Lal Kitab-Sun in 10th house

Lal- Kitab -The Geeta of Astrology is written in such a coded manner that it takes a great amount of effort to decode every single dictum written in it.

So Sun is the planet for soul and morality when goes in the 10th house of the horoscope – A very special feature gets developed in the chart of \”king living like a common man.\”

Sun in the 10th house is so confident in itself of being a Dig-Bali Sun with so much directional strength that person of the attitude of not listening to others and making its own way in every field and this confidence is enough that other\’s people opinion does not matter to him and that is why the feeling of inferiority complex does not bother him, for example, there will be people who get affected by \”What other people will think?\” -\”What someone else will say\” 10th house Sun gives the confidence of not getting bothered about anyone else and carrying on with the work.

However, the most special feature which has not been written in any book or text is – The person does not upgrade his lifestyle even after getting rich and due to this his true worth is always hidden and as a result -he will get treated badly as society works on preception -your looks/ the way you present yourself- In the first house, Sun looks royal by the appearance that someone with very high potential power and the king is standing in front of you and that is the result of Sun in the first house in Aries but let us suppose Same Sun would have been in the first house in Virgo sign the result will be very different- So I will leave a blank here for students to see how they can predict – Sun in the first house in Virgo- what will be the Result?

Anyhow let us come back to Sun in the 10th house- The remedy given in Lal-Kitab for Sun in the 10th house is -Wear a Cap and with different combinations – different colors have been suggested but why such a karmic book will ask you to wear a cap?

Cap in olden times used to represent your status, region, and family- Such as Style of the cap will give you an identity to make sure that people realize you actually belong to the Royal family or someone with a very strong background and the same way your power is realized without speaking a word rather than you explaining why you deserve some better treatment.

As Cap nowadays will be replaced by so many things which can represent your symbol/power/position, My one advice to people with 10th house Sun is \”Please wear a Brand\” this will sound like a challenge to people with 10th house Sun as their brain will go in Revolt state \” Why I will spend that money on Brand?\” When I myself is a brand- Whatever I will wear will become a brand and that is somehow true for Sun in 10th house that whatever they do in life -The sign Sun is placed in and conjunction with Sun in 10th house that actually becomes the medium of the brand in the chart.

Such as Sun in conjunction with Mercury- Person will have a revolting issue to buy a mobile phone which is already established company and rather go on for some random new company and this will be in all aspects of Mercury -Similar in education -Native will pick up an educational course which is not very much recognized and make it a brand in itself – My suggestion to a person with Sun-Mercury conjunction in 10th house will be -when your father will fall ill- Do not trust on Alternative healing and rather go on for standard way to diagnose as sometime when you will leave your ego of curing the disease (Mercury is the natural significator of the 10th house) -It will make your life easier but how can a person with 10th house Sun choose an easy path as it will never satisfy native\’s ego of climbing a mountain and touching the Sky.

The desire of the 10th house Sun should start making his life choices easy by not reinventing a wheel and go on already established paths and procedures and focus the energy on relevant things to make the best out of the 10th house energy of Sun and secondly using established standards his life will become easy in dealing day to day activities.

As Sun in 10th house has a habit even to deal with the last troop and last activity which is happening around native and work tirelessly for everyone working under him but this activity is going to consume his time and efforts resulting is focus shifts -So the habit of nitpicking should go away and should not get involved in menial work -Like a person with a big golden hat will not deal with smaller work -It should be by his presence only other people start working as his identity is revealed by the cap.

Usually in big corporations – The CEO will never deal with any issue on lower directly to the employee who is 6 ranks lower to him -rather he will deal with his subordinate to tackle the issue -This is called as Chain of command- Now Sun 10th house should remember this as what happens is Sun in 10th house is people\’s King, not the appointed one – He is the Chosen one- This also shows person got the position by starting from scratch so people feel comfortable approaching him as he has seen all good bad, ugly like everyone in the lower level but in this process sometimes the natural tendency of Sun of making a distance comes in and blamed as Egoistic, what people does not understand is – A person with position has other duties which require attention and hence a cap/ a office (again a wonderful prediction) Person with 10th house Sun should make a office and establish a protocol to meet people- As a famous BJP leader who is currently serving at present – He has a 10th house Sun- and he does not have a office or standard protocol to meet people as he started off from RSS as a worker and over a period of time become minister but his way of operating is still same and that is why People\’s minister he is- A Person with 10th house Sun should focus on SOP\’s and not resist these protocols.

