Lal Kitab & Grammar -How to Understand?

As you will progress in Lal Kitab -the most difficult part of lal kitab is grammar as it is the most difficult to understand and being a book ruled by Scorpio, you can\’t really expect much from both of the planets to write in a systematically like Mercury.

As both planets, Mars and Ketu belong to the army and as a rule of the Army -all communications are to be done in encrypted format as in case of leak of information no one else can understand the real meaning of the message.

When i started writing this blog -a lot of people messaged me offering their help as there are several spelling and grammatical mistakes in the blog- I respect their willingness to help but this blog is supposed to be with all the mistakes and bad grammar as this is a blog of Lal-Kitab.

When reading lal -Kitab -do not look for grammar like we read in Hindi or English as these are poetic verses of farsi and will not make sense until and unless you read in Scorpion style ( I will come to this later on).

Most of the people have difficulty reading and understanding lal-kitab as their brain is looking for sequence and sentence structure but it is not followed anywhere in lal kitab so lot of people read and finally their brain gives up, So what is the correct way to read Lal-Kitab as I said Scorpion Style?

Scorpio is a destructive sign and sign of emergencies, So wherever Scorpio is in your chart -you tend to read ONLY KEYWORDS and try to see patterns as you have to solve things quickly and efficiently, Such as initial part of my Job was a troubleshooter to fly to different underwater systems and get them back running in the least amount of time at that point -If I ever had to read a manual -I use to Squint my eyes and search for keywords related to the problem I am dealing with to save time as that is how a Scorpio reads.

Let us suppose you have Scorpion Saturn(Like me) -So this rule will apply to your professional area this is how you will read, If you have Mercury in Scorpio then it will apply overall that is the way you read and write, If you have Venus in Scorpio -then all text you will read will be only keywords and that is why relations get strained.

What happens when you have to break a pattern?

Like we all have played several games in our life where we have to identify a pattern or see what is hidden in plain sight-how we do it? BY SQUINTING OUR EYES so we can see a bigger picture and will be able to see what is not visible with broad eyes.

Squinty eyes are marks of Ketu as by squinting your eyes you can limit the light entering into eyes and blur the whole picture to see if any pattern emerges.

It is similar in lal Kitab- Do look for sentence structure -look for a bigger overall picture and you will realize how brilliant this book has been written for anyone who can really want to see the world in a different manner.

Mercury and Mars\’s signs are always 6/8 to each other, so if you are good at communication maintaining a circle of friends and you can\’t live in isolation even before you start reading this book- limit your circle and start getting isolated as critical information is never passed on to anyone who has a good friend circle.

Here is a video on how to really understand Ketu.


17 thoughts on “Lal Kitab & Grammar -How to Understand?”

  1. Alka Bhardwaj

    “who can really want to see the world…..”.this sentence makes sense due to bad grammar!!….
    It was meant to be written like this!! Amazing Sir!! I have Capricorn in 8 th house and I read the way you mentioned Sir!!

  2. Sir, Lal Kitab mein kaha gaya hai agar 8th house mein Rahu ho to South mein kitchen or main gate nahi rakhan chahiye…..?
    Aisa kyu ?

  3. seleneastro108

    Sir, I have 4 planets in Scorpio. Sun Venus Mercury and Saturn in 5th house. I can related to what you told for Mercury Saturn and Venus in Scorpio.

  4. bhavna vats

    Koi padhe dil se, koi padhe dimag se
    Jo koi padhe apni rooh se, paigham ussi ko mile!!

  5. bhavna vats

    Kitaab ke zariye farishto ne kuch bolna chaha
    Par Insaan ki neeyat aisi, shabd bikhre mile to palat gaye!!

  6. bhavna vats

    Reading the book for 2 hrs inspired some poetic creativity.?…Loving it..last one for today!!
    Jiski Rooh laal(Mars) aur farmaan satrangi(Ketu)
    Safed kagaz kale shabd kya khaakh karenge bayaan!!

  7. Ankesh Moon

    I have Mars and Ketu in my ascendent which is Gemini.. I have Saturn and Moon in my capricorn 8th house.. I m very much interest in astrology.. But after reading the previous blogs and understanding that the book is very powerful in itself.. So I m still confused..whether I should read it Or not…

  8. Venkata krishnan

    I have Mercury in scorpio in 5th house I prepared short notes for myself in my studies, not using books for studying the subjects??

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