Pronunciation), Kalpa (Rituals), Vyakaran (Grammar), Nirukta (explanation), Chhanda (Meters) and Jyotisha (Astrology). Jyotisha is a very important subject to learn and one should prioritize themselves in learning it as you will be able to understand your  karmas, lead a proper lifestyle and get immense peace and happiness in your life as you will be able to figure out the seeds of your actions which have led to your current lifestyle and events happening around you.

Is horoscope a science?

Yes indeed because it is a mixture of astronomy as well as astrological calculations. Astronomy helps in determining the position of planets and their relevant position along with their mathematical degrees which gives us detailed insights.

Using these calculations – we then map it down to astrological charts where we construct different charts often referred to as divisional charts based on different degrees of planets – they are positioned in different signs and houses.

Divisional charts give us a microscopic view of each aspect be it marriage, children, job, education, parents, spirituality, house, conveyances and many more.

All the 12 zodiac signs which are Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces are mapped onto every chart along with planets wherever placed in houses and signs according to the date of birth, place of birth & time of birth at the time that person was born.

Who is the famous astrologer?

There are lots of Astrologers who are doing an excellent job by providing consultations and helping other people by showing them the mistakes done by them in past and what can be done to improve it in the present. As far as my knowledge, several students who have learned from Lunar Astro are now providing consultations, so if you wish to , you can go ahead in this link https://www.youtube.com/c/LunarAstro and check their channel and website and see if a consultation is available. If so, book with anyone of the students who are giving the consultation and you are good to go. Such as one of the students predicted to someone that he hanged himself in previous life and his birth was from the maternal family and the exact same case was found within the family.

If you are unable to book a consultation , go to their Facebook group and post your query accordingly and several people will reply it in the comment section.

Who was Rahu?

Rahu is a mythological character from the Hindu Tradition. Also, he has great significance in the field of Vedic astrology. According to Puranas, Rahu was born to Simhika and Viprachitti. Rahu’s mother Simhika was the daughter of Hiranyakashipu. Rahu was the eldest son of his parents. As per the story of Puranas, at the time of Samudra Manthan, Dhanvantari came out with a pot of Amrit. Devatas and Asuras started scrambling to get the nectar after knowing that. Lord Vishnu took the disguised form of Mohini to hide the Nectar from Asuras and to distribute it only among the Devas. One of the asuras named Svarbhanu came to know about this trick of Shri Vishnu. He went and sat among the Devatas silently. At the very moment when he just took a sip of the nectar, Surya and Chandra dev recognised him as a Asura and informed Shri Vishnu. Vishnu cut his throat by the Sudarshan Chakra before swallowing it.

The head and body were separated by 180 degrees. But since the nectar had gone up to the throat, that part remained immortal. His head was called Rahu or the North Node of the moon. Since then, it is a popular belief that Rahu and Ketu constantly chase the Sun and the Moon for revenge as they first rightly identified the Asura Svarbhanu.

This concept of Rahu chasing the Sun and Moon has great importance in Vedic astrology. Rahu plays a crucial part in Jyotish Shastra. If you can learn astrology, you can make great predictions using the significance and placement of Rahu.

Can I learn Astrology and Earn?

Yes, you can learn Astrology and Earn, well for starters, you want to emerge as a licensed Astrologer. You can do that with the aid of using taking a web direction or maybe an offline direction. It will train you the whole thing you want to recognize approximately turning into a hit Astrologer and what steps you want to take to begin earning money instantly. There is much stuff you may want to find out about Astrology earlier than you could really start practicing it yourself and make a few severe cash. An Astrology direction is exceedingly advocated and may be observed speedy at the net proper below your fingertips.
There are several quantities of books and courses available so one can provide you with a top-notch experience of what you may want to do to emerge as an expert Astrologer, however, most of these books and courses can get as an alternative expensive.

