A research on Marriage- Wrong Partner

Ruined married life and role of 3rd lord – In today’s world the majority of problems are arising due to ruined relationships and it was very crucial for us as astrologers to address this issue.

As most Indians will come for chart matching and rely on the wisdom of an astrologer to make crucial decisions in their life, I remember doing a consultation for a young lady around 27 years of age asking for relationship advice.

A brilliant girl with a sharp mind in the final years of her master’s programme in medical school, she placed two charts on my table and asked If she should go ahead with this relationship as they both are together but she don’t know him long enough and not sure about the future.

Her chart had a brilliant combination of an extraordinary scholar and moreover becoming a specialist with kids – so this was my first question to her – Is your specialisation in dealing with sexual issues, as her chart had a combination of giving life to people.

Ketu, when placed in a good position in the chart, especially in the 9th house, creates a bridge between sky and earth to bring souls down to earth, Ketu is also the significator of Bridge in astrology.

Wherever the Ketu sits in your chart, You will act as a bridge to help many souls cross the path, and in the chart of this girl she was destined to be one of the great doctors, She helps people conceive kids with help of modern technology.

I asked similar questions about the boy as I wanted to be sure the chart I am looking at is made correctly, then finally, I asked her about her father’s finances and health since she is in a relationship with the boy.

She replied that her father is going through a phase of humiliation in the workplace due to certain failed projects, Her father was a politician.

The reason girl was going through these problems was as the energy of the boy was extremely negative for a girl, as well as for the father as well, and my answer by now she already guessed by the questions I was asking her. She also knew the before even coming to the office the answer but she wanted me to show her the path.

Matching charts is one of the most crucial tasks for any astrologer to make sure two different energy do not clash with each other, Such as the role of 3rd lord.

“Whenever you find 3rd lord is associated with 7th lord and being more powerful than 3rd lord- Married life of Native is spoiled due to sexuality issues.”

Techniques like this were only possible due to Astro data bank; as in Bhrigu software, I sat down and tested several 100’s the chart to bring out several dictums for each lord, which we are learning in Karma and Relationship course.

Our goal for the next version of Bhrigu software is to reach up to 100000 charts with several events for the native – as the next version will have many more search features, as well as an updated list of Indian charts as well. To avail discounts on Software- 5 Prime Astrology Softwares – Lunar Astro -or call our team on 8650333200.


Astro data bank is free on our website to test any dictums but now search when 2nd lord is combined with 7th lord and became more powerful than 2nd lord. What will be the result?

As even before we match charts based on nakshatra of Moon, we need to understand the principles of energy in the universe; as the girl who visited for chart matching had a Mars in Lagna of D-9 and the boy had Mercury in the same ascendant – Even this was enough for me to say no to them, as sexual compatibility would have been an issue for both of them but yes by the old method I had 28 points matching in their charts.

Such as, Jupiter in Lagna of navansh should only marry a person with a family background of a social worker or teacher or anyone who had a family lineage of Jupiter as this girl had a D-9 chart a Leo Navansh rising with Mars in Lagna, so very clearly the boy should come from government servant or associated with the family of government servants and most likely army or police or anyone with significations of person.

She is finally married into a political family, but the family has a lot of sportspeople, So this shows the Lagna and the planets aspecting the Lagna of D-9 shows the person we are going to marry. I will discuss all planets in detail in the upcoming class and how Lagna of D-9 is much more than what is visible to us and various other combinations as well, Similarly, to read more about Jupiter in Lagna of D-9 Please read here – Jupiter and Matchmaking.

10 thoughts on “A research on Marriage- Wrong Partner”

  1. Thanks sir
    I have same combination i m pieces assendent. Mercury and Venus together in Virgo sign.7th lord stronger then 3rd lord in chalit venus in 6th and in Rashi 7th so venus is debilitated in both.
    I m not married yet but facing some sexual issue i m afraid.
    What can I do sir please guide me.
    Thanks sir.

  2. Dear deepanshu sir , i have been trying a lot since 3 years to get a consultation from you , i am going through a similar phase in life , its been only 3 months and we both are feeling we made a mistake , plus both our proffesions have faced a major downfall after marriage , u always help people , please if there is anyway i culd jst have 10 mins of time where u can guide us please .. Dont know what to do , very helplesss .. leaving my number here .. 09867451113

  3. Preeti Saini

    While reading this, from start I felt this js reading for me & have similar combinations. Ketu in 9th house in aries with mars in cancer. The age is also 27. Also doctor by profession. Whenever I need answers you always comes up with solutions/ motivation. I owe you sir, you have made biggest impact in my life. Whenever I feel low, your word come up in video in the form of solutions. My biggest achievement of my life that I found the angel in the form of you. And I want to you meet you personally in the life time. Thankyou Sir

  4. Great insights
    If D9 chart have either Mercury in lagna and Mars in lagna how we can analyze it as.

    1. Mars in D9 lagna means person serving nation with uniform like Army, police, defence forces etc…it depends on d9 rising also if it is mars frnd or ruling planets like sun / Jupiter means agni tatva based then it will truly there..like army officer , IPS etc..mercury could be engineer,poet I hope so..

  5. Mars in D9 lagna means person serving nation with uniform like Army, police, defence forces etc…it also mainly depends on person’s d9 rising if it is mars ‘s frnd means ruling planets like sun / Jupiter. They r agni tatva based then it will truly be there..like army officer , IPS etc..mercury could be engineer,poet I hope so..

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