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Deepanshu Giri

God Mode On- Desire of Planets

Every one of his multiple wishes in life, can exist on various planes of life such as material, spiritual or metal plane and these wishes originates from 9 planets which are placed in different houses of the birth chart as the rhythm of

Learning Leadership from Shree Hanuman

Learning Leadership from Hanuman This is in continuation post in which I am covering leadership lessons from Shree Hanuman the first siddhi of Hanuman ji is Anima — you can read about it here and let us move on to the second Siddhi of Hanuman ji

Secret of 11th house

Names you have earned. There are names given by you by your family and then there are names you earn by the kind of work you do; the second house is family, and the third house is the name given by family. Similarly, the

Holi & Sadhna

Spiritual Significance of Holi Holi is celebrated all across North India as a festival of colours and as the side effect of capitalism we have turned most of the festivals into an ordinary celebration, Holi used to be considered one of the time periods

Sight of Saturn

Whenever we buy new car or house the first thing we do is ask Pandit ji to bless us and as the work of true Jupiter is, It always blesses us to grow bigger and better. You see Jupiter has a habit to

Daivik Curses and Nakshatras

Purvashada Nakshatra &  spiritual disease, there are various reasons people fall ill. Still, I have noticed with Purvashada that these people fall ill due to spiritual issues. Purvashada is the flow of energy which only these natives experience, you tell these people to

Aquarius – Lights Camera & Downfall

Some People experience the downfall in life just after they decide to flaunt their brilliant genius personality in the open, in front of the camera; here are a few recent examples I have noticed, Shark Tank fame – Ashneer Grover, Gautam Adani, Lalit