How to time events up to Day or hour & Birth time rectification.

There are a couple of methods to time events up today or even up to an hour and some of them are quite very simple – If you can follow simple instructions -it\’s like a no-brainer activity -All required on your end is knowledge of houses and Planets.

One of the methods and Dasha I always recommend is Kaal Chakra Dasha-As during my readings I have used it extensively to time events up to date and not only me -There are several students who used Kaal chakra Dasha and its techniques to the Praan level- to correct their birth time rectification as the special feature of this dasha is used to see death but When Mahadev was explaining this Dasha to Maa Parvati- He used only the word death but the same principle is used to seen birth as well. As no one can be born until and unless a specific sequence in Dasha runs.

This dasha when someone uses it for the first time- It becomes like a surprise as to how accurate this is as below is the feedback from one of the students.

Timing using deha antardasha

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  Jun 17, 2020, 9:22 AM (1 day ago)   \"\"\"\"
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Namaste Deepanshu ji,

A few days back I tried to time a career-related event using deha antardasha of Rahu, who is in my 10th house. The times that I noted down for the 16th of June were – 8 am – 10:17 am in the morning, and 9pm-10:32 pm at night, for Rahu deha antardasha. I wanted to see if I would receive any job related communication at these times.

I was very surprised to see that at 8:50 am – I received a message on my LinkedIn from a recruiter who I had contacted a week ago, but more importantly, at 9:33 pm I got an email from an HR manager, about a job I applied for last week. Usually, I never receive emails from recruiters at this time, actually, this is the first time it\’s ever happened that I\’ve received such an email at this time of the night. Just wanted to share this very small incident.

Thank you
Best regards,

We have given some portion of the technique on YouTube for everyone to test- Please do test it as this is the best and most easy dasa to take out Marriage, Job, and moreover Birth time rectification.



5 thoughts on “How to time events up to Day or hour & Birth time rectification.”

  1. E S Jagadeeshwar

    Very nice posting Deepanshu ji. People prefer to know the exact timing of events and method of knowing.

    For any person the main planets Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Venus must be strong. If they are weak one has to take steps to strengthen them.

    The learner has to know the benefic and malefic results of Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, Mars and Mercury.

    Out of 27 stars only 9 stars will give negative results. They are relating to vipat tara, pratyak tara, naidhana tara or nakshatra. If any benefic or malefic planet placed in benefic house or malefic house what is the impact? If the said placement is in natal chart or during gochara? Then knowing the timing, probable event, remedial measure are important. Main importance has to be given to remedial measures to reduce the impact of negative results.

    If maximum number of people have taken steps to cleanse their karmas, collective karmas will also be reduced, then more positive environment will be created. We will see peaceful lives of all also.

    Wish God bless us all always.

  2. I did try to do the birth time rectification on one of the charts of a lady in office. If its accurate, then it makes a lot of sense surrounding my experiences with her.
    Pretty stunned actually if its true.
    Would have liked to confirm my findings, but she has been fairly inaccessible in the past and doesn’t like my presence in office meetings or my voice or both…God knows!

    Also, I have used Kaal Chakra Dasha on a lot of charts since I learnt it from one of your videos a few months back.
    It’s so accurate in a few charts(including all my quantum jumps), but not so much in others.
    Or maybe its wrong Kaal chakra calculation in Jhora.

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