Karma & 7th house

7th house is one of the important houses as it shows the desire of the native – In a lifecycle -the 7th house completes the native but one of the important aspects of this house is the image of the native- what society thinks about him and how a native interacts with the outer world. This house is also a stage where everyone has to perform -now good or bad depends on native as there is a lot of free will in this house.

Whichever planet will be in the 7th house is a challenge given to you in this life to master it – If You can have a very challenging 7th house with a lot of malefic planets such as Saturn, Rahu, Mars, Sun placed in it then the intensity of these difficulties are on a never-ending game and benefic planets will also give you challenges but not in an extreme manner – these challenges are given to overcome and improve to continue the journey of life.

On the Pending karma part, this house gets activated in a manner -that we all have to go through this part- Let us look at some of the examples from a pending karma point of view.


Chart-1 Belongs to Mahatma Gandhi- Jupiter in 7th house- He has Jupiter in Martian Sign -so his image of Mahatma with nature of strict principles and new ideology look at retro Jupiter- Something very new which no one had heard of before became the image of Mahatma Gandhi and he struggled the attributes of Mars in Venus sign -sexuality which he admitted in his book. The challenge he faced was discrimination while traveling -(3rd lord in 7th house) Publicly humiliated -this was the challenge life gave him – At that point, he was running Bhrighu Dasa of Aries- Saggi -both houses clearly Indicate that some challenges will be faced while traveling.

The 7th house is of Open War- so Whenever life gives you a challenge related to the 7th house you will have no option other than to fight it as the biggest karma of Prarabdh you have accumulated in this life will be coming from the 7th house.

For example, someone with Saturn in 7th house – The biggest challenge the native will face is of Principles- Native will be challenged to follow the principle in the workplace and is able to retain same Saturn will be benefic as now it\’s in the hand of native to follow the principle part in workplace and business and his married life and image of being a tight neck will always be there but at the same time the image can be of cheater in case native was not able to stick to the principle.

Rahu in the 7th house will give you the challenge to openly fight for others even when it\’s not in your interest – You can go ahead and check that this native will get several chances to openly fight for others -Let us suppose -native has sign of Gemini in 7th house then native will get chance to fight for siblings, neighbors, People whom he met during travel – sometimes he will raise voice and every time he will fight – the 7th house starts getting better- his business starts getting better otherwise the same person will be troubled by Siblings, neighbors and cheated by them badly.
Ask native who has Rahu in 7th whether or not he has been subjected to conditions where he had to help siblings, neighbors fight for them and when he did after that the bigger the fight and help becomes -The native gain a substantial amount of fame in life. The public image and business boomed.

A classical remedy is to offer a sword in the temple for Rahu in 7th – understand the meaning behind it rather than giving out a sword – A sword is given in time to take blessing before going on War but in today\’s world and this native with Rahu in 7th has to fight a war for these people to get rid of the debt, Please go out check-in several charts and give feedback in the comment section as revealing this type of information which does not come from books and after a lot of hard work and looking into several charts is reveled out for everyone to make sure Jyotish progress in the direction where people should understand the real meaning of remedies and planetary placements rather than superficial remedies.

All I expect from readers is to test on 10 charts whom they know inside out and give out results, You will be surprised to see the results of this technique.


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  1. M Scorpio ascendant Jupiter in Lagna and currently transit rahu in 7 th (Taurus) – m fighting with family now a days . Rahu sun dasha going on ……

    1. shivang tripathi

      correct me but here you have to fight for others resources and for your family or even for professor “not with the family ” also you have verbal fight during travells .

  2. Sir, very true I have gemini sign in 7th house. I had fought for my neighborhood friend who had been cheated by her owner. They had refused to return her deposit money.
    Sorry ,it ended up physical fight…..

  3. Saturn in 7 th correct you are saying sir mari cousin Jupiter Capricorn h mana apka lecture k h bataya she feels tremendous after chanting gajendra moksha thank you sir for giving remedies

  4. shivani sharma

    i have rahu and mercury conjunction in 7th house in the sign of virgo in D9. will i apply the same rule and donate sword in temple? I have slways been fighting with my partner over issues of my family.

  5. Dear sir, once again thank you for the amazing technique. I have retro saturn in Capricon in 7th house and I am in my third job working for defence accounts department (mercury in aries in tenth?) and In all the previous jobs my job has never been my sole and first priority, since I wanted to go for higher studies I would always try and steal time out of my work time to study and I think this is the reason I have never been satisfied in any profession till date. As per your technique I have faced this challenge/choice to either give 100% at work or not. I will also face the choice to take bribes or refuse them if I stay in this department. Maybe that is the challenge I will face and will have to make that choice. Thankyou for the amazing technique. I hope I am understanding it the way you intended.
    On a funnier side note, my hair is thinning with each passing day since the last 12 years to the point of almost baldness. I remember u said retro saturn= something odd with hair. Will it grow back if I start concentrating at work? Haha. Thanks again???