Let me teach you another technique of Prediction- Let us Suppose Sun is Placed 10th to Moon- The Native will not follow any SOP related to the signification of the Moon and related to the house lord of the Moon. Such as if Moon is the 2nd lord then related to family norms -the native finds it very difficult to carry the name of family /traditions of the family.

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18 thoughts on “Lal Kitab-Sun in 10th house”

  1. Very truely explained sir about sun in 10th house.
    Sun in virgo in lagna – Native will be very cunning, egoistic, strict over employees, even cuse others, follower of rules and regulations, even having fever or any health issue native will work hard, may not even take rest. Marriage life will suffer, dominate over partners. Income through job , not favourable to do business. Suffer from brain or head related issues.

    1. I also have Sun in 10th House, in pisces (Gem. Lagna). I like to wear what looks good on me- I am the brand 🙂

  2. While reading this, I could properly hear your voice. Such is the connection you have built with all of us!

  3. E S Jagadeeshwar

    Kudos to you, Deepanshu ji. Very, very analytical post relating to Sun. If Aries is 10 th house and Sun is placed, then it will become exalted position to the Sun. Of course, the Lagna will be the cancer. This is around May.

    If the Libra is the 10th house, ie Capricorn Lagna, Sun will be in debilitated position. 8th Lord in 10th house in debilitated position. Professional troubles.

    If the Lagna is Scorpio, if 10th lord Sun is in Aries in exalted position, we can expect Govt post.

    For Scorpio Lagna If the same Sun ie 10th lord is in debilitated position and in 12th house along with Mercury in Libra aspected Jupiter and Moon from Gemini is there any chances of spiritual bent of mind? Because 5th and 9th lords in 8th house, and aspecting 10th lord Sun in debilitation. The said Sun is with 8th lord Mercury.

    The tussle will be is it have any impact on marriage and marital relations? Can deny marriage or delay the marriage? Which profession will be suitable? Can such persons get Govt. Posts? Or the native has to accept sannyasa?

    For every person the placement of Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Venus must be in auspicious places and strong. If the placements are not auspicious what are the remedies?

    I think reciting Aditya Hrudaya sthotra, worshipping Sri Surya Narayana murthy, donating on Sundays will give good results, and Deepanshu ji suggested if the said Sunday is Poornima or Amavasya or day of Sankranthi i.e. change of Sun from one rasi to another if the above said persons are donating regularly their lives may good.

    So, basing on placement of Sun and using appropriate remedies, the life will good.

    Deepanshu ji, enlighten us on the significance of 9th, 10th, 13th to 15th September, 2020 when 5 or 6 planets are in their own houses, what is the future of children born during those days? What remedies one has to use during those days in general?

  4. As usual sir your studies are deep and wide, my wife’s chart Scorpio Langna so Leo in 10 th house , never bothers what people will think and wear ordinary clothes but one of my relative with same Scorpio Lagan wth Rahu 10th house always wants branded things, i feel it is due to Rahu which magnifies sun,s quality?

  5. Very well explained Sir. Thank you very much.
    I have Sun with Mercury in tenth House of Capricorn. Normally I work tirelessly for any item of work undertaken.

  6. Mukesh Kumar Gupta

    Marvelous and deep studies sir, my wife Scorpio Lagan holds true whatever you said , she doesn’t wear good branded clothes and never bothers about anyone’s comments but on the other hand another relative of mine same Scorpio Lagan with Rahu in 10 th house alway wants branded clothes and watches etc due to Rahu magnifying Sun effects , is it true ?

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  8. Sricharaneshu Sir,
    Please accept my Namashkar. Most of these points ring so true!! I have Sun and Mercury in the 10th house of Gemini.
    My father, 77 years, is very, very insistent on alternative medicine and has always been so throughout his life. My mother has passed away and as an only child and daughter in a different continent, I cannot be too insistent or forceful anymore, so I finally let him have his way in most things, for example, he still smokes.
    My humble query is that if and when he does fall seriously ill (knock on wood, hoping he never does), how can I convince him to at least try allopathy or normal channels of hospitalization and/or surgery? This is a very big stress point in my life and this article touched exactly on it!

    Please consider this note only if you have any time..
    Thank you very, very much,
    T Das.

  9. Absolutely relatable
    Mine Scorpio ascendant , Leo 10 th house
    Never takes others opinion.
    Wear regular clothes.
    Want to do something big in life.

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