Once you come to be a licensed Astrologer you may have the cap potential and expertise to apprehend Astrology or even are expecting people’s futures via their horoscope readings. There are a few critical cash worries in analyzing people’s horoscopes and predicting their destiny accurately. The simplest manner to come to be an Astrologer is through the internet. you may analyze Astrology through being part of the online route from one of the high-quality institutes Lunar Astro Vedic Academy. You can click on it under the hyperlink to go to their website www.lunarastro.com

General astrology Questions ask by common people

Astrology has no such religion as the astrology is the study of planets and the stars so we can say astrology is the language of the universe, upon understanding this subject it help us to live more consciously.

Learning Astrology should be a priority in life because this is one of the subjects which give you clear insight onto your karma which has been done in past lives  and what problems and mistakes have been done previously. Once someone knows that where they are making the mistakes, then they can correct it by performing the right actions in this life which will eventually solve the major problems in life. Similarly, the masses can be helped by learning Astrology as one will be able to look at the Karam of other people and the guide them by advising the necessary remedies which are needed.

One symptom which you will observe is that once you start dedicating your time to Astrology and you are working very hard daily and looking at charts, all the other problems around you will start decreasing as the Universe will remove all the distractions from your life which are hindering you in your learning process.

You are start by reading one of the classics of Astrology such as Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra, Saravali , etc. It will take an immense amount of time understand the slokas so take it slow. Its infinitely better to learn from a Guru who is teaching astrology and can guide you into the learning process. Here is a link as a reference: https://lunarastro.com/ Do check it out if you are interested in learning.

Astrology is the science through which the past and present of a native can be known and eventually the necessary corrections can be made in order for that soul to solve his/her karmas. Astrology is never wrong if one knows how to look at the chart properly and predict accordingly. Each and everything around you can be predicted in Jyotish such as Marriage dates, Job dates as well as the what a person is doing right now. Once you understand that everything around you has a certain energy and you make progress by working hard daily , reading classics(such as the Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra, Saravali) and looking at the charts along with doing certain rituals, you will be able to predict with excellent accuracy as you will understand the energies of the universe.

If you want to see the magic of Astrology, do this ritual for one week: Wake up at 4Am and get fresh, then start reading about the problem which is bothering you the most. After few days you will notice less anxiety and tension as well as you will find some way or a new idea related to the problem.

If you are interested in checking out about astrology and how it is working in your daily lives, I am sharing a link of a Youtube channel as a reference: https://www.youtube.com/c/LunarAstro/videos.

If you observe the universe , you will notice that for everything there is a reason. Similarly for the birth of every being, as well the events happening in everyone’s life be it good or bad has a reason. Around 5000 years ago Maharishi Parasara wrote the Geeta of Astrology Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra which is a must read for any astrologer. He mentions that the planets are the incarnations of lord Vishnu and through the Houses, Signs and the Planets, the Past and the future can be known. If you think about the statement as to why it is said so, its because the planets are effecting us through their energies and lifeforce, just as Sun is influencing every planet by its gravitational force which decides the orbit on which all the planets rotate around.

The further you read and look into charts yourself, the more you will understand the workings of the different energies of the universe. You will get the understand the ‘reasons’ and the thirst of ‘why’ will quench eventually.

This is the same reason as to why Astrology is so accurate, because everything has a definite logic and the predictions are made similarly. Also BPHS mentions that one needs to have knowledge over mathematics in order to become an Astrologer, as you would not be able to cast the charts without Mathematics(which are done mostly by software’s now). Similarly, there are mathematics in Astrology which calculate up to more than 300th part of a second. One needs to have grasp on mathematics, think very logically and scientifically and then only he will be able to predict by doing hardwork and looking at charts daily. This is why Astrology is so accurate.

