Meet your mentor Deepanshu Giri!

Deepanshu Giri Ji is an engineer by profession and an established name in the world of Underwater Robotics. In 2017-18 he took a sabbatical to pursue his penchant for astrology. Deepanshu Giri Ji was born into a Brahmin family in the lineage of Lord Bhrigu. He is also blessed by his family who are being into astrology and Ayurveda for the last seven generations.

In 2018 eventually, he started Lunar Astro Vedic Academy to share his learnings with other astrology lovers. His revolutionary approach to astrology has garnered a following that is unprecedented in such a short span of time. Since then, the Lunar Astro family has been growing by leaps and bounds, students from across the globe and age groups have joined in and become a testament to his vision of “Astrology”.

He has sent thousands across the globe and age groups deep-diving into astrology by decoding and simplifying the mystical texts and applying his research to put forth jaw-dropping, logic-defying, stunning predictions.

Deepanshu Giri Ji brings every year highly research-based unique content on a completely different subject at Lunar Astro. He uses to teach online so that people across the world can easily reach him and join his mission to let the world feel the experience of true astrology!

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Astrology and Lunar Astro

Lunar Astro Vedic Academy was stabilized to preserve India’s ancient system of knowledge, especially Vedic astrology. Lunar Astro brings deep research-based content that is unmatched from any Vedic school online or offline.

Students of Lunar Astro are trained and mentored in such a way that they are steadily turning into an army of professional astrologers and making a mark for themselves.


Astrology Study and Challenges:

Astrology is the study to learn to navigate this universe system.

Astrology or Jyotish literally translates to the eye of the God. It is also considered the eye of the Vedas or better understood as the guiding light.

It is important to understand that a person’s chart is the exact screenshot of the sky from where the person was born when the person was born. This screenshot holds the secrets to the journey of the soul across several lifetimes. It can simply be understood as a map of a soul’s journey.

In an age where we are dependent on GPS for our shortest journeys wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a GPS for our life! A GPS that tells us if the next turn coming up will lead us away from our soul’s purpose or towards it, or at least may be just lead us in the correct direction.

Astrology and specifically Vedic astrology are an extremely vast science. It engulfs all other sciences known to man, everything from a micro-organism to a planet is studied in Jyotish. It is an amalgamation of History, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Physics, Meta – Physics, everything under the Sun including the Sun

What are the challenges in current scenario?

Jyotish traditionally was practiced by a select few, for a select few in the society. This decorum was maintained so that this divine knowledge did not fall into wrong hands and be misused. When Swami Dayanand Saraswathi gave the slogan “Go back to the vedas” it was simply because therein lies the solution to everything.  The challenge however is that the texts are not available to us in a form that is easily understandable.

Times have changed and so has the social fabric.

As compared to our ancestors we are empowered in numerous ways but now our biggest threat is ignorance. We are so engrossed in our own vagaries that we have become the threat to our own existence. It is time to empower ourselves with the knowledge that our ancestors left us. The divine guiding light of Jyotish. If you are interested in learning astrology and have been going around in circles, Lunar Astro is the place where you make your foray into practicing this elusive life science.

How Lunar Astro is different and helps to experience true astrology?

There are many academies to study astrology but studying astrology is one thing. Being able to predict is another. Students who have been studying astrology for decades have experienced break throughs in their predictive abilities after joining Lunar Astro.

Lunar Astro pushes its students from the comfort of being able to predict finally one day to predicting from day one and every step towards learning astrology with Lunar Astro make students able to predict that accurately even from blank charts.

Lunar Astro provides;

  1. Video lectures which cover every aspect of the topic
  2. From fundamental to research level content
  3. Mentorship program to push students to research on charts
  4. Prediction test before certificates
  5. Free Astro data bank to case study thousands of the special charts
  6. Live doubt session to solve every single doubt in the chapter
  7. Email/Call/Chat support to help students
  8. Awarding and motivating students as per their performance and level achieved during the course.