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Career & Magnetic Poles

Magnetic water therapy for anyone suffering in terms of career/position/clarity regarding goals. I tried this in my consultations along with traditional remedies and the results are far better.

South -Which is represented by Capricorn in the chart is a Magnetic pole and when this house is empty and lord is not well placed the native suffers in goals.
Classic says- Native with no planets in 10th house or in Capricorn are not worth looking like a planet in Capricorn make sure that the energy of Capricorn -which is Karma is delivered through this particular planet.

Mars in the 10th house or in Capricorn Rasi/Navansh deserves moksha- and will be free from bondage- which makes sense – To do any kind of Karma – the first thing person requires is the body-which in the natural zodiac is ruled by Mars.

Mars being a fiercely and dutiful planet leaves no stone unturned to execute the karma assigned to native while Jupiter in Capricorn gets troubled as native is not able to control the people working under him as Jupiter is the planet of Dharma and natives with this position should remember the Gita- That every action has some kind of problem associated with it but we need to perform irrespective of good and bad without attaching ourselves to the karma.

Now Coming back to Magnetic therapy- the South being the direction of the magnetic pole with lines running North to South also shows energy accumulations.

Start with simple remedies- It will take around 1 month and changes will be visible in mindset to perform work in a more clear and concise manner –

Like feedback from readings are-
Native got very clear in terms of how he can overcome obstacles at work.
Instead of fear of losing work- natives tend to explore more opportunities, Like some kind of mental blockade is removed and it improves overall performance.
Become active in improving lifestyle/eating habits and energy is on another level.
Health has improved and morning lethargies are gone.
Very clear in making decisions.

What is the Remedy?

1) Start with the sleeping direction of head position South.
2) Take 2 Magnets big one\’s -which you get from speakers- -Place Negative on the bottom and positive one on the top of the water glass overnight and in the morning drink this water.
Search for Magnetic water bottle- A client from Brazil got this locally but is not available in India.
3) People with Ra/KE on 4/10 or cancer/Capricorn axis- or anyone suffering from anxiety issues- start with ashwgandharist twice a day after meal.


    1. Subroto Mandal

      Sir, Look at your 4 10 axis the above article applies and it applies to you. Ferric water can be different you may use Magnetic water as said above. Further, you may be a student of lunar astro but use therapy as said above if you want to have results. I trust him as i am a student too from lunar astro but i never consult him.

  1. Achal Angrish

    Thank u so much Deepanshu ji parnaam
    I have rahu in 4th and ketu in 10th
    Mars in 1st house with sun&mercury in virgo lagan
    Saturn in Capricorn in 5th house

    Problems in career and education

  2. Meenaa

    Sir my navmash is Capricorn rising with mars I know I hv to pay my dues to masses.i also take ashwagantha frm last 2 yrs it keep nuero problems away as vaidhya told me for sleeping problem. God helping me guide me in through various legend’s like u sir.

  3. Simi

    I have jupiter and mars both in 10 th house in lagna chart, taurus ascendant, aquarius 10th house. Do I need to do these remedies? In the article, i did not understand who should do these remedies. Those with the planet or those without?

  4. Jasmine Verma

    Namashkaar Deepanshu Sir,
    I’m Capricorn rising with Saturn in 12H , in mutual aspect with Mercury & Sun (6thH) , also by Rahu ( from 2ndH).
    Lagna is only aspected by Jupiter (from 5thH).
    is my Saturn not well placed ?

  5. Kritikka Mathurr

    Hi Kindly clarify if we have to sleep in south direction or head an be facing south direction from any room. For example my room is in NW so I have to sleep int he room by placing head towards south direction (from center of house) or have to sleep in the south itself . Please clarify

  6. Prasannjeet Chakraborty

    wow sir will defiantly try this remedy.. sir can you please guide that in general what anyone can do to identify their field of career that, by which career option they can get stable income and stability in life.. actually in our family me and my brother are suffered with this problem since a long time we both get job for 2 years or 3 years suddenly get break for 1year or 2 years…this was happened with us 4 to 5 times…I was thinking previously to do something good for my self in career but now I have family responsibility and i do not have income now please sir help if can possible…right now I am job less, do not have money for getting consultation….i was earned few money during my job but now all my savings got drained….

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