Astrology is a science through which you get to know about your Karmas done in your previous life and this life. Through Astrology, you understand your mistakes and find the ways on how to fix it as well as why any event in occurring in your life. This is one of the most important subjects one should prioritize learning in their life, as it will give you immense peace and happiness because you will get to know the reasons for all the good and bad events happening around your life. In order to learn astrology, you should first have a good lifestyle and then eventually do puja and pray before starting to  read any classic. You can start with any classic such as one of the must reads is the Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra which was originally told by Maharishi Parasara and then it was translated from Sanskrit to hindi and then passed down for several thousand centuries. Getting a Guru and learning from someone is infinitely better as it will make the process of learning more easier and peaceful due to the present of Guru. Now-a-days there are teachers who can teach you through institutions or you have to join an online course which will teach you from the basics. If you are really interested, I do recommend going through the Basic Predictive Part 1 course from Lunar Astro by Shri Deepanshu Giri ji, which will give an excellent idea and infinite insights into each rashi and their energies and eventually build a solid foundation for beginners who are looking to learn this wonderful subject. Link is given for reference - https://lunarastro.com/learn-online-predictive-astrology-courses/#Enroll-page .

Astrology is a science through which you get to know about your Karmas done in your previous life and this life. Through Astrology, you understand your mistakes and find the ways on how to fix it as well as why any event in occurring in your life. This is one of the most important subjects one should prioritize learning in their life, as it will give you immense peace and happiness because you will get to know the reasons for all the good and bad events happening around your life. It’s often said that “What you sow is what your reap”. Similarly all the actions which you have done has a certain consequence and when you get to know the mistakes done by you in this regard, a lot of mental peace will come even in the most troubled times and you will be able to make amends accordingly. So the answer to the above question is an absolute NO. Astrology can never be toxic as the objective of the subject itself is to understand our karmas and help other people by using this knowledge, which is infinitely far from toxicity.

Yes - it is as astrology takes into account the position of the planets, nakshatras, 12 zodiac signs and their movements and how they influence human life. All the scriptures go on to say that a person’s karma is directly related to the position of the planets and stars, and thus astrology is the method of understanding one’s karma by analyzing these positions. That’s why it is often called Jyotish as well which means Light of God.

Using this - you can make predictions of your whole life along with detailed analysis about how your marriage is going to be & when or buying of house, starting a new venture/business, children horoscopy & many more.

JP Morgan goes on to say that:

“Anyone can be a millionaire - but to become a billionaire, you need an astrologer.”

But that’s not the point of astrology, it’s just that it helps you in figuring out how you can channelise your energies in a better manner and warns you about the upcoming obstacles in whatever endeavours you have taken or will take up in the near future in life & how you can analyse and resolve them.

The main essence of it lies in karmic correction as to how you can correct your karmas and be happy as there are lot of people who inspite of having everything aren’t satisfied in life and then there are others who are aimless about their karm assigned in this life and what they can do to work towards it so there comes the role of astrology and as you go deeper into it - you will realise the potential of it more and more.

To learn true astrology and make stunning predictions using Vedic & Lal - Kitab : visit www.lunarastro.com or www.youtube.com/lunarastro

There are quite a few where you can find daily zodiac predictions or people selling courses (some of those for free) but if you wish to learn Vedic astrology in a more structured, simplified and detailed manner than no doubt, you should visit - LUNAR ASTRO’s site (lunarastro.com) once.

It’s an online astrology course and the techniques are brilliant and easy to apply as there are actually predictions which are being taught during the course by simply using rasis in blank charts & it gets deeper as you go through it while learning this astrology course.

They offer variety of courses starting from Basic Predictive Astrology Part - 1, Predictive Astrology Part - 2, Nakshatra Course, Timing of Events (like when will you get married, job, house, car, business, finances, family etc) etc; and it will give you launchpad to start with your predictive journey and you can make predictions using your horoscope as well as your loved ones.

You can also check out their Youtube channel: www.youtube.com/lunarastro for more detailed insights, predictions and learn astrology online easily.

Astrology in India is recorded during the vedic period and was the earliest to be used therein. Astrology is one of the branches of Vedas. There are certain parameters which are used to track & trace the positions of planets. The earliest work on astrology was the Bhrigu Samhita compiled by the sage Bhrigu during the era of scriptures & is also referred to as the 'Father of Hindu Astrology’.