    1. I too have Saturn retro in 7th house libra..always thinking to study something else or changing profession rather than giving 100% on current work 🙂 ..thinning hair too.. issues with partner too..all manifestations are true as you said Deepanshuji.. any remedy apart from to be patient:)

  6. Cancer ascendant saturn 7th house house lord in second house.. Finance very low… Difficulty in finding a permanent job..

  7. Sir i have gemini mars 7 . Does this mean i have to fight with neighbours or while travel. Once while travelling in train, i get opportunity to take stand for train mates but if i took that stand it means verbal fight only. Also, for group fight with neighbours with same side happened against some other group.

  8. Respected Sir,I m from Tamilnadu. I m a big fan for your knowledge in Vedic astrology. I have tried to connect you but in vain. Kindly,let me know the method of consultation. Need your guidance in my life,at this critical juncture. Please Please do the needful.

  9. I have Mars in libra in 11th house , my friends bullied me for 3 years when saturn transited libra and I have huge materialistic desires which are not happening hence they turned to strong sexual urges

  10. I have Vargott Rahu and Mula2 Jupiter in Sagi… finding challenges in getting married or finding marriage partner. Is that how I should interpret?

  11. I have rahu in seventh house in Libra sign .Can you please tell me what is remedy always a rest less ness work in a mind .

  12. “to make sure Jyotish progress in the direction where people should understand the real meaning of remedies”

    This is why you are so marvellous.
    God bless you sir.

  13. E S Jagadeeshwar

    Once again thank you Deepanshu ji. In my natal chart Scorpio is my ascendant with Mars, Venus and Ketu and 7th house Rahu, my moon sign is Gemini.

    Your observation relating to 7th Rahu is accurate. By profession I am an Advocate, meditator since 1982, active in social and spiritual activities. Fighting for others. Another thing is my 5th and 9th lords from ascendant are in 8th house ie Moon and Jupiter in Gemini aspected by Mars from Lagna, this Jupiter with Moon is aspecting my 10th lord Sun and rasi lord Mercury in 12th house. In 4th house retrogate Saturn.

    So, I witnessed death of father at the age of 6 and mother at the age of 23. I completed my law in 1994. Since then I am practicing as an Advocate. 7 years served as free Legal Aid Counsel, I served as BJP City Legal Cell Convener of my city from 2010 to 2018 and also served as VHP Zilla Prachara Pramukh from 2015 to 2018 of our district. After getting a Govt, post in 2018 I submitted resignation to these two posts. My profession, my post relating to politics and religion are work for others rather than self. I worked with dedication. Instead of donating a sword in temple, I am serving to my motherland within my purview.

    The issue is I am single aged about 56 now. The delay or deny of marriage is due to some divine instruction. So, I had blocks related to my marriage. I had Mars, Venus, Ketu in Lagna ie Scorpio, Rahu in Taurus in 7th. I had painful life in this physical world and also in spiritual world. Divine Mother told me in my meditation in 1995 while I am practicing TM Siddhi (yogic flying) .. son, you have to suffer, why I have to suffer Ma? When I asked, Ma laughed at me and told son just watch. The said sufferings continued for 22 years. I joined CA in 1985 and could not complete it, this was also due to divine will. I witnessed sufferings relating to education, marriage, profession and also financially. I overcame from 2018 to some extent. I received some marriage proposals but not materialized.

    After these sufferings I had an opportunity to have physical darshan of Divine Mother on 6-1-2009 at Koba village, Ahmedabad around 5-30 pm. After a decade on 18-11-2019 around 8-30pm I had physical darshan of Lord Siva at Kapilatirdham, Tirupati,AP.
    At that time my mind is blank I did not asked anything.

    You may interpret presenting sword to the temple, serving to the people without expecting anything as well as sufferings.

    Wonderful analysis Deepanshu ji. Kudos to you.


    1. E S Jagadeeshwar

      I had physical darshan of Lord Siva around 8-30 am but not pm on 18-11-2019 ( on the day of Yaga purnahuti ) when I participated in a Yaga meant for the welfare of humankind as Yaga sevak.

  14. Sir! I have libra ascendent Rahu in7th house. Three months back I built a cremation ground for my villagers.


    i have Saturn in 7 th with Venus, when i left job for further studies to complete my CA . my marriage life is spoil, Venus Plus Saturn is Liquid cash , partner think that i have cash rich position which actually emerged after partition finalised in marriage .

  16. Sir thank you for this precious knowledge??
    Sir I have capricorn ascendant and rahu+venus in 7th house I m feeling always rest less
    Is this remedy is also for me

  17. I’m sagittarius ascendant, libra rashi..
    I have gemini as 7th house, owned by Mercury. I have Rahu 24 degrees 26 minutes in Punarvasu nakshatra (ruled by jupiter)Charan or pada 2.

