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How does astrology work?

Astrology is the perception that the alignment of stars and planets influences each individual’s mood, personality, and environment, relying on while he becomes born.
 Astrologers print horoscopes in newspapers that are personalized with the aid of using start date. These horoscopes make predictions in people’s private lives, describe their personalities, and provide them advice; all in line with the placement of astronomical bodies. 

Check out our different sections to discover greater exciting stories. Stay in-the-recognize! Here I explained what is  astrology and how does astrology work But I want to clear one thing that I am not an astrologer but I am interested in Vedic astrology, I think its a A great thing to learn astrology and  you can learn astrology online also nowadays lots of astrology  software available you can learn by them if you want to learn  astrology for free then you can subscribe to this Youtube channel and learn from through their Youtube videos absolutely free, which will be more beneficial for you.

Is there a school for astrology?

There are schools/academia’s where astrology is taught such as the Indian Council of Astrological Services(ICAS). There are also teachers who teach both offline and online courses. There are also Traditions from different families which have been passed down and someone from the Family is teaching Jyotish as a profession  in order to spread this knowledge. Such as Shri Deepanshu Sir (Lunar Astro) has taught several hundred students and many of them are  professional astrologers now. Here is the link for reference: From here you can learn Astrology from basics to advances as there are several courses depending on the stop which you are at currently in your astrological journey, such as for Beginners , the Part 1 Predictive course is a must as it covers all the Rashis in extremely detail which further builds the proper foundation for the predictions. Such as if you see Aries in 5th house , you can easily predict that the native will have near about 100% attendance in school and his admission happened at a very young age.

What is the study of astrology called?

The study of astrology is called Jyotisha and it is a part of the six limbs of the Vedas, namely Shiksha (Pronunciation), Kalpa (Rituals), Vyakaran (Grammar), Nirukta (explanation), Chhanda (Meters) and Jyotisha (Astrology). Jyotisha is a very important subject to learn and one should prioritize themselves in learning it as you will be able to understand your  karmas, lead a proper lifestyle and get immense peace and happiness in your life as you will be able to figure out the seeds of your actions which have led to your current lifestyle and events happening around you.

Is horoscope a science?

Yes indeed because it is a mixture of astronomy as well as astrological calculations. Astronomy helps in determining the position of planets and their relevant position along with their mathematical degrees which gives us detailed insights.

Using these calculations – we then map it down to astrological charts where we construct different charts often referred to as divisional charts based on different degrees of planets – they are positioned in different signs and houses.

Divisional charts give us a microscopic view of each aspect be it marriage, children, job, education, parents, spirituality, house, conveyances and many more.

All the 12 zodiac signs which are Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces are mapped onto every chart along with planets wherever placed in houses and signs according to the date of birth, place of birth & time of birth at the time that person was born.

Who is the famous astrologer?

There are lots of Astrologers who are doing an excellent job by providing consultations and helping other people by showing them the mistakes done by them in past and what can be done to improve it in the present. As far as my knowledge, several students who have learned from Lunar Astro are now providing consultations, so if you wish to , you can go ahead in this link and check their channel and website and see if a consultation is available. If so, book with anyone of the students who are giving the consultation and you are good to go. Such as one of the students predicted to someone that he hanged himself in previous life and his birth was from the maternal family and the exact same case was found within the family.

If you are unable to book a consultation , go to their Facebook group and post your query accordingly and several people will reply it in the comment section.

Who was Rahu?

Rahu is a mythological character from the Hindu Tradition. Also, he has great significance in the field of Vedic astrology. According to Puranas, Rahu was born to Simhika and Viprachitti. Rahu’s mother Simhika was the daughter of Hiranyakashipu. Rahu was the eldest son of his parents. As per the story of Puranas, at the time of Samudra Manthan, Dhanvantari came out with a pot of Amrit. Devatas and Asuras started scrambling to get the nectar after knowing that. Lord Vishnu took the disguised form of Mohini to hide the Nectar from Asuras and to distribute it only among the Devas. One of the asuras named Svarbhanu came to know about this trick of Shri Vishnu. He went and sat among the Devatas silently. At the very moment when he just took a sip of the nectar, Surya and Chandra dev recognised him as a Asura and informed Shri Vishnu. Vishnu cut his throat by the Sudarshan Chakra before swallowing it.

The head and body were separated by 180 degrees. But since the nectar had gone up to the throat, that part remained immortal. His head was called Rahu or the North Node of the moon. Since then, it is a popular belief that Rahu and Ketu constantly chase the Sun and the Moon for revenge as they first rightly identified the Asura Svarbhanu.

This concept of Rahu chasing the Sun and Moon has great importance in Vedic astrology. Rahu plays a crucial part in Jyotish Shastra. If you can learn astrology, you can make great predictions using the significance and placement of Rahu.

Can I learn Astrology and Earn?

Yes, you can learn Astrology and Earn, well for starters, you want to emerge as a licensed Astrologer. You can do that with the aid of using taking a web direction or maybe an offline direction. It will train you the whole thing you want to recognize approximately turning into a hit Astrologer and what steps you want to take to begin earning money instantly. There is much stuff you may want to find out about Astrology earlier than you could really start practicing it yourself and make a few severe cash. An Astrology direction is exceedingly advocated and may be observed speedy at the net proper below your fingertips.
There are several quantities of books and courses available so one can provide you with a top-notch experience of what you may want to do to emerge as an expert Astrologer, however, most of these books and courses can get as an alternative expensive.

Once you come to be a licensed Astrologer you may have the cap potential and expertise to apprehend Astrology or even are expecting people’s futures via their horoscope readings. There are a few critical cash worries in analyzing people’s horoscopes and predicting their destiny accurately. The simplest manner to come to be an Astrologer is through the internet. you may analyze Astrology through being part of the online route from one of the high-quality institutes Lunar Astro Vedic Academy. You can click on it under the hyperlink to go to their website

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