The classics such as the Brihat Samhita date back in time as it was written on pages of bark of a tree & the Samhita contains 50 lakh horoscopes comprising all those who have lived in the past or will live in the future.

This is how unique this science of Jyotish or astrology dating back into the medieval times.

Also, now the world has started going back to astrology as to wish to learn it and is thriving again in the 20th century. India never lost its appeal in the first place as people often Google or read in the newspapers about their zodiac signs or regular visits to astrologers is common as no marriage can take place without horoscope matching or any hindrances in desires to be fulfilled or severe issues related to health and finances are commonly addressed in these visits.

Also, if you wish to know about how astrology works or how to decode pending karma & make stunning predictions, please do visit www.lunarastro.com or www.youtube.com/lunarastro and get to learn stunning predictions from Deepanshu Giri.

They also provide courses which will help you in learning astrology via online mode along with lifetime support even after the course completion.

Buddha’s view on astrology was negative initially, as he thought it was lowly in nature & that due to which nobody would be able to live in the present state however it was later integrated into Buddhist culture for various reasons.

Buddha himself was born on the Full Moon Day. In certain sects of Buddhism, Full Moon Day is significant as Amitabha Buddha Day.

In Buddhism, the use of astrology is related to mark auspicious occasions for certain functions, death ceremonies, etc. but later led to a broader system that included predictions of past, present & future events & so on.Buddhism traveled to other countries like China, the rulers and the people so they too had faith in astrology and used it in many ways. Chinese included many principles of Vedic astrology that came along with Buddhism & same was followed in Tibet as well. While Buddha himself disapproved of astrology, Buddhism later accepted and adopted astrological systems.

But Indians to date - still keep their interests alive and regularly check about their future forecasts on TV’s or newspapers but if you really want to know the depth of astrology and how predictions are made in the truest from when it comes to Vedic astrology - don’t forget to check out Lunar Astro (www.lunarastro.com) whose YouTube channel has got millions of views and well researched content on Vedic astrology not found anywhere (www.youtube.com/lunarastro).

No they aren’t. Each sign has its own results to give so your saying evil doesn’t make one. In terms of Vedic astrology, we call them rasis and the rulers of them are either malefic or benefic in nature so now you must be wondering that benefics are good and malefics are bad but you will be surprised to know whenever there are time period of malefics running though it may give you a hard time but it is because of their energy - your work gets done and you have a great learning experience because each of them has an important lesson to teach but it’s up to you as to how you perceive it - whether for good or evil.

If you wish to understand this more in details as to how the quality of signs work and how to decide as to whether they are evil or not - check this YouTube video from Lunar Astro

I am sorry but I couldn't find any conclusive answer to this question or/& you can say that I am not in a position to answer this.

That’s wonderful but honestly it is not preferred as well because it shows that the person and the spouse will be dependent upon each other and that over possessive nature will later on give problems in marriage on the longer run.

If 5th Lord & 7th Lord are conjunct or exchanged &/or conjunction of Venus - Rahu.

Involvement of 5th, 7th, 8th and 11th also shows the native will have love Marriage.

Arudha Lagna and Upapada Lagna falling in the same house, especially 5th or 7th in a chart increases the chance of love marriage.

Mars - Venus with support of the other/above combinations too contributes further towards love marriage.

You can check which partner will approach first for proposal by seeing the degree of Venus and Mars with respect to ascendant lord’s degree or 7th lord’s degree.

Quality of Marriage will be seen from Venus and 7L in the chart.

Also, you can check 2nd from UL so if benefics are there - married life is not good whereas malefics will give good married life (don’t get confused here as you must be wondering benefics should do good but you can test this technique on other charts and then confirm this dictum as the way it is written because malefics will indeed help you in married life).


