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The human body which is such a wonderful creation of God is so mystic and the same were our ancestors who wrote various remedial measures in Jyotish- One of them is gemstones, We saw various people wearing different gemstones in their hand or in locket but coming from the scientific bend of mind- I always asked why? How can a piece of stone help you but as a human it is hardwired in us that when we don\’t understand something -we feel this is gibberish or laugh at it.

The human body has several points where nadi can be felt- for example- A nadi which is connected to Muladhara Kendra can be felt at your wrist – that is why when you visit a doctor -he will check your pulse and during the period of anxiety and whenever you feel low- this pulse will go up and down – Being connected to muladhar Kendra it shows our base desire- that is why we wear red colour thread on the right hand to make sure we get rid of the feeling of anxiety, stress and survival but at the same time as an astrologer we also advise people to wear the different metal band on the right hand to control various nadis.


Anyone if afflicted Mars in the chart should wear either copper or red thread in right hand and can see the results of anxiety getting controlled and it increases confidence.

A Moon-based person should wear a Silver band, A Sun should wear a copper one – A bangle of Lakh for Rahu, Jupiter should wear gold and so on but what I mean when I say Sun based person.

Look at your life if your work is of management and organizing things and making sure everyone is taken care of then you are Sun based person- If your work is related to teaching and counselling then go for the golden band as that is the base energy of your life- this is what drives you in life- You should always use thread before buying metal to see the effect of the colour.

Now for Gemstones -different fingers are described such as for Moon-Pearl should wear in little finger in the right hand to make sure wavy thought process comes in control as in our little finger there is a pulse which is connected to a part of the body which helps in hormone secretion of penial gland controlling mood cycles but it unfortunate to see people only wear stones of 1/5/9 as this is what most of the books teach while this is not the case when prescribing gemstones and which you will understand in few paragraphs.

Let us take a live example- In our Yogini Dasa course -we took the example chart from one of the students from the predictive course asking for a remedy for the 2-year-old child as she is suffering from skin diseases- the child has Mercury in the 8th house of the chart- Dasa is of Rahu sitting in Lagna in the sign of Sagittarius- The Remedy given was worn a white pearl.

After 2 weeks of the remedy- My student emailed me again asking why skin disease which is related to Mercury -a remedy of white pearl was given.


Re: GRATITUDE, 2-month kid skin allergy

\”Hello sir,  I was blessed to get a remedy from you for my 3-month kid, I have made him wear Pearl in pendant and made his mother( matra Karak) pray for Chandra dev yesterday ( Monday) and worked mY son pearl IN SILVER…
Sir as a student of you I have a doubt, Skin allergy is caused by Mercury dev, and so why did you recommend pearl sir? Sorry if I am irritating you sir.
Thank you\”


In the chart of the kid the issue was not related to Mercury but to Moon to create an irritation related to the skin which got cured quickly as soon as that energy got balanced in the body due to pearl.

Let us look at another example- she went to every single astrologer due to strain in her relationship with her husband and it was getting worse day by day even after performing all the remedies being a Virgo Lagna Mars is considered as worst malefic but what if due to insecurity of some person or not able to deliver the responsibility the relationship is getting affected badly -In that case, we need Mars- There is a very clear guideline which Mars has to perform in any chart -There was domestic violence involved and it was getting to the point of separation. The remedy was to wear a Red coral mala in her neck along with some other remedies. This is after 2 days of wearing a Red Coral Mala.


Similarly, in one of the lectures of the Yogini Dasa course- I recommended a Capricorn native with Jupiter in the 12th house to wear a Yellow sapphire for business and it worked for her. So what is happening in these cases -Stones which are considered extremely negative according to ascendant or Moon is giving excellent results -The reason is main work of stones is provided energy to different points in the body where energy is not able to balance. Such as for heart stroke what happened is our heart is not able to supply enough blood and we know this squeezing Ketu is responsible -Blood is easily visible to you but what about the energy which is blocked by the effects of Ketu.

During the remedial lecture when we discussed this point it start making sense as energy matters in the charts as well as in our body and when anything goes into imbalance not only our chart our body also our body experience it – The physical level is the last level and when we need to correct the chart it has to be on the level where you can provide energy to the different nadi that is why you must have seen a black colour thread in one of the ankles or silver anklets to control the flow during 5 days -All the jewellery which were designed was an important part of Indian tradition-

Such as Mangal sutra is made of Gold and Black beads- representing Saturn and Jupiter over heart chakra- Giving resemblance and energy that now you are no more young girl but someone who is knowledgeable and has the responsibility of the house so has a big heart like these outer planets to take care of family and control emotions but what I am trying to convey is that this idiocy of recommending stones from lord of 1/5/9 only should be stopped. I don\’t sell stones- neither do I recommend anyone – I tell buy from your trusted place or Amazon –Jyotish is not so simple that stones of 6/8/12 are bad and 1/5/9 is always good as in all books of Jyotish always covers it -Is Jyotish this simple then why to use any other house in life- Every house has a positive and negative side and we require both to complete our journey- Each energy in life is important.

