Lal Kitab & Sudden events in Life.


Lal-Kitab remedies give sudden results and sometimes remedies backfire even when done with good intention- what is there in lal-kitab that such major incidences in life happen so suddenly.

As I explained in a previous post this book is written by souls \”???? ?? ???? ?????? ?? ?????”-and is capable of bring sudden changes in life as the energy of this book belongs to Scorpio and it will affect Mars and Ketu in the chart, That is why you will see a lot of Lal kitab astrologers suffer from issues which no one can solve as this book is not made for everyone.

Scorpio is a sign which denotes sudden transformation in life -Good and Bad depending on your chart- Let me tell you a story regarding why a person who had Scorpio Ketu in 7th house and what happened when he brought Lal -Kitab one day.

An Astrologer and a Painter

This is a real story of an astrologer who is known for his skills and aura of Jupiter and one of his regular visitors -A Painter. (Let\’s call him Raman)

In the small town of Meerut, there was a married couple with two kids – A very happy Hindu Brahmin family -Husband by profession was an artist, Most of the time was dedicated to painting only side by side he was interested in astrology also he use to visit his father\’s old friend who was astrologer as well. There was a Son of this astrologer(Call him -Nandan) who studied astrology from Kangra and in a very short span of time he made his name in town- People use to say he is beyond his father in terms of predictive skills -Also this man being young never hesitate to predict. Nandan and Raman use to study in school together and now when Nandan took over father\’s seat-Most of the time Nandan and Raman will get together in the evening and talk about various matters- As happened one day Raman while waiting for Nandan in his office which was the front part of the house- Raman saw an attractive looking book which was placed on the table- The book was Lal kitab– As Raman was flipping through pages of different combinations- Nandan came in and while they were about to go out Raman requested him If he can take Lal kitab to home for few days- Nandan denied as he said there are rules for this book to be followed- You are not supposed to learn astrology -Please leave this book. Feeling Insulted he decided to buy this book the same evening and start reading, the astrologer denied giving the book as the astrologer knew the chart of this person and know that astrology is going to affect him badly-Astrologer warned him -If you are going to start going into astrology-Everything you have today will be lost.


As a puppet in a hands of destiny gentleman decided to ignore the warning and decided to start learning Lal Kitab from someone else as by now he was in grip of something very powerful as Scorpio in his chart get active like an addiction.

Always remember-you will do mistakes of Scorpio several times in life and to get out of Scorpio you need a Guru.

He went in so deep of lal Kitab that everything else became nullified for him, People use to come for free consultations to him and he will do it happily without charging anything -Soon a seed for tragedy strikes -A Christian lady came in for a consultation and due to her frequent visits and while helping her through bad times-mutual feelings for each other were there and resulted in extramarital for this man. Soon he stopped coming to the home and divorced his wife and got married to a Christian lady.

Due to the Influence of a Christian lady -He got a job in a missionary school but the condition of marriage was now very awkward- To get converted to Christianity. Liberal speaking Christian was now very stiff on getting him converted and then only get married-This man left his religion -stopped astrology and became converted to Christianity.

This book is not meant for everyone- Look for nimits before starting this book- see what the surroundings tell you otherwise when transformations start taking place- you will never be able to control it.


28 thoughts on “Lal Kitab & Sudden events in Life.”

  1. gaurav singh

    Thank-you for this immense knowledge you shower every now and then, may God bless you more natures secret so it delivers via you to the general people.

    1. ??? sound I think for ketu I have ketu 7 th I like Kristen Stewart because of I like name Kristina this is power of energy

  2. Kishore naik

    Wow superb … I have observed this I think different method of astrology have different effect ..thank you for this knowledge talk

  3. Pranam sir, when you will start giving consultation , I have Saturn in 5th house…so planning to buy house…

  4. Devansh Marwaha

    I dont know why but I felt that Nandan in the story was you yourself Sir.
    But yeah great knowledge Sir.

  5. so basically sir is saying Ketu gets activated when you buy and read the lal Kitab!! So you need to be careful where your Ketu is placed and what result it might give before buying this book!!

  6. sangeeta gupta

    sir, this blog will be helpful for all, learning astrology. I also have a copy of lalkitab bought 10 years ago and opened it now. I will be careful. Thks

  7. Sir.. then how to know we have that yog or not..and how to know is astrology bad or good for us.. ?

  8. I strongly follow the Nimit sir.. It is the very big clue of the chart. Thanks for sharing knowledge..

  9. Praveen kumar

    We are following you as a hope of light and bringing us to this devine light.
    Thank you
    Praveen kumar

  10. Firstly, congratulations for this blog secondly it has always been a pleasure to listen and now read you … can’t wait to read more . Thank you for bringing this up for all of us .

  11. You are a great writer Sir. A lot is hidden between the lines and is upto the reader to comprehend and understand. The “true” story was insightful!

  12. c0dersc0rpian

    Thank you so much for creating this blog, inviting me to it and sharing these rarest of rare secrets with and other students. I feel very proud and delighted to have you Deepanshu Sir as my Guru.
    Please keep your blessings on us, sir.
    Om Guruve Namah!

  13. Santhi Mattigunta

    Thanks a lot for creating the blog and invitation. Your decoding knowledge from books and putting the efforts for sharing and educating the students is amazing and no words to say. It doesn’t end there, you even try to enlighten the students and customers for astrology reading in a unique way. Wishing for more and more books like this to come out and help others. You are a blessed soul. May god fulfill all your wishes.

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