You can check out the playlist from Lunar Astro on YouTube as Deepanshu Giri has discussed the quality of planets and signs and how they can influence your married life as well how will your partner be,

Also, to learn predictions and timing of events (like when will marriage happen, job, house, business etc;) - visit www.lunarastro.com

Students can do graduation in astrology. B.A. in Astrology is a 3-year full-time course.

Yes, you can study astrology in university. You can also join any institute that provides a certificate after course completion and gives practical knowledge of astrology. For practical knowledge, lunar Astro academy is one of the best institutes that provides online classes.

Astrology isn't a science; there is no proof that one's zodiac signal truly correlates to personality. ... Astrology ascribes which means to the position of

 the sun, the moon, and the planets inside 12 sections of the sky—the symptoms and symptoms of the zodiac.

 Astrologer salary in India ranges between ₹ 0.1 Lakhs to ₹ 13.4 Lakhs with an average annual salary of ₹ 4.5 Lakhs

Learn Astrology Online is a infant born out of affection of coaching for me. It is an internet college wherein we have:

1) Learn astrology through videos

2) Learn the usage of downloadable astrology materials

3) Learn Astrology via stay classes

4) Learn via quizzes

There are a variety of special sorts of astrology online courses, however they generally tend to value loads greater than different methods. Get commenced now days  with one in all our unfastened getting to know platforms! Yes! It's time to take benefit of an e-getting to know platform that teaches fundamental astrology talents

 for beginners. Have you taken into consideration an internet route in an effort to educate you the whole lot you want to recognize approximately how planets and stars have an effect on your everyday life?

If you ever need to research greater approximately astrology, you want to discover the assets which can be available.  Learn Astrology Online, I even have made it clean for all people to research astrology lunar astro vedic academy is great institute to learn astrology online also you can visit their website www.lunasrastro.com

Every single thing in your life can be predicted be it your family background, how the death of grandfather happened, what mistakes you did while growing up, etc. Similarly, the mode of death, date of marriage, date of childbirth and all the other events can be predicted through astrology.

Questions on Mangal Dosha & Predictions:

Native having the planet Mars in the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th house of the horoscope chart is commonly called as Mangal Dosha or he/she is said to be Manglik.

The 1st house represents the native himself & when Mars occupies the same - it gives temper related issues, the native struggles in life & it affects the married life as well because it directly aspects the 7th house of marriage and spouse leading to unnecessary conflicts & also lead to physical assault and violence. Due to these situations marriage can lead to separation or even divorce.

Person’s family life is affected as he doesn’t take responsibility (if afflicted) & it also creates obstacles in the married life and the professional life because of his tone and rough speech - things get messy.

There will not be good conditions at home as the person will always go through a lot of fights and will keep abusing even if the person has got emotional after hearing them (again if severely afflicted) &  will face adverse effects at the professional front. Financially, the native will be sound.

Native has too much energy and will make sudden decisions resulting in troubles maintaining cordial relationships with spouses as well as within the society. Spouses might also have many partners (there are other combinations to be looked into as well) and will be aggressive in nature.

Such a person will be lazy and will have hidden qualities which may come out after the later years of marriage and problems related to sexuality are too experienced.

Marriage suffers due to bedroom related issues and is very angry over there. He will also not take responsibility towards spouse and will not be able to give proper output emotionally and physically towards the spouse.

Manglik and Non-Manglik Marriage-Cancellation of Manglik Dosh - check out this video on Manglik Dosha from Lunar Astro (www.lunarastro.com)

Common Question Ask by Astrologers

It depends on the services the astrologer is providing as well as how much he/she is charging. Usually you can expect anywhere from Rs. 2000-4000 for someone who is very good in the art and predicts events form your and your family’s past and then proceeds to explain the root cause of the event and give the remedies accordingly. There are also many people who do not take any charge and do this as a service to others such as Shri K.N Rao Ji never used to charge any money for consultation.

It takes months or up to a year to learn the BASICS OF IT & then move on to next aspects of it.