  18. I hv Gemini sign in 7th, with Rahu, Sun and Mercury placed in there and I m Sagittarius ascendant. Fighting for my team members though gets me fame n name but holds my rise in rank though((

  19. Vijay Shri kaushik

    Leo ascendant with Saturn, Rahu and 7th house Aquarius with Sun,Mars and Ketu
    All melefics in kendra houses. Native has very difficult married life. Divorced once and second time also no physical satisfaction and no personal appreciation from partner..
    Have been facing temptation outside marriage. Many phobias about own physical appearance and health but always goes out of the way to help others who are facing mental emotional issues, very considerate and full of compassion for downtrodden.
    I think the main challenge for the native is to come to terms with own physical phobias as ascendant lord is with ketu and vargottama mars aspected by Saturn and Rahu. One saving grace can be ,this combination is hemmed between 2 benefic planets Venus and Mercury in 6th and 8th houses. Exalted Jupiter aspects Venus and Mercury from 12th house sitting with Moon in cancer.
    Any thoughts about how the native can get happiness in relationship?

  20. I am a Scorpion Ascendant. I have Mars + Ketu in the Ascendant and Rahu in the 7th house. Jupiter in 2H, Moon in 8H, Mercury in 10H, Sun and Venus in 11H and Saturn in 12H.

    I have had bitter experiences around my relationship dimension, and the only way I foresee to be content is serving everyone selflessly.

    1. My placements match yours so much! My Mars and Ketu ( on ascendant) in scorpio and 90% other planets are exactly the same. I agree with you about lessons through relationships. We are also very blessed and divinely taken care of. Would love to share notes.

  21. V true. Rahu in libra in 7th. OMG I got image of a fighter. V frequently fight for others even for unknown whom I find victims in any cases. Sometimes victims step back n I promise myself not to fight again for such thankless people but I always forget this promise ?. I fought for my parents sister brother n mother but they all cheated. Then I fought for my husband with his family as he didn’t have that courage n I myself suffered a lot as he still loves them. Again felt cheated. I fought for my weak colleagues but at the end of the day CHEATED. People know very well that in difficult time they should approach only one Stupid ME. Always knowing the end product I fight. I fought with bosses even for right now the right. What should I do. As I m fed up n getting depressed.

  22. I have venus and Mercury in 7th House working in the field of research.
    Ascendent :Scorpio, moon in Kark rashi. Age 24

    I observe things alot. Regarding relations : I have got many proposals but I am very selective about the girl I want. I feel alot to never get married in my life.

    Your videos are indeed very informative and accurate. Thanks alot for sharing such a valuable amount of information on YouTube.

  23. I am Leo Asc with Sun & Mars and Rahu in 7H, I had run a long fight against a local leader who insulted and beaten my student. I did not stop it until that guy apologies with guilty though I got some bad name.

    Its true, gives the tendency of fight for others.

  24. Saturn in 7th house in pisces with Mars in 1st house in virgo. I give my 1000% to whatever duty and commitment life gives me without thinking of the returns because I know if I want to get blessings of Lord shani the main mantra is “pay the service and be happy with what you get in return without hankering for more”.

    1. Deependra Shukla

      I have Saturn-Ketu in 7th Pisces with Rahu – Mars in 1st house in Virgo. Can you tell me what is my challenge?

  25. I have Saturn in 7th house in pisces and Mars in 1st house. I think that the only way to satisfy shani maharaja in 7th house is only to give, give and just give to the partner and the respective occupation ( because bhavat bhavam from 10th house)in all ways possible whether it be financial , psychological or any help needed and let them decide your reward.

  26. I have saturn and ketu in my 7th house with pieces. Is it a good idea to get married with this combination.

  27. Mercury in 7th house ..Aries ascendant.
    Venus in 8th house …Aries ascendant

    I have worst horoscope as per many astrologers.
    Date of birth – 07/10/1981
    Place – Vapi, Gujarat
    Time – 08:05 PM

    Can anyone help …

    1. forgetting what astrologers say for a minute, what are the difficulties you are facing and are you able to overcome any of them?
      just curious, coz am affected seriously due to my 7th house planets position and not found any real solution.

  28. I am Taurus ascendent. Rahu in 7th house. Always think fight for public, people and want to free them mentally and physically.

  29. i have rahu in 7th house virgo ( hasta nakshatra) in moon chart what does this indicates about my desires ? coz same rahu goes in the 7th house cancer sign in navmasha with moon in ascendent .

  30. Barak Obama:

    cancer sign with sun + mercury , connecting 5th with moon.

    he had a changing moment during childhood when his father left her mother. his father was expecting too much from her mother, he left her.

    quoting from online article.

    “Because I recognise myself in it, this is the most moving theme in Barack Obama’s book – the scar that this fact left in Junior’s mind, the enduring crisis of identity that will not go away.”

    he is talking about his childhood home environment issues which led him to create himself a different image about himself which normal child gets while growing up

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  33. i have sun in 7th house and also ketu, already in mid 30s and female and yes could never get married and dont find any way also since 7th house is for marriage and agree with your article. its not just the marriage am concerned, but lost most of all relations in life like siblings/friends/cousins/parents etc . really feels like none is there to care for me and no goal in life currently, unable to find a goal though have a strong will to do something, feels like bad luck coming along always

  34. hello sir, i may too end up in similar situation, just a couple of decades younger.
    just curious, what do you mean by “physical darshan”, and how are you finding happiness/satisfaction in this life and what is your goal in life?

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