Any planet with Ketu will never be able to operate as its full strength and will have a squeezing effect on the energy of that planet and that body part will start getting affected- You will see physical damage at the last but it will first destroy you at soul level-that is the planet which will create the most amount of cortisol in your body -this chemical is related to stress and we need to solve this knots in the chart and body so the planet can get that energy.

Each planet apart from finger have different places where they operate and when we apply oil, fragrance or have food in a certain part of the day -these nadis get in control- Let me give you two remedies

Ketu in 4th combination- Drink lemon water every day- your anxiety will be in control and your day will start getting better.

Ketu in 7th house – Every morning instead of coffee- replace it with yogurt with honey -slowly your body will start getting better.

Ketu in 10th house- Apply Ashwagandha oil on your feet every night and your business will start getting more stable.

This is before you go out and wear any stone – you should see the effects and after that, only as recommending stone we require proper combinations in the chart and it can work wonders if worn at the right place in right metal.

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    1. Sir I want to consult you for my husband career and also my new born daughter’ name. I have left you several emails and even msgd charanjeet but I am not able to reach you. Request u to please respond.

      1. Anil Kumar Shukla

        I will be highly obliged if you kindly enroll me in your class of ‘predictive astrology courses’ I have found the fee for the course is 31500.
        Is it possible to split in 4 installments.
        Being a novice in astrological interpretations my intense desire to learn from you and literally help/guide others in their journey of life.
        Anil Kumar Shukla. Kanpur (up)

      2. Nisha Sarwate

        Sir ji Namaste ,aap jyotish vidya ke liye jeevan ban kar aaye hai. Kitna gudh adhyayan aapne kiya hai wo sab aapke Bolne , Likhne ,Samjhane se pta chalta hai. smile karte hue ek bada Sandesh /seekh de dena to aapki visheshta hai. Bappa ne chaha to mai aapse jarur milungi aur seekhana chahungi. Aapke koi bhi article padho ya suno kafiiiiii sikhne ko milta hai. Bappa ne aapko logo ka bhala karne bhija hai .mai bhi unme se ek hu.

  1. Nidhishree B N

    Sir I am wearing gomedh for rahu in 7th & white sapphire for Jupiter in 3rd . Please clarify whether these suggested stones by an astrologer balance my energies

  2. Shivani Jain

    Sir sometimes I think you can read my mind. In morning I was thinking about gemstones. And In noon I’m reading about gemstones. Thank you for guiding us?

  3. E S Jagadeeshwar

    Very nice article, Deepanshu ji. The logic is we have to treat this physical body as condensed energy. For a healthy, disease free life this energy has to be balanced.

    If this energy is reduced or increased body may get diseases. Dhatu Siddhanta of Ayurveda is depending on this. We get diseases due to imbalances of fire or Agni in sapta dhatus. This Agni is called as Dhatvagni. Diseases are based on Vaata, pitta, kapha. Our ancient Rishis had very, very in-depth knowledge about our physical bodies also.

    As per the astrology they suggested remedies as mentioned above.

    So, readers have to understand as our senses will be calmed if this fire is in a balanced way. Meditation is useful for this. If there are imbalances arishad vargas will begin to dominate, anger, kama are due to rising of fire within. Prana Shakti is transforming as Agni within in various ways.

    The clue is, seekers have to examine on their own and check whether this Agni is balanced or imbalanced? if imbalanced what steps one has to take? what remedies are available? this is also like a short cut method.

    Deepanshu ji, analyze about this pandemic covid-19 why this is spreading? Basing on India’s independence day and Republic Day chart as well as individual charts. Some States are having high percentage and others are very less.

    This virus is related kapha dosha, infecting lungs, kapha means water (moon), imbalance of Agni ( Mars) and also it is believed as air borne infection. It covered five elements i.e.akash, vayu, Tejas, Apus, pridvi. It is a sad reality some of the Sannyasis are affected with covid were died at Haridwar. What remedies one has to follow individually and collectively at State and Central level? What is the role of temples and temple management’s in safeguarding the people.i.e. what rituals they have to perform?

    Warm wishes on the eve of Sri Ramanavami to all of you. You may remember .. Sri Rama Jaya Rama Jaya Jaya Rama.