Astrology is the journey of a lifetime as you have to keep learning and applying the principles on various charts, decode techniques, maintain energy level & the more you see charts, the more you get a grip on it.

If you wish to learn astrology from the very basics and see how the signs, planets and houses work and how you can use them to make stunning predictions especially on blank charts where without placing any planets & simply by looking at the signs - you can make hundreds of predictions, check out - Lunar Astro (www.lunarastro.com) as you can begin your journey by learning astrology from Deepanshu Giri as the courses start from Part - 1 consisting of rasi’s (signs) and their use as to how you make predictions along with their qualities described with timing using Paribhraman Paddhati.

Also, support in the form of Q/A sessions are provided where students can ask their queries from their mentor LIVE as well email their queries which includes 24/7/365 lifetime support.

You can checkout the playlist as well as to see what you can expect from the course and how to make stunning predictions like never before when it comes to learning astrology online - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CXuVfY3SaJo&list=PL7wMJHkyk_VXZqEuxCeLF92ayF1-xaNPF

Glimpse of LIVE Q/A sessions - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FsFjsSvjpNs&list=PL7wMJHkyk_VVvP2X-DMdWhTtvDXP0rRwV

No subject is difficult or easy - it is upto the student to work hard and develop proper understanding before diving deeper into it and as far as your question is concerned - in order to first study it you should ask whether I will seriously devote most of my time into it because Vedic astrology is a vast subject and it requires regular practice and looking into charts.

Also, in order to be a good astrologer - you must have one of the following combinations:

  1. 5th and 8th lord conjunct, exchange or connected in some other way.
  2. 5L in 8th or vice versa.
  3. Ketu in 5th from Ascendant or Ascendant Lord
  4. Sun - Rahu combination.
  5. 5L conjunct Rahu.
  6. Ketu in 5th from Arudha Lagna.
  7. Arudha Lagna falls in 5th house.

If you wish to learn astrology online then I personally recommend Lunar Astro (www.lunarastro.com) because the way the courses are taught are in simplified manner and anyone who is starting his journey in learning astrology can be an absolute beginner or one who practising for 15 years will get deeply benefitted from these courses.

Don’t consider it to be a business - astrology is to be used i a way so that you can help others and identify their problem areas and provide solutions to them based on the planetary configurations in the chart.

And, for that you need to keep learning and practising it on regular basis because it is Para-vidya and only when you are sincere about it - nature helps you to learn it more efficiently.

Venus, Mercury, 7L, 7H, Libra is to be looked for in the chart in order to understand which business will suit you (7H and Libra) and how your business partnership is going to be (Venus, 7L, 7H) - whether you will be able to negotiate in terms of paperwork, contracts and investments in it (Mercury)

Career is to be seen from 10H, 10L & Saturn. Sun shows opportunity, Jupiter shows upto which post you can (organisational level) achieve in professional arena based on it’s placement and Mercury shows the set of skills you carry so see their connection with 10H, 10L and Saturn.

Also, wherever 10L occupies the sign and house in Navansh along with seeing planets trine to Saturn shows the nature of profession.


Check out the above video to see how D10 too plays an important role in determining your career field from a Jyotish (astrology) point of view.

2L, 2H, Venus are primary significators for money related matters.

2H shows earning capacity and 2L, Venus shows how you can earn the income or mode of income.

Success is seen from 10H because it represents the peak of the chart.


It is not that once you get a degree in astrology - you can consider yourself to be an astrologer.

An astrologer should have a good conscience & have the ability to work hard and study continuously.He should do & maintain sadhana, should be spiritual and follow the shastras.

He should be good with counseling skills and ability to listen along with keeping up with the knowledge of desh, kaal, patra & right remedies.

An astrologer should never scare the client & then take advantage of his situation by suggesting costly remedies rather than provide him/her with the mistake made along with the solution & the identification of karma should be done to a deeper level (root of the problem).