    1. Saurabh Gupta

      Sir please advise me….my son have ketu moon in 6th scorpio sign…please please please advise i will be grateful …thank you

  4. Debalina Kundu

    Hello Deepangshuji, can you please suggest a simple remedy to save my marriage? Separated since 2 yrs, no contact…have been to numerous astrologers have tried every remedies, stones, rudraksha, metal and what not.Please help if possible

  5. Ketu in lagan (9)
    Rahu(3) in 7 house
    Venus(R), Jupiter, sun,sat,plu in 11th house
    Moon and Mars 12 th house (8)
    Marriage is not happening

    1. The clue is with retrograde Venus and Rahu in 7th, but I don’t know where Mercury is. Focus less on the Career/Business and more on relationship.

    2. You might even lose a property/vehicle at some point (Sagittarius Lagna, Moon and Mars in 12th in Scorpio).

      1. Dajon, I too have ketu lagna (3) , Rahu 7th (9) , sun, mar, mer(R), ven(R) , jup all in one house(5), sat(8) , moon(6) . No job as well as marriage , can you tell me what I should focus on ?

  6. Sir, please read it once…i am having dark circles since childhood..all my confidence got down and being 25 yrs old….its really make me feel low everywhere…please tell me also some remedy also…

    I have ketu with saturn in 2nd house in pisces.

  7. You have different way to look the things and I simply love the way you speak. After osho you are the second person in my life who has that different angel to see the things. You are true yogi spirit… Keep it up

  8. Nishant saraswat

    Ketu in5th karma,moon,marshin9th scorpion, sun,sat&mercury (29.5degree)in10th Sagittarius, Rahu,Venus 11th,Jupiter 4th mithun.job nhi mil rahi hai.please advice remedy
    .8265845605whats app.

  9. Nishant saraswat

    Ketu in5th karma,moon,marshin9th scorpion, sun,sat&mercury (29.5degree)in10th Sagittarius, Rahu,Venus 11th,Jupiter 4th mithun.job nhi mil rahi hai.please advice remedy
    .8265845605whats app.

  10. Akansha soni

    Can we say mercury in Aries aspect of mars and in 8th Virgo… We can suggest red thread to tie on wrist…

  11. Sir, ketu with retro jupiter spoils jupiter too….. as i read somewhere ketu increases power of planet 5 times it is with or of jupiter… (now I am too confused)……….. do we have to see it from bhav chalit or rashi chart as in bhav ketu goes into 6th house. Sir you must be one of the close of ones of maharishi bhrigu or some big saint.. such knowledge like in everything even gemstones, food item nadi and what not… Can you transfer all knowledge in my brain, how do you remember all that… just seeing your few videos I have confused myself…. Kudos to you and your knowledge…. I just enjoy listening to you and your knowledge…. maybe something will go inside me or I will be able to absorb from your infinite pool of knowledge. Wow…love you and knowledge
    Stay safe and healthy and lots of good wishes to you for all the good work…. I see you just healed so many people just like that… someday I will arrange money after making my financials okey and learn from you…. if God will permit and want… Till then I will keep absorbing ?

  12. Sir each of ur post heels many people in the world.there are many ramadies in ur blog for daily problem.i tried many of them it gives sudden and positive results.thank u so much for this beautiful post.

  13. Arjun tailor

    Very nice and useful or knowledgeable article . I cant typing big comment about this topic because I dont understand perfect english so I say Only…very nice …thanks sir

  14. Arjun tailor

    Very nice and useful or knowledgeable article . I cant typing big comment about this topic because I dont understand perfect english so I say Only…very nice …thanks sir

  15. D Sai prabhakar Rao

    Great information sir… Thanks for providing such valuable information for us… Sir what about ketu in 11th House

  16. Hi sir,

    Only watched your free YouTube vids.

    I have an unrelated random question.

    Any house 8th from Venus even if it gets destroyed you will always come back at least once.

    Am I right?

  17. Great write up Sir. ?
    It is really beautuful to know how deeply astrology and ayurveda are connected to each other. Everyday I see such knowledge, I am amazed at wisdom of our rishis and munis.
    Thank you for bringing this valuable knowledge to us Sir. ?

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  19. Neeraj maheshwari

    Ashwagandha oil to be apply at feet for 10 house ketu,. Should it be pure essential oil or mixed with carrier oil

  20. Jitendra Khandelwal

    Sir my name is jitendra my dob is 17th dec 1980 time 01.05 am place thane mumbai my job and finance is unstable from 2006 faced black magic problem tried many gem stone puja hawan all but didn’t get any result can u pls guide I will be very thankful to u .Many have told to wear neelam stone but I had not tried it

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