If you wish to learn astrology from absolute basics and make stunnings predictions be it using signs, planets or houses or simply by sung blank charts - visit www.lunarastro.com or check out the videos on YouTube (www.youtube.com/lunarastro)

There is a number of online courses in India but I think the best way is practical learning astrology. Lunar Astrology is the only academy that provides Online

Astrology courses along with a step-by-step guide that how you can learn astrology, do practice research, and start prediction from day 1. Lunar Astro has 6 amazing

Astrology courses are available with live dought sessions going on.

Becoming an astrologer isn’t easy, and every united state has its personal tiers of observing this is required. To be an astrologer in any united states,

you'll want to observe astrology, planetary positions, in addition to the advent of delivery charts in as a minimum one form of practice.


There are many methods to study astrology. The maximum famous methods to do it consist of taking online astrology courses, getting taught through a mentor,

taking stay classes, or going to an expert board for certification.

The center ranges in natal charts and forecasting. When a planet is located withinside the center ranges of a sign, from 14° to 16°, the planet seems to be in reality ensconced in that sign's raison d'être.

Sun completes its transit in a single zodiac sign in 1 month (30 days) time. So, Sun will entire 30-degree lengthy zodiac sign 30 days time. That means

 it's going to cover 1 degree per day. So, if a person takes birth on the nineteenth of April, Sun could be in Aries at five degrees.

Rahu and Ketu are the two mythological characters. Both of them have great significance in Vedic astrology, as they are the cause of any eclipse. As per the Puranic literature, at the time of distributing the nectar after Samudra Manthan, an asura Sharvanu got nectar in the form of a deva and put it in his mouth. Shri Vishnu cut his throat by his Sudarshan Chakra before swallowing it.

The head and body get separated by 180 degrees. But since the nectar had gone up to the throat, both the parts remained immortal. Scientifically, Rahu and Ketu denote the two imaginary points of intersection of the paths of the Sun and the Moon. Rahu is the north node, and Ketu is the south node hence always 180 degrees apart.

Rahu is the illusion, the obsession and indulgence leading to self-destruction. It signifies smoke, witchcraft, magicians, occultism, metaphysics, poisons, drug dealers, secret societies, illicit relationships and other unconventional aspects.

In a nutshell, Rahu is an element that is not normal according to social values. Ketu signifies psychic powers, clairvoyance, intuitions, intrigues and desire for knowledge. Unlike Rahu, Ketu deters worldly powers, as it's a deep thinker with a keen interest to unearth the esoteric, or beyond the obvious.
In Vedic astrology, Ketu is considered as the Moksha karaka planet which gives a great sense of detachment.

There are many more significances of Rahu-Ketu, and they operate differently in the individual birth chart as per their placement. It is better to learn astrology to understand them more deeply. You can learn online astrology by Shri Deepanshu Giri sir on the Lunar Astro platform.

The rising sign or ascendant sign in Vedic astrology is the sign that rises on the eastern horizon at the moment of the birth of a native. So, the Scorpio rising means the Zodiac sign (Rashi) of Scorpio was rising on the eastern horizon at the time when the native was born. Scorpio is a watery sign, and it possesses the highest level of intensity among all the signs in astrology. It is the sign of secrets, intuition, sudden things, transformation. A Scorpio rising native can easily be identified by their personality traits. Scorpio rising natives are very courageous, and they can& #39;t forget things easily. If they get help from someone, they will remember their whole life. On the other hand, if they face cheating by someone, they will also remember that till death. Being a fixed sign Scorpio rising native has an inbuilt problem of letting go of things easily. Sometimes their presence is very intimidating. Scorpio risings have their independent nature, and they always carry a deep-rooted emotional blockage within them.

So, if you can see someone with these kinds of personalities and intensity in your surroundings, you can be very sure that the person is a Scorpio rising.

There are many more significant qualities of a Scorpio rising that can only be understood by the study of Vedic astrology. If you want to enrol yourself on an online astrology course, you